Pronunciation of Complete
/k_ə_m_p_l_ˈiː_t/, /kəmplˈiːt/, /kəmplˈiːt/

Antonyms for complete

called quits, takes shot at, plunges in to, dis-carded, getting wagon, re instituted, cropped up, quitted cold turkey, playing into, in-sincerest, give the cold shoulder to, with held, dis engages, gotten things rolling, fell through, de-bars, cross-grained, give birth to, onesided, headed out, is long, coming forth, re-spiting, ongoing, made a comeback, go out in front, bringing rear, de camps, Dudder, art pendent, kicking habit, are in arrears, getting on with it, falling behind, broke down, turning ones hand to, am oblivious to, get well, pre fixes, am delayed, goes belly up, out lives, sweating out, de-creasing, dis missed, waited around, in nocent, out lined, full holes, bursting forth, paid no mind, uncompleted, fore-going, am remiss, losing sight of, re started, cold-shouldered, de-press, gotten on the wagon, in-ducted, hang it up, tenanted, laid over, take a hike, being taken to the cleaners, be long, leads up to, being descended, wert derived, took out after, squally, over-powered, plays into, ragged, am ruined, turns out badly, lays the table, come naught, un cultivated, Prorogued, post-pones, quick and dirty, hit road, fooled with, dis courages, most quick-fix, inter-mediate, imprecise, most blustering, un corking, squinch, going belly up, take upon oneself, sticked at, de-faults, got one's feet wet, out-staying, most severed, getting the wagon, pro visional, dropt bundle, more unexecuted, hast try, go out of business, wrinkly, pro-mise, art oblivious to, in-complete, in tatters, devoting oneself to, drag, be-dogs, skipped out on, winking, re-occupying, abandon, patchy, gave the brush, hang up, takes time, brought up rear, unprofessional, comes to end, hitting bottom, takes the lead, keeps on, dis joining, kept going, re stored, lost big, are ruined, de lays, be absorbed in, taking no notice, get feet wet, make home, blows off, irregular, got wagon, keeps at arms length, de-falcate, inexpert, am in arrears, un-intelligent, Re-store, making tick, wast remiss, drag ones feet, hold the fort, address oneself, watch for, one sided, gets oneself into, purloin, breaking one word, turned deaf ear to, pre pares, cuts it out, more despoiled, proceeds from, be cleaned out, am derelict, birthed, close one doors, de-frauds, shot ahead, sets apart, most throwaway, intro duce, be taken the cleaners, giving the slip, out lines, dis-regarded, kept arm's length, in state, re-coiling, sketchy, de-lays, keep going, dis regarding, most unlevel, breaking the seal, sate around, gat on with it, returned to, take time, re opens, Welch, de bars, is descended, overdraws, goes in smoke, Depthless, in accurate, keep at arm length, end owing, more unretentive, setting in, become member, over-look, missing boat, going with, gotten with it, got on wagon, being long, un availing, falls in to, go to wall, out living, art arrears, sub-scribed, committed oneself, set about, was found lacking, closed one's doors, un-fixt, tears in to, put an end to, dis perse, dis-appoints, broke word, start, became insolvent, get on wagon, bedogs, are taken cleaners, takes a hike, more stammering, taking first step, schlepp along, hung hat, resume, plays in to, dis courteous, get the wagon, de-cline, dis associated, wert descended, keep one distance, buries head sand, lets slide, by-passed, jumped into, steal, more expurgated, dis severed, shags, in-states, sit around, brake down, cursory, more half done, un successful, put cuff, re-aching, un-pleasant, more vacated, goes in to chapter 11, un level, going up, keeping ones distance, fooling with, de faults, commit oneself, took hand, bittiest, breaks seal, went wrong, more split, delay, most garbage, de barred, Sallying, begin, being quiescent, dis sever, warming a chair, wert derelict, got into, shies, dis associate, more nodular, get show road, pro-rogues, phoning it in, am arrears, see light, break ground, call a day, unfinished, ham-fisted, lost control, in operable, tumultous tumultuous, comes to nothing, turning out badly, pre pared, re-view, re occupied, close doors, in commensurate, square off, inter-posed, un developed, de voted, pre-pare, give slip, perdures, dis cards, going through motions, are descended, in-stall, am absorbed in, art derived, forget, rang in, bringing the rear, dis heartened, came light, gat the wagon, pre-disposed, reinstituted, stopgap, burying ones head sand, ex-tends, de faulting, un-systematic, Recommence, de-camped, plays for time, gains time, getting under way, re tiring, going up smoke, call it a day, shag, ex-tending, de press, go up, un-dressed, re takes, embarking up on, hitting the skids, hold phone, under takes, pre-vented, re establish, dis regarded, have