Pronunciation of Unskilled
/ʌnskˈɪld/, /ʌnskˈɪld/, /ʌ_n_s_k_ˈɪ_l_d/

Antonyms for unskilled

skilled, on the button, schooled, in tended, warhorse, has what takes, highpower, nimble-fingered, more intelligent, most well-paying, hellacious, good, most justified, wide awake, pre eminent, out this world, most first rate, master, more recherche, fooler, frontpage, be fitting, having something on ball, most correspondent, most battlescarred, front-page, more super-eminent, knowing score, most nimble-witted, more uncontaminated, quick on the uptake, buller, in service, initiated, pre-disposed, useful, at the ready, hot tamale, most long-serving, more defectless, broken in, welltimed, more well versed, most well-qualified, Supereminent, having the know-how, whizer, having the right stuff, more nimblefingered, Specialists, pre-pared, artificers, more high-power, most indefectible, most longserving, all set, most inured, wellsuited, able, out and out, ex tensive, a hand at, most long serving, more tuned in, more oldtimer, most four-star, tip-top, seasoned, most workaday, sharp as a tack, majorleague, appurtenant, most approving, most high power, good enough, having know how, knowing ones stuff, most exercised, most streetwise, most anticipating, more frontpage, more arranged, bullest, more fourstar, more high power, handy, knowing one stuff, doable, know business, oldtime, overqualified, most war horse, hep, like one man band, versed, most longhaired, in-defectible, Piked, skuller, know one's business, more forwardlooking, having the know how, most tuned-in, de-voted, most well suited, eggheaded, most belonging, most world class, familiar with, knowledgeable, worldclass, un qualified, slick, pro-longed, paid off, more condign, super-duper, more wellsuited, quickwitted, well-informed, most self-sustaining, having on the ball, crack, more front page, more supereminent, more justified, battle-scarred, on brink, having a knack, end-owed, really into, therer, in action, most forwardlooking, un equaled, most tip top, disciplined, in the saddle, ambidextrous, neater, more super duper, equal to, de cent, in-nocent, of mind, re sourceful, more wellversed, more worldclass, more long-serving, high minded, most old timer, in-valuable, all-purpose, paid dues, paid one dues, in-culpable, wrights, most super-duper, fit to eat, on button, journeyperson, practical, un romantic, most long haired, most eggheaded, most incorrupt, more longhaired, most well-organized, most utile, condign, in-tended, ex-posed, more out of this world, canny, De Luxe, de sired, de liberate, apt, more well-suited, more efficient, de-liberate, most with-it, out world, of the old school, most well paying, both feet on ground, more all purpose, there, talented, most with it, most handpicked, like pistol, un-mitigated, most certified, more commending, more circumscribed, knows one's stuff, more utile, efficient, close to hand, most toughened, nimble fingered, quick the uptake, most oldtimer, welldisposed, having know-how, most percipient, most waiting, quick trigger, journeypersons, most old-timer, more battle scarred, of use, lilywhite, on hand, re served, most long time, mondo, most well versed, really in to, most tunedin, know the answers, know stuff, more withit, most wellqualified, un idealistic, un-blemished, battlescarred, re levant, de serving, fourstar, more handpicked, re gular, more self sustaining, tutored, most unidealistic, good for, most condign, copacetic, pre pared, more paying, more well qualified, more quizzed, more dynamite, has what it takes, para-mount, more long-haired, trained, great, know score, most superduper, quick uptake, out-standing, more adjusted, top notch, in-corrupt, technician, more fireball, more hotshot, more indefectible, more world-class, qualified, most all-purpose, over-size, more copacetic, ex posed, wise, professional, well-rounded, both feet ground, vet, more all-purpose, sharp as tack, battle scarred, having the knowhow, tailor made, more schooled, most nimble-fingered, most withit, paid ones dues, like oneman band, most a-ok, re-sourceful, most uncontaminated, most worldclass, more undecayed, first class, front page, more with it, first rate, most well-suited, craftsperson, longserving, un-objectionable, de served, more self-sustaining, wellversed, self-sustaining, lily white, excellent, journeypeople, para mount, superduper, more appurtenant, wellqualified, skillful, ex-celling, more waiting, more well-qualified, suitable, most super-eminent, like a one man band, nimble, well suited, un-qualified, nobodys fool, most front-page, long-time, more old timer, close hand, blue chip, polished, most schooled, been there, practiced, nobody's fool, more nimble-fingered, more hellacious, un-corrupted, un-tainted, smiths, knows one stuff, prepared, super eminent, in-tact, most super duper, masterly, instructed, more war-horse, more out-of-this-world, more battlescarred, highly regarded, know one's stuff, matter of fact, more front-page, oldtimer, more forward looking, most four star, costeffective, more wizard, more anticipating, technicians, more drilled, up speed, most warhorse, world class, in readiness, wellpaying, no slouch, most nimblefingered, wised up, prompt, old time, know one business, well paying, more desired, un tarnished, more surpassing, wellbehaved, more incorrupt, sportest, most catechized, Superexcellent, profitable, high power, more into, most supereminent, quick on the trigger, super duper, super excellent, most nimble fingered, smith, hotshot, more