Pronunciation of Inflate
/ɪnflˈe͡ɪt/, /ɪnflˈe‍ɪt/, /ɪ_n_f_l_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for inflate

caves in, tighten, conking out, shrivel, cave in, give out, constringe, caved in, de-pressed, cutting down to size, kicks in teeth, let air out, shrink, kicked teeth, puncture balloon, de valued, curtail, de-bunk, deplete, de-cline, dis concerting, sub-sides, lets wind out sails, knock down, conked out, de-creased, de creases, de cline, cutting down size, kicked in the teeth, conks out, shoot down, de-crease, caving in, knocking down, dwindle, shoots down, de-creases, de bunks, de-bunking, de value, dis-integrate, summarize, de-valued, de-creasing, lessen, de-clines, de-value, contract, de-valuing, abbreviate, buckle, abate, dis-concerted, punctures balloon, flaking out, conk out, constrict, knocked down, shooting down, collapse, cut down size, belly up, downscale, kicks in the teeth, de pressed, de presses, telescope, de bunk, de-pressing, gave way, attenuate, de-escalate, kick in the teeth, downsize, flakes out, de creased, dis-concerting, de bunking, cuts down size, dis concerted, kicking in teeth, de-bunks, capsulize, lets down easy, falling down, de clines, fall, depress, fell down, droop, dis concert, depreciate, shorten, give way, de-presses, deflate, write off, fall down, go pieces, letting wind out of sails, dis concerts, dis-concerts, dis integrate, squash, dis integrated, letting down easy, let down easy, de-values, Voided, puncturing balloon, dis integrating, letted down easy, lets wind out of sails, letted wind out of sails, reduce, implode, kick in teeth, kicks the teeth, sub side, de crease, de valuing, dis-integrating, kick the teeth, de bunked, kick teeth, give, condense, cuts down to size, de values, bellies up, de-bunked, letting wind out sails, bellying up, lean, shot down, elide, kicking teeth, abridge, flaked out, dis-concert, sub sided, let out, kicking the teeth, de pressing, truncate, kicked in teeth, de press, bellied up, let wind out of sails, diminish, kicking in the teeth, Squashing, falls down, let wind out sails, compress, dis-integrated, kicks teeth, top pled, de creasing, cut down to size, degrade, lose value, knocks down, dis integrates, dis-integrates, sub sides, giving way, letted wind out sails, kicked the teeth, de-press, punctured balloon, decrease.