Beat Down

Pronunciation of Beat Down
/bˈiːt dˈa͡ʊn/, /bˈiːt dˈa‍ʊn/, /b_ˈiː_t d_ˈaʊ_n/

Synonyms for beat down:

discouraged (adjective)

blue, crestfallen, dashed, daunted, depressed, dismayed, dispirited, down, downbeat, downcast, glum, pessimistic, sad, Deterred, gone to pieces, beat-down, caved-in, come-apart, down-in-mouth, in a funk, in blue funk, in the dumps, lost momentum.

Sense 1 (noun)

balmy, boiling, burning, hot, mild, scalding, scorching, tropical, warm, red hot.

Sense 2 (noun)

appraise, bargain, bottom out, bounce back, cap, cheapen, climb, Capping.

Sense 3 (noun)

come down, drizzle, hail, pelt, pour, rain, snow, lash down, the heavens opened.

beat down (noun)

bargain down.

cheapen (verb)

abase, belittle, corrupt, damage, debase, decline, decry, degrade, demean, denigrate, depreciate, derogate, devalue, discredit, disparage, downgrade, drop, fall, lower, mar, mark down, minimize, reduce, ruin, spoil, undervalue, write off, render worthless, lose value.

defeat (verb)

baffle, balk, blank, block, bury, cast down, checkmate, circumvent, confound, contravene, cook, counterplot, cross, disappoint, discomfit, disconcert, disprove, foil, invalidate, neutralize, nonplus, nose out, nullify, outwit, overturn, puzzle, quell, refute, scuttle, shave, shellac, skunk, squash, stump, subdue, subjugate, surmount, thwart, undo, victimize, edge out, beat the system, cause setback, put end to, take wind out of sails, throw for loop.

depress (verb)

afflict, ail, bear down, beat, bother, bug, chill, cow, damp, dampen, darken, daunt, debilitate, desolate, devitalize, discourage, dishearten, dismay, dispirit, distress, disturb, drag, drain, dull, enervate, faze, mock, mortify, oppress, perturb, press, sadden, sap, scorn, slow, torment, trouble, try, upset, weaken, weary, weigh down, run down, put down, throw cold water on, keep under, bum out, reduce to tears, turn one off.

discourage (verb)

abash, alarm, appall, awe, bully, confuse, dash, deject, demoralize, deprecate, depress, droop, frighten, intimidate, irk, overawe, prostrate, repress, scare, unnerve, vex, weigh, break one's heart.

flatten (verb)

abrade, compress, crush, deflate, even out, fell, floor, flush, grade, ground, iron out, lay, mow down, plane, plaster, raze, roll, smash, smooth, straighten, trample, lay low, knock down, spread out.

haggle (verb)

argue, bargain, barter, cavil, chaffer, deal, dicker, dispute, palter, quibble, squabble, wrangle, hammer out a deal, horse-trade, make a deal.

motion (verb)

beat down.

oppress (verb)

abuse, aggrieve, annoy, burden, encumber, force, handicap, harass, harry, hound, keep down, maltreat, outrage, overcome, overload, overpower, overthrow, overwhelm, persecute, plague, ride, rule, saddle, smother, strain, suppress, tax, torture, worry, wrong, Despotize, pick on, prey on, put screws to, put upon, tyrranize, weigh heavy upon, put the squeeze on.

overpower (verb)

bulldoze, clobber, conquer, cream, defeat, drown, drub, immobilize, put away, roll over, rout, shut off, swamp, take out, torpedo, total, trash, trounce, vanquish, waste, wax, whelm, knock out, blow away, murder, shellack, take care of, lay one out.

perception (verb)

beat down.

reduce (verb)

bring, cripple, disable, drive, enfeeble, master, undermine.

subdue (verb)

check, control, discipline, dominate, extinguish, gentle, humble, mellow, overrun, quash, quench, quiet, quieten, restrain, shut down, soften, squelch, tame, temper, tone down, break in, get the better of, triumph over, get the upper hand, get under control.

subjugate (verb)

coerce, compel, enslave, enthrall, hold sway, kick around, triumph, bring to heel, bring to knees, keep under thumb, reel back in, rule over.

suppress (verb)

abolish, annihilate, bottle, burke, censor, clamp, conceal, contain, curb, hold back, hold in, interrupt, keep in, muffle, muzzle, shush, silence, snuff out, spike, stamp out, stifle, stop, withhold, cut off, cover up, sit on, keep secret, put an end to, bring to naught, crack down on, hold down, put kibosh on, put lid on.

Sense 1

cheapen, discount, discourage, flatten out, indexation, overvalue, price control, price cutting, price war, price-fixing, pricing, sliding scale, subsidize, teem, underprice, undersell, valuation, wipe off, Capping, drive down, index-linking, lash down, pee down, peg back, predatory pricing, price discrimination, sticker shock.

Sense 2

bounce back, deflate, depress, drive up, drizzle, gyrate, inflate, lock in, mark up, pass on, peg, pour, reduce, relent, sleet, snow, hold-down, settle up.

Sense 3

crush, glare, hold off, mark down, pelt, precipitate, price, rain, steady.

Sense 4

bargain, cost, quote, sprinkle, talk down, ticket.

Sense 5

hail, offer.

Sense 6

come down, sting, value.

Sense 7

hammer, tender.

Sense 9

put up.

Sense 10


Sense 11

put on.

Sense 24







walk all over.



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