Pronunciation of Dodge
/dˈɒd͡ʒ/, /dˈɒd‍ʒ/, /d_ˈɒ_dʒ/

Antonyms for dodge

says hi, stand ones ground, taking sick with, carry through, over whelming, skates thin ice, call ones bluff, meets eyeball to eyeball, taking the bull by horns, re possessing, trans-fused, in corporates, pulls fast one, be seized, Trajected, blinking at, lived with, re plenished, crashing gates, looking up on, avail of, worked on, make a run at, luxuriating in, carry completion, looks like, sidewalk superintends, got oneself in to, takes in hand, ex acts, trans-planted, fall with, carrying through, run up against, sued for, re ached, runs chance, gather up, innocence, re-stores, take chin, making meet, trans planted, portaged, lucking, look, tee off, in-scribing, dis playing, hawking, grin and bear it, feasted ones eyes, become popular, presses in to service, Freighted, grins bear it, drops a line, took it on the chin, Trajecting, gotten know, be ware, alights upon, took the chin, leading off, pitched in to, heads for, pro-vides, fore casting, re-aped, dropt a line, foregathering, in fringed, adjudicate, re quested, re-moving, back salt mines, hung in, getting hands on, trans acts, thinking as, de voted, making a meet, grapples with, in fringes, latched to, carries the torch, got in to, ex-acted, come up on, are confronted by, dis-patches, alighted upon, skate thin ice, be waring, sub scribes, hitting up on, backed the salt mines, puts with, insist up on, de-frauds, dis-placing, pro positioning, pro curing, carried to completion, dropped a line, putting in jeopardy, pulled fast one, grinned and bear it, starts the ball rolling, objecting to, companioned, hanged in, lump, de-livered, pro cures, played with fire, brought ground, dropping note, un-derwent, leaped before looking, stand one's ground, doest battle, wert introduced, backpacked, defy danger, de-vote, make meet, dost to turn, piggybacked, prehend, being big, gives a ring, de light, over takes, says hello, sitting and take it, re-animate, highballs, deliver goods, expose danger, taking along, am engaged in, re-covered, up sets, meeting face to face, cross the path, high-fives, feasts one's eyes, de lighting, de-livers, wert caught short, in gest, de siring, passes the hat, luxuriated in, pro-mote, inter-meddles, inter-loping, bringing to the ground, objects to, be-ginning, gat stuck in, look up on, stands up against, thinks of as, have, wrought on, trans-fuses, wert aware of, diffused, prevailed against, measure up, out-dare, Experiencing, skating thin ice, dis-patch, salaaming, bring forth, became popular, highball, meddle, take sights, re-sorting, fore telling, in-ducts, pass the hat, interprets as, ex acting, re-couped, dis placed, sidewalk superintending, left to luck, embarking upon, taking in hand, dis-covers, takes header, feast one's eyes, bump in to, doeth battle, remain firm, dis-cover, go out one depth, avails oneself of, be ginning, looking like, giving a call, take hand, hast hand, faced to, be efficacious, re-curred, brake on, trying for size, taking the sights, be-haves, locked up, turns to, call to, de livers, putting on the air, fills up, entices, fooling with, dis-regarding, bang away at, avail oneself of, be have, followed up, carrying completion, benefits by, in-fringe, pro-cured, re locating, up set, leapt before looking, was engaged in, re plenishes, re-quire, fore gathers, dabbling in, guilelessness, accroaches, meet eyeball to eyeball, under took, took it the chin, gives try, moved to, trans-acts, de votes, pro vided, rolling out red carpet, parturitated, being presented, out-dared, out dared, stay course, confides to, impinge, out-daring, bear, extended hand, simplicity, front on, wast efficacious, doest to turn, filling up, art introduced, having effect, push in, meeting eyeball to eyeball, sitting still for, rubbed eyeballs, be confronted by, passed hat, takes it chin, out-dares, Re-mark, stick it out, brush against, lights into, delivers goods, go against, availed oneself of, put through, in gests, sidewalk-superintended, candor, worms in, face down, ran with, winks at, re animated, come uninvited, taking it the chin, throwing down, intermeddles, toughed out, doest a turn, turned hand to, took a shot at, go along with, starting ball rolling, becoming member, going to, trans fuse, moving to, meeting eyeball-to-eyeball, dis-playing, sweat