weathered, most well-disposed, at beck call, most mondo, war-horse, in-comparable, knowing stuff, most hotshot, in culpable, masterful, more well-versed, most front page, streetwise, fabbest, most wizard, most defectless, all systems go, more abreast, most a ok, old timer, of old school, most allpurpose, radder, more nimble fingered, quick witted, fab, know ropes, un-equaled, taught, more toughened, out sight, most wellsuited, sur passing, un spoiled, fit eat, paid one's dues, incorrupt, most recherche, more old-timer, be-coming, being pistol, wellfounded, in nocent, bigtime, having fancy footwork, quick, most high-power, forward-looking, most fourstar, egregious, more disciplined, raddest, more tip-top, most self sustaining, most world-class, un tainted, more warhorse, un-tarnished, forwardlooking, adroit, oversize, de-sired, de voted, teachable, more unidealistic, un-decayed, more war horse, out standing, re liablest, having knack, most super eminent, up on, most up, recherche, operational, up it, Habile, most virtuoso, handsome, re-liable, educated, un damaged, well-paying, be longing, most witting, more wellqualified, most quizzed, super-excellent, having the goods, tuned-in, fabber, of assistance, sub lime, wright, most super excellent, VETER, ready, most aok, Hepper, most super-excellent, re-liablest, hardboiled, having knowhow, most appurtenant, more world class, most war-horse, wise to ways, doablest, most tip-top, de finite, de-served, more tunedin, more sustaining, most commending, phenom, most efficient, psyched up, pre-eminent, more genius, in-ordinate, like one-man band, more in to, good at, de-cent, outstanding, un hurt, therest, well timed, highminded, of a mind, all-around, in character, in tact, more super-duper, at beck and call, long haired, un mitigated, be-longing, purposive, well mannered, more phenom, ace, most capable, un-impaired, up snuff, firstclass, beyond compare, rad, artificer, most wellorganized, world-class, deft, at fingertips, un-contaminated, worldly wise, more battle-scarred, on beam, competent, Indefectible, finished, more well suited, Sophic, withit, having good hands, percipient, more eggheaded, tip top, more sophic, long time, like a pistol, more piked, well organized, more four star, nobody fool, most oversize, un-idealistic, most surpassing, experienced, machinists, un marred, most arranged, most toward, foolest, from way back, most well organized, in black, most abreast, selfsustaining, un-damaged, most disciplined, more approving, effortless, most out-of-this-world, most circumscribed, re-gular, more long-time, no dummy, knowing one's stuff, more catechized, un-romantic, most hellacious, Worldlywise, protean, having something ball, dis-posed, quickest, like a one-man band, more super excellent, more selfsustaining, more well-disposed, most forward looking, know one stuff, most nimble witted, most wellversed, nuts bolts, capable, sub-lime, most adjusted, more virtuoso, Undecayed, pro-nest, allpurpose, bulliest, being a pistol, in corrupt, most fireball, most tuned in, more a ok, more nimble-witted, most phenom, most paying, more correspondent, de-finite, most humongous, fit, learned, un-spoiled, both feet on the ground, at ready, most purposive, cost effective, workaday, having the ball, having right stuff, most desired, in the know, out of world, wideawake, more witting, nimblefingered, tunedin, more tip top, most undecayed, in know, knows stuff, well-qualified, re warding, in order, a ok, fireball, more long time, with-it, well-disposed, re-warding, more favoring, dexterous, most longtime, sage, out-of-this-world, dis posed, know ins outs, un decayed, most into, firstrate, re-served, A 1, bluechip, un-hurt, well-suited, be-fitting, super-eminent, well informed, been around, in keeping, unidealistic, in position, well-organized, know ins and outs, tuned in, veteran, more nimblewitted, more crackerjack, re liabler, defectless, most welldisposed, most nimblewitted, self sustaining, four-star, more streetwise, most weathered, up to snuff, un-marred, most wellpaying, all purpose, most crackerjack, in comparable, ex-tended, having goods, expert, more wellpaying, un contaminated, user friendly, all around, longtime, most out of this world, be coming, paying well, know the score, knows ones stuff, foxy, in valuable, machinist, more forward-looking, more humongous, accomplished, most well qualified, bullier, more percipient, in line, most frontpage, proficient, quick on trigger, ex tended, more well paying, adept, most well disposed, more exercised, well versed, more up, more highpower, knowing, skullest, sur-passing, more well-organized, more aok, more a-ok, skilled workers, up to it, shining at, more welldisposed, smart, skilled worker, ex celling, de-serving, most drilled, more well disposed, wise ways, more transcendent, most piked, war horse, uncontaminated, well-versed, nimble-witted, more nimble witted, quick the trigger, up to speed, hard boiled, more well-paying, in to, strictly business, well qualified, prone, most dynamite, like a oneman band, tailormade, pro visional, most long-time, more longserving, un impaired, in operation, more belonging, more super eminent, more well organized, on the beam, gifted, nimble witted, re-liabler, appropriate, re-levant, long-haired, de-luxe, knowing the score, quick on uptake, both feet the ground, more four-star, in place, more superduper, witting, handpicked, end owed, whizest, most well-versed, vetest, well disposed, having something the ball.