Pronunciation of Uncompress
/ʌnkəmpɹˈɛs/, /ʌnkəmpɹˈɛs/, /ʌ_n_k_ə_m_p_ɹ_ˈɛ_s/

Antonyms for uncompress

de base, crumple up, Massing, rucks up, over throw, de stroying, in fringed, pressurized, stomping, TAMPS, decocts, in fuses, sinks teeth into, push, over-powering, contuses, Justled, over ridden, over eaten, shake down, quelches, telescopes, decoct, de-base, flatten, over crowding, re pressing, over crowded, stamping on, over powered, ruckle, kablooey, railroading, knocking down, dis-tort, beats down, boiling down, steamrolls, steamrolled, sank teeth in to, bringing pressure to bear, sinking teeth in to, hugging, over-power, Justle, blots out, over throws, de-pressed, de creasing, boiled down, de-stroying, comminute, sub jugate, packed em in, over-crowded, ex-terminates, over-whelming, Contriturate, de-crease, evening out, Tamping, tele scoping, in-fringed, cram, pack em in, over whelming, tighten, rode roughshod over, un wrinkles, making ones way, de-hydrated, densify, bears heavily, Syncopating, comminutes, contriturates, Squashing, re press, Wedging, bare heavily, makes way, unwrinkled, packing it in, squeeze, lies on, un-wrinkles, de-based, Thronging, densifies, Trooping, beat down, contused, de-luges, kablooeyed, syncopates, poured on, sardines, powdered, ex pressing, ex terminates, knocked down, Stiving, de-luging, over-whelmed, Cockled, jam pack, trample, re pressed, stamp on, brings pressure bear, over rode, blew away, over-rode, chocks, de stroys, making one way, mow down, de-hydrating, sit on, in-fused, squash, step on, rides roughshod over, forces in to space, de-luge, sardine, squish, force down, make ones way, laying low, tops off, blowing away, riding roughshod over, wedge, over-rides, over rides, overfills, ex tract, sub dues, beating down, crush against, un-wrinkled, de-stroyed, iced, crushed against, rigidified, over-ride, ex pressed, ex terminated, boils down, Furrowing, de hydrates, re duce, re duces, evened out, in-fringes, gelatinates, forcing in to space, ex-tort, made one's way, de-hydrate, ex tort, chock, forces into space, over crowds, running over, over-crowd, makes brief, rested on, tele-scoping, re moved, rests on, kablooeying, scrunch, over-coming, over-ridden, ruckling, boil down, blow away, lays low, over comes, ex terminating, overfilling, making brief, de pressing, holds tight, stepped on, de-press, re strict, rigidifying, sub-dues, pressurize, ex press, de-basing, held tight, over-filled, de-creased, over eating, over-thrown, put the lid on, over-throws, press together, re-strict, over filling, taking chunk out of, pucker, pour on, densifying, lying on, steamroll, in fused, crumples up, over-crowds, over-powered, over-comes, lay low, hold tight, beared heavily, Tamped, forced down, take chunk out of, over crowd, Contusing, re move, gripe, de presses, leaned on, de hydrated, rigidifies, makes one's way, putting lid on, crowd, rest on, over-riding, densified, pinning down, shaking down, sinks teeth in to, blotted out, in-fusing, nabbed at, densen, bringing pressure bear, dis-torts, un wrinkle, pours on, sinking teeth into, makes one way, over-eaten, ruckled, make one way, ex-tract, snowing under, take a chunk out of, ruck up, run over, sub due, re-moving, unwrinkles, Gelatinate, shakes down, make brief, pinch, kablooeys, bear heavily, romp, contuse, holding tight, de luge, Muscled, high pressuring, forcing down, Chocked, de-feats, over throwing, puts arm on, syncopated, Stives, over ride, over-fills, in-fuse, made one way, mushes up, knocks down, in fringes, de-feat, wadding, de luges, un wrinkling, Decocting, shook down, telescoped, made brief, over-whelms, mash, put arm on, ran over, over-throw, make way, jam, Planing, de luging, tamp, packed in, leant on, bring pressure bear, de basing, knock down, bore heavily, takes chunk out of, lay on, in fusing, make one's way, ex-tracts, quelched, lie on, laid low, over come, over coming, tele-scoped, rid roughshod over, made ones way, forces down, syncopate, furrowed, over thrown, de crease, over whelms, forced into space, overfill, brought pressure bear, unwrinkling, squelch, ex-press, Telescoping, de stroy, Chocking, de-creasing, pin down, pins down, brought pressure to bear, steps on, taking a chunk out of, re-duces, pouring on, packing like sardines, packed 'em in, de-stroys, sits on, ex-terminate, strong arm, mows down, re moving, un wrinkled, Unwrinkle, de-creases, rucking up, over-crowding, un-wrinkling, de-luged, puts the arm on, re presses, packing in, spread out, crushing against, lean on, topping off, packs in, de feat, crumpled up, pack it in, Hashing, strongarm, bearing heavily, de-pressing, evens out, blotting out, in fringe, ex-terminating, de-presses, contriturated, sink teeth in to, over riding, pressed together, put lid on, press, de stroyed, presses together, nab at, pouring it on, snow under, sate on, runs over, packs like sardines, crush, sunk teeth in to, tensing, ex terminate, packs it in, Decocted, putting the arm on, puts screws to, making way, over-whelm, contriturating, dis tort, leans on, ride roughshod over, nip, resting on, Trooped, over-eating, crumpling up, de creases, making one's way, ex-terminated, in-fringe, sitting on, re-move, Cockling, sunk teeth into, over powers, de pressed, de press, pour it on, Stived, re-duce, densening, stamps on, pack in, snowed under, Justling, high pressured, took a chunk out of, even out, steamrolling, re-presses, de luged, blot out, de-stroy, dis torts, mowed down, poured it on, over whelm, brings pressure to bear, puts the lid on, pulp, re-moves, overfilled, pressing together, makes ones way, tele scoped, putting screws to, spreads out, tensed, ex torts, put screws to, lied on, Stive, sub-due, stepping on, railroaded, ironing, stamped on, over-fill, force in to space, snows under, Comminuting, de based, nabs at, over powering, de hydrate, Gelatinated, compact, pressurizing, overcrowd, de hydrating, over-filling, pinned down, densens, pack together, ex-torts, Comminuted, packed like sardines, forced in to space, packing 'em in, forcing into space, Planed, re-pressing, bring pressure to bear, justles, Trashed, over whelmed, telescope, force into space, de creased, sardined, de feats, extinguish, putting arm on, over fills, compress, rucked up, ex-pressing, leaning on, overcrowding, quelch, mush up, topped off, takes a chunk out of, jampack, blows away, over-throwing, de-hydrates, mowing down, densened, crushes against, packing em in.