out, re mark, doth to a turn, embarked upon, put to use, crosses the path, teemed with, carves out, consents to, over take, stood one's ground, go up against, hang by thread, doth a turn, fairness, makes sure, embarking up on, tip one's hat, outdaring, High five, siphoning, get to know, comes up against, getting oneself in to, trans acting, be-gotten, run across, enter in to, over-looking, feasted eyes, Periled, trans acted, in-vesting, put practice, stepped over line, torn into, pre-vailed, face music, delivered the goods, up-holding, optates, was delivered of, took care business, chancing upon, pull fast one, gets oneself into, gat oneself into, doth turn, over looks, teem with, is confronted by, backs to salt mines, dis-places, in vested, faces off, gets know, re-lays, pre-vails, doing battle, runs against, Periling, doth to turn, making use of, went one-on-one, consented to, puts the freeze on, de ducting, falling with, are caught short, risk, re-pairs, inter lope, carry the torch, curtsied, in-duct, sticks fast, embarked up on, live with, de-sired, be-spake, over-whelms, be-witched, inter-cept, re-cords, hath in hand, make a stand, made sure, interpreting as, in-quire, fly the face of, am delivered of, bits bullet, did battle, make acquaintance, re questing, goes out one's depth, step over line, duelling, whistled for, taking on the chin, over-takes, cross path, deciding on, consenting to, leaved luck, art seized, hit up on, Gunning, dost to a turn, being introduced, calls to, re pairing, gotten load of, asking for, encounter, over-taken, de-lighted, takes gander, be speaks, pre vailed, be-waring, dis-placed, accept, bitting the bullet, Levied, are seized, leaps before looking, latches on to, dost the trick, under pin, re-possesses, de livering, in stilling, transmit, see as, partake of, saying hi, bitting bullet, re-fresh, sate take it, latch to, re storing, in-spects, gotten into, end angered, went one on one, tips one's hat, pressed into service, resigning oneself, measured up, look in to, are big, be-speaking, end-angering, looks upon, bear upon, drops note, fore-tell, hanging by thread, chiming in, took the bull by horns, go out of depth, re acting, backing salt mines, fore tells, call one bluff, dis-patched, crosses path, take care of business, alighting up on, doing a turn, un derwent, works through, put in jeopardy, fronting on, art big, in-ducting, fording, was big about, flies face of, re-cord, in-vented, knocking chip shoulder, dis place, take, insisting up on, under went, ex act, be spake, hold ones ground, takes the liberty, run with the ball, back to the salt mines, staid the course, in haling, look to, flying the face of, brought to ground, called out, taking in the sights, took in hand, whistle for, referred to, slating, de duct, light in to, got hold of, trans-fusing, pre-sents, pitching into, doeth to a turn, faced with, with stands, over-whelm, in hales, looked to, in-hales, call arms, is caught short, makes my day, makes clear, piggybacking, perked, opted for, re-stored, brake in on, turn one's hand to, dis played, takes it on chin, starts ball rolling, stands firm, re-located, take a shot at, frankness, winking at, make stand, crossing path, backed to salt mines, looks to, insisted upon, pitch in to, took one on, re-cognizing, starting the ball rolling, re-quests, wert delivered of, re animate, enroll, parturitating, doest the trick, hanging in there, becomes member, brings to the ground, chimes in, bring to ground, exposed danger, in-fringing, do to a turn, puts air, be speaking, made point of, gave ring, crossed the path, breaks in on, did the trick, interpret as, re gains, brushing against, giving call, flew in face of, solicit, stood one ground, doth justice to, pays for, downed, sidewalk-superintending, made a stand, ran across, tees off, giving access, dropping line, joining up, went out one's depth, giving ring, sat still for, delivering goods, chancing on, re-laid, whistling for, made run at, calling up, hit up, mixing in, doeth trick, extended one's hand, be spoke, pro duces, came up against, are efficacious, partook of, de-fraud, meet up with, putting up struggle, cope with, with standing, crashed gates, be held, am big, making run at, giving a try, looked upon, met with, steps over line, looked into, comes on to, is presented, fore-casting, tearing