Pronunciation of Poor
/pˈʊ͡ə/, /pˈʊ‍ə/, /p_ˈʊə/

Antonyms for poor

rich, most coldish, in substantial, up to minute, most fat cat, well heeled, in experienced, more well-seasoned, re maining, on the up and up, more overboard, more rosycheeked, more revealing, over-grown, more extensive, solid as a rock, chief, Inexplainable, ethical, most big name, more poised, unexcelled, Incogitable, heavy-duty, in valuable, sunny side, out sight, a go go, un-stinging, most franchised, talked about, most tunedin, lossmaking, far sighted, great, most nonpareil, more twoton, suety, virtuosic, bountiful, up-lifting, stately, more hawkish, cliquish, gilt edged, more circumscribed, more full toned, in limelight, ritzy, second none, copious, more favoring, delish, gunkiest, commendable, more cracking, socially correct, fancy, easy eyes, like wow, pleasureloving, Creamed, air-conditioned, well-formed, more tip-top, un tarnished, nowest, lucky, humanistic, out in front, bangup, most lossmaking, alive with, top the line, most weeded, un-familiar, of higher rank, gooky, standard, most lulu, excellent, plenty, most well-suited, off record, more potbellied, de-lightful, pre-eminent, more soothed, most distingue, more inthing, more lead-footed, cherrest, difficult believe, more bewildering, right as rain, unrivaled, amazing, most high-profile, more chartered, overmuch, more predominate, have made, more humongous, masterly, more big-name, under stated, more steller, ridiculous, highcaliber, most second to none, most insupposable, well-proportioned, hype, awe inspiring, more suitable, safe and sound, un-real, in class by itself, un restricted, Arrestive, more free-and-easy, more high profile, glitzy, easy on the eyes, more world class, Froufrou, Superexcellent, ex tended, most smashing, in-experienced, in the lap of luxury, more monster, most well endowed, cooking with gas, more balletic, more muchpublicized, more full-toned, huge, more enjoying, champion, unusual, supra normal, the best, more stupefying, most well proportioned, bountifuls, alive kicking, hairraising, more much-publicized, most derisory, more gilt edged, most esteemed, nower, more daunting, whiz bang, highest quality, meritable, handpicked, mis-tier, abundant, mis leading, more esteemed, most exceeding, more leisureclass, most celeb, be coming, co pious, most dynamite, rad, re-splendent, alltime, most inexplainable, Fine-spun, bursting, in-finite, un-surpassed, more elating, most fine-grained, potbellied, bueno, most twilight, un thinkable, in comprehensible, in-imitable, in thing, over-lying, Towery, big-deal, suetier, most high-hat, ex act, exquisite, most razzle-dazzle, special, out-of-sight, tolerable, wellsuited, most fine drawn, impressive, more embroidered, de lightful, more well-built, satisfying, more inspiriting, most twenty-four-carat, money burn, most peacocky, more high caliber, de-serving, illustrious, more fine grained, be fitting, most humanistic, most fine grained, avantgarde, bigleague, most profusive, lowkey, coolheaded, eyecatching, normal, cup runs over with, phantasmagorical, super-normal, in the money, most arousing, re doubtable, most toned, dis proportionate, neater, more super duper, serene, most bright-eyed, most stylized, imposing, happy, most surpassing, most unrivalled, dis-maying, twenty four carat, most pulverized, extravagant, well-endowed, queenliest, more second to none, strong, un-reasonable, most superincumbent, more hairsplitting, more hellacious, lulu, well-heeled, best-quality, under ones hat, uncommon, splendiferous, prosperous, on and up, in good shape, more extraterrestrial, jellybelly, rare, bassest, high caliber, gratifying, fivestar, most custom, more rubric, more fine spun, most virtuosic, all the rage, cardcarrying, most confining, most overlying, in the lap luxury, most entitled, ex-act, up minute, neato, Magnifico, most recrementitious, un equalled, unsurpassed, leisureclass, bigdeal, more libertarian, most out of this world, silky, spectacular, snug as a bug a rug, palmier, more well suited, creamer, un-usual, de serving, more appreciate, most electrifying, top drawer, middling, most high-and-mighty, more supernormal, in tact, un-ordinary, resplendent, trans-parent, heavenly, blue blooded, distingue, most first rate, in frequent, right minded, hypo-thetical, more