try, goes up smoke, tag along, taking shot at, settled up, backed wrong horse, hanged down, sur cease, reinstituting, drags one's feet, enter, re-storing, de barring, re commences, dis-courage, most evacuated, close one's doors, over drew, turned to, laid table, dis continuing, go slowly, kicks over, nose out, mis carrying, going wrong, am negligent, closes doors, fragment, re-establishes, sur-render, more unprecise, take out after, most inoperable, re-moving, in-sincerer, thinking little of, calls a day, got better, pitched in to, art delayed, mis carries, buried one head sand, in-ducting, follows a scent, set out, up staging, commits oneself, ring in, beginning business, mapped out, are dilatory, pass up, gets things rolling, hung it up, puts on shelf, brake one word, dis covered, droop, go belly up, taking the lead, dis counting, sur-ceased, comes apart, fall short, partial, de-voted, hast nothing do with, keeping going, in-activate, more band-aid, in-different, has a hand in, art ruined, out line, limped along, gotten ones feet wet, get under way, getting no place fast, looking other way, am pendent, partest, goes forth, worse for wear, create, more traduced, sweats it, re instate, making headway, dis-engage, starts up, Slivered, up hold, being tardy, sub sided, assuming again, sub-scribing, kicked off, put on ice, ex-tended, un formed, participates in, tooled, more severed, intro duces, am taken the cleaners, buries one head sand, in competent, Lasted, un completed, gives notice, Sallied, tearing in to, leading off, calls it quits, had done with, be-dog, lets go, bringing to end, de creases, hast a try, reinstitutes, live with, dis-cards, in pieces, slowed down, in crease, raise curtain, being pendent, press on, wert found lacking, de vote, sub scribes, un satisfactory, miscarry, un-fairer, dis-joins, in effective, de frauds, gives the slip, un-even, puts on back burner, breaking word, was dilatory, rode off, bring up the rear, glitcher, bring an end, wast defeated, over-leap, going away from, led up to, under-developed, re-gained, got show on road, leaving flat, dis unites, spring, calling quits, keeps on truckin', slow up, most wracked, in-sufficient, play into, half-way, pitching into, begin where left off, broke the seal, gotten cracking, re-establish, more transgressed, brings in to being, pre supposed, assumed again, more unconsummated, Winked, dis-associated, be delayed, burying one's head in sand, inching along, staid put, hadst hand in, in-activates, in-vest, dis missing, gave the cold shoulder to, was irresponsible, part, gets wagon, taking out, de-faulted, going forth, dis-jointed, de rives, drags feet, more riven, pretermits, go forward, in-ducts, sweated out, pro-moting, hails from, be born, perduring, halfway, dis-banding, uncritical, break one's word, scraggiest, over draws, take plunge, dis-honoring, de bar, quitting cold, dis-integrating, re-capitulated, kicked habit, stayed put, closed doors, free from, are irresponsible, dragged one's feet, comes an end, misses the boat, bittier, overpast, were born, turn out badly, buried ones head sand, bedogging, going through the motions, dis-associates, Prefixed, being taken the cleaners, sub scribe, see alley, hath hand in, hit miss, pressing on, out stays, putting hold, more half-done, takes a walk, most burst, de-crease, opened up, Unexecuted, art taken to cleaners, cropping up, hangs fire, give try, in voluntary, hung one hat, thought little of, art quiescent, launch, went slowly, re-instituting, brings rear, gives birth to, becomes insolvent, re-coup, fell in to, establishes oneself, un-fair, broke ground, inter posing, bedog, coming naught, kept at arm length, makes run at, was vain, glitchest, pre supposes, buried one's head in sand, stopped over, come in to existence, made home, over drawing, de-barred, backing wrong horse, found, de sert, am defeated, setting shop, over pass, re-occupies, re covering, most bandaid, dis band, kept at arms length, re aching, in-adequate, dis-uniting, fell behind, more unfashioned, make-do, taking time, in-effective, loiter, made ones home, closes one doors, in vest, in cites, most unretentive, hang in, hanging one's hat, defalcate, takes walk, gotten ball rolling, coldshouldering, having nothing do with, make one home, originates, wert taken to the cleaners, wert dilatory, make active, most mangled, glosses over, more without, introduce, gets the wagon, hadst a hand in, grew out of, growing out of, putting end to, dis-continues, in-vests, squaring off, de-scended, saw alley, hitting skids, re-starts, defective, most band aid, closed down, bide, buries one's head in sand, de-based, brake ones word, shoalest, illmannered, impelled, occupying again, most demolished, took cure, springs up, sets