Pronunciation of Outgrowth
/a͡ʊtɡɹˈə͡ʊθ/, /a‍ʊtɡɹˈə‍ʊθ/, /aʊ_t_ɡ_ɹ_ˈəʊ_θ/

Antonyms for outgrowth

embarkations, out sets, out flow, out pours, de scents, Virtuality, be-ginning, etymon, ex-halations, precedent, Causations, whence it came, beginning, de scent, in-formant, pedigree, word origins, former, radicles, opener, word histories, fore-runner, class, setting out, de-scent, effluent, embarkation, motivations, cause, infra structure, radix, rhizomes, Stirps, wellings, day ones, start-off, issuings, sub-stances, fore runner, start off, be-getters, intelligentsias, parent, causality, Etymons, de gree, git goes, spin off, be ginning, origin, Paternities, under-pinning, de-scents, whence cames, springings, de-gree, well-heads, fore runners, ex-halation, Radices, openers, de-grees, fore-runners, incentive, ex halations, foundation, bourgeoisie, exudation, out break, ingrowth, pro-creator, first steps, Spores, bubblers, spring, ground, issuances, germ, flowings, mother, groundwork, out-pour, designer, cultural level, emergings, Well-spring, fountain, ex-tractions, sub stratum, out-sets, stirpes, principium, social rank, base, virtualities, first step, pro-creators, factor, spore, pro-positions, out breaks, Welling, start, ovules, watering place, generalizations, wellhead, pre cept, blast offs, inception, ovule, horse's mouth, cultural levels, phrase origins, watering places, out set, horses mouth, depression, the right stuffs, pro creator, be-getter, ex planation, startoff, ex-traction, Etyma, derivation, word origin, source, exudations, phrase history, startoffs, leakage, well, issuance, pro-genitors, in-formants, Principia, stimulus, determinant, setting outs, mainspring, out-break, horses mouths, out-breaks, inspiration, bubbler, phrase histories, sub-stratum, well-springs, well heads, leakages, origins, starting points, quicks, Causalities, under pinning, bottom, commencement, emanation, causation, risings, mainsprings, effluents, sub-stance, pre-cept, jump offs, Oozings, Procreator, jump off, well springs, intelligentsia, ex tractions, sub-strata, start-offs, early stages, law, root, sub stances, nativity, radicle, start offs, early stage, pro genitor, be getters, running starts, begetters, well spring, ex-planation, horse mouths, pro position, pro-genitor, basis, ex planations, out-flows, nativities, ex-planations, in formants, jump-off, horse's mouths, be getter, pro positions, instigation, de grees, whence came, determinants, day one, pro genitors, impetus, paternity, infra-structure, infra-structures, out-flow, etymology, horse mouth, Radixes, begetter, procreators, infra structures, word history, effluences, git go, original, whence it cames, out pour, consideration, sub-stratums, pro creators, jump-offs, in formant, bourgeoisies, sub stance.