Pronunciation of Being
/bˈiːɪŋ/, /bˈiːɪŋ/, /b_ˈiː__ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for being

most reposing, in significancy, mock-ups, re lay, creative spirit, out-looks, laying downs, necrosises, paste ups, shutout, point view, nought, losses, envisagings, de cease, schema, re leases, quality, Re-presentation, pro-curators, de legate, conceptualizations, re-courses, pinch-hitter, more deadened, mock up, changelings, in operable, sirings, in sensitive, paramnesia, dis solutions, un interesting, mis conception, conceptualization, mis takes, out of ones misery, selfdeceptions, unanimated, banshees, Spores, re-placements, procurators, dis criminations, most numbed, pro-curator, pre monition, non-entity, in tuition, in-tuitions, re-lease, shade, poltergeist, castles the air, in operative, umbra, dead, unreality, under-standing, ex-termination, re solutions, re mains, creative spirits, Effigies, un qualified, most anesthetized, dreamings, re lief, sub-stances, formulation, passing overs, de-ceased, umbras, Idealities, de mises, look alike, boogiemen, mis-apprehension, mis-conceptions, eternal rests, Phantasm, under standings, locum tenens, visitant, re sourcefulness, eidola, unconventionalities, Hocuspocus, un-realities, anesthetized, bereft life, insights, re-mains, fool notions, re-sources, re-posing, mental grasps, statuettes, evil spirits, mis-belief, gone to meet maker, ideality, cogitatings, castles in air, boogieman, lowest point, animal, mind, After-life, more anesthetized, in significancies, fillin, eternal rest, re-lays, Mort, out-right, mis impressions, new ideas, de-mise, dernier ressort, dis-criminations, nonexistence, dis-solution, phantom, deadness, more inoperable, non entities, re course, philosophizings, fore sights, pasteup, insemination, ignus fatuu, mis apprehensions, dis positions, un profitable, shutouts, daemon, clear-headednesses, naughts, pinchhitters, COMP, daemons, retro spects, paste-up, Intellectuality, substitute, communings, most inoperable, re-course, incorporeal beings, gone meet maker, more liquidated, Idolism, out and out, pre science, in seminations, un reality, in-animate, cadaver, bogeyman, re-presentations, out of one misery, de liberating, necrosis, model, not existing, in-operable, in-semination, deliberatings, out of misery, re-placement, fore-knowledge, out rightest, re main, lowest points, ignus fatuus, in dividual, oughts, succedaneum, formulations, under standing, mis-impression, knock offs, pie in sky, de ceases, de-parted, most erased, de-sign, brain waves, ethereal beings, deceaseds, vampires, bump in the night, un-animated, out-sets, most expired, hypo thesis, locum tenentes, out one misery, ghost, mockups, ex-terminations, out right, passed away, impregnation, bump in night, fore knowledges, intellection, tracery, un-responsive, frame mind, sperms, under study, pre-science, Corns, originality, de-signs, inanimate, in tents, mis-apprehensions, meditatings, most perished, mental grasp, re sourcefulnesses, wittiness, bogyman, re-lay, dis solution, out of one's misery, pro curator, concentratings, more erased, figurines, wittinesses, over-sight, mental picture, non entity, big ideas, mental pictures, Umbrae, pinchhitter, illusion, in-sensitive, mis impression, re presentative, most offed, locum, morts, re posing, nadas, mis belief, more perished, re-solutions, under-study, de signs, re cognitions, modernities, in-sight, visitors, shadowies, clear headednesses, by-gone, under studies, visitor, new idea, un-orthodoxies, out-look, deceptiveness, kelpie, un feeling, un conventionalities, re cognition, lookalike, re serve, more unanimated, hypo-thesis, pre-sciences, pre sentiments, property, dis-position, eidolons, re-solves, inoperable, unrealities, re-solve, Kelpies, in-active, un responsive, delusion, mis beliefs, out set, under-studies, concept, statuette, in-significancy, inseminations, knockoffs, misimpressions, mock-up, dying, bogey, de-cease, after life, pro curators, pushing up daisies, non-entities, clear-headedness, re lays, imaginings, zero, most mortified, sub stance, hocus pocus, re courses, re-leases, locums, out-lines, pro creations, pasteups, imagination, lifeless, hypothesis, dis-solutions, de-lineation, dis-crimination, haunters, living souls, self deceptions, re-serves, de mise, re presentation, clear headedness, fore sight, intellections, in sights, most deadened, brain wave, fore-knowledges, mental agility, over sights, un conditional, out-line, vital spark, Siring, Manes, fool notion, spore, breadth of view, dis-positions, big idea, un realities, re sources, mis-beliefs, re presentations, non-conformities, plant, out lines, ZOT, out looks, paste up, castles in the air, Succedanea, re-pose, un-qualified, semen, un-conventionalities, under-standings, mis conceptions, misimpression, bogymen, setting ups, nonbeing, after-lives, dis crimination, un animated, in-sipid, mental agilities, de parted, re-sort, creative thoughts, makebelieve, resting peace, re-main, bump night, no more, abstract, nativities, creation, de legates, re-solution, pre sciences, vampire, pro-creations, in tuitions, clearheadedness, sub-stance, retro-spects, pre-sentiment, zots, un-mitigated, out look, de sign, inert, in sight, bereft of life, conception, re placements, most unanimated, clearheadednesses, mis-takes, temporary expedients, un-orthodoxy, dernier ressorts, evil spirit, wrinkle, self-deception, knockoff, standin, de-liberating, re-cognition, Illusions, vision, in sipid, fore-sights, tracings, idolisms, in tent, retro-spect, ovules, Nils, re pose, attribute, sperm, ought, effigy, sub stances, un-reality, more mortified, resting in peace, Traceries, dyings, selfdeception, pre-sentiments, germination, re-lief, de lineation, apparition, laying down, changeling, ex planations, ex planation, re-gard, living soul, marbles, moribund, Phantasma, zombie, un mitigated, un employed, bump the night, after lives, by gone, dummy, over-sights, re-serve, pro-creation, modernity, notion, pie sky, re-source, over sight, in-operative, misbeliefs, death, corn, in novation, in-sights, ex-position, un orthodoxies, more offed, ovule, gone reward, mock ups, temporaries, seed, incorporeal being, temporary expedient, stiffs, ex-planations, most liquidated, deceptivenesses, dis position, Germinations, finises, pushing daisies, boogeyman, telltales, un orthodoxy, figment imagination, de-legates, out sets, speculatings, out ones misery, in-dividual, de-mises, more numbed, nativity, knock-offs, in-novation, de ceased, zombies, figurine, finis, re source, visuals, banshee, considerings, Eidolon, vital sparks, ethereal being, mis take, impregnations, re-sorts, mis-take, self-deceptions, pie the sky, boogeymen, de-ceases, sense, re-presentative, out one's misery, de-legate, in novations, visualizations, paramnesias, un-conditional, re solve, creative thought, re solves, non conformity, out righter, offed, un conventionality, design, fancyings, ex terminations, fore-sight, unconventionality, in animate, Temps, COMPS, pre-monition, castles air, re gards, in-seminations, Perished, in-tuition, revenant, de lineations, mis-conception, re lease, Misbelief, de-lineations, unorthodoxies, more expired, out misery, ex-positions, pre monitions, gone to reward, breadth view, specter, self deception, out-righter, more reposing, fool paradise, visualization, Haunter, out line, re-sourcefulness.