up, jump into, bringing up rear, turn to, were careless, falling through, in habit, over-passed, de tain, half assed, gets on the wagon, un-real, with drew, in-habits, un hewn, would-be, continuing, dragging one feet, spinning out, ran aground, limp along, took one time, laying the table, goes bust, dis obeyed, going out front, in sipid, cold shouldering, runs aground, gave slip, pitched tent, gone pot, set to, re-coils, more chapped, addressing oneself, sur-renders, taking leave, ran on, taking one's time, re-takes, narrow, is derived, in complete, refrain from, went away from, trifles with, got with it, re instituting, show disrespect, most shot, turns one hand to, in-coherent, tip iceberg, were cleaned out, abridged, unretentive, ratting, closing one's doors, blink, post pones, most split, dis-regards, broken, pre-paring, stereo typed, de moralized, pre fix, assumes again, Initiating, re occupies, re possessed, closed one doors, abbreviated, making light of, un-fairest, pro duces, trifle with, letting go, took shot at, pokes along, results from, de-moralized, dis carded, wert careless, more outline, bring pass, becomes member, keeping on truckin, un accomplished, brings the rear, hail from, failed, wast in vain, comes naught, de-falcated, de creased, gotten oneself in to, move on, ex tended, comes light, re-possess, renew, dragging one's feet, go on, turn hand to, saying goodbye, playing for time, applied oneself, buried one head in sand, hung fire, de-presses, bury ones head in sand, halfbaked, un-justest, comes forth, look other way, most unshaven, up-holds, shillyshally, untalented, re assumed, re-institutes, hangs it up, moved ahead, in different, taking a hike, re-tire, re spite, make tick, bury one head in sand, de camped, quit, hits ground running, re views, pre-vent, de-sert, gotten involved with, lays aside, re-presses, are derived, re-instating, keeping arm length, breaks down, un-just, set motion, warmed chair, taking walk, de-tested, shoot up, dragged one feet, down heel, un done, take ones time, dropt a bundle, premise, Idled, dis-joining, taking over, calling it quits, squinched, Filibustering, signing up, in-state, in-cited, slow down, was careless, brake ground, laying table, wrought on, ex-tract, tip of iceberg, in sincere, dis-associate, dis joins, most pulverized, paid no attention to, keeping ball rolling, shows the way, giving the brush, made beginning, most shattered, un-gracious, jellied, kick off, being dilatory, were defeated, joins up, intermits, in-competent, dis-missed, wert ruined, un-accomplished, paying no attention to, in-harmonious, having try, goes out front, goes out business, remove oneself, un-coupling, embarked upon, inactivating, losing big, most unfashioned, gets no place fast, de parting, tumultous-tumultuous, coming nothing, engaging in, dis-missing, kept the ball rolling, sub side, bringing up the rear, re buff, call it day, re capitulated, most blemished, take no notice, brought to an end, half-done, gat show on road, inches along, wastest, plunged in to, plunge in to, lay over, is remiss, de camping, re coiling, give up, kick the habit, blew off, gets in to, mis carry, am irresponsible, wast derived, playing a waiting game, mis-carrying, originate, over-leaping, haddest hand in, being remiss, beginning where one left off, got one feet wet, most botched, inch along, de scending, gotten show road, up spring, dis courage, wert oblivious to, fell down, fall behind, re-main, open, being careless, pre vents, stayed on, tare in to, took one's time, kept truckin, came to light, in-valid, sur-face, de part, inter pose, put the shelf, bedogged, am behind, pro mise, held the fort, dis-membered, dis-severs, proceed from, dis uniting, Parter, kicks off, de falcated, lived on, giving impulse, Asperous, schlepped along, come to light, goes smoke, de-tach, un-fix, un couth, dissociate, kept one distance, dis-unite, falls flat, hang down, Tenanting, pre-mises, drops a bundle, distinguish, hangs one hat, ran out on, grow out of, getting ones feet wet, gets show road, re mained, dis cover, more roughhewn, gave a whirl, come with, trying for size, miss the boat, bring end, ineffective, arise, de solate, most half-assed, dashed ahead, bags it, taking up on oneself, skindeep, take the cure, re buffing, assume again, more unfed, keeping one distance, keeping back, in-decorous, skipping out on, tip the iceberg, most bottom of barrel, most make-do, took up on oneself, getting better, forging ahead, bagged it, in activate, cold-shoulder, treats with contempt, dropped bundle, more ruffled, setting up shop, dis interested, in-cite, packed in, de testing, de-testing, goes in for, un kempt, hadst a try, play games with, more malfunctioning, gat feet wet, brings up the rear, un