developing, un darkened, of highest type, choice, in spired, for real, more something, dis maying, transmundane, topser, most pleasureloving, more spendthrift, most tip-top, more overcoming, most fortifying, in lap of luxury, creamest, more knockout, more hand-picked, ex pensive, stuckup, most paying, peachy keen, most twenty four carat, most out-of-this-world, worldly wise, more wellendowed, most primo, more welldressed, swish, run of the mill, get break, well-made, more gingerbread, re-warding, well bred, most witting, most meretorious, fat cat, re fined, un believable, unexceptional, more drop dead, superhuman, more bushy-tailed, tuned-in, coming out of ears, salt of earth, most aok, more big name, un troubled, cool as a cucumber, munificent, phenomenal, under-stated, frillier, raddest, stinking rich, un-conscionable, most mostest, most drop dead, more sufficing, splashy, more apical, more overruling, most tapered, more bright-eyed, well-adjusted, most super-eminent, more condign, more slaying, most towery, free, most crackerjack, Cher, most withit, most unexceptionable, stoical, Splendrous, all there, more awardwinning, in-thing, out size, most uptown, in apprehensible, un agitated, out side, more well proportioned, in-culpable, selfindulgent, most high caliber, extra terrestrial, in-tended, well mannered, over much, blue chip, rosycheeked, most above, more big deal, wellbuilt, extraordinary, giltedged, more thumping, on qt, over due, most special, more magnifico, much-publicized, blue-ribbon, most delish, sans pareil, more celebrious, more two-ton, awesome, un accountable, a go-go, pre-carious, in corrupt, luxuriant, un-worldliest, swarming, more wellborn, more canorous, easy the eyes, most extraterrestrial, beyond grasp, most underlined, most unexcited, most pre-eminent, more card carrying, A 1, un-equalled, more prizewinning, un common, in culpable, more transcending, unexceptionable, dis criminating, more percipient, fortunate, more super-duper, most praisable, fine grained, un exceptional, more well done, opulent, re presentative, born with a silver spoon, bigshot, most jelly belly, gloppiest, delectable, most upstage, more compressed, super excellent, most drop-dead, most caressing, highly priced, most lionized, promiseful, rings phony, most big-name, worthy, canorous, too many, graceful, fabbest, most pecunious, more bedecked, more with it, un-obtrusive, more paragon, five star, fit for a king- queen, exclusive, over-flowing, more stylized, more sophic, Thankworthy, most sufficing, goopier, be-fitting, most well dressed, more unexceptionable, in good taste, jeweled, most bushytailed, set for life, most hundred proof, sur-passing, more refrigerated, un-earthly, most ornamented, re-liablest, most big-deal, more splitting, more loss making, most oversize, more finer, an arm and leg, be-coming, high, profuse, cats pajamas, hale, un-excelled, more nectarous, dis tended, beautiful, in sane, re doubted, over ruling, Profusive, in-apprehensible, more fine-spun, in-cogitable, more surpassing, most wellformed, loss-making, most condign, out of sight, re-cognized, most loose fitting, most five-star, most murmured, laidback, well-prepared, most arrived, more bueno, monumental, five-star, un due, elegant, re cognized, prolific, air conditioned, most pleasure-loving, more highprofile, ex celling, most hand-picked, Covetable, highminded, faddiest, un expected, more contracted, de served, whalelike, more well dressed, more well liked, super starrer, pre pared, razzle dazzle, more baritone, in the pink, un paralleled, un-blemished, most super excellent, rarest, far fetched, without equal, blimpest, soft, linear, first class, super-excellent, Muscled, most libertarian, most antic, in right mind, most finedrawn, most terrorizing, blooming, substantial, un-enthusiastic, super normal, unknowable, over priced, taking the cake, in estimable, in one's right mind, good quality, un forgettable, super-starrer, more gossamery, more upholstered, most prize-winning, sensational, unmatchable, flashest, more incogitable, fullbodied, more giltedged, most leisure class, more commending, frorest, fruitful, more mostest, cared for, largescale, more terrorizing, more out-of-this-world, Piked, most wellborn, praiseworthy, toned, un canny, more air conditioned, more sustaining, in one right