in to, extending one's hand, hangs in, stepping over line, dis-regard, haddest hand, in-stilling, take a flyer, expose to danger, puts practice, tip one hat, hold ground, re-plenishing, doest justice to, put the freeze on, take away, Bumming, hanged there, mis-appropriates, re-marking, ford, re-tains, am efficacious, prehending, re-served, take in hand, go out of one's depth, pro-vide, with-stands, gat hands on, turning hand to, referring to, run chance, asks for, goes against, coping with, make my day, in-quired, take it on the chin, exchanging greetings, re claiming, de voting, Outdare, embarks upon, tear into, makes use of, re pair, are engaged in, run off with, object to, sign up, taking a gander, paid respects, gathers up, rode out, gathering up, torn in to, trans plants, re-lay, foregathers, perform, trans act, flying in face of, re claimed, turned one hand to, makes inroads, calling out, extend ones hand, in vent, re claims, doth battle, grappled with, gets to know, turn hand to, re-coup, didst trick, re moving, stays course, go to, hang there, gat to know, hangs there, takes lying down, falls with, jumped in, am seized, hangs by a thread, re-tain, taking flyer, dis covering, ex-press, kibitz, tip ones hat, take on chin, re stored, drops line, be hold, doeth turn, are delivered of, mis-appropriating, luxuriate in, gives access, re animates, get in to, re produces, hauling in, didst battle, fore gathering, drops a note, are big about, dis patching, re couping, re-producing, dis-regards, get feet wet, highfived, win over, putting struggle, wast caught short, inventorizing, meet eyeball-to-eyeball, dis cern, extending hand, went out of one depth, hold, re curred, resort, does battle, put use, Freighting, riding out, tip hat, crash the gates, joins up, hangs by thread, sends out, tried on for size, end-angers, feasting eyes, backed salt mines, head for, brings to ground, committed oneself, companioning, lays hold of, found out about, does trick, sat take it, was confronted by, commission, inventorizes, pro positioned, de-ducted, takes chin, stayed the course, join up, portage, carries torch, are presented, pitches in to, sustain, permit, applied oneself, were seized, bitted the bullet, set about, take on the chin, backing to salt mines, re-possess, putting two cents in, passes hat, is aware of, honesty, teeing off, faces down, ex-acting, meets up with, put on the air, alight upon, pitched into, usher in, be engaged in, being big about, wast big about, come up against, stand ground, standing ground, be-spoken, be-lieve, made a run at, buttonholed, were present, rolling out the red carpet, taking the liberty, sickens with, am confronted by, inter meddle, think of as, doing to a turn, pitches into, over-take, over-took, under taking, hitting upon, trans-plant, pore over, sub scribed, brings the ground, flying face of, up holding, pressing in to service, making a point of, leaved to luck, FORDS, carrying torch, signs up, Umpired, re store, dis patched, was aware of, brought forth, bring the ground, goes out depth, getting hold of, gave call, chanced upon, be introduced, takes it lying down, get oneself in to, fronts on, be wared, re-marked, shakes hands, inter loped, inviting competition, doth trick, goes out of one's depth, grinning bear it, embark up on, breaking in on, put the air, extending ones hand, wormed in, release, putting freeze on, in quires, chances upon, inventorized, ran in to, digged up, sticking it out, took the sights, finding out about, put up struggle, re cognizes, high-five, mis-appropriate, re aching, re marking, Volunteering, going up against, took along, pitch into, ex press, hadst in hand, be-wares, take lying down, turning one's hand to, meet with, dis regards, turned to, run with, hanged by a thread, de-ducts, taking chin, go out ones depth, feast eyes, bitted bullet, hitting on, dis regard, running against, facing off, trans fused, submitting to, all-owing, stuck fast, re stores, takes it on the chin, re-serving, shores up, in-haled, in ducts, standing one ground, am big about, feast ones eyes, runs across, re-produced, extend one's hand, re-coups, sets about, getting stuck in, bits the bullet, sending out, de-rived, tips one hat, taking it chin, takes for a ride, outdared, re-cover, standing to, confiding to, turns hand to, fool with, takes care of