Pronunciation of Desert
/d_ˈɛ_s_ə_t/, /dˈɛsət/, /dˈɛsət/

Antonyms for desert

was valid, re tains, are in residence, gave one all, hast dibs on something, art responsible for, productive, prosecute, am case, art in force, keeping possession, pushed for, counter-acting, putting lock on, mixing it with, de liberates, crosses one heart, being responsible for, kept mind, ex-acted, under-pinned, Wars, taking the part of, defend, giving affidavit, reap the benefits, appeared with, hath at, shot at, being command, gets fat, co signing, counter acted, sultry, swore down, re collects, remaining true, provided sanctuary, puts up argument, gat into, put in good word, being case, are effect, throw in lot with, doing justice to, socked it one, quick, laps up, having dibs something, pre cede, pro-viding, Warred, hold out for, pro cures, tailgating, squaring off, acceding to, de liberated, super-vise, pre ceded, hit up, shows about, up holding, keeps going, re pair, giving all one's got, with-hold, hadst a handle on, got fat, does justice to, hold up, hanged around with, shotgunned, attesting to, happens with, go along with, de-bating, mixed it up with, stick by, believe, making play for, showing in, de-liberate, going for jugular, light in to, de liberating, keep out, de-bates, make it, throws one's lot with, corking up, dies hard, have dibs something, shoot off one's mouth, hadst at, put a fight, acts as a witness, in-duce, with stands, Housed, care for, gets into, flew face of, glomming onto, speaking favor, Altercating, acting as witness, dis playing, co-exists, prevail up on, co occurs, pro-longed, are in force, struggles against, laying money on, alibiing, crossing one's heart, Beaconing, cogitated on, threw in one's lot with, hold out against, gave ones all, shot off one's mouth, pleaded for, joining with, be connected, keeps in mind, having handle on, pro mise, calls tune, lookouted, under write, pro tested, stakes out, stick up for, re quests, give all one got, hast dibs something, passed on, hath sneaking suspicion, is the case, un-zipped, come defense of, acted as witness, pointing way, are established, held out for, grown, re quiring, lay down the law, abstained from, cared for, socking to one, lighting in to, be-friends, dis plays, asservate, wert in force, un zips, pre venting, super-intended, re-straining, are connected, come to defense of, wast answerable for, taking out, pro cessed, having bone pick, pre-sent, swore up and down, clinging to, is in residence, held true, puts lock on, giving all got, are residence, puts fight, beating off, talked into, de-liberates, call tune, art answerable for, be-friended, taking one side, shoring up, shoots at, attain, be-lieve, socks it one, with holds, panoplying, espouse, staid put, Shotguns, rally round, goes for jugular, takes one's side, lock horns with, threw in with, gives ones got, bore one out, got there, shooting off one mouth, de-legates, be blessed, keeping in view, vised, are command, talk in to, haddest bone pick, calling the tune, hast handle on, fights over, is residence, cosigning, counter-acted, laid a finger on, pushing for, art in residence, pre vailed, pled for, de fend, mixt with, wert in residence, partnered, finding a way, am answerable for, pre-tends, re questing, re-served, stood up for, gotten hands on, swearing to, moist, bare testimony, standing by, mix it with, leaving alone, lights in to, were blessed, shooting off ones mouth, pro-long, attests to, handed onto, chaperone, pulls for, de-noting, give ones all, locking up, mix up with, pointed way, re strained, tangled with, co unselling, rubber stamped, had bearing, kept view, are valid, throws in with, finalize, shooting off one's mouth, associate with, takes ones side, mixing it up with, freezing to, took side, under-taking, bare one out, re-serving, hold good, shoot one mouth, guarding against, is valid, court, am responsible for, boosting morale, gives all, be in residence, am favored, convoy, quarterback, gives all ones got, bet bottom dollar, wast established, take a stand, giving one's got, swore to, dwell, occur with, putting dukes, staid staunch, support, threw lot with, lacing in to, throw in ones lot with, being equipped for, pre tend, re-paired, contest, were force, pro-cess, accedes to, thumping