Pronunciation of Iced
/ˈa͡ɪst/, /ˈa‍ɪst/, /ˈaɪ_s_t/

Antonyms for iced:

deny, thawed, communicative, tropical, conceal, cease, irritate, increase, burning, build, excited, anger, unlimited, permit, move, forward, veto, include, ignorant, moving, help, neglect, unfasten, advance, hold, Superheated, blunt, nice, give, allow, uncompress, dull, pay attention, continue, loose, healthy, repudiate, enthusiastic, inspirit, nullify, flatter, dissuade, repair, unfrozen, Unwrinkle, turn up, hottish, loosen, noisy, upset, socialize, aggravate, yield, negate, withhold, keep, disavow, toasty, aid, lose, disapprove, disallow, reject, liberated, trouble, go ahead, excite, heated, white-hot, idle, depress, defrosted, desist, hot, well, interested, unbind, renounce, create, end, assist, continual, refuse, bear, respect, amicable, hide, sultry, worry, scorching, friendly, tangible, broiling, boiling, red hot, refute, promote, approve, pursue, halt, loaf, take, note, warmed, eager, boiled, keep from, zealous, good, responsive, surrender, ardent, warm, lukewarm, clamorous, open, encourage, watery, annoy, praise, free, facilitate, fervid, retain, sweltering, fix, build up, pleasant, let go, stupid, bold, talkative, heat, agitate, welcome, disturb, forget, sympathetic, foster, scalding, construct, forfeit, tepid, hearten, roasting, be friendly, fiery, compliment, release, rest, torrid, cancel, incite, mild, wait, indulge, stay, liberate, temperate, red, push, regard, offer, explicit, remain, kind, retract, stop, ignore, warmish, start, provoke, fervent, animated, continued, ultrahot, disagree.

Synonyms for iced:

cold (adjective)

algid, arctic, benumbed, biting, bitter, blasting, bleak, boreal, brisk, brumal, chill, chilled, cool, crisp, cutting, frigid, frore, frosty, frozen, gelid, glacial, hiemal, hyperborean, icebox, icy, inclement, intense, keen, nipping, nippy, numbing, penetrating, piercing, polar, raw, rimy, severe, sharp, shivery, siberian, sleety, snappy, snowy, stinging, wintry, Numbed, hawkish, below freezing, below zero, have goose bumps, one-dog night, two-dog night.

confined (adjective)

bedfast, bedridden, bound, circumscribed, cramp, cramped, held, imprisoned, in chains, incommodious, indisposed, jailed, laid up, pent, restrained, restricted, sick, Detained, Grounded, Hampered, Immured, Incarcerated, shut in, Compassed, locked up, invalided, hog-tied, on ice, in jail, cooped up, flattened out, sealed up, bottled up.

frozen (adjective)

antarctic, frosted, ice-cold, icebound, numb, ice-covered.

hushed (adjective)

not talkativ.

icy (adjective)

chilling, chilly, cold, freezing, frigorific, frost-bound, glaring, refrigerated, shivering, Algific, Sleeted, chilled to the bone, frozen over, smooth as glass.

killed (adjective)

asphyxiated, assassinated, dispatched, executed, exterminated, murdered, put to sleep, removed, smitten, smothered, strangled, Butchered, Eliminated, Hanged, Killed, Liquidated, Massacred, Sacrificed, Slaughtered, Purged, Snuffed, Suffocated, done away with, done in.

open-and-shut (adjective)

apparent, assured, clear, clear-cut, conclusive, distinguishable, easy, evident, explicit, guaranteed, indisputable, obvious, ordinary, plain, routine, self-evident, self-explanatory, simple, straightforward, undeniable, undisguised, unmistakable, Cinched, clear as a bell, cut and dried, nailed down, sewn up, in the bag.

silent (adjective)

bashful, checked, close, closemouthed, curbed, dumb, faint, hush, hushed, inarticulate, incoherent, indistinct, inhibited, laconic, mousy, mum, mute, muted, noiseless, reserved, reticent, shy, soundless, still, taciturn, tongue-tied, unclear, uncommunicative, unheard, unsociable, voiceless, wordless, Inconversable, Nonvocal, Silentious, zipped, struck dumb, buttoned up, clammed up, closed up, dummied up, not talkative, unspeaking.