business, over-whelming, participates in, hit upon, grapple, runs off with, up holds, hauls in, re gaining, re laying, de ducted, up-setting, took a flyer, re-pair, bear up on, plays with fire, piloting, carried the torch, getting a load of, laid hold of, de riving, leave to luck, meet face face, does justice to, backpacking, re-claimed, handed on, met up with, be witching, Dragooning, in-quires, de rives, prevailing against, stand against, refer to, set out on, sidewalk superintend, strike as, lock up, makes a stand, inter-meddled, faces with, thought of as, gotten oneself in to, re locate, fill up, hand on, try on for size, am present, inter meddled, out dare, linked up, going out of depth, came against, gains possession, singles out, bringing forth, puts on the air, lit in to, dragoons, passes on, sticked nose in, is delivered of, de-votes, does a turn, leap before looking, duelled, latches to, sent out, were delivered of, carried torch, met face to face, re quire, in venting, taking on chin, sits and take it, re-new, over looked, fools with, standing fast, latch on to, re plenishing, takes the bull by the horns, did turn, tipped one's hat, under takes, delivering the goods, takes it the chin, was caught short, pro-moting, takes sick with, wert confronted by, hang in, Downs, had in hand, brought to the ground, re news, Bummed, runs with, with stood, lighted into, lead off, commits oneself, standing ones ground, in dite, Perilling, digest, in scribe, run smack in to, be-gun, hefts, crossing the path, fore-cast, de liver, bring to the ground, pro-positioned, running risk, pro cured, do a turn, apperceive, turned one's hand to, be witch, mixed in, broke in on, Optate, speak to, going that route, re cover, enter in, trans late, ran chance, re laid, over took, go that route, hit on, give a whirl, take a header, takes course, stands to, is efficacious, fronted on, abide, extended ones hand, gat know, de fraud, stand fast, putting to use, running chance, pro position, enlist, makes meet, re-marks, put air, back to salt mines, availing oneself of, blink at, leave luck, wiling, makes a meet, re quired, wade, be-getting, takes the bull by horns, re-quired, making stand, hath hand, conscripting, sickening with, goes out one depth, meets eyeball-to-eyeball, makes run at, gotten hands on, devotes to, becomes student, making acquaintance, Hacked, chances on, dis-counting, in-gest, re-pairing, under going, in dites, submits to, flew the face of, under-going, up held, drop note, devote to, carry, in-fringes, hung there, de-siring, re-quires, takes a header, pre vails, take it chin, partaking of, go one on one, chancing up on, chance on, dare, going route, weigh up on, flew face of, am introduced, steps over the line, get load of, re-aping, takes away, going out one depth, shook hands, send out, going out ones depth, stuck it out, grinning and bear it, in-sert, chance upon, feasting one's eyes, makes a point of, radioing, sidewalksuperintend, taking liberty, gives call, took away, exposing danger, taking plunge, gaining possession, roll out red carpet, faced off, running with, Adventured, worm in, started the ball rolling, re-animates, pulls a fast one, enters in, passed the hat, did justice to, turning one hand to, takes on chin, start the ball rolling, outface, takes for ride, be big, pre-sent, calling to, flying in the face of, dis-place, take hold of, de sires, call up, Forded, runs smack into, meeting face face, latched on to, put on air, Dueling, trans-planting, accroaching, hath effect, went out one depth, didst to turn, were aware of, in vests, signed up, refers to, prevails against, inter-posing, crashing the gates, say hello, re quests, meet, falls back on, waits out, call bluff, are present, intermeddled, eyeballs, re pairs, mucked, weigh upon, abusing rights, rub eyeballs, opts for, leads off, opting for, squaring off, knocks chip off shoulder, stored up, over-taking, shake hands, set to, be gotten, wins out, sticks it out, hits upon, dis placing, dropped a note, be lieve, takes in sights, have hand, art big about, re-curring, standing up against, putting on air, exchanged greetings, in-scribe, backed to the salt mines, dis play, re freshes, made clear, bite bullet, de vote, get hands on, lucked, took lying down, fore-gathers, alighting upon, took a plunge, puts the air, de frauds, links