Pronunciation of Cram
/kɹˈam/, /kɹˈam/, /k_ɹ_ˈa_m/

Synonyms for cram

Sense 1 (noun)

bag, bed, bottle, box, bury, center, compress, crate, embed, entomb, overfill, press.

Sense 2 (noun)

devour, eat, gorge, learn, memorize, research, specialise, specialize, take, train.

Sense 3 (noun)

choke, read, review, saturate, stock, study, pack in.

Sense 4 (noun)

crowd, full, load, tighten, jam-pack.

Sense 5 (noun)

grind, work.

cram (noun)

bone, bone up, chock up, drum, fill, fill up, grind away, jam, jampack, mug up, pack, ram, stuff, swot, Swot Up, wad.

change (verb)


contact (verb)


fill to overflowing; compress (verb)

charge, chock, choke, compact, crowd, crush, devour, drive, force, gobble, gorge, guzzle, heap, ingurgitate, jam, load, overcrowd, overeat, overfill, pack, press, ram, sardine, satiate, shove, slop, slosh, squash, squeeze, stuff, tamp, thrust, wedge, wolf, Stive, jam-pack, pack in, pack it in, pack 'em in, pack like sardines.

study intensely (verb)

hit the books, mug up, read, review, revise, burn midnight oil, heavy booking, megabook.

Sense 1

concentrate on, crate, eat, inflate, interleave, interpose, intersperse, overfill, overlay, packing, poke, replenish, research, restock, specialise, teach, jam-pack, pack away, pack into.

Sense 2

entomb, fatten, gobble, insertion, lock away, saturate, specialize.

Sense 3

bottle, inset, overload, refill, pack up, slot in, slot into.

Sense 4

center, embed, overrun, revise, pack in.

Sense 5

bury, insert, load, stuff.

Sense 6

bag, bed, grind, package, squeeze, study, thread.

Sense 7

pocket, review, seat, train, take up.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 10

box, choke.

Sense 11

fit, pad, plug.

Sense 13


Sense 24





get up.



swot up

Swot Up.

Usage examples for cram

  1. But when I see you flying over this farm and trying to be in two places at once and cram half a hundred experiences into one short day, I think you work as hard as I do. – Rainbow Hill by Josephine Lawrence
  2. Won't we just have to cram the days full? – Blue Bonnet's Ranch Party by C. E. Jacobs Edyth Ellerbeck Read
  3. You are no longer under any compulsion, when you write for the magazines, to cram the meat of the story into the first sentence, but one thing you must do- you must rouse the reader to sit up and listen. – If You Don't Write Fiction by Charles Phelps Cushing
  4. There was one chump in our class who wanted to know all there was in the book, and made himself sick trying to cram it in. – At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern by Myrtle Reed
  5. Hansel bent down and filled his pocket with as many of them as he could cram in. – The Blue Fairy Book by Various

Idioms for cram

  1. cram for an examination;
  2. cram sm or sth with sm or sth;
  3. cram sm or sth into sth;

Rhymes for cram

  • sham, lahm, nahm, damm, flam, sahm, dram, graham, yam, plam, nam, lam, sram, ham, bam, jam, scam, rahm, ma'am, slam, gram, pham, am, cham, kam, fram, wham, damme, cam, lamb, clam, stam, hamm, lamm, tam, dahm, jamb, ram, scram, tamm, bram, sam, tram, damn, graeme, stram, kram, pam, tham, dam, swam, gamm, camm, mme, ramm, spam;
  • madame, abram, kvam, exam, siam, alam;