Pronunciation of Sky
/skˈa͡ɪ/, /skˈa‍ɪ/, /s_k_ˈaɪ/

Antonyms for sky

swards, un-usual, earth, shire, divot, glebes, topsoil, ex-claves, abyss, underground, top-soil, champaign, sphere, quintas, countryside, terranes, croplands, township, peat moss, patch, continents, pit, enclave, Sub-soil, avant garde, topography, MEADS, pro-vince, limbo, enclaves, realm, top soil, under ground, tillage, boonieses, lay of land, domain, on qt, moorlands, boonies, alluvium, peat, dry lands, ex claves, netherworld, below ground, sur face, sub soil, on the sly, neck woods, de posits, top soils, subsoils, pro files, LEAS, nonurban areas, demesnes, principality, ex-clave, Exclave, hush hush, sur faces, champaigns, grounds, lay land, inferno, Hell, more underfoot, greenswards, lea, the lay of the land, realties, ranchland, sur roundings, field, home park, old sod, loam, avantgarde, pro-files, ex clave, de posit, realty, non-urban areas, in recesses, de mesne, sand, Terrane, terrain, topsoils, in the recesses, top-soils, pro vince, PLATS, neck the woods, soil, de-posits, purgatory, ex-tents, cropland, loams, on sly, farmland, the lay the land, mead, dry land, region, glebe, underfoot, de-posit, gehenna, greensward, non urban area, pro file, Alluvia, demesne, moorland, under-foot, plat, de-mesne, Alluviums, sub-terrestrial, MARLS, the lay of land, most underfoot, under-cover, ex-tent, terrenes, hushhush, ex tent, lay the land, sward, pre mises, townships, tillages, neck of woods, peat mosses, humuses, farmlands, pro-file, un bowed, non-urban area, sub-soils, marl, home parks, pro vinces, the lay land, non urban areas, un usual, un-bowed, underworld, un-conventional, nonurban area, sur-face, ground, territory, pre-mises, sur-roundings, exclaves, under foot, under-ground, DIVOTS, pro-vinces, stomping grounds, old sods, sands, stomping ground, land, un conventional, ex tents.