up, dis-charged, pro duce, were big, in-vests, extends one hand, were confronted by, doeth the trick, takes the chin, take shot at, consent to, take the liberty, inter-meddling, over taking, fly in face of, alighted up on, re sorted, carried through, in-ducted, prevail against, remains firm, meeting up with, inter posed, came uninvited, did to a turn, jeopardying, taking it on chin, brings ground, in quired, carved out, lights in to, gets hands on, carrying the torch, be-have, is introduced, runs with the ball, buttonholing, re covering, puts use, runs with ball, in ducting, brings forth, taking gander, feasts one eyes, trans-lated, weighing upon, take it on chin, re gained, inter meddling, put in practice, being engaged in, gets feet wet, sub-scribes, take it lying down, rolls out the red carpet, carries through, gat in to, plug away, fore-casts, re cognize, did to turn, re-corded, pores over, gat hold of, going out depth, accroached, devoted oneself to, interpreted as, sincerity, dis-covering, filled up, in-stilled, running across, confront, over-looks, haul in, run gauntlet, sidewalk-superintend, looks up on, taking it lying down, setting out on, gat oneself in to, under-went, make point of, mealing, delivered goods, got into, asked for, dost a turn, let in, throw down gauntlet, lit into, turns ones hand to, art delivered of, become member, re producing, be-having, backs salt mines, re-acted, roll out the red carpet, pass on, came on to, working on, inter-pose, taking in sights, playing with fire, sits still for, rendezvousing with, takes along, wink at, take it the chin, puts jeopardy, re-news, made my day, dropping a note, gets in to, give whirl, dueled, ingenuousness, rid out, be wares, with-standing, submit to, gave onto, applying oneself, fooled with, pro-viding, dropped note, diffuses, gave access, trans ported, faces to, weighs up on, chance up on, mucking, make run at, de sire, doeth to turn, feasting ones eyes, suffer, taking hold of, be holding, goes one on one, singling out, putting use, be spoken, prehended, in haled, re-possessing, dis charged, get know, finds out about, giving a whirl, take a gander, tried for size, Intermeddling, art presented, re cording, de-rive, went against, do justice to, re new, grapple with, diffusing, re claim, letted in, dis-charge, confide to, devoting to, all-owed, mixes in, re-plenishes, runs into, single out, prehends, dropping a line, absorb, highballed, became student, decides on, re locates, backing the salt mines, de livered, kibitzing, crashed the gates, runs smack in to, extends ones hand, re-laying, Hacking, called up, called together, putting the freeze on, insists upon, re cognized, curtsying, be-witch, come against, reckons on, de lighted, re-moves, stands one ground, dropt line, met eyeball-to-eyeball, took bull by horns, has in hand, pushes in, puts through, de lights, reconcile oneself, in-vent, leaves luck, go route, gathered up, sub scribe, enter, put freeze on, running smack into, hung by thread, fore-told, stand up against, square off, participating in, ran with ball, banged away at, confided to, passed on, touches shoulders, becoming student, say hi, give call, play with fire, openness, wert big, turned ones hand to, engaging in, press into service, devotes oneself to, gives onto, pro-cure, took it lying down, de-rives, throw down, defy, looking upon, endure, crashes gates, de-duct, be haves, ride out, jeopardied, be witched, tare into, meets with, over whelm, Intermeddle, dig up, take the chin, passing on, re-sorted, gave a whirl, locking up, puts to use, rolls out red carpet, knock chip shoulder, hitting up, pro moting, mixt in, re-produces, pre vailing, flies in face of, trajects, took on chin, try for size, carries completion, ran off with, up hold, re tain, turn ones hand to, make clear, get into, in stilled, sue for, pulling fast one, digs up, rolled out red carpet, under-taken, doeth justice to, getting into, catalogged, take care business, de sired, have in hand, availed of, dost turn, took care of business, calls out, trans-plants, high-fiving, haddest effect, dis cover, in-quiring, end angers, runs in to, look like, drudge, defied danger, takes flyer, applies oneself, meets face to face, be getting, under pins, recur to, re-paired, broke on, conscripted, tips hat, giving try, over-whelmed, in-gests, being aware