Lay Bare

Pronunciation of Lay Bare
/lˈe͡ɪ bˈe͡ə/, /lˈe‍ɪ bˈe‍ə/, /l_ˈeɪ b_ˈeə/

Antonyms for lay bare:

keeping secret, casting a shadow, told of, puts on band aid, doing on the sly, bundling up, put a bandaid, kept secret, in-stalled, connect, keeps eye on, re ported, enswathing, be getting, re-counted, slipt in to, re-counting, sur-faces, inter, dis charging, super imposes, keep safe, de tailed, going underground, disavow, insure, fourflushed, counter-balanced, putting on front, in-vest, doctors up, kept dark, sur-rounded, lies low, lookouted, keeps at arm's length, keeping at bay, rigs up, made ready, fore stall, shuck and jive, be absent, giving refuge, re-tire, casts shadow, counter balanced, dis torts, super-intending, putting a false front, re counted, top dress, slowed down, overspreading, goes underground, watched over, prettifying, shelter, garb, dost sly, join, holds out on, doth on sly, not give away, gets in way, over-saw, puts out of way, begging the question, go underground, dis-playing, stoppered, cover bases, kept under ones hat, over-casts, shade, four-flushing, not give aways, take over, monkey with, takes under ones wing, fits out, gets way, pre tending, de creased, kept eye on, cache, stops oneself, hook up, gift-wrapt, drags one's feet, secret, umbraging, refer to, putting on a band-aid, dost the sly, re-finishes, clouding up, keep from, make good, dress, refinishing, keep at arm's length, makes good, de positing, mantled, mis lead, support, puts a hole, let go, fit out, waver, apologize for, mis-states, de-creasing, trump up, closeted, Superposing, save, puts false front, looked after, Appareling, Girdled, inumbrating, covered all bases, leave, makes light of, protect, re-model, fail, shrink, leading on a merry chase, kept distance, putting up smoke screen, not telling, super-intends, sneak away, making good, dis playing, apologizing for, took cover, abridge, put up smoke screen, giving runaround, hide out, drags one feet, am overcast, over seeing, give cover, in-vesting, de-fend, keep arm length, de-creased, depart, four-flushes, clouding over, sur-face, with holds, provided refuge, put in a hole, re serving, puts on a bandaid, fix, is enough, do on the sly, Sentineled, whiting, be decking, shield, beat off, re-buffs, staying out sight, dis-charged, pegs down, passing up, re modelled, Shrouded, Trussing, dis-allows, takes over, cloak, over shadow, board up, over shadows, out fit, re-tain, sweeps under rug, put together, slipped on, slowing down, sets apart, puts on front, put out of the way, encasing, puts smoke screen, dis guising, pin down, keep under ones hat, re-tiring, Bunking, co loring, make up for, over-casting, pro duces, de-tain, leading on merry chase, Policed, dis tort, lead on a merry chase, doest sly, by-passing, kept quiet, pins down, turned aside, taking care of, dis guises, taking under one's wing, de-posits, re served, cared for, over-spreading, providing for, topdressing, Palmed, tell of, suited up, passes through, gloss over, tells of, blotted out, pre venting, de fended, turning away, dis-plays, sitting on, leaning over, putting out of way, staying out of sight, doubles for, re-decorating, mis-coloring, de tains, encase, keep distance, sews up, re-strict, unite, be lied, sur-faced, put up a smoke screen, does on sly, not tells, take the rap for, mis-stated, gat way, dissemble, encases, dummying up, keeps bay, enfetters, by-passed, four flush, fill, be gotten, keeps under hat, Occulted, makes pregnant, in-vested, take under one's wing, dis guised, doubletalk, holding down, GRAYS, re fused, de tail, Apparelling, referred to, dragged one feet, re-decorated, glued, secure, dis-charging, re late, over laid, giftwraps, kept in view, put on band aid, take, dis-simulated, tucked away, ex cretes, Sentinelled, close, veil, passed up, give shelter, swept under rug, doing the sly, sweep under rug, lime, out-fitted, dis posed, keeps from, clouded over, dis simulate, veto, limes, let fall, put hole, Liming, clamming up, re-butted, not touch, pretexting, cast a shadow, pre serve, re-done, sur face, made pregnant, Mulched, dragging ones feet, did sly, put a band-aid, ensconce, clam up, de-fending, topdressed, keep bay, are enough, putting false front, keeping at arm length, boarding up, in vested, superpose, clouds over, re finishing, re fuse, rode shotgun for, tucks away, doest the sly, dragging one feet, counter balancing, over sees, covers bases, mis colored, set on, put on a false front, puts band-aid, passes up, raimented, covered bases, putting in a hole, slip into, blockaded, ex-crete, turns aside, giving cover, pro-duces, Embargoing, slipped into, re modelling, looking after, dis-charge, dis-simulate, close off, sees after, bundle up, dragged ones feet, beats around bush, getting around, super-pose, snuggling up, composting, Hooding, costumed, gave cover, keep an eye on, shingles, over-shadowing, setting apart, doctor up, Miscolor, sandbags, hooked on, havening, in vests, put on a band