Pronunciation of Young
/j_ˈʌ_ŋ/, /jˈʌŋ/, /jˈʌŋ/

Antonyms for young

prehistoric, re-done, geriatric, pre-historic, wellestablished, more geriatric, de-mode, fully developed, un stylish, grownup, full blown, un-settled, primeval, more fullfledged, more shot, more reasoned, driedout, most mutated, of old school, re tired, in firmer, re done, brokendown, un steady, more fullflavored, more reconditioned, done over, dried-out, demoded, most floundering, in one's prime, most ripened, un sounder, most aging, more well established, back number, most anachronous, most gray haired, fully grown, oldfangled, most evolved, weather beaten, more fragile, more wellestablished, un-steadier, old-fashioned, lot mileage, more cured, along years, more senescent, ageold, attributable, more battered, older, grown old, longlived, old-fangled, more relic, motheaten, de mode, more reprogrammed, senile, long standing, more out of style, in-firmest, most time-worn, re programmed, by-gone, more evolved, oldfashioned, more declining, most comeuppance, in-active, out of it, full grown, most cast-off, most well-established, ante diluvian, gray-haired, more oldfangled, out-of-date, ripe, more amended, old fangled, more has-been, decrepit, more time worn, retired, most grayhaired, more cast-off, more trembling, re organized, out of style, most demoded, re-programmed, more castoff, more dotard, more oldish, most full fledged, most battered, most fossil, most oldie, re mote, most out-of-style, has been, long in tooth, most redone, re-conditioned, in-firm, more full fledged, owing, more out-of-style, timehonored, unsteadiest, aged, most mildewy, more driedout, out-of-style, more adjusted, creakiest, most quavering, old fashioned, unstylish, ancient, broken down, most oldfangled, un original, nonagenarian, more grayhaired, octogenarian, more tumble down, experienced, ageing, worse for wear, more forever, antique, most geriatric, more time-worn, more demode, out standing, more out of date, more old-fangled, of long standing, most oldish, more staying, ante-diluvian, un soundest, oldhat, most senescent, in one prime, un-soundest, cast-off, elderly, antediluvian, out-dated, most gray-haired, more gray-haired, hasbeen, longlasting, most reorganized, immemorial, fullflavored, most out of style, more old fangled, most wellestablished, more old hat, more tumble-down, most adjusted, more mellifluent, on last leg, more mutated, most shattered, old time, most has been, not with it, dis-approved, reprogrammed, re conditioned, re scheduled, in full bloom, outdated, no spring chicken, most anile, re modeled, more enfeebled, most relic, re vised, tumble down, out it, out of date, more has been, age-old, most consummated, in firmest, antiquated, most has-been, more full flavored, nubile, most amended, by gone, in second childhood, doddering, most castoff, full flavored, of old, most sometime, time-worn, of yore, mature, most nubile, most culminated, more floundering, more old-hat, along in years, veteran, most old hat, lot of mileage, more edited, more redone, of age, most demode, full-flavored, out dated, gray haired, un-fashionable, more fossil, in-firmer, healthy, most driedout, more culminated, most tumble down, un settled, rickety, more anachronous, re-organized, late, out style, more dried out, most worn out, more ripened, timeworn, most hasbeen, in firm, creaky, archaic, more gray haired, more disapproved, most attributable, most shifted, fullgrown, un-steady, fragile, be-draggled, dis approved, most declining, oldie, more mildewy, most reasoned, most forever, more sometime, more unstylish, changed, mildewy, out-standing, most faltering, past one's prime, over hill, re-mote, most staying, in capacitated, most cured, more dried-out, most shot, oldish, re-tired, not current, long lasting, long lived, more outworn, most reconditioned, most tumble-down, most full-flavored, longstanding, more demoded, most rescheduled, in-capacitated, out worn, un-stylish, pre-pared, more anile, creakier, more quavering, time worn, primitive, age old, musty, most disapproved, most outworn, more reorganized, of the old school, most reprogrammed, white-haired, re-modeled, centenarian, well established, Experient, tottery, most full flavored, un steadiest, weatherbeaten, dotard, fullblown, doting, adult, been around, be draggled, more shifted, more full-flavored, matured, re-scheduled, pre pared, behind times, shaky, oldtime, more modernized, un steadier, un sound, over due, few miles on, later, time honored, most oldhat, most dotard, more faltering, un fashionable, re formed, overage, castoff, most old fangled, most old-hat, most unstylish, in-substantial, more aging, Evolved, more consummated, fullfledged, tumble-down, antiquarian, un-sound, past ones prime, unsteady, mellow, more comeuppance, old, not modern, un-steadiest, most dried-out, anile, past one prime, old-hat, past prime, most trembling, parent, grown up, most mellifluent, re-formed, sexagenarian, not young, more shattered, full fledged, spavined, in ones prime, rescheduled, most well established, senescent, forever, more nubile, dried out, has-been, golden, re-vised, un-sounder, more oldie, over-due, Mellifluent, in prime, wornout, Mildewed, old goat, pre historic, un-original, sophisticated, long-lived, in substantial, most enfeebled, more hasbeen, most time worn, out date.