mind, more with-it, most horrifying, more loss-making, prize winning, palatable, most lauded, most awardwinning, most seldom, super abundant, sky high, un defiled, most behemothic, more pecunious, preposterous, suetiest, grandiose, at the top, more uptown, most upperclass, more cottony, more unequalable, re liablest, more leisure-class, more gilt-edged, x rated, dis-quieting, soft-touch, most free-and-easy, pre-dominate, top notch, home free, un impaired, most loosefitting, un-accustomed, wellknown, hep, un fathomable, more big-deal, ablebodied, more gilt edge, extra-terrestrial, laid back, Finedrawn, most tabloid, more lead footed, un affected, most welldone, more beautifying, renowned, fairiest, most bangup, most hunky-dory, more transmundane, up-stage, unprecedented, more pleasure-loving, mis tier, more recherche, more high-brow, more hundredproof, more spiring, in effable, more soft-touch, more highwrought, most winner, sub lime, unwelcoming, more recrementitious, most bang up, most unexcelled, over-blown, worldclass, famous, most baritone, money to burn, hunkydory, most upper-class, most lead-footed, un-ruffled, nectarous, more nipping, massive, pre-dominant, over board, big hearted, wrapped tight, more covetable, ornate, well-suited, over-whelming, pro fuse, outsize, more fabulous, more wellprepared, snug as bug in rug, borderline, high priced, estimable, old moneys, un-paralleled, low key, most inspiriting, un customary, more picked, in-effable, more preferred, fine-grained, arable, out way, more overlying, well, high-falutin, re-strained, remarkable, de cent, more agitating, in saner, most believeable, un worldlier, most centerfold, sup rior, giltedge, in-explainable, most splendrous, most first string, most in thing, most progressing, most confounding, more loosefitting, admirable, most bedecked, most high wrought, over-elaborate, on up and up, no end of, un-troubled, un earthlier, more thankworthy, more toned, most darling, most fatlike, most second-to-none, high minded, fit as a fiddle, un-earthliest, un-tainted, more fine-grained, in conceivable, un-friendly, un likely, un reasonable, a gogo, airconditioned, trendsetting, more unexcelled, well-liked, in congruous, most heavyduty, knowing, coming out ears, well-built, skyscraping, tip top, stinking with, more admired, whalest, up-pity, be-wildering, more high-caliber, more confounding, more franchised, fertile, most award winning, a whale a, most neato, more well adjusted, overlying, de-luxe, most handpicked, more tapered, superstar, more high brow, fairly good, re sting, most rubric, in-tact, welldressed, high wrought, reputable, sumptuous, be-arable, most magnifico, wellappointed, more unbigoted, most well-done, gloppy, redletter, most rosycheeked, significant, snug as bug rug, enough, Pecunious, glitziest, un-tenable, card carrying, most approving, bass, super-starrest, most transcending, most unagitated, more highfaluting, most heavy-duty, of first water, super-duper, out standing, most upholstered, un-likelier, de-served, overboard, fit as fiddle, mean, a ok, dreamest, cats meow, roly poly, un-responsive, de finite, up code, more prize-winning, un-interested, well adjusted, strong as ox, most luxury, more arousing, cat's pajamas, most famous, over-kill, most whiz-bang, re-fined, more tunedin, more profusive, in-spiriting, more prize winning, more superincumbent, in-conceivable, un-selfish, more loose-fitting, blimper, overpriced, most wellsuited, drop-dead, more handpicked, more foolheaded, faddier, inthing, dainty, zero cool, up to par, more super excellent, solid as rock, on roll, splendid, over-weight, ex-pensive, more pre eminent, good looking, most predominate, more copacetic, Coldish, more advantaged, in-nocent, chockfull, more side-splitting, more custom, more outre, most promiseful, deluxe, up right, un bounded, more pleasure loving, more heavyduty, high flown, welladjusted, ex-cited, acceptable, more unexampled, more loose fitting, more razzledazzle, most nectarous, more witting, high falutin, more confining, more jeweled, more fine-drawn, more gelid, more arrived, ahead of the game, most arrestive, uptown, mainline, outstanding, most giltedge, rolling in, withit, pricey, in solent, out front, in ones right mind, in-tenser, skyhigh, more horrifying, un friendlier, un-collected, cat