aid, being enough, pro create, by-passes, gat in the way, make ready, be-decking, slip in to, put out of way, sur rounding, keeps in view, re-fuse, bury, pre-venting, doctored up, put a front, beg question, de ducts, decking out, mis-representing, re-ported, pre texts, writing up, lose, doubling for, lays away, watching over, dis guise, getting the way, occults, kept from, keeping under ones hat, keeps dark, clouded up, Enfetter, fore-stall, boards up, makes ready, mask, de-crease, dost on sly, provides refuge, re-pulsing, wrap, keeps under surveillance, dis-allow, stashes away, Gloze, trussed, not told, de-aden, puts up front, re tain, dost on the sly, lied low, Sided, journeyed over, doubled for, with-held, Enisled, misunderstand, make for, shucked and jive, offer, cast shadow, takes cover, keeps to oneself, umbraged, over shadowing, de clines, sets on, slips into, peg down, super intend, re buff, de-ducting, giving shelter, de-fended, gift-wrapping, doublespeaks, shotgunning, Glozing, give sanctuary, pre tends, packaging, double-talking, be decked, keeps arms length, de crease, dis charge, wast overcast, fend, made like, garmenting, am enough, takes the rap for, be enough, being overcast, re serve, kept off, made light of, dudding, put a band aid, re strained, glozes, got way, putting out way, build, gift-wrap, doest on the sly, re buffs, didst on the sly, mis-state, covered up, re-buffing, kept under hat, gives cover, mis-represented, re modeled, make pregnant, gotten in the way, bushing up, over-laid, Pinioning, enchain, dis allow, goes in to hiding, by pass, counter balances, pre-tending, evade, sub-due, monkeys with, pass through, inter-fere, take care of, in stalling, was overcast, shutting in, Islanded, de-tailing, muffle, keeping view, dis-played, slow down, wert enough, takes rap for, cladding, put out way, four-flushed, dis played, super intends, keeps under one's hat, ride shotgun for, dis simulated, re strains, slipt into, de adens, stashed away, put band aid, inter feres, miscolors, ex-cretes, make fruitful, hold down, mis states, cloud over, four flushes, quick fixing, begs question, super pose, refinishes, doublespeaking, taking under one wing, gives runaround, hooking on, togged, getting in the way, de tain, taking over, mis-stating, disguise, tacked on, doublespeak, didst on sly, pre-served, de-tail, re decorated, fertilize, got the way, raimenting, getting way, got in the way, keeps safe, over-sees, laid away, putting out the way, pro-create, pre tend, gotten around, inumbrates, co oped, keeps off, sur faced, in corporates, pinion, puts on a front, put an act, rolls up, out-fitting, de-cline, keeps quiet, stands guard, re straining, kept to oneself, dis charges, refers to, keep at bay, Shotguns, gotten in way, dis charged, keeps under wraps, Secreted, kept under one's hat, taking cover, prettifies, give, pre vent, robed, leant over, shorten, lay low, putting up a front, beating around bush, keeps secret, takes care of, curling up, re press, lead a merry chase, Apparelled, pro-created, fitting out, four-flush, mis represented, de aden, keep arms length, kept at bay, suppress, gift wrapped, gift-wraps, re tains, Superposed, over casts, doctoring up, keep at arms length, puts out way, take under wing, putting on a band aid, re pressing, de posited, shies, led a merry chase, re pulsed, mis-leads, pre-vent, Shepherding, mis-colored, put lid on, re finished, blotting out, casts a shadow, seclude, Sentinelling, puts in the hole, dis-posed, glosses over, top-dressing, wore cheaters, gave sanctuary, over see, dis allows, slips in to, Glozed, pinned down, dis-pose, de creasing, rigs out, pegged down, sits on, gives the runaround, covering all bases, palliate, takes account of, putting lid on, puts a front, makes for, re counts, four flushed, stows away, blinded, double-talked, carpeted, keep, keeping under one's hat, Housed, Sentineling, dudded, dummied up, fore-stalling, closed off, gives sanctuary, Cloistering, re pulsing, makes fruitful, be-decks, mis-represent, get the way, decked out, steering clear of, put a hole, tacks on, under written, re strict, keeps under ones hat, re tired, staid out of sight, double talking, enisling, gift-wrapped, Robing, keep quiet, harbor, do the sly, keeping arm length, fore stalling, puts out of the way, leads on a merry chase, blanket, dis-simulating, roll up, top-drest, do on sly, dis simulates, under write, put out the way, took account of, cover all bases, de-tains, turns away, re-serves, top dressing, hided out, Curtaining, snuggle up, watch over, enchaining, puts a bandaid, provides for, de posits, putting a band aid, putting band aid, overcasting, begged the question, giving sanctuary, does sly, dragged one's feet, apologizes for, dis plays, letting fall, re buffed, keep secret, kept safe, re-models, standing in for, re ached, re tire, lays low, keep to oneself, over-cast, re buffing, Manured, mis-lead, Cinched, dis-guise, with held, refuse, keeping in view, keep arm's length, re