Pronunciation of He
/hˈiː/, /hˈiː/, /h_ˈiː/

Antonyms for he:

girl, woman, girlfriend, female.

Synonyms for he:

He (noun)

atomic number 2, helium.

Sense 1 (noun)

Billy Goat, boar, boy, buck, bull, bullock, cockerel, dog, man, alpha male, that boy, that male animal, that man, this boy, this male animal, this man.

Sense 2 (noun)

apostle, apostolic, christ, disciple, evangelist, father, His, the Holy Ghost.

Sense 3 (noun)

me, Her, Him, She, Them, They, MOI.

male (noun)

boy, brother, father, fellow, gent, gentleman, grandfather, guy, husband, sir, son, mr..

man (noun)

beau, boyfriend, nephew, papa, spouse, swain, uncle.

Sense 1

apostolic, christ, Jesus Christ, jonah, lazarus, solomon, thou, who, Her, His, Them, They, U.S., MOI, Y'all, Mother of God, Our Lady, Our Lord, the Holy Ghost, the Magi, the Redeemer, the Son of God, the Three Wise Men, the Trinity.

Sense 2

apostle, disciple, madonna, man, me, messianic, savior, son, Him, She, Ye.

Sense 3

evangelist, father, king, lord, messiah.

Sense 4






Usage examples for he:

  • Where will he go? - "Thelma", Marie Corelli.
  • I don't care what- he didn't do it. - "Roy Blakeley in the Haunted Camp", Percy Keese Fitzhugh.
  • " Well," he said, " how do you like it?" - "Trading", Susan Warner.
  • He won't know anything about it. - "Walter Sherwood's Probation", Horatio Alger.

Idioms for he:

Quotes for he:

Rhymes for he:

  • glee, guaranty, quay, debris, cxc, sightsee, ghee, ged, andree, lea, c3, pri, fee, d, vi, thee, ji, ib, gee, ye, sie, ravi, degree, tee, jubilee, magee, trustee, mea, mee, shi, jaycee, louie, bui, waikiki, mcgee, nic, nestle, nee, mcghee, cat-3, tse, cree, escapee, emcee, spree, dundee, dea, fi, mt, plea, tyree, see, sci, oad, fop, ee, flea, marie, bbc, tree, cc, bea, shri, chee, ne, yippee, slee, mc, markee, cie, bt, ab, qui, bibi, id, rosemarie, z, enrollee, sze, loree, ki, v, jie, deportee, ddt, repartee, resignee, spie, nghi, ot, banshee, syp, mme, lavie, brie, tennessee, xi, lsd, franchisee, fsi, zee, m3, me, gutsy, nie, ti, g, foresee, de, cd, we, cyb, pawnee, designee, jessee, pattee, mit, lp, ski, chablis, gyi, te, conferee, snee, enlistee, honoree, mi, retiree, t, marquis, qi, chea, kyi, ranee, smee, sheree, tv, quai, three, apc, ofc, undersea, goatee, dee, pree, henri, the, rupee, eap, trainee, guarani, indri, flee, xie, decree, dupree, re, blea, kee, bree, cac, mpg, lee, sep, she, draftee, bourgeoisie, capri, klee, be, si, je, nabil, nominee, sri, cod, guarantee, crea, marquee, vendee, thierry, njt, yee, potpourri, appointee, knee, ree, curie, khe, devotee, pea, wee, referee, tenn, prix, hee, odp, c, free, licensee, sea, kea, rosalee, ze, lessee, vee, brea, musee, yi, yangtze, zea, p, dsv, li, bee, ve, tea, rb, parolee, jee, esprit, inductee, thi, ip, se, lxi, b, rea, detainee, whoopee, leigh, internee, oversea, valoree, disagree, yie, atp, key;
  • albee, alee, abee, ac, agree, adee, achee;
  • amc, amputee, absentee, abt, adoree, adoptee, addressee;
  • interviewee, geac, lapd, irit, hnat, knbc;
  • awb;

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