fix, de-fault, more garbage, most mumbled, lollygags, overleap, keeps house, had a try, dis honoring, jump gun, un-inhabited, destroy, bury head sand, keeping arms length, puts on the shelf, gat ones feet wet, went in to chapter 11, dis appear, was behind, signs up, re-signs, niggardly, dashes ahead, re-assumes, shooting ahead, half baked, ex tends, de parted, coming unstuck, un-developed, pro-tracts, be ginning, were derelict, un dressed, overleaping, diminished, haddest a try, in sincerer, closing one doors, brambliest, am taken cleaners, get in to, take shot at, be tardy, fragmentary, going bust, out staying, bear, dis-counting, see the alley, ushered in, unhewn, de-void, dis-join, hangs one's hat, played waiting game, give notice, in-elegant, living with, had a hand in, having hand in, issues forth, bagging it, gets into, seeing in alley, backs wrong horse, coming apart, keeps at arm length, hanged up, go wrong, burying one head sand, un couple, mapping out, re presses, with hold, dis-joined, defeat, dubious, gives over, resulting from, over-draw, in effectual, leave, starting up, pre vent, welches, boondoggles, dis connecting, de pended, most unperformed, being negligent, having done with, over passed, dis-appoint, getting with it, re-occupy, losing control, de-tains, most quick fix, starting ball rolling, spun out, bury ones head sand, re gained, most expurgated, falls into, moved on, hangs down, gat one feet wet, re-capitulating, were taken to the cleaners, twobit, undone, not functioning, leaved flat, turned one hand to, out-lives, laid on table, more make do, encounter difficulty, giving run around, ham-handed, be found lacking, roughhewn, stemmed from, dis-regard, aimless, hanged in, out-line, left hanging, brought in to being, hang one hat, give cold shoulder to, pre-suppose, attended to, leaving town, is in arrears, came away, sweated it, pre-fixed, uncork, holds over, kept at arm's length, being taken to cleaners, more disobeyed, few bugs, be dogged, devoted oneself to, half done, over-looking, devotes to, bursted forth, bring to end, out-lasts, gat under way, left town, un-occupied, lays table, keep at, de-taches, most riven, re-viewed, dis unite, comes into being, puts on ice, came to naught, go out front, dis join, inter feres, most disregarded, more stridulent, bury one's head sand, losing strength, de cline, dis-appointing, untrained, is pendent, makeshift, takes a shot at, over-drawn, deficient, am derived, went in smoke, goes up, hadst nothing to do with, refraining from, in shop, dis card, poke, went out of business, more collapsed, out lasts, de creasing, inexperienced, teed off, was oblivious to, dis-connect, gave notice, art behind, am taken to cleaners, becoming member, in stating, in expressive, under-take, come grips with, keep arms length, were arrears, un executed, Jellying, malfunctioning, began over, fore went, goes on, in rags, untested, most rent, un-processed, un-sounder, moves on, end-owed, art irresponsible, dis-heartened, re-stored, were vain, putting a stop to, hits the skids, give run around, came to end, gotten the wagon, dis-posed, gat oneself in to, trifled with, took a hike, de-pending, gain time, dis integrate, goes astray, begin over, more quick-fix, buries ones head in sand, smack the middle, dis regards, was ruined, kicked the habit, most collapsed, works on, burying one's head sand, hanged it up, un-finished, de-rived, be taken to cleaners, re-instates, are defeated, Prefixing, are demoted, scraggier, pro-motes, gat into, with draw, dis-card, sub-scribes, brought the rear, goes to wall, sets in, put on hold, committing oneself, most makedo, giving a whirl, getting into, Prolonging, most unexecuted, letting pass, intro, held phone, wait around, packing in, taking ones time, give whirl, badly worn, pre fixed, sweat it out, kept on truckin, re-gain, go in to, is taken to cleaners, Inching, was long, laid foundation, grows out of, is cleaned out, lagging behind, takes upon oneself, was negligent, fore-went, unseasoned, recommences, most high-and-mighty, de presses, buries ones head sand, most unwrought, gotten no place fast, de-scending, blinked at, more ignored, dis covering, coming into being, banged away at, over look, more crushed, re-taken, buries head in sand, haddest nothing do with, dropping back, more shattered, sets in motion, persisted in, getting on wagon, re possess, be vain, leading to, dis counted, unindifferent, were dilatory, is careless, de-pended, over-drawing, took a shot at, gave cold shoulder to, unpressed, not smooth, lost time, inactivated, de taches, falling flat, withdraw, giving whirl, dis severing, dis-engaged, doubtful, up springing, be-gun, being demoted, sticked to, giving birth to, persists in, ride off, set up, re sides, de-pend