of, tearing into, art confronted by, calling together, alight up on, was introduced, re cognizing, muster courage, going one-on-one, measures up, were engaged in, gets load of, dis charges, call out, works on, catalogging, re-locates, wins favor, with-stood, rolled out the red carpet, de-ducting, latching on to, dropt a note, devoting oneself to, hits on, stand up to, stands ground, hung in there, in fringe, puts freeze on, stick fast, take flyer, didst to a turn, inter lopes, sub scribing, weighs upon, in quire, meet face to face, re sorting, exchanges greetings, falling in with, re-move, got a load of, doeth a turn, teems with, give onto, in-vents, be speak, busybodying, re paired, take one on, re corded, hauled in, faces up to, re-quiring, Conscribe, sub-scribed, taking course, highballing, dis-charging, mis appropriate, comes uninvited, became member, highfiving, run with ball, sickened with, went that route, in corporate, be-holds, Umpiring, stands up to, give try, re serve, ran up against, fell in with, re tains, up setting, keep nose to grindstone, running the risk, looked like, threw down, de-livering, re couped, re aped, pro vide, eyeballing, artlessness, dis-regarded, shaking hands, in-venting, took chin, put struggle, in scribes, hanged by thread, tipped one hat, under take, re move, stick nose in, recurred to, trans-act, stood up to, wert efficacious, dis counts, give a try, bringing ground, stand firm, puts two cents in, recurs to, be-witches, took it on chin, settle, pro-positioning, inter meddles, running with ball, got oneself into, sit still for, alit up on, over-look, break on, winning favor, high fives, puts in practice, take the bull by the horns, dis-play, making inroads, is seized, brave, apply oneself, re lays, de rive, fore-tells, chanced up on, searching out, ex-pressing, re-animated, dabble in, turns one's hand to, flies in the face of, pro-duces, puts in jeopardy, sit on, conscribed, stood to, accost, taking shot at, stood ones ground, chimed in, running into, rubs eyeballs, make a meet, Travailed, re marked, gives a whirl, feasted one eyes, thinks as, take gander, wast delivered of, fly in the face of, wast seized, sets to, run against, submitted to, putting up with, make use of, muster, going out of one depth, recruit, took for ride, standing against, re served, engaged in, be sought, hanged in there, backs the salt mines, goes up against, dis covered, insisted up on, saying hello, up-sets, takes plunge, taking it on the chin, tipping one hat, tare in to, under taken, in ducted, sits on, devote oneself to, banging away at, re-couping, in-fringed, grinned bear it, deputes, conscribes, sticked fast, remaining firm, stepping over the line, hast in hand, found human resources, re-storing, sub-scribing, have effect, Deputing, busybodied, dabbled in, follow up, get oneself into, be gun, re-serve, being seized, pulled a fast one, taking out, stayed course, pro-position, trans-fuse, re gards, run the risk, re possesses, took it chin, tolerates, putting in practice, facing with, benefit by, fore-gathered, end angering, speaks to, tipping one's hat, struck as, re-cording, extends hand, wert presented, find human resources, take sick with, being caught short, pored over, dis patch, carrying to completion, re-gained, backing to the salt mines, gat feet wet, work through, pro-vided, out dares, got load of, under-gone, run in to, all owing, chanced on, re possess, tough out, under-pinning, decided on, re curring, were caught short, be-witching, in spect, re-aching, re-locating, becoming popular, Accroach, de-light, sidewalksuperintended, start ball rolling, reckoning on, take course, fore casts, portaging, take bull by horns, making my day, re marks, going one on one, payed respects, Adventuring, stands against, giving whirl, face, met face face, presses into service, congressed, Travailing, going against, lighting into, sit take it, take in sights, de-voted, re-sort, commit oneself, taking a shot at, be holds, are aware of, stand to, crashes the gates, skated thin ice, in fringing, won favor, lay hold of, importing, feasted one's eyes, re-gaining, re cords, dropped line, conscribing, re-produce, re covered, invites competition, thinking of as, gets hold of, end-anger, digging up, sicken with, insists up on, tolerate, re located, strikes as, taking care of business, putting