presses, Embargoed, over-lay, leans over, blinding, counter balance, super vising, re tires, makes up for, de-creases, marry, super intended, slips on, making for, sub dues, top-dresses, under-writes, keeps arm's length, taking rap for, keeps arm length, By-pass, re does, re-strain, taking account of, putting on band-aid, CLADS, put on act, stopping oneself, super posed, dummies up, curls up, re-aching, mis stated, gat the way, looks after, gets in the way, went in to hiding, refrain, tack on, keep under one hat, dis-guising, steer clear of, fourflushes, super posing, begged question, with holding, palm, Domiciling, be lying, de ducting, assemble, fore-stalls, letted fall, over-laying, keep dark, shucking and jive, re-decorates, bush up, antiquing, in-sure, keeping at arms length, de-clines, garmented, put the hole, kept at arm length, de-fends, de ducted, sneaking away, re-porting, Shepherded, pro-creates, putting bandaid, hides out, keeping safe, quick fixt, pro-creating, miscolored, dis-simulates, puts front, giving the runaround, re counting, saw after, pre-serves, dis-tort, enfettered, giving lie to, over lays, getting in way, graying, keep under surveillance, puts up smoke screen, sub-dues, drag one's feet, puts up a smoke screen, Chambering, sur rounded, re aching, blots out, didst the sly, keeping under surveillance, tucking away, dis-charges, re-pulses, re-modeled, overwhelm, hook on, kept under wraps, laying away, apologized for, Occulting, dis-allowed, led on a merry chase, re did, make light of, re finishes, dis simulating, putting the hole, double for, putting in the hole, covering bases, Inumbrate, drags ones feet, spreadeagle, laid low, trumping up, trumps up, mis-represents, drape, re pressed, re-straining, release, miscoloring, mis colors, re done, deny, stay out of sight, wrote up, sequestrate, mis representing, grayed, keep view, led merry chase, sneaks away, took under ones wing, locked up, fourflushing, snuggled up, baby sit, de fend, keeping oneself, telling of, covering up, take under one wing, in-corporate, stowed away, pro creating, standing guard, de duct, keeping quiet, super-intend, clouds up, dis-play, sate on, be deck, gave runaround, kept at arm's length, co-oping, drag one feet, putting on band aid, sequester, be overcast, fourflush, keeping an eye on, kept arm length, stashing away, puts out the way, pre served, out fitting, screen, leads a merry chase, putting on bandaid, rides shotgun for, cover up, counter-balances, wears cheaters, write up, look after, defend, giftwrapped, leave alone, clams up, re-ached, were overcast, making light of, put bandaid, over seen, dis-guises, super-imposing, lookouting, enchains, sub due, keeping eye on, doest on sly, four flushing, sandbagging, keeping distance, dummy up, sur-facing, face, keeping under one hat, puts on bandaid, keeping from, keeping arm's length, babysit, de fends, pre serving, glossed over, guard, over cast, help, repudiate, super-posing, wert overcast, carpeting, turn aside, over-spreads, mis represent, overcasts, deal with, re decorate, dis play, Layering, Suppressing, over casting, doing sly, putting a smoke screen, de-ducts, referring to, was enough, slipped in to, co oping, packaged, mis-color, put on band-aid, shuttering, with-drawing, keeping at arm's length, put on a bandaid, pro created, pre-serving, pinning down, under-wrote, kept under surveillance, doth on the sly, with draws, rigged out, walls off, re butting, top drest, in corporate, go into hiding, passed through, passing through, super-impose, pinions, overspreads, de creases, dis allowed, pre-tended, locking up, made up for, keeping arms length, puts on a band-aid, seeing after, pro creates, counter-balancing, bundles up, closes off, are overcast, put a smoke screen, cares for, put up front, deck out, super-vised, counter-balance, be-lied, took under one wing, prettify, Enswathe, in sure, doeth on the sly, re strain, stop oneself, by passing, keep at arm length, super impose, refinish, lying low, in-stalling, laying low, fore-stalled, with drawn, slip on, setting on, with draw, putting on false front, in-vests, keeps at arms length, re model, puts bandaid, care for, gives the lie to, puts in hole, layered, be-gotten, over-seen, not tell, be loyal, belie, fore stalls, pre-vented, put front, be-decked, overcast, steers clear of, under writing, clothe, Shingled, took care of, sets off, go bat for, put in the hole, do sly, inter-feres, turn away, took under one's wing, gets around, takes under one's wing, turning aside, puts the lid on, beg the question, de-positing, put act, re-lated, put false front, took the rap for, slipping on, covers all bases, super-intended, quick fixed, Stoppering, putting on a bandaid, caring for, puts on a false front, re porting, sur facing, out-fit, Bulwarked, pinioned, dragging one's feet, curl up, softpedal, enfettering, de-ducted, stay out sight, de-duct, with hold, did on the sly, mis-colors, sweeping under rug, re-modeling, stays out of sight, hold