Pronunciation of Uncommon
/ʌnkˈɒmən/, /ʌnkˈɒmən/, /ʌ_n_k_ˈɒ_m_ə_n/

Antonyms for uncommon

low-rent, twenty four carat, more simplehearted, more old-saw, Unexperienced, undetailed, rubest, rife, more mirrorlike, more dime a dozen, tuned in, most unmixed, sure enough, fadder, most white bread, in demand, public, unembarrassed, in voluntary, working-class, most predominating, un contrived, palsiest, sub normal, from day to day, re-iterative, more reiterated, un refined, most noplace, most well-received, all embracing, most unspecific, uni versal, un biased, re gular, more okayed, unbleached, in-artificial, narrow minded, un experienced, in good health, re-curring, more plain-featured, similar, time-honored, in-dubitable, day by day, most plain-featured, most fairish, thingest, Over-bearing, un-committed, all over the place, in character, pre-dominating, buttondown, middle the road, most old-saw, un-ruffled, un-concealed, most low-rent, more planed, most unlabored, in effectual, allinclusive, ragest, most workaday, most up, de formed, most uninspiring, un ruffled, in consequential, traditional, most old-hat, most flat out, obvious, out rightest, in the mainstream, most card-carrying, recurrent, Unartificial, commonplace, whitebread, sociable, unalloyed, more promoted, Intermutual, clubbier, stereo typed, on up up, ho hum, white-bread, more characterless, un-forced, buddybuddy, most comprehending, un-sophisticated, of piece, once daily, de mure, beside point, in-corrigible, from day day, crowd-pleasing, rager, most straightlaced, in flexible, in significant, playedout, inter-mutual, trite, faddy, faddest, un processed, chainest, more run after, more preponderating, down pat, timehonored, most unmodifiable, more unmingled, undiversified, more workday, by numbers, un memorable, from the hip, white bread, unmixed, more credited, most workingclass, like is, most day-to-day, more leveled, most niggardly, more diurnal, more regulation, un feigned, more frictionless, pure and simple, in-finite, on the up up, most old saw, mean, in-formative, grinder, mundane, more soughtafter, un-worldliest, most communistic, most agrestal, in dubitable, twenty-four carat, more leading-edge, most frictionless, long established, more run-after, run the mill, most planate, on the and up, in-complete, more amateur, banal, more used-up, velvety, bare-faced, most cutting edge, stocker, most oldhat, unclassified, in accurate, out spoken, profuse, Unlabored, un sophisticated, more card-carrying, more working-class, unmingled, more cuttingedge, run of the mill, more allowed, allembracing, more straight laced, re cognized, most commutual, un fluctuating, mainstream, unmemorable, chainer, most free-and-easy, more zero, good for nothing, parrest, allaround, un-prejudiced, more unspecific, skindeep, more disciplined, more unbleached, un creative, most differentiating, un-limited, un forced, un exceptional, soughtafter, unnoteworthy, seasonal, most buddy-buddy, most seasonal, thinger, Commutual, most conjunct, more plainfeatured, most planed, Planed, more wellproportioned, routine, more inartificial, un-schooled, most usedup, over used, can't get away from, un adorned, instant, out and out, most all embracing, recognizable, boiler plate, un-studied, down at heel, tripest, most unexperienced, dime-a-dozen, more sure enough, inter mutual, most leadingedge, old-hat, characterless, in know, un original, more unassumed, down-at-heel, more boilerplate, more plebian, more monotone, most dwarfed, out-of-date, pretty good, Inartificial, un-contrived, more all over, in keeping, straight laced, prosiest, more well worn, more down at heel, in born, more wellworn, most passed, in use, not bad, most natal, in line, in-sipid, un cultivated, more matter-of-course, imprecise, hard on the eyes, un erring, more leadingedge, more straightlaced, in escapable, plain featured, re liabler, well-received, matter of fact, simplehearted, un ceremonious, on line, most iterated, most confessed, most grounded, most adopted, over-used, un-doubted, most undesigning, most nowhere, well-proportioned, faddier, un varied, un-modifiable, more well-received, more up front, cornfed, most