Pronunciation of Lea
/lˈiː/, /lˈiː/, /l_ˈiː/

Antonyms for lea


Synonyms for lea

field (noun)

acreage, enclosure, farmland, garden, glebe, grassland, green, ground, mead, meadow, moorland, pasture, patch, plot, range, terrain, territory, tillage, tract, vineyard, cropland, ranchland.

meadow (noun)

carpet, heath, pasturage, plain, prairie, rug, steppe, veldt, bottoms.

pasture (noun)

feeding, grass, grazing, herbage.

Sense 1

moorland, pampas, parkland, savannah, sward, tussock, veldt, village green, the steppes.

Sense 6


Sense 13

field, green.

Sense 25




Usage examples for lea

  1. A fortnight later the King began to make good his word, by riding with a small party of knights to Lea Castle. – Robin Hood by J. Walker McSpadden
  2. Even in those early days, people who bought an English farm usually inherited some of the work of the previous owner, and as Robert said, they would try to farm Long Lea in such a way as to leave it richer than they found it, and still lose no profit. – In the Days of the Guild by Louise Lamprey
  3. He fell down that little pit o' Wright's, Mr Lea, he did. – Home-Life of the Lancashire Factory Folk during the Cotton Famine by Edwin Waugh
  4. But the world teemed with rivers ten times lordlier than Avon- rivers stretching out in an endless map, with bridges on which lovers met and whispered, with banks down which they went with linked arms into the shadows- " Were I but young for thee, as I hae been, We should hae been gallopin' doun in yon green, And linkin' it owre the lily- white lea- And wow gin I were but young for thee!" – Shining Ferry by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

Rhymes for lea

  • brie, crea, odp, gutsy, bee, cac, esprit, jee, ab, ged, nabil, ot, enlistee, curie, ki, jubilee, gyi, mcghee, hee, sze, licensee, mcgee, chee, tea, ib, m3, conferee, syp, id, three, goatee, marquee, dee, sea, d, foresee, apc, mi, devotee, knee, enrollee, marie, oad, re, vi, fsi, escapee, tennessee, c, emcee, cree, franchisee, detainee, shri, se, ghee, jaycee, c3, fop, ve, repartee, degree, brea, te, gee, qi, fee, lessee, cyb, see, magee, shi, bbc, oversea, flee, she, tv, valoree, pawnee, leigh, cat-3, free, indri, louie, guaranty, vee, sci, b, debris, thi, loree, retiree, ski, honoree, pri, tenn, bt, deportee, yee, lxi, ofc, rea, slee, pea, mea, referee, cc, nghi, pree, je, xi, dundee, lp, sie, g, khe, disagree, ji, chea, prix, tyree, tse, key, atp, zee, nie, capri, resignee, trainee, bui, lee, mc, jie, ravi, yi, rosalee, undersea, draftee, andree, banshee, mee, ee, dea, thee, chablis, rupee, potpourri, designee, cod, qui, trustee, quai, we, pattee, vendee, nee, marquis, mit, ze, me, henri, guarani, he, si, spie, t, rb, markee, rosemarie, bree, cxc, plea, appointee, parolee, njt, lsd, tee, ti, quay, guarantee, kea, eap, xie, cd, sep, kee, sightsee, whoopee, ip, waikiki, yie, flea, spree, decree, p, snee, dsv, glee, internee, the, ree, nominee, bea, sheree, wee, nic, fi, inductee, ddt, yangtze, li, blea, zea, ranee, tree, z, smee, v, lavie, jessee, klee, ye, kyi, be, bourgeoisie, yippee, sri, nestle, musee, ne, thierry, mt, cie, mme, de, dupree, bibi, mpg;
  • ac, agree, achee, abee, alee, adee, albee;
  • abt, adoree, addressee, absentee, amputee, adoptee, amc;
  • hnat, lapd, irit, geac, knbc, interviewee;
  • awb;