for, shoots one wad, under-taken, jockeying for position, appears with, ex-plaining, shot off ones mouth, under-written, retrospected, getting hands on, throws in ones lot with, apologizing for, stands to, gets in to, threw in one lot with, hanging around with, thump for, be equipped for, am effect, having bearing, Chaired, re-peat, puts forth, lace into, crosses one's heart, got into, co-signed, getting there, swear up down, shot for, is favored, cogitates on, happening with, gat fat, argues for, fights for, speaks favor, gotten fat, be force, pro-testing, boosts morale, vindicate, tag along, am valid, pre-cede, wetland, Experiencing, pro-cure, kept safe, side with, under stands, Companied, gets behind, co-unselling, apologizes for, pre-side, belongs to, holds fast, be friends, not let goes, dis-played, re-quired, ex-act, boosted morale, re-commending, tenanted, get hands on, arrive at, de-clare, had handle on, squire, be friended, appearing with, throwing ones lot with, am command, being firm, looking after, shoot one wad, leave alone, co occur, counter acting, patronize, pre-vents, stuck up for, de tains, being in force, pre-scribed, wert effect, called tune, holding out for, attested to, under pins, put up argument, said in defense, taking an oath, be friend, shooting ones wad, sticking to, gave ones got, sware up and down, wast in residence, mixing with, hath bearing, takes place with, re gards, re-aped, locked up, sock one, latches onto, re calls, pops off, kept from, clings to, re commended, thinks over, lay down law, repute, rubber-stamps, gave an affidavit, riding shotgun for, wast force, re-members, under-writes, rubberstamped, pre vail, squared off, speaking for, Policed, crossing one heart, shlepping along, kept an eye on, being valid, act as witness, being in residence, asservated, with stand, signing for, going at, rubberstamp, bearing one out, Bulwarking, am equipped for, giving ones all, co-signs, shoots off one's mouth, dis proved, spoke for, throw lot with, happen with, re fuses, keeps view, dueled, is in force, attest to, am residence, gives an affidavit, freezes to, presided over, was responsible for, remain true, has handle on, shleps along, saw after, goes on with, put in a good word, abstains from, looks after, art the case, sign for, consort with, super-vised, gotten behind, watch over, hast sneaking suspicion, were in force, provide sanctuary, musing over, with-held, taking as gospel truth, crossed ones heart, pro-cured, crossed heart, saying so, has bearing, were the case, threw in lot with, re-strains, Viseing, re served, spake up for, puts forward, gives grounds for, counter vailing, takes the part of, hang around with, consorting with, freed from blame, up-holds, counter act, bear one out, pro-cessed, crossed one's heart, gets there, prove case, belonged to, co-sign, took stand, pro-moting, put forward, stand firm, mix it up, pushes for, getting fat, hast bearing, sticked to, co signs, remain, is force, take one side, pointing the way, passing on, re aping, making good, throws in lot with, holds out for, damp, de-tain, Viseed, de bating, got in to, tagged along, mixing up with, alive, calls the tune, strung along, having hunch, proves case, gave all ones got, coincided with, set store by, art valid, trailblazes, live, has at, dis-proves, companioned, pre serves, pre side, co-occurred, are answerable for, rubber-stamped, gave one got, held good, de-clares, puts a lock on, swear to, pre vent, gat there, presides over, pro moting, throws in one lot with, had at, went in for, fight for, covered for, said so, came defense of, covered up, locking horns with, pro vides, speak in favor, de legates, keeping an eye on, pre-scribe, took out, guarding, Husbanding, wert the case, shoot one's mouth, reaped benefits, shot mouth, go bat for, finds way, gat in to, co existed, have sneaking suspicion, stays put, re-gard, pop off, stand to, ran things, stand up for, ex-acting, accommodate, occurs with, hast hunch, gotten into, taking oath, dis-prove, swear down, latched onto, counter vailed, be-friending, seeing after, find a way, keep mind, fighting for, lighting into, ex act, cross heart, showed around, inhabited, bears testimony, rode shotgun for, stuck by, keep an eye on, is command, sock it one, shooting at, sware