faddish, faddish, handcrafted, multi-national, more heart to heart, more prevalent, most well proportioned, more unclassifiable, in-nocent, cardcarrying, un opposed, more well-worn, lay it the line, circadian, un-broken, un romantic, dull as dishwater, common, more crowd-pleasing, more communistic, more old saw, gardenvariety, expected, well-liked, in-variable, more unnoteworthy, most down-at-heel, in-bred, in-dividual, conjunct, most community, un-opposed, unvaried, more wall-to-wall, more unexaggerated, not partial, trans parent, more flatout, pre-dominate, un diversified, latest word, hard eyes, more old-hat, more low-rent, more used up, more unembarrassed, laidback, more upfront, pro-fuse, more socialistic, in-born, popular, more long established, in one right mind, cut and dried, most leading-edge, most day to day, most run-after, more unmixed, most unacquired, un inhibited, no great shakes, un-disguised, kept posted, goodnatured, unspecific, most plodding, Non-essential, undisguised, believable, going around, medium, humdrum, most used up, un-romantic, un satisfactory, in one's right mind, isolationist, plain, universal, time honored, more white bread, run of mill, on target, ordinary, most outland, most predominate, un disturbed, more nothing, frequent, Unacquired, more thronged, oldsaw, un-interesting, more commutual, co incident, in sipid, typical, pervasive, across the board, more uncontrived, most card carrying, in progress, toneless, more undisguised, un-feigned, in established usage, most wellproportioned, out-dated, most flat-out, formal, more patterned, more straight-laced, in generate, un exaggerated, more recurring, un remarkable, un mitigated, more grounded, re current, crowd pleasing, un-ceremonious, more adopted, out righter, most toneless, be loved, most matter-of-course, grindest, in on, well-adjusted, pandemic, most plebian, more crowd pleasing, more predominate, junkest, more undetailed, most crowd pleasing, pre dominant, more day-to-day, un distinguished, more nowhere, un faked, more correspondent, most plain-spoken, most doctrinal, old-saw, stereo-typed, re iterative, saying what thinks, most zero, level, most garden, un worldlier, most lemon, button down, starchest, un modifiable, in-voluntary, agrestal, non essential, dis interested, parrer, in news, most wellworn, most abreast, all owed, most upfront, most sure enough, more permanent, on par, prevailing, prevalent, normal, un-restricted, on a line, socialistic, most apprised, most bare faced, sureenough, natal, cornball, of same height, in-flexible, un-written, ex-posed, most unmemorable, most selling, wall-to-wall, un-diversified, most allembracing, so so, un confined, doingest, general, Mildewed, more card carrying, un embarrassed, more played-out, plainfeatured, unclassifiable, more buddybuddy, co-incident, all inclusive, most characterless, un labored, unimaginative, middle of road, most okayed, un mixed, un-troubled, in definite, most up-front, more day to day, institutional, most unalloyed, un artificial, un-bleached, more wall to wall, more subpar, once day, hackneyed, Starcher, leadingedge, more well adjusted, on the up, most low rent, un-dissembled, most ingenerate, in-discriminate, up to standard, un-controlled, more played out, most old chestnut, most cuttingedge, true, palsier, uni form, more undiversified, un-deniable, un washed, most old-chestnut, para mount, palsywalsy, more addicting, more recognizable, more oldsaw, more sought-after, most domiciliary, up tight, most family, most wellliked, most long-established, uni-form, most straight-laced, un clouded, in different, in-grained, most leading edge, un-diluted, un-original, uninspiring, pre-sent, most dime a dozen, more unalloyed, laid back, frank, most all over, more transmitted, fairish, more up, to the letter, most plain spoken, more free and easy, hackest, pre sumptuous, lowrent, on up and up, open and shut, most undiversified, plain spoken, most oldchestnut, more domiciliary, un classifiable, un-acquired, all-embracing, card-carrying, most comformable, free-and-easy, standard, most all-over, lay on line, most played-out, re-gular, all around, most wellreceived, well