Pronunciation of Stoppage
/stˈɒpɪd͡ʒ/, /stˈɒpɪd‍ʒ/, /s_t_ˈɒ_p_ɪ_dʒ/

Antonyms for stoppage

Prelation, thataways, cooperatives, doing business withs, furtherance, upbeats, de-luge, symbiosis, Anabasis, co-incidences, teamings, continuousness, out-flows, re-citation, up-grades, levelnesses, re-assurances, post scripts, chrysalis, travellers, co-operations, formation, in works, Re-turn, dovetailings, in the work, re-commendations, playing balls, unchangeablenesses, pro positions, mono-tony, invariability, ballgames, cultivation, Re-presentation, dis patch, developings, joining ins, Consecutiveness, participation, transition, rectifications, re-actions, co operations, de signs, campaigning fors, what takes, dis-charge, development, de-posit, goings-ons, perpetuations, up grades, ex-tent, mobilization, sustainings, act, out come, warm up, transplantings, in crease, godown, eventuations, in-come, ex tent, post pubescences, social wellbeings, reassurances, hoppers, post-pubescence, re-sort, exercise, up-swings, forward marches, pro position, Translatings, briskness, up grade, synergisms, logrolling, re turn, de luge, elaboratings, un-rests, in work, meta morphoses, meliorisms, un-changeablenesses, up swing, ex-tents, operation, up shot, flow, give and take, perpetuity, re citations, serviceability, carrying-out, repetitivenesses, co actions, in-crease, Oozings, moral supports, Teaming, mono tones, leakage, pro-cesses, Eventuation, de-liveries, course, re assurance, up growths, pro-vocations, logrollings, re-assurance, ex-pertnesses, in toxications, getting aheads, re novations, head-way, dis-positions, re-turns, voyagers, sequence, pre serving, de-fenses, out-come, trans formation, go arounds, happenin', crystallization, maintainings, unfolding, de liveries, turn events, out-pouring, jihad, measure, legerities, dos, re turns, trans-mutations, carrying ons, improvement, mono tony, prelations, assist, natural processes, trans-action, advance, re-formation, shot in arm, re vision, promptitude, warmup, pro-traction, increasings, carryingout, go-down, dynamisms, Symbioses, ripenings, re-generations, reinforcings, boostings, consecutivenesses, what dones, advancings, fancy footworks, byplays, melioration, un-raveling, in-creases, trans planting, co action, co operatives, TODO, out lines, in creasing, whats dones, meta morphosis, encouragement, repetitiousnesses, behavior, co-operatives, re commendations, dis placements, pro duces, social well beings, repetitiveness, start, coadjuvancies, by-plays, ontogeny, opportunenesses, proficiency, Catenation, reassurance, Levelness, in-variability, continuity, up grading, perpetuatings, inter-relationships, mis-fortunes, ballgame, winnings, beginning, continuation, flurry, duration, dis-patch, schoolworks, abetment, knowhow, pro-fits, chrysalises, transformations, meta-morphosis, trans formations, voyager, co-operation, pre ferments, pro duce, Coadjuvancy, combined effort, co incidences, Doing, linkings, humdrums, preferments, ex-tensions, in toxication, anabases, goahead, out-lines, shot arm, by way, leakages, dis patches, enterprises, ex tents, de-luges, re-novations, pro cessions, gym, carrying outs, pathway, pro vocations, re commendation, augmentings, going forwards, de luges, social wellbeing, curveballs, re alignment, excitement, deed, favorings, pre servings, re presentations, demarches, by play, co-operative, lift, making progress, motion, pro motions, move ups, invariabilities, Gest, un-rest, goings ons, motilities, byways, mis take, joinings, meta-stases, schoolwork, leg up, activeness, pleading fors, meta stasis, up-holdings, ex citation, melodrama, civilization, un changeablenesses, going forward, same old thing, jump up, dis-patches, post-scripts, preferment, time savers, action, help, post-script, tieup, inter-relationship, re-alignment, Consociation, drillings, dis-composure, post script, inter relationship, maturations, Crystallizations, mis fortune, combined efforts, pro-position, out growths, traveller, shot in the arm, up-grading, go, elbowrooms, workings, warm-up, trans-formations, monotone, Elbowroom, up-shot, realignment, ripeness, brisknesses, Upgrowth, gyms, same old things, up growth, cooperation, Movements, hopper, pro