pajamas, more out of this world, firstrate, straight shooting, fab, in-supposable, more hunky dory, un welcoming, most much publicized, not bad, more paying, highfalutin', open handed, more bestquality, prizewinning, more inapprehensible, most unmatchable, posh, straitest, more humanistic, salt of the earth, un wonted, side splitting, most thriftless, most covetable, fit for king queen, most well liked, most mondo, more out of sight, over blown, superior, extra ordinary, loose fitting, most thankworthy, well informed, most muscled, centerfold, more inexplainable, more unagitated, at top ladder, wellheeled, ex-tended, grand, most dimmed, more crackerjack, highestquality, card-carrying, goopiest, un-customary, so so, most overpriced, fit for a king queen, well timed, re-fulgent, over-abundant, most recherche, virtuous, re sonant, big-shot, preferable, leisure class, more constricted, super human, peacocky, most mucho, high-grade, most bang-up, re liabler, most exclusionary, be-witching, most outsize, nifty, more granted, unimpressive, super duper, most desirable, straiter, in-congruous, most agitating, sophisticated, world class, gilded, liberal, comfortable, most defectless, wiseguy, of independent means, more lossmaking, most card-carrying, more hundred-proof, in explainable, tremendous, most hand picked, be-decked, most card carrying, extra-ordinary, most unbigoted, top heavy, un-canniest, most overcoming, most linear, highhat, more squandering, un-emotional, hunky dory, most spiring, in describable, more captivating, un-forgettable, un-divided, well-bred, un impeachable, supreme, most well formed, well-dressed, up setting, unbigoted, razzle-dazzle, more caressing, in fine fettle, more empowered, un-duest, ex citing, un-equaled, more rosy-cheeked, ex-tensive, more bang up, pre dominate, most apical, wizard, beauter, flush, de-cent, hawkish, topdrawer, un usual, second to none, most out of sight, un earthliest, successful, overflowing, more antic, filthy rich, more murmured, more jelly-belly, dis-criminating, up-right, more palmary, rolling it, most chilled, most hunky dory, luscious, more mega, un-common, sur prising, in good condition, loosefitting, full bodied, fit for king, salt earth, jelly-belly, balletic, more well thought of, out of way, more high and mighty, un-rivalled, over done, of note, most low-toned, gilt-edged, most procacious, dropdead, top pest, out world, most fivestar, big, highly regarded, hunky-dory, most unexampled, un equaled, most paragon, most monster, more low toned, batting thousand, top flight, most well suited, lovely, Insupposable, in luck, para-mount, more leisure class, decent, most overruling, un excited, un-wieldiest, more sustainable, re served, more believeable, superlative, more muscled, good, red letter, more correspondent, more mucho, more latitudinarian, wonderful, palmiest, out-of-this-world, most balletic, under-lined, un cannier, most circumscribed, more meretorious, twoton, more hand picked, more leviathan, Worldlywise, sublime, un collected, most gelid, hand-picked, more aok, over weight, dis-tended, highpriced, noble, topping, in fine feather, more thundering, most bright eyed, adapted, most froufrou, most upscale, flyest, most hawkish, low toned, un-natural, more superduper, glorious, nectarious, un responsive, wellendowed, most two-ton, pre dominant, super-eminent, more praisable, most wellendowed, in finite, most much-publicized, meretorious, uncanny, more well seasoned, magnificent, terrific, broad minded, more nonpareil, creamy, in supposable, most inthing, more advancing, more insupposable, classical, super-incumbent, in nocent, swanky, most hellacious, Gelastic, most humongous, un-prejudiced, most okayed, Praisable, solvent, tasteful, crawling with, one for the book, out question, more understated, on up up, strange, super, going strong, most razzle dazzle, most high-caliber, most nameable, at peace, more well-dressed, most loss-making, overkill, better than nothing, re-presentative, un-bounded, old money, more bovine, in tenser, over coming, more fat cat, aplenty, more promiseful, gilt edge, more weighted, worth a million, most bigdeal, more powdered, dis quieting, well-to-dos, most appreciate, with drawn, free-and-easy, over elaborate, un marred, most high brow, namer, un-adulterated, un-convincing, most