liked, literal, wonted, more down-at-heel, predictable, unexceptional, at home with, most obvious, re-current, most correspondent, twobit, wellbalanced, un imaginative, un-reserved, nowest, more seasonal, more pervading, most good for nothing, most runafter, common knowledge, pure, played-out, in dividual, in nocent, sub standard, cuttingedge, most buddybuddy, most unassumed, niggardly, un inspired, more gospel, most longestablished, most undissembled, over worked, motheaten, more plodding, un inspiring, most boilerplate, ex act, un eventful, more lowborn, average, re liablest, un-questionable, not heretical, more apprised, most cutting-edge, repetitious, un studied, most trimmed, more banausic, most thronged, un designing, tralatitious, re-liable, more fairish, most regularly, most lowrent, un alterable, more selling, un-specific, re strained, most demanded, once a day, pre-scribed, in determinate, sub-standard, more conversable, more runafter, Folker, most wall-to-wall, un specific, more swarming, re-liabler, most well worn, most working-class, low grade, wellknown, mono-tone, on one plane, Conversable, more playedout, most unfluctuating, pre-dominant, vernacular, most unclassifiable, everyday, more cutting edge, dis criminating, hard on eyes, wornout, more undesigning, in-effectual, most often, presentday, more uninspiring, leading-edge, most good-for-nothing, taken for granted, more dwarfed, most played out, out-righter, welladjusted, most mirrorlike, more individualizing, most oldsaw, most leveled, the letter, most recurring, more aligned, most recognizable, most monotone, most heart to heart, all-over, most pervading, Undissembled, most patterned, more alternating, more touted, customary, usedup, un-artificial, triper, noplace, oldhat, un-faked, in ones right mind, big as life, in finite, pre dominate, un-exaggerated, diurnal, more whitebread, all there, comformable, un-inspiring, more cornball, more old hat, rightminded, not figurative, well received, re-cognized, re presentative, uncontrived, more good for nothing, wishywashy, current, warmed over, homespun, more matter of course, in-formal, disciplined, most preponderating, most workday, flatout, most swarming, inferior, hard the eyes, most well-worn, more agrestal, in corrigible, pure simple, rustic, warmedover, out of date, most used-up, most embraced, in-definite, day-to-day, middling, more unlabored, un concealed, un prejudiced, more all-embracing, more unbroken, most allowed, un-pretentious, card carrying, un schooled, un-worldly, most well received, most credited, un-fluctuating, in complete, most up front, most flatout, well adjusted, pre-vailing, un noteworthy, most aligned, plain-featured, ex posed, re-liablest, most sure-enough, more confessed, in circulation, more bare faced, more regularly, wishy washy, de-formed, proletarian, more unclassified, secondclass, most old hat, more leading edge, most well-proportioned, re curring, more familiar, in favor, un-alterable, most worn out, more well received, up-front, un adulterated, more tralatitious, Familiar, in-considerable, most rippleless, out dated, un-exceptional, un-processed, most pabulum, Ingenerate, heart-to-heart, open, most truistic, un interesting, straight-laced, most touted, un-assumed, skin deep, fair, un polished, un-washed, planate, un-alloyed, un affected, farreaching, wellworn, un interrupted, communistic, habitual, bare faced, un-domesticated, clubby, on up, more natal, far reaching, pre dominating, un mingled, on front burner, unfaked, most all-embracing, un controlled, uniform, more buddy buddy, most undetailed, most amateur, more noplace, most unvaried, sure-enough, more embraced, un-varied, un-inspired, more dime-a-dozen, un-mingled, most lowborn, more muted, more well liked, re iterated, most bare-faced, more working class, in variable, most dime-a-dozen, most addicting, accepted, re-strained, many, more pabulum, most conversable, more arranged, more all embracing, buddy buddy, re-cognizable, un disguised, clubbiest, dime dozen, faddiest, in the news, re-presentative, in formal, over bearing, pre sent, re cognizable, saying what one thinks, more constantly, ruber, most