out on, go in to hiding, were enough, dragged feet, give refuge, re-counts, hooking up, re-presses, re-modelled, Dulling, in vest, clammed up, dis-torts, re-fused, shucking jive, re-did, put on bandaid, super intending, co-loring, lead merry chase, not give awaying, lie low, Domiciled, super imposing, lock up, doth sly, dissuade, under writes, mis leading, over spread, keeping dark, in stalled, didst sly, Palming, beating off, covers up, leads merry chase, appareled, cover, giftwrapt, held out on, enisles, slipt on, hitch on, art overcast, kept view, Bulwarking, put up a front, put a false front, topdresses, get around, hanging up, be-deck, bushed up, de tails, over laying, re-buffed, rolling up, ignore, lay away, de-posit, shotgun, out-fits, inumbrated, sewed up, out fitted, keeping under wraps, putting smoke screen, bushes up, dis-allowing, Roped, hanged up, rig out, keeps view, de-adens, setting off, did on sly, roofed, stays out sight, canopied, put on a front, staid out sight, with-draw, Manacled, in-corporates, re-pulsed, de posit, costuming, enswathed, remain, takes under one wing, casting shadow, doth the sly, over-lays, keep oneself, re-butting, shrouding, gave the lie to, re-pressing, make like, enshroud, antiqued, hang up, re-decorate, putting a hole, hid out, journeys over, stow away, inter fere, keep under wraps, shuts in, surrender, pre vents, sandbagged, rid shotgun for, de-posited, sate down on, descend, slips out, goes into hiding, with drawing, re-serve, dis-posing, suiting up, enchained, re-doing, putting a bandaid, composted, gat around, over shadowed, free, sew up, be faithful, set apart, conceal, dragging feet, gave first aid, keep under one's hat, get in way, shuttered, tuck away, shotgunned, super-imposed, shut in, super-vise, suits up, de tailing, re-served, wearing cheaters, went into hiding, puts a band-aid, with-drew, superposes, puts band aid, pro duce, beats off, with drew, pre serves, re-serving, did the sly, under-write, kept arm's length, Whites, super-imposes, pre-tends, journey over, taking under wing, took under wing, doing on sly, stand in for, boarded up, rig up, stood guard, de-tails, de cline, be-lying, monkeying with, turned away, top dresses, re fusing, provided for, Cinching, under-written, co-oped, stopped oneself, wall off, taking under ones wing, hide, drag ones feet, making pregnant, keep off, withhold, in-stall, Bunked, kept arms length, pass up, give first aid, miss, went underground, doubletalking, curtained, over-spread, does the sly, Manacling, keeps under one hat, gave shelter, take under ones wing, takes under wing, begs the question, sat down on, hiding out, closing off, gives shelter, hooks on, out fits, keeps at bay, dis pose, gave refuge, Mantling, curled up, gift wrapping, puts a false front, put the lid on, slipping out, re finish, doeth on sly, take account of, blot out, doeth the sly, stood in for, gotten the way, roofing, puts on band-aid, re-finish, puts a band aid, lean over, drags feet, obstruct, putting out of the way, dulls, re-tains, tacking on, under-writing, in vesting, by passes, pre-text, drag feet, sur-rounding, synthesize, puts in a hole, re tiring, shingling, stowing away, re models, taking the rap for, Mulching, holds down, leading a merry chase, bundled up, does on the sly, kept at arms length, re-strained, with-hold, putting up a smoke screen, re pulses, sitting down on, shucked jive, stayed out sight, keeps oneself, combine, dis allowing, blockading, Canopying, puts on false front, keeping bay, lessen, be decks, palms, togging, gives lie to, Gluing, be-getting, over spreads, gat in way, super vise, putting on a front, with-holds, going in to hiding, de-tailed, set off, keeps at arm length, over saw, cloud up, contract, provide for, put on false front, holding out on, snuck away, by passed, slipped out, putting a band-aid, Shying, abandon, slows down, kept an eye on, sandbag, overspread, stayed out of sight, took rap for, mis represents, pre text, take cover, leaned over, kept bay, super vised, sneaked away, stay, re fuses, with-drawn, pre-vents, hooks up, got in way, rigging out, making ready, slipping into, secrete, stands in for, give the lie to, Top-dressed, provide refuge, doeth sly, giftwrap, double talked, keep eye on, begging question, chambered, wear cheaters, going into hiding, super imposed, keeping under hat, topdrest, beat around bush, journeying over, ward off, super-posed, re-does, held down, re butted, sit on, putting up front, dis-guised, de fending, Policing, putting on a false front, doubletalked, slipping in to, construct, shucks jive, sur faces, under wrote, get in the way, envelop, hitched on, riding shotgun for, receive, doublespeaked, bind, took over, decks out, entomb, giving first aid, not give awayed, gave the runaround, be immune, Closeting, gives refuge, stand guard, put on, Havened, re-strains, tap, prettified, be quiet, ex crete, mis-leading, dis posing, keeping to oneself, over-shadows, lower, kept oneself, pre-texts.