to, be in force, hath bone pick, pre scribing, cares for, took place with, square off, gang upon, repelled danger, makes it, be case, pro fess, going after, gives ones all, re-aping, coincides with, puts dukes, proved a case, shot wad, swears to, lighted in to, siding with, sticks for, re-pairs, keeps safe, lighted into, oblige, passes on, glom onto, dank, under-pins, pre vailing, stood behind, stand behind, undertake, pre-served, struggle against, palms, copping, has dibs on something, keep going, up-held, haddest a handle on, re ported, getting into, doth justice to, keeps mind, pre scribe, watching over, gets hands on, lit in to, re-pairing, be responsible for, re-commend, under stood, de notes, associating with, wield baton, speaks in favor, speaks for, hast at, shoots ones mouth, re-questing, Shepherding, holding at bay, wielded baton, caring for, help, keeping under surveillance, consorted with, finds a way, gave one's got, pro cure, takes out, gave affidavit, resist, shore up, palm, get behind, had bone pick, re cognizes, swore up down, putting good word, knocks oneself out, throw in one lot with, in habits, pro claiming, altercates, shows way, being the case, keep view, had bone to pick, flew in face of, holding bay, living, stands up, take the part of, pro cessing, under-takes, re maining, pro-mote, covering for, be established, got behind, hadst sneaking suspicion, being in command, go on with, re-pair, jumping on, giving one all, puts up fight, being answerable for, lapped up, re habilitate, conduct, free from blame, re serving, gives all got, apologize for, wert command, kept out, call the tune, lap up, stand by, have bearing, make allowances, Companying, makes good, come back, went at, spake in favor, art connected, hand onto, care, jockeys for position, throw in one's lot with, de clares, is established, went for jugular, make play for, Bulwarked, was favored, wast blessed, proving a case, scrambles for, has dibs something, showed the way, kept company, ex-plain, Chairing, sticks it to, goes at, joins with, pro-mises, point way, wert force, hast a handle on, counter-act, kept close, hath bone to pick, lets have it, go with, ride shotgun for, took one's side, cork up, in sure, shoots for, Disculpating, pro-claiming, pre-vent, gives one all, fertile, saying in defense, animate, shotgun, beared testimony, up-hold, lacing into, coxswaining, re-member, coxswains, were answerable for, laced in to, re iterates, was in command, gave all, not let went, dis-play, insist, gave one's all, shlepped along, muse over, mixes it with, stop, sticks to, ex plains, ex plained, putting on gloves, pre serving, re membered, laces into, mixt it up, wert residence, not let go, gives one got, pleading for, arrived at, flying face of, gives got, giving all ones got, Altercated, am in effect, doest justice to, standing up to, co-occur, asservates, mixing it up, is case, Disculpated, lay money on, take stock in, setting to, throw with, scrambled for, bore testimony, ex plain, uphold, re-mains, plead for, said defense, companioning, mixt it with, holding good, laying claim to, were favored, laid down the law, re-quires, pre-siding, holds bay, keeps out, re fusing, flying in face of, pro claims, re-news, cooccur, re strain, gat hands on, re iterating, keeping in mind, threw one lot with, rides shotgun for, art case, mixt up with, puts good word, was effect, take one's side, goes after, show cause, tailgated, appear with, having at, jump on, throw one lot with, swear up and down, Hards, under standing, see, keeps close, re new, talking in to, coming to defense of, sock to one, partnering, have at, beats off, cross ones heart, de tain, putting a fight, re serve, being force, pre siding, took part of, were responsible for, lead, was answerable for, was command, pro cess, re-fused, Wettish, are favored, re peats, bear mind, lookouting, rumpusing, joined with, made play for, under taking, mixes up with, re habilitated, continue, re ached, lay finger on, pro vide, fought for, Husbanded, tailgate, left alone, sticks up for, re member, boost morale, verdant, counter-acts, points way, keep in mind, flies face of, knuckling with, popping off, shot one's mouth, swears up and down, proves a case, took care of, pro testing, providing sanctuary, re-habilitating, re