soft touch, tall, in curious, most steller, on the up up, most dropdead, more second-to-none, un flappable, no end, master, in-estimable, most well-formed, un resolved, most turn on, un-excited, un tenable, beyond compare, Supereminent, more luxury, world-class, ex-celling, more world-class, well endowed, robust, most hairline, full of life, up to code, Redoubted, not too shabby, better, un imaginable, proliferative, more hairline, in tended, most canorous, cool, in-substantial, re-assuring, most bushy-tailed, well dressed, unpolluted, fat, jelly belly, elite, fabber, frore, plush, un blemished, thick with, more silvery, made of money, most side-splitting, ahead the game, most side splitting, most cottony, super-abundant, low pitched, more procacious, more much publicized, baritone, more well-thought-of, more first string, Gilt-edge, in sanest, top of the line, most nectarious, main-line, de liberate, stuck up, un-mitigated, most well-dressed, loose-fitting, most compressed, re-stored, up lifting, over-priced, like silk, prize, in pink, more dimmed, up standing, re-sonant, super eminent, more exclusory, in-temperate, made money, un-seasoned, most undarkened, Indefectible, most fine spun, with-it, most embroidered, most rosy cheeked, more bigdeal, in-corrupt, more weeded, more super eminent, un substantial, most highcaliber, most well-endowed, most main-line, silvery, more best quality, most brighteyed, more welldone, more crowned, top line, in-frequent, more primo, most elect, in-solent, in-sane, in spotlight, most uncustomary, more lulu, most titillating, more whiz bang, more ornamented, unheard of, more upper-class, more froufrou, most tuned-in, more turnon, in spiriting, in-ordinate, most correspondent, on the up, most refrigerated, well done, most high and mighty, un-friendliest, fabulous, more exceeding, most supereminent, more whopper, co-pious, finegrained, more well-prepared, mind blowing, in comparable, re stored, un-wonted, most softtouch, generous, sure enough, more highestquality, supranormal, most embellished, most hairsplitting, exceptional, most well seasoned, hundred-proof, most firststring, quickwitted, un convincing, over bearing, be wildering, namest, in side, flourishing, up the minute, Rememberable, most uncollected, un-restricted, most highest quality, up par, Exclusory, queenlier, most fine-spun, with-drawn, un enthusiastic, more pent, most incapacious, un stinging, more fatlike, worth million, un-likely, most contracted, something else, most super duper, more embellished, most exclusory, incredible, more splendrous, more high-profile, most meritable, superstarrest, more smashing, quick witted, unexcited, large, in-curious, in cogitable, more quality, most plethoric, un polluted, most palmary, highflown, wellseasoned, ahead game, most crowned, fairier, most high profile, fore-most, more in-thing, batting a thousand, un-welcoming, oversize, in money, most sensationalistic, un-commonest, out and out, fatter, un-worldly, highly flavored, rosy-cheeked, most bigshot, un-qualified, first-rate, polished, unsparing, most sustainable, more phantasmagorical, more relaxing, un familiar, unagitated, self indulgent, most main line, in spiring, most wellproportioned, pre-pared, paunchier, most hundred-proof, mediocre, more finegrained, cyclo-pean, minimal, more bright eyed, crack, more attenuated, up to snuff, most fatcat, bang up, more transcendent, most quality, most whopper, more airconditioned, most chartered, frilly, high-caliber, selfpossessed, muchpublicized, more tip top, most cardcarrying, un manageable, cottony, more dismaying, most in-thing, sur passing, more towery, un-marred, in good health, incomparable, up stage, rich people, ex-tolled, most leadfooted, more supranormal, lousy with, up to the minute, re warding, faddy, most pleasure loving, luxurious, fore most, wellmade, more well-endowed, snug as bug in a rug, most unwelcoming, notable, in-tense, super starrest, un-due, unheardof, selfcontrolled, most unmeasurable, un-believable, superb, most leviathan, nice, something write home about, most piked, most bovine, more upperclass, most jeweled, in credible, thriving, pickest, for eyes only, top-pest, well formed, well suited, radder, most bushy tailed, at rest, over-coming, re-doubtable, trans parent, handsome, most high-wrought, out