Synonyms for lay bare:

unburden (adjective)

clear, confide, disburden, discharge, disencumber, dispose of, dump, ease, lighten, relieve, relinquish, shake, shake off, unbosom, unload, throw off, tell all, get off one's chest, let hair down, out with it.

analyze (verb)

anatomize, decompose, decompound, determine, disintegrate, dissect, dissolve, divide, hydrolyze, parse, part, resolve, separate, Electrolyze, break up, cut up, x-ray.

anatomize (verb)

break down, evaluate, examine, inspect, investigate, scrutinize, think through.

betray (verb)

blurt out, dime, disclose, evince, give away, inform, manifest, reveal, show, sing, snitch, spill, squeal, stool, tattle, tell, tell on, turn in, uncover, unmask, make known, let slip, fink on, rat on.

bring to light (verb)

bring forward, blow the lid off, bring into the open, bring into view, crack wide open, hold up to view, take the lid off.

denude (verb)

bare, disrobe, expose, fleece, peel, undress.

disclose (verb)

acknowledge, admit, avow, betray, blab, broadcast, come out of the closet, communicate, confess, discover, display, divulge, exhibit, impart, leak, mouth, open, own, publish, relate, unfurl, unveil, utter, spill the beans, bring to light.

display (verb)

advertise, arrange, boast, brandish, demonstrate, emblazon, evidence, expand, extend, feature, flash, flaunt, flourish, glaze, grandstand, illustrate, lay out, model, parade, perform, present, promote, promulgate, represent, set out, showcase, sport, stretch out, trot out, unfold, unroll, vamp, show off, open out, make clear, bring to view, spread out.

expose (verb)

air, debunk, denude, dig up, disport, let out, prove, report, smoke out, streak, unclothe, unearth, Unshroud, tip off, lay open, crack, let cat out of bag, open to view, put on view.

show (verb)

afford, arrive, attend, blazon, mount, produce, proffer, sell, spread, stage, submit, supply, vaunt, wave, deal in.

show up (verb)

belittle, convict, defeat, discredit, highlight, invalidate, let down, mortify, pinpoint, shame, uncloak, worst, put to shame, put spotlight on, show in bad light.

skin (verb)

abrade, bark, cast, decorticate, excoriate, exuviate, flay, gall, graze, hull, husk, pare, remove, rind, scale, scalp, scrape, shave, shed, shuck, slough, strip, trim, cut off, pull off.

strike (verb)

achieve, arrive at, attain, catch, chance upon, come across, come upon, effect, encounter, happen upon, light upon, open up, reach, seize, turn up, stumble across, hit upon.

strip (verb)

deprive, despoil, dismantle, displace, divest, empty, gut, lift, pillage, plunder, ransack, ravage, rob, skin, spoil, tear, withdraw, Excorticate, take off, slip out of.

unclothe (verb)

make plain.

uncover (verb)

break, strike, subject, unwrap, stumble on, tip one's hand.

unveil (verb)

come out, spring, make public, let it all hang out.

Sense 1

analyze, disclose, expose, reveal.





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