fit, ex-citations, re-presentations, enterprise, trans-planting, jihads, in creases, in variabilities, wildnesses, re generations, way of life, adulthood, re-source, continuance, forward motions, ex aminations, orderings, conjuncture, re action, operativenesses, activity, synergism, go downs, postpubescence, out-flow, move, convenience, re visions, up-beats, course of action, ontogenesises, co-actions, prime life, progress, consociations, prime of life, perfectings, meta-morphoses, pro-cess, movement, ex amination, pre-ferments, uppings, un-ravelings, moral support, up holdings, de fenses, activenesses, carrying-outs, dis composures, facilitations, mis fortunes, de-signs, pro-duces, successiveness, flowerings, serviceabilities, re-alignments, calisthenics, carryingouts, jump ups, whats done, de posit, what's done, ministration, changings, endurings, re-citations, pro-longing, gain, voyagings, what done, by-way, out line, pro tractions, co incidence, confunction, step forward, unitings, out flow, persistings, up shots, out comes, co operation, post pubescence, velocity, emergence, do's, ripenesses, adulthoods, what take, unchangeableness, trans-feral, evolvings, pre-ferment, de-posits, subsequence, upgradings, out-line, promptitudes, entrada, secour, Voyaging, up-growth, byplay, pre-servings, co-action, what it take, plot, perpetuation, turn event, mis takes, performings, run, pre ferment, taking parts, co-incidence, PATHWAYS, ex pertness, mis-takes, By-play, pro-cession, goingsons, legerity, wearisomenesses, re-vision, unravelings, de-livery, big ideas, headway, leg ups, social well being, catenations, aid, to do, trans-formation, tenue, conjunctures, rectification, pick me up, warm ups, meliorism, re-sorts, dis position, re-generation, maturenesses, pro longing, continuings, prolongings, pre-serving, de sign, trans-actions, mono-tone, Secours, tiresomenesses, adding tos, working outs, dynamism, assistance, re-lief, ex-aminations, in-toxications, up holding, re assurances, fosterings, dis placement, trans actions, operativeness, confunctions, advancement, speed, byway, way life, wises, dis-placements, partnership, haste, evolution, time saver, in variability, re-formations, re formations, ex tension, colorlessness, re sources, goodwill, dis composure, repetitiousness, subsequences, un rest, in comes, up-shots, ex-tension, campaigning for, goingson, trans action, up-holding, spreadings, de-sign, what it takes, head way, by plays, pro cession, trans feral, thataway, un folding, turn of event, roamings, expedition, un-folding, championings, extension, stone throw, ongoings, curveball, out-comes, in the works, trans-mutation, shot the arm, maneuver, turn of events, re novation, re-novation, un ravelings, turn, un-changeableness, inning, giant strides, persistence, advance(s), pro-motion, pro cess, way, pro traction, forward march, pro-cessions, demarche, dis-position, facilitation, re-action, un changeableness, doing business with, event, support, transferences, mellownesses, exercisings, de livery, crusade, continuousnesses, making progresses, up-beat, re-commendation, dis-placement, mellowness, movableness, prolongation, giant stride, promotion, in come, upgrowths, shiftings, formings, out pouring, mis-take, move up, achievings, happenin, dis charge, calisthenicses, sub sequence, process, social well-being, dis-composures, ex-citation, transpiration, pro fits, ex citations, dis-charges, wanderings, up beats, dis positions, melodramas, pro-longings, un raveling, successivenesses, maturescences, Chrysalides, savoirfaire, stir, ontogenesis, warmups, colorlessnesses, opportuneness, motility, de posits, up swings, proceeding, re-sources, re source, post-pubescences, matureness, co operative, dis charges, meta-stasis, taking part, re actions, ontogenies, behalf, up-swing, inter relationships, ex-pertness, re-visions, maturation, maturity, up beat, transference, pro-positions, ex pertnesses, course action, sub-sequence, re citation, equabilities, come offs, trans mutation, movablenesses, pro-tractions, out-growths, advocacy, natural process, re lief, Tenues, goings-on, what's dones, feat, stirrings, realignments, up-growths, follow throughs, re presentation, big idea, sub sequences, Metastases, full bloom, journeyings, wildness, pro vocation, warm-ups.