practice, in-corporate, fore-gathering, benefited by, under-pinned, hadst hand, dis-cern, was present, re-cognized, takes one on, take along, didst the trick, took plunge, inter cept, be-wared, ask for, carry off, took sights, put two cents in, under-pins, latching to, eyeball, finds human resources, striking as, looked up on, fore-telling, runs risk, doth the trick, look into, running in to, makes point of, drop a line, re-sorts, faced up to, mustered courage, draft, re cord, doing justice to, art caught short, outdares, deal with, defying danger, dabbles in, didst turn, kibitzes, dis regarded, signs on, art aware of, turning ones hand to, taking away, going out of ones depth, devoted to, gets into, look upon, radioed, Hefting, bring ground, resign oneself, signing up, face with, getting know, takes hand, wiled, doing turn, come to, be-speaks, knocks chip shoulder, ran with the ball, gotten a load of, be presented, dis-played, coming against, pass hat, gat load of, gotten feet wet, pro-motes, depute, takes on the chin, takes a flyer, beard, be-holding, taking one on, tackle, rendezvous with, give a ring, come grips with, takes a gander, skated on thin ice, storing up, takes a shot at, putting the air, hits up, carry to completion, in-scribes, went up against, leaping before looking, ran smack into, highfive, tips ones hat, hung by a thread, de rived, re animating, in hale, with stand, carry torch, took a header, shoring up, puts up with, heading for, took hold of, dis charge, singled out, parturitates, made stand, Deputed, is big about, Traject, runs up against, dis counting, foregathered, finding human resources, extend hand, grin bear it, calls together, stores up, kibitzed, gat into, with-stand, in sert, took course, re-freshes, be-spoke, living with, sit and take it, call together, goes one-on-one, take plunge, took hand, reconciled oneself, taking a flyer, bangs away at, lighting in to, dis charging, bring in to play, signing on, make inroads, dost trick, searches out, sits take it, wert present, dis-charges, re-gard, work on, abuse rights, dost battle, exposes danger, jump in, greet, up-set, pro vides, gunned, has effect, Enticed, fell back on, gave a try, wast aware of, committing oneself, de-liver, withstand, squares off, gives a try, in vest, art present, stands one's ground, took bull by the horns, take the sights, go with, touched shoulders, dis covers, up-held, making a run at, back the salt mines, taking header, letting in, Piloted, pro-cures, over look, flew in the face of, Jagging, outbrave, avails of, crash gates, passing the hat, being efficacious, be-ware, fore told, took in the sights, tore in to, fore cast, were introduced, re possessed, goes out of one depth, shored up, de-voting, took on the chin, fly face of, does turn, skate on thin ice, makes stand, stands ones ground, Tolerating, re-questing, standing up to, sticked it out, running up against, breaks on, gives a call, taking hand, dragoon, payed for, extending one hand, get stuck in, went out of ones depth, take the bull by horns, re produced, coped with, re lay, ex-act, goes that route, wast introduced, dis regarding, teeming with, running off with, was seized, takes the sights, giving onto, did trick, feasting one eyes, taking sights, taking the bull by the horns, crossed path, brought the ground, take bull by the horns, gave try, under-takes, breaking on, headed for, delivers the goods, took header, ex pressed, extended one hand, sate still for, takes liberty, turning to, in-hale, sitting on, goes to, face up to, high fived, pulling a fast one, de-lights, taking the chin, buttonhole, in-vested, recurring to, ran smack in to, up-holds, coming uninvited, drop line, taking lying down, infringe, does the trick, mis appropriated, didst justice to, be aware of, dis-counts, tipping ones hat, paying respects, enter up on, takes hold of, goes out ones depth, carve out, wert seized, in duct, falls in with, stood ground, make sure, jumps in, took in sights, embark upon, engage in, being delivered of, take for a ride, stepped over the line, saw as, rides out, in-vest, press in to service, doing trick, de-sires, out daring, sidewalksuperintends, perceive, goes out of depth, blinked at, wrought through, gained possession, Dragooned, trans fuses, exposed to danger, run the chance, takes shot at, carving out, Hawked, dis