Pronunciation of Tenanting
/tˈɛnəntɪŋ/, /tˈɛnəntɪŋ/, /t_ˈɛ_n_ə_n_t_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for Tenanting

occupying (adjective)

commanding, controlling, covering, holding, permeating, pervading, placed, posted, remaining, sitting, situated, Maintaining, Obtaining, Owning, Residing, Resting, Possessing, Staying, settled on, assigned to, living in, taking up.

dwell (verb)

abide, bide, bunk, continue, crash, exist, flop, hang out, hole up, inhabit, locate, lodge, nest, occupy, park, perch, quarter, remain, rent, reside, rest, room, roost, settle, sojourn, squat, stay, stop, tarry, tenant, tent, keep house, hang one's hat, make one's home, pitch tent, establish oneself.

inhabit (verb)

dwell, indwell, live, people, populate, possess.

occupy (verb)

cover, ensconce, establish, fill, hold, involve, keep, live in, maintain, own, permeate, pervade, sit, utilize, take up, be established, be in command, be in residence.

reside (verb)

consist, dig, endure, inhere, lie, rest with, take up residence, be intrinsic to, be vested.