affirm (verb)

assert, asseverate, attest, aver, avouch, avow, certify, cinch, clinch, confirm, declare, guarantee, ice, insist, lock up, maintain, nail down, okay, predicate, profess, pronounce, ratify, repeat, set, state, swear, testify, vouch, witness, put on ice, cross heart, have a lock on, say so, swear on bible, swear up and down, rubber-stamp.

assure (verb)

complete, ensure, insure, lock, make sure, seal, secure, lock on.

bump off (verb)

deep-six, polish off, snuff, wipe out, knock off.

chill (verb)

air-condition, congeal, freeze, frost, refrigerate.

commit (verb)

allocate, allot, apportion, authorize, charge, commend, commission, confide, consign, convey, delegate, deliver, depend upon, depute, deputize, destine, dispatch, employ, empower, engage, give, hand over, hold, imprison, institutionalize, intrust, invest, move, offer, ordain, promise, put away, relegate, remove, send, shift, submit, transfer, vest, leave to, turn over to, deposit, rely upon, confer trust, give to do, grant authority, make responsible for, put in the hands of.

confine (verb)

bar, bind, cage, circumscribe, constrain, cool down, delimit, detain, enslave, fix, hem in, hinder, hog-tie, hold back, immure, incarcerate, intern, jail, keep, repress, restrain, restrict, shorten, shut up, send up, put a lid on.

cooled (verb)

frozen, refrigerated, Froze.

crush (verb)

annihilate, bear down, beat, conquer, defeat, demolish, extinguish, obliterate, overcome, overpower, overwhelm, quell, reduce, ruin, squelch, stamp out, strangle, subdue, subjugate, suppress, vanquish, wreck, blot out, blow away, force down, kill, quelch.

curb (verb)

abstain, bit, bottle up, box in, bridle, check, clog, contain, control, cook, cool off, deny, fetter, hamper, hobble, hold in, impede, inhibit, leash, manacle, moderate, muzzle, refrain, rein in, scrub, shackle, tame, tie, withhold, Entrammel, tie up, retard, bring to screeching halt, hold down, keep lid on, keep tight rein on.

detain (verb)

apprehend, bog down, bust, buttonhole, confine, decelerate, delay, hold up, mire, nab, pinch, reserve, slow down, slow up, pick up, hang up, pull in, set back, run in.

extort (verb)

bleed, bully, clip, coerce, demand, educe, elicit, evince, exact, extract, fleece, force, get, gouge, milk, obtain, skin, soak, squeeze, stick, sting, wrench, wrest, wring, shake down, make pay through nose, pull one's leg, put screws to, put the arm on.

imprison (verb)

bastille, closet, commit, curb, fence in, impound, limit, lock in, occlude, pen, put behind bars, rail in, remand, stockade, trammel, take prisoner, hold captive, keep in custody, send to prison, hold hostage, hold in custody, keep captive.

killed (verb)

chilled, drowned, slain, slew, Smote, did away with, did in.

knock off (verb)

assassinate, bump off, dispose of, do away with, do in, dust, eliminate, execute, finish, grease, liquidate, off, rub out, shoot, slay, snuff out, stab, stretch out, waste, wax, whack, zap, HIT, murder.

muzzle (verb)

censor, choke, cork, dry up, dummy up, muffle, prevent, quieten, shush, shut down, silence, squash, stifle, stop, crack down on, clamp down on, tongue-tie.

quiet (verb)

allay, ameliorate, appease, assuage, becalm, calm down, clam up, compose, console, cool it, fix up, gag, gratify, inactivate, lull, mollify, pacify, palliate, please, reconcile, relax, satisfy, settle, slack, smooth, soften, soothe, square, tranquilize, stroke, patch things up, can it, cool out, hold it down, soft-pedal, take the bite out of, button one's lip.

refrigerate (verb)

air-cool, keep cold, make cold.

rub out (verb)

erase, nuke, take care of.

snub (verb)

boycott, burr, censure, cut, disdain, disregard, duck, humble, humiliate, ignore, mortify, neglect, offend, ostracize, pass up, rebuff, scold, scorn, scratch, shame, shun, slight, slur, snob, swank, upstage, brush off, put down, cut dead, act cool, give the brush, ice out, look coldly upon, look right through, not give time of day, put the chill on.

Other synonyms and related words:

cold, ice-cold.

Rhymes for iced:

  • feist, spliced, geist, kleist, tryst, christ, priced, heist, diced, sliced, spiced;
  • sufficed, enticed;

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