permeating, pro fuse, more all-over, de-cent, un-important, un-memorable, groupest, conventional, more permeating, un-remarkable, palsy, over-worked, in mainstream, in-consequential, well-worn, un-mixed, more heart-to-heart, de-finite, more up-front, un disputed, most unclassified, unremarkable, un-experienced, more workingclass, arrived at, un-embarrassed, second class, most socialistic, in the know, stock, un-satisfactory, sought after, right minded, well worn, most playedout, more ritual, dis-interested, most imprecise, para-mount, unassumed, lay it on line, uni-versal, more flat out, in rut, more longestablished, most gospel, oldchestnut, more admitted, more white-bread, simple, present day, un-eventful, up on, cutting-edge, call spade a spade, un-varying, un-deviating, un-classifiable, lay it on the line, workday, un doubted, to letter, most simplehearted, on plane, un-classified, most long established, in-different, un-disputed, in order, un committed, more cutting-edge, un dissembled, most nothing, call spade spade, lowgrade, more faddish, more cliche, most treadmill, most disciplined, more passed, un detailed, un-confined, multi national, lowborn, most well adjusted, old-chestnut, undeviating, upfront, up to date, dis criminative, used-up, un varying, on level, most heart-to-heart, be-loved, more out of date, more abreast, cant get away from, un-changing, more subnormal, more proletarian, illdefined, in-describable, most muted, wellliked, most certified, timeworn, un-mitigated, in style, more free-and-easy, most handcrafted, dis-criminating, most inartificial, de finite, most constantly, un diluted, in bred, most isolationist, daily, well known, not beautiful, more frequent, un-distinguished, most white-bread, allover, more velvety, more old-chestnut, more oldchestnut, most matter of course, de cent, doinger, more lowrent, familiar tune, most tralatitious, inter mediate, all over, more demanded, doctrinal, in-generate, looked for, un broken, in describable, most allover, un assumed, trivial, more cornfed, un deniable, un-adorned, lay line, un-noteworthy, most wall to wall, more shaven, on and up, poor, most cardcarrying, most circadian, in-escapable, most working class, in formative, known, un worldly, in discriminate, re-iterated, runafter, most whitebread, more flat-out, un-refined, used up, more cardcarrying, in right mind, smooth, good natured, most straight laced, more garden, most unmingled, un varnished, folkest, more unartificial, more undeviating, sub-normal, more unexperienced, boilerplate, more comprehending, un-adulterated, more iterated, workaday, mere, straightlaced, out right, palsy walsy, usual, un restricted, cliched, most subpar, ex-act, un-detailed, more unacquired, most unbroken, more unmemorable, in-sufficient, more buddy-buddy, imperfect, more differentiating, banausic, more unfaked, domiciliary, more unmodifiable, un-cultivated, more usedup, more well proportioned, un troubled, most unfaked, lay on the line, un-creative, un-inhibited, un-imaginative, wellfounded, most arranged, most ritual, un written, up-tight, matter-of-course, most well liked, like, most cornball, plebeian, nowhere, garden variety, played out, more wellreceived, most uncontrived, un acquired, more workaday, bad, in common, most undisguised, middle road, more outland, regular, most unnoteworthy, un classified, caught on, most reiterated, most plain featured, not particular, more well-liked, more oldhat, unexaggerated, characteristic, most intermutual, out-spoken, old chestnut, run mill, out-right, all over place, nondescript, household, most proletarian, more unvaried, more toneless, more bare-faced, legitimate, most cliche, most soughtafter, old saw, un-varnished, more comformable, stripped down, not specific, pedestrian, more circadian, pre vailing, un constrained, ex tensive, natural, subpar, un changing, widely used, a good many, call a spade a spade, more plain featured, all-owed, ill defined, trans-parent, buddy-buddy, being oneself, dis-criminative, in grained, the rage, call a spade spade, nower, most velvety, readymade, crowdpleasing, unfluctuating, de-mure, in considerable, more old chestnut.