Pronunciation of Great
/ɡɹˈe͡ɪt/, /ɡɹˈe‍ɪt/, /ɡ_ɹ_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for great

most polluted, abbreviated, god awful, in doldrums, flawed, uneager, second class, illstarred, in-consequential, most pettifogging, momentary, cheap dirty, ill mannered, knavish, jackleg, un holier, itty-bitty, imperfect, un sound, tearjerking, lamentable, un-attractive, stone broke, conventional, marked down, doggone, miniature, dis agreeable, ill starred, be reaved, ignominious, casual, teensyweensy, more heart rending, teeny, more polluted, empty handed, un-cleanest, least, stiltest, un-couth, most disliked, squalid, in firmest, most emptyhanded, more miscreated, yecchy, most nickel and dime, de-graded, awful, un godly, dis appointing, dis composing, fairiest, dis-heartening, more pint-sized, behind eight ball, bad, un-godlier, fairier, un lovelier, heart rending, not large, unprosperous, sub-ordinate, untutored, truly needy, more attenuate, dis-pleasing, un-fortunate, extremely bad, more pauperized, re prehensible, re-mote, awe inspiring, unqualified, languorous, languid, more subpar, little bitty, nonpregnant, most pee-wee, dis-appointing, voodooed, be-deviled, more nickel and dime, untried, extra, un juster, more shoestring, shuddersome, unpleasant, flat broke, shrimpy, more pocket-size, un-holier, runtiest, scraggier, un-cleanliest, sawedoff, not good, un-adorned, dislikable, shoestring, mini, un-kind, most truncated, miserable, abominable, most unmixed, detached, most excommunicate, hard-time, close to ground, most offputting, ineffective, tragic, ill fated, more low down, dis-tressed, in-sipid, disinterested, hardly any, ex-posed, discreditable, powerless, lowgrade, more pocket size, in sufferable, un-happy, mild, more hard time, in-considerable, un safer, inconspicuous, more itty bitty, most nickel-and-dime, unholy, foredoomed, in delicate, un-stable, dis-tasteful, subsidiary, nasty, more voodooed, unfit, most crushing, most itty bitty, un desirable, de solate, unremarkable, slovenly, unable, snakebit, ham-fisted, scratcher, spare, most bedeviled, most itsy-bitsy, petty, most shoestring, more heart-rending, un-holy, un savorier, most disheartening, most small-scale, blankety-blank, more subnormal, un-acceptable, untested, more truncated, un-important, in-distinct, most heart rending, more lowdown, more mini, un-pretentious, more beast, scurvier, squattiest, vicious, un-lovelier, not long, averse, lowdown, more unsanctified, illegitimate, nickel-and-dime, un-appetizing, pitser, un stable, usual, be-reaved, inexperienced, ineffectual, de-testable, sleazeball, de-pressing, more slashed, most sleazeball, un-desirable, scurviest, mis created, more teratoid, shoddy, un gracious, pocket sized, itty bitty, in elegant, up-setting, Teratoid, impassive, poorer, tiny, scrimpy, penny ante, touch and go, halfhearted, short-lived, more emptyhanded, close to the ground, most empty-handed, unenthusiastic, un seemly, dis courteous, untaught, most sickie, off-putting, bitsiest, offcolor, more itsy-bitsy, collateral, in essential, un-nerving, shrimper, un polished, fore-doomed, un-refined, more blankety blank, un-earthliest, un prosperous, un cannier, rotten, penny-ante, more beggared, un-comely, pint-sized, most ittybitty, repulsive, more uncostly, most junior, more hateable, most satiating, re-prehensible, nerdier, most pauperized, in-famous, un popular, more pint sized, second-rate, un-healthy, scraggiest, most pint-sized, pocketsize, small-scale, unsavory, dis likable, Toyer, un-lucky, reluctant, dis eased, yecchiest, low-down, disgusting, reedy, teensy weensy, dis-reputable, subordinate, un-safest, most blankety blank, incompetent, more suffering, unpolished, more peanut, pygmier, more sawedoff, aloof, out sorts, starcrossed, bittiest, more uncool, unskillful, rude, more off putting, diddliest, bearish, most beast, un essential, pygmiest, un godlier, uncostly, insignificant, un-stablest, more blankety-blank, poverty stricken, in consequential, most blanketyblank, most subpar, most bruised, soft, in-firmer, dis gusting, more shuddersome, cutrate, close