patches, facing up to, shore up, high fiving, takes in the sights, pro viding, inter-meddle, made a point of, were efficacious, stood up against, fore gathered, whistles for, measuring up, flies the face of, be-speak, defies danger, objected to, alit upon, wast present, reconciles oneself, truth, hangs in there, re-ached, come on to, congressing, comes against, running smack in to, take header, be-hold, over whelmed, bringing to ground, get a load of, humoring, brook, end anger, moves to, under gone, ushered in, fall back on, got stuck in, feasts ones eyes, blinks at, worked through, re plenish, am aware of, heft, in vented, carrying off, carried completion, hang in there, do the trick, dis counted, facing to, goes route, be-sought, under pinned, laying hold of, in-spect, optating, re serving, jeopardies, ran the risk, decide on, re-animating, took out, fore-gather, tear in to, re quiring, de ducts, pro-curing, taking a plunge, put up with, turns one hand to, in-corporates, am presented, dis plays, did a turn, under-taking, search out, ran into, challenge, coming on to, participated in, took flyer, being confronted by, go out one's depth, doest turn, stays the course, dis-covered, getting feet wet, Hefted, pre sent, pressing into service, pre vail, makes a run at, stood fast, cart, skating on thin ice, invite competition, foregather, trying on for size, re-covers, re-plenished, win favor, run into, taking a header, tries for size, sate and take it, go one-on-one, dis-plays, re gain, give a call, bide, tore into, gave whirl, becomes popular, dis-patching, hadst effect, resigned oneself, pushed in, inter posing, plugged away, doing the trick, trans fusing, backs to the salt mines, are introduced, buttonholes, got feet wet, taking bull by horns, carries to completion, lets in, going out one's depth, ushers in, plugs away, mis appropriating, skates on thin ice, speaking to, gotten to know, resigns oneself, mis appropriates, sidewalk superintended, sidewalk-superintends, sticking nose in, pro cure, looking to, dis places, went out of one's depth, didst a turn, make a point of, gets a load of, paying for, in spects, stuck nose in, Perking, setting about, winning out, salaamed, inter-lope, ran against, doest to a turn, pay for, siphoned, Slated, go out of one depth, pre-vail, alights up on, pull a fast one, downing, in vents, become student, put with, availing of, get hold of, re coup, find out about, wait out, embarks up on, took for a ride, being present, dropt note, take on, de-riving, brushes against, carried off, putting air, ex pressing, knock chip off shoulder, was big, had effect, musters courage, calls up, sticks nose in, re acted, has hand, went out depth, bring, de-lighting, inter pose, dis-counted, lighted in to, do trick, mustering courage, is engaged in, abuses rights, took the bull by the horns, be caught short, be witches, de-sire, got know, pro-positions, going through, be having, running the chance, entering in, re-covering, puts up struggle, re-gains, go out depth, sets out on, tipping hat, takes care business, feast one eyes, had hand, turn to, drop a note, sate on, knocked chip off shoulder, making a stand, all owed, thought as, pushing in, be present, was efficacious, deliver the goods, made meet, reckoned on, knocked chip shoulder, made inroads, worming in, re-gain, be-held, under pinning, gotten hold of, re-locate, give access, inter-posed, break in on, taking for ride, insist upon, went to, re quires, mix in, gives whirl, chime in, leaving to luck, pro positions, sues for, staying the course, toughs out, move to, coming up against, chances up on, squared off, leaving luck, runs the risk, in-haling, turn one hand to, tears in to, puts on air, over whelms, fore tell, high-fived, tote, rubbing eyeballs, am caught short, called to, re-serves, brushed against, putting with, winned favor, said hello, re moved, bringing the ground, wast engaged in, re coups, giving a ring, up-hold, highfives, face off, tries on for size, pitching in to, plugging away, benefiting by, abused rights, link up, was presented, carries off, waited out, run risk, be big about, paid for, pressed in to service, in quiring, setting to, took shot at, stomach, sidewalksuperintending, doing to turn, be delivered of, knocking chip off shoulder, went out of depth, meets face face, copes with, throws down.