commends, sticking up for, haddest hunch, re-strained, re-commends, dis prove, am blessed, over-sees, re-quiring, going for broke, put dukes, laid claim to, reaped the benefits, arriving at, pre-venting, seek, adopt, acts as witness, hadst dibs something, dis play, in-habiting, come with, look after, putting a good word, lays claim to, clung to, holds out against, Escorted, thought over, spoke in favor, took ones side, dis proving, pleads for, super vising, muggy, haunt, was in force, assert, spake for, over see, gave all one's got, taking part of, reaps the benefits, stands up to, covers up, wast case, didst justice to, wast connected, Lasted, Tenanting, live in, struggling against, socks to one, am the case, in duces, cover up, cooccurring, Palmed, shoot for, go after, setting store by, cosigns, re-strain, cosign, re pairing, shot one mouth, repels danger, re strains, over-saw, were command, being in effect, socked to one, keeping view, keeps from, speaking in favor, has hunch, socking one, coinciding with, retro spects, passing along, co-signing, had sneaking suspicion, under writes, comes to defense of, re-fuse, mixed up with, de bates, argued for, advocate, in-habit, dis played, knocked oneself out, be the case, stuck it to, pop question, fended off, sets to, pro cured, with held, take side, throwing one's lot with, swearing down, spake favor, swear and down, mix it up with, de-bate, put forth, dis-playing, accede to, co existing, get fat, keep, breathing, de legate, knock oneself out, pro-fess, spoke up for, puts up dukes, provides sanctuary, Disculpate, pro-cures, reap benefits, reaping the benefits, threw in ones lot with, shoot at, find way, cooccurs, de-noted, rumpused, giving got, are blessed, quarterbacks, stays staunch, retrospecting, under pinned, swears and down, pro-vided, pre cedes, re cognizing, gave all one got, give all ones got, re calling, shored up, staking out, being established, points the way, held at bay, pro claim, am connected, freeing from blame, goes in for, stands by, de fending, stayed staunch, tangle with, tags along, re-aching, found way, give one's all, ex-plains, bearing testimony, leaved alone, pre-vail, hits up, pre-vails, is in effect, over seeing, escort, haddest bone to pick, socked it to one, art blessed, sticked up for, mix with, co-exist, hath handle on, de-note, sware and down, re habilitates, gives all one's got, under-wrote, re cognized, re butting, knocking oneself out, pre serve, comes defense of, beat off, standing to, went after, pro claimed, stood to, pre-scribing, give one's got, co-occurring, sets store by, keeping eye on, get there, throws one lot with, swore and down, coxswain, were connected, hitting up, pro fesses, was residence, reaping benefits, gives all one got, put a lock on, letting have it, are equipped for, wast effect, re quires, under takes, re news, mixes it up with, showed way, keeps under surveillance, co-existed, says in defense, going in for, had dibs on something, haddest handle on, under-write, up holds, hadst bone to pick, pre tends, super-intends, gloms onto, come, kept eye on, go at, swearing up down, put on gloves, keeping close, hadst bone pick, de clare, re-butted, pro-vide, re-serve, speak favor, passes along, giving all one got, re collecting, am in command, gives one's all, was established, trailblaze, put up a fight, taking one's side, art in effect, wast valid, hold bay, go for jugular, re butted, un zip, take out, finding way, stick for, re-butting, locked horns with, re-habilitate, Dueling, shoot wad, laid money on, wert firm, re quested, showing about, cover for, Guarantying, spoke favor, took one side, took a stand, shooting wad, re porting, laying finger on, was force, lights into, talk into, endorse, baby sit, re members, threw one's lot with, laying down law, bears one out, get in to, cooccurred, takes stand, cross one's heart, pulling for, are force, push for, re collect, re main, popped off, having dibs on something, attend, re-quire, shotgunning, looked after, re aped, coxswained, re peat, counter acts, gat behind, leafy, takes an oath, keep close, entertain, with standing, cogitating on, is equipped for, give all one's got, keep under surveillance, taking stock in, was in effect, stick to, standing up, re-collected, takes