the question, hopeful, Hepper, affluent, most splitting, most turn-on, in-valuable, most best-quality, most constricted, more fine drawn, more fivestar, more culled, up-setting, in-different, fecund, greathearted, more fatcat, un worldly, most unequalable, doing well, high-brow, dis-criminative, keen, born with silver spoon, physically fit, most palatine, un conscionable, most highprofile, most five star, more well born, out ordinary, more super-eminent, more upper class, most aplenty, un-polluted, plate is full of, wellliked, most whiz bang, more centerfold, well to dos, taking cake, bold, un-friendlier, all time, boss, most thundering, most well born, most overboard, very good, tip-top, highfaluting, important, best quality, most tuned in, best, un conventional, pro found, more razzle dazzle, most burgeoning, re strained, Unequalable, most valuable, un-thinkable, more wellseasoned, un canniest, deep, in-tangible, mighty, more softtouch, most pampered, more exclusionary, more underlined, up pity, un-objectionable, un selfish, un accustomed, condign, paunchy, mostest, incorrupt, at top, frorer, witting, in different, most beautifying, more unpolluted, un-tarnished, un wieldy, dazzling, most out-of-sight, tillable, delicious, more high-and-mighty, more splendiferous, most razzledazzle, de terminate, more cardcarrying, fine, la di da, leisure-class, more zaftig, most big deal, un surpassable, un beaten, un ruffled, more bodacious, more wellproportioned, sui generis, formal, un-matchable, most bueno, rightminded, more hunkydory, sufficient, landeds, more piked, more two ton, more plethoric, un divided, most worldclass, un-communicative, pro-longed, goopy, super-star, most winnowed, more bushy tailed, most slaying, off beaten path, bushy-tailed, more a ok, costly, out of question, leadest, high-profile, more indulged, beyond wildest dreams, timehonored, fulltoned, over grown, more unequalled, cleancut, Incapacious, more aplenty, more darling, celeb, more electrifying, more giltedge, more neato, apical, more uncollected, useful, more unknowable, un-balanced, uncustomary, prodigal, have the wherewithal, most world-class, un-measurable, cat's meow, tunedin, more hunky-dory, thriftless, un earthly, considerable, most dismaying, mightiest, most nipping, bullest, lowtoned, under lined, most with-it, re-sting, most supernormal, prize-winning, in style, dandy, most powdered, most empowered, get a break, on up, very best, lowpitched, fine spun, upperclass, most inapprehensible, gookier, over flowing, more well endowed, hundred proof, plethoric, most whizbang, un-darkened, most well-proportioned, abnormal, select, most gingerbread, hypo thetical, solid gold, more side splitting, un-sociable, full, velvety, un excelled, over-size, the most, brave, most finer, more upscale, clean cut, stunning, a cut above, more low-toned, on top of heap, most reassuring, be witching, un adulterated, more velvety, most creamed, most blossoming, un matchable, most hundredproof, more well formed, hefty, most super eminent, high-falutin', unstinging, more fortifying, firststring, most wiseguy, un tainted, basser, well-off, most advancing, royal, mondo, most mainline, more lionized, Sophic, most well-seasoned, more jelly belly, steller, fit, real gone, more overkill, dignified, Celebrious, under-standing, most overelaborate, most lead footed, on the and up, un-imaginable, more titillating, hairline, most well-thought-of, fit for king- queen, so-so, more reassuring, farout, un-wieldier, Inapprehensible, beaut, un-sparing, De Luxe, cat meow, dis criminative, highclass, most superduper, well prepared, over kill, most gilt edged, most daunting, most fine-drawn, re-liabler, lush, mouth watering, razzledazzle, de-liberate, Mega, highwrought, able, Recrementitious, over lying, most finegrained, more well-liked, most highest-quality, topsest, un-bigoted, more wellbuilt, egregious, leviathan, more withit, a whale of a, most attenuated, most gilt edge, un-settled, at top of ladder, un surpassed, un measurable, pro founder, more fulltoned, hellacious, first rate, most toward, main line, out of world, Well-born, GUNKY, wealthy, more lowtoned, time honored, silker, mouthwatering, more unwelcoming, broadminded, most garnished, A1, most incogitable, 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