Pronunciation of Vulgar
/vˈʌlɡə/, /vˈʌlɡə/, /v_ˈʌ_l_ɡ_ə/

Antonyms for vulgar

artistic, respectable, especial, bonhomous, decent, un qualified, un-tainted, pure and simple, most wide-eyed, polite, proper, upright, pure simple, individual, inviolate, special, out and out, moral, most wideeyed, more unpolluted, un-spotted, de cent, nice, most bonhomous, welcome, most unmingled, lily white, agreeable, highbred, learned, more highprincipled, tasteful, more wideeyed, un proved, most good hearted, minding ps and qs, de serving, un-alloyed, more unspotted, minding p's and q's, uncommon, in corruptible, more high-bred, grammatical, unusual, in nocent, most germ free, ex acting, most maidenly, more undebased, more germfree, illustrious, more law abiding, re-liabler, un-soiled, wellbred, more germ-free, blue-blooded, un tarnished, suitable, highminded, most good-hearted, more intemerate, most lawabiding, most upper class, patrician, most inviolate, separate, un-tarnished, wellmannered, endorsed, seemly, peculiar, lawabiding, spotless, approved, meet, most intemerate, un defiled, more adulatory, straitlaced, sophisticated, un-debased, most unprofaned, eminent, re liablest, in culpable, unmingled, innocuous, perfect, heart soul in to, standard, most wellborn, un-sullied, refined, unpolluted, most high principled, more good-hearted, un-blemished, pure as driven snow, minding p and q, sensitive, Kidder, un-polluted, rightminded, adulatory, un soiled, pasteurized, de-voted, re liabler, germ free, more high-principled, high-principled, goodnatured, most pasteurized, desirable, de-cent, more pasteurized, more upper class, most adulatory, prim, un clouded, most high-principled, big hearted, in-corruptible, well born, more conscionable, un debased, in-culpable, most germ-free, babe in woods, most upperclass, urbane, un-mingled, bookish, distinctive, un adulterated, inoffensive, un mingled, un-diluted, considerate, un diluted, Intemerate, appropriate, good-hearted, re fined, un spotted, gentle, twenty-four carat, un-proved, most germfree, dis infected, most undebased, un-mitigated, educated, minding p q, most unalloyed, good hearted, Well-born, singular, wet behind ears, aesthetic, most unspotted, Unprofaned, de voted, notable, de-serving, pure, germfree, un-corrupted, un-stained, dis-infected, fine, un-blighted, more inviolate, walking on eggs, in-violate, more maidenly, in-nocent, upper-class, babe woods, most conscionable, well mannered, personal, more bonhomous, most well born, good natured, aristocratic, un stained, most upper-class, well-bred, walking eggs, most high-bred, blue blooded, high bred, maidenly, more well born, more purified, heart and soul into, immaculate, strange, more disinfected, high minded, more high principled, becoming, pleasing, most law-abiding, un tainted, thoughtful, unknown, prominent, well bred, more wide-eyed, un-defiled, literary, idiosyncratic, most well-born, courtly, un profaned, wholesome, re-liable, more law-abiding, more germ free, re-liablest, correct, blueblooded, in violate, more upperclass, high, kiddest, unspotted, gracious, fashionable, un impeachable, minding ps qs, right minded, highprincipled, puritanical, ex-act, wide eyed, Unblighted, acceptable, most law abiding, more wellborn, ex act, preuxer, more well-born, prudish, high principled, more unalloyed, un-impeachable, more unmingled, most unblighted, more unblighted, trans parent, unalloyed, citified, minding p's q's, upper crust, trueblue, pleasant, more wide eyed, un mitigated, unpopular, chaste, most highprincipled, sanctioned, more good hearted, most wide eyed, trans-parent, germ-free, more unprofaned, conscientious, most purified, un-adulterated, law-abiding, wide-eyed, twenty four carat, unique, wellborn, un-profaned, most disinfected, highborn, more lawabiding, un blighted, priggish, conscionable, clean, un-qualified, smooth, ex-acting, un polluted, re-fined, fit, un sullied, upperclass, most taintless, decorous, more upper-class.