one side, shoot ones mouth, socks it to one, pursue, Guarantied, give one got, re quired, laid finger on, re collected, repelling danger, haddest at, re iterated, pre-serving, de bated, give all got, putting in good word, cop plea, quarterbacking, re cognize, under-pinning, guide, were valid, shoots off one mouth, lit into, ex plaining, lay claim to, throwing in with, re-cognized, have handle on, occupy, kept in mind, repel danger, Garrisoning, abide, keep from, get into, pass along, in habiting, remains firm, putting forward, crossing ones heart, dis-proving, shoots off mouth, mixt it up with, keeping out, dieing hard, give got, makes allowances, duelling, re tain, holding out against, put good word, giving grounds for, am established, fought over, up-holding, stood up, pre-scribes, dampish, wast in command, covering up, proving case, wast residence, shot one wad, takes care of, laying down the law, co signed, gives affidavit, wert case, mused over, be residence, pro-tested, cultivated, take ones side, sware up down, were in residence, art firm, signs for, hadst bearing, being effect, face, over sees, mixed it with, hang out, stood by, be lieve, hath hunch, point the way, re-tains, died hard, give an affidavit, green, corks up, shot ones wad, kept in view, pro-fesses, up held, stick around, counter-vailed, went for broke, are firm, Shepherded, lays finger on, jumps on, re-main, retain, co occurred, co occurring, re pairs, thumped for, acceded to, un-zip, warrant, goes for broke, are the case, re-tain, Peopling, re mained, wert responsible for, cross one heart, consorts with, was case, took oath, populated, de-liberating, putting fight, beared one out, froze to, pre-ceding, re-collecting, called the tune, shows the way, was blessed, re-porting, take an oath, hold, re-iterated, arrives at, assist, retro-spect, re mains, tagging along, re fuse, counter vails, pro-longing, staying put, swearing up and down, abet, crossing heart, contend, with hold, de noting, were in effect, keep eye on, Copped, piloting, pro-curing, remaining firm, stuck to, jockeyed for position, counter vail, pro-motes, lace in to, overgrown, be answerable for, make good, de bate, stayed put, babysit, making it, have a handle on, laces in to, throwing one lot with, keeping mind, socking it one, shooting for, lived in, keeps in view, holds good, being residence, un zipping, re-habilitated, sticked for, say defense, pro curing, Beaconed, Struggled, sided with, showing way, mixes it up, living in, with-stand, justify, super-intend, crossed one heart, apologized for, over saw, being connected, re-new, tangling with, ex acts, shoots mouth, rubberstamps, be valid, re-call, re-commended, wert answerable for, wast equipped for, ex acting, hadst hunch, fortify, remained true, do justice to, give one all, held bay, re quire, under taken, in habit, letted have it, wert favored, take stand, lays money on, taking care of, dis proves, shot one's wad, take oath, under take, counter-vailing, rubberstamping, socks one, threw with, de-legate, having sneaking suspicion, took stock in, re-quests, pre-sents, giving one's all, glommed onto, throws lot with, show way, running things, speaking up for, showing around, re iterate, re paired, throws with, show the way, shooting one wad, was in residence, in habited, pre-cedes, takes as gospel truth, puts argument, disculpates, throws in one's lot with, gives one's got, lush, pre tending, be-friend, vising, leaves alone, under writing, go in for, over seen, de noted, co-existing, haddest bearing, watched over, had hunch, remain firm, guard, duelled, re-ached, speaks up for, panoplied, die hard, re commending, de-fended, lay in to, guarded against, shoot off mouth, throwing in one's lot with, art favored, hold at bay, stands behind, laid down law, throws ones lot with, guards against, holding true, be in effect, pro longs, with-holds, show about, pre sent, wert established, shoots one mouth, has bone pick, made it, lock up, counter-vail, alibied, socking it to one, wait, wert equipped for, super intending, shoot ones wad, sticking by, kept under surveillance, shows around, pro longing, art command, super intends, shooting one mouth, show around, dying hard, keeps possession, rubber-stamping, pre-serve, associates with, fending off, super vise, putting a lock on, altercate, talks in to, set to, re commend, giving one got, acting as a witness, re fused, let have it, shoot mouth, protect, be in command, with-standing, keep safe, wert valid, associated with, aid, un-zipping, keep up, locks horns with, sware down, puts up a fight, are in effect, pro mises, de-liberated, went on with, pulled for, calling tune, were established, giving all, be firm, swears down, muses over, de-bated, de liberate, occurred with, are case, being favored, bear testimony, counter-vails, humid, corked up, hang around, being blessed, were firm, coincide with, haddest dibs on something, shlep along, wast the case, fly in face of, says so, throw ones lot with, pro-claims, knuckles with, de fends, stay, shoot off one mouth, under stand, putting up dukes, super-intending, shoot off ones mouth, sticky, be friending, taking place with, hung around with, mixes with, put up fight, Piloted, keeps eye on, wast command, stood up to, talked in to, in-duces, haddest dibs something, go for broke, hast bone to pick, happened with, has a handle on, shadowed, haddest sneaking suspicion, showing cause, over-seen, wert in effect, re-peats, de-notes, taking a stand, acted as a witness, hadst handle on, pro-vides, retro-spects, pre-vented, laying a finger on, cosigned, hadst dibs on something, favor, under-standing, de-fend, holds true, cultivate, be favored, under-stands, dis-plays, puts a good word, wert connected, pre-vailed, pro-longs, wast in effect, sock it to one, re-iterate, cling to, art in command, de fended, made allowances, act as a witness, latching onto, handing onto, stay staunch, covers for, un-zips, re-cognizing, puts in good word, say so, luxuriant, with holding, takes stock in, with stood, sticked it to, throwing in one lot with, with-stands, acquire, art residence, ex-plained, up hold, give grounds for, rallied round, join with, shoots off ones mouth, maintain, in-habits, signed for, were residence, has bone to pick, re-calls, Policing, de-fends, takes side, hath dibs on something, keep company, shooting ones mouth, under pin, re-calling, knuckled with, are responsible for, standing up for, be effect, vouch, occurring with, stand up to, co sign, under wrote, showing the way, pre-tending, throwing lot with, is answerable for, de note, abstain from, hath dibs something, stay put, wert in command, in duce, co-occurs, fly face of, under written, throwing in lot with, pull for, giving an affidavit, swearing and down, pre vails, hands onto, is effect, sticks by, holding fast, rid shotgun for, gotten there, staying staunch, run things, preside over, was the case, were effect, give affidavit, lays down law, co exist, is blessed, lays a finger on, takes a stand, knuckle with, keeping safe, trailblazed, give ones got, abstaining from, struggled against, hath a handle on, de-tains, shoots one's wad, watches over, throw one's lot with, in-sure, puts on gloves, got hands on, pro-mise, take care of, pre-tended, scramble for, pro-cesses, found a way, throwing with, show in, putting forth, mixed it up, shoots one's mouth, lapping up, taking side, keeping going, co exists, pre ceding, crosses ones heart, argue for, having a handle on, re-serves, be command, keeps company, stands firm, hold true, pointed the way, under pinning, rumpusses, Garrisoned, re-called, wast in force, stick it to, gave grounds for, develop, latch onto, fight over, pro vided, pro viding, are in command, showed about, belong to, shores up, argue, harding, de-fending, art force, puts gloves, have dibs on something, had dibs something, took as gospel truth, came to defense of, is firm, crosses heart, mixed with, re aching, guard against, making allowances, sides with, Palming, were case, super vised, cogitate on, claim, asservating, held fast, tailgates, enjoy, sees after, super intend, super intended, giving ones got, remains true, tangles with, pre served, put lock on, talks into, thumps for, doeth justice to, dis-proved, shoot one's wad, under took, Re-collect, re straining, showed in, is responsible for, ward off, give all, jockey for position, re-ported, scrambling for, pass on, shoots wad, coming defense of, pro long, pre-serves, did justice to, pre vents, holds at bay, under-writing, under-stood, hangs around with, shows cause.