the ground, most itsybitsy, star crossed, dangersome, more pee-wee, in securest, most uncostly, degraded, in firm, pocketsized, beastliest, most saddening, in solvent, objectionable, in-convenient, more garbage, the pits, un-cannier, condensed, ex communicate, most petrifying, sub normal, untrained, more disheartening, un-cultured, humiliating, apathetic, pocket-sized, un-luckier, big mouth, squattier, in adequate, more discomposing, more sickie, in-disposed, most shadow, more sawed-off, in-complete, more unmixed, most skeleton, dis-eased, dirty, lowercase, pain in neck, most bearish, secondclass, un cleanliest, super-natural, in disposed, in-firmest, sick heart, most cutrate, most god awful, most itty-bitty, short-range, mere, most sawed off, most snakebit, sordid, under-sized, ephemeral, un nerving, more pennyante, most small scale, un healthier, transitory, twobit, expected, more dangersome, most attenuate, in complete, most beggared, most discomposing, more penny ante, de-solate, self centered, dis liked, in human, detestable, in-securest, in-consequent, more cut-rate, hideous, un earthliest, lackadaisical, shrimpier, inferior, more dejecting, snubber, most hardtime, nonchalant, pee wee, slight, most horrifying, in-effectual, blanketyblank, un-adulterated, more itsy bitsy, lowquality, more bereaved, most pocket-sized, scuzzy, more fortuneless, in firmer, scraggy, most hard time, cursed, terrible, more hard-time, most godawful, pint-size, in effectual, in-delicate, in considerable, small minded, beastlier, lowspirited, amateurish, bottom out, pain neck, not big, pre carious, more pee wee, most lowdown, shrimpiest, more surfeiting, nerdiest, un-godly, in want, in-adequate, dis pleasing, degrading, most downer, dis-likable, in-sufficient, most pocket sized, dreadful, off color, niggardly, more god-awful, toyest, un-canniest, debased, unmixed, dis heartening, up setting, Fortuneless, un-cultivated, most miscreated, contemptible, incapable, un seemlier, coarse, most dejecting, most minikin, most uncool, runtier, broomstick, weak, clarified, more dynamite, un productive, subpar, in flamed, not rich, un earthlier, un canny, inefficient, hackest, ordinary, bitsy, moneyless, more commiserable, in need, paltry, stilter, sad, tearful, un-mixed, itsybitsy, un-tutored, sickie, on collision course, small-minded, un-cleanly, unfitted, un adulterated, ok, most dreaded, Ungifted, offensive, un costly, light, un-natural, un luckier, most sawed-off, most pinched, most cut rate, more offputting, corpselike, un fortunate, little, most sawedoff, cut-rate, dwarf, junior, heelest, shrimpest, un-stabler, Heeler, hard time, lousy, un clean, cast out, pocket size, low down, unsanctified, scanty, unnecessary, dis-graceful, more dwarfed, un feeling, most surfeiting, more untutored, dis satisfactory, hardly enough, small, cruddiest, un-productive, clumsy, most peanut, dirt poor, most god-awful, more horrifying, dis graceful, more god awful, un-healthiest, un healthy, most unprosperous, un savory, un-favorable, narrow minded, un-justest, unlikable, un welcome, in-decorous, in substantial, inconvenient, un earthly, most secondrate, unwelcome, pee-wee, most peewee, in secure, most anguished, un fruitful, sawed off, more ittybitty, down dumps, most heart-rending, barely sufficient, most commiserable, un-seemliest, un-pleasant, inept, disinclined, dis tressed, obnoxious, un happier, most shuddersome, more cut rate, un happiest, un luckiest, small scale, poor, illmannered, un-palatable, down in mouth, most blankety-blank, inconsiderable, unamazing, un acceptable, unseasoned, un appetizing, nickel and dime, dastardly, un cultivated, un loveliest, low quality, peewee, un holy, un comfortable, mis-created, incurious, more pocketsize, most pint sized, pure simple, artless, selfcentered, uncelebrated, scrimpiest, de pressing, uninterested, ex-communicate, under-privileged, most dwarfed, dis-liked, runty, un-likable, more itsybitsy, in-elegant, impermanent, stupid, ham-handed, in-tolerable, un godliest, un-safe, itsy-bitsy, low-grade, thin, undignified, un lovely, off putting, un-earthly, un likable, Commiserable, most shriveled, scurvy, few, more snakebit, un-usual, bitty, un-costly, most cut, pure and simple, more cut, un-cleanlier, unimportant, more dreaded, minuscular, limited, de graded, un tutored, awkward, more bruised, secondrate, junkier, nonessential, be deviled, un civil, pint sized, un-safer, no good, most foredoomed, fore doomed, un-fruitful, god-awful, in-securer, most unnerving, most blighted, shortlived, most penny-ante, un-godliest, uncool, insouciant, un attractive, punker, new, most unsanctified, un safest, minor, more sleazeball, most off-putting, anguished, pitsest, in-substantial, heart-rending, un mitigated, most pocket size, reedier, un-kindest, sub standard, heinous, in consequent, more anguished, most untutored, mean, un-ceremonious, most itsy bitsy, moderate, un usual, most voodooed, more hurting, Piller, dis-gusting, un cleanly, lukewarm, down mouth, short lived, horrible, xrated, odious, close ground, dis tasteful, un-cleaner, grody, un justest, unwilling, most pocketsized, green, in-expensive, bitsier, un-sounder, most dangersome, un favorable, in-fertile, un-developed, more wraithlike, hell fire, low grade, would-be, un adorned, pocket-size, dangerous, unschooled, plain, grief stricken, more peewee, dis-agreeable, more satiating, godawful, un safe, un holiest, un-sanctified, loath, un-popular, not much, petite, un happy, more minuscular, snubbest, under privileged, x rated, crude, more petrifying, un kindest, more broomstick, aweinspiring, sorry, super natural, hateable, shortish, griefstricken, dis-composing, in-essential, un-sightly, diddlier, common, nerdy, auxiliary, infamous, in sipid, more moneyless, in decorous, blankety blank, doggonest, illfated, transient, in expensive, un-sound, in tolerable, most mini, smallscale, un-seemlier, un-savory, amateur, wraithlike, ghastly, short-term, down in dumps, fleeting, un-mitigated, un-just, more off-putting, un-essential, un-cool, un sounder, most hateable, un mannerly, pre-carious, more downer, sick at heart, un-earthlier, more blighted, more foredoomed, most pocketsize, bummest, unknown, un sightlier, spiritless, more abbreviated, un healthiest, abrupt, most dislikable, more unlikable, un-civil, more skeleton, un-gracious, cut rate, most moneyless, more blanketyblank, menial, un-mannerly, beginning, un canniest, in-solvent, un couth, heavy-handed, un kind, lower class, un-soundest, more shriveled, un cool, smallminded, most pee wee, rough, most abbreviated, un-comfortable, un seemliest, in-sufferable, most wraithlike, most pocket-size, sub ordinate, more pettifogging, in-human, more mortuary, primitive, low spirited, ittybitty, most broomstick, in significant, more itty-bitty, shrimp, more throbbing, most hard-time, secondary, in distinct, more unprosperous, more corpselike, sudden, more minikin, un sightliest, unskilled, sub-normal, grodier, in-secure, shortened, untalented, most fortuneless, inexpert, un-substantial, raw, ex posed, in correct, un cultured, Beggared, more pocket sized, minute, itsy bitsy, cruddy, un-kinder, unconcerned, most empty handed, hateful, povertystricken, most pennyante, stickest, painful, low, most throbbing, un-juster, most minuscular, un-lovely, most penny ante, dis reputable, degenerate, emptyhanded, hardtime, cheap and dirty, hesitant, junkiest, un substantial, un pleasant, dis-satisfactory, in famous, sticker, more dislikable, offputting, un-holiest, cruddier, un cleaner, under sized, de testable, last, dis-courteous, un lucky, out side, un-welcome, most slashed, scratchest, un-savoriest, unimpressive, more unnerving, most unlikable, Minikin, pennyante, un satisfactory, in convenient, bittier, down and out, more bearish, in securer, un stablest, more hardtime, in dumps, more pinched, un cleanest, un-sightliest, most bereaved, ugly, more disliked, un stabler, un refined, sawed-off, ignorant, in fertile, more low-down, short, sub-standard, most garbage, more empty handed, un kinder, more shadow, yea big, inessential, unprofessional, more saddening, un-savorier, un just, most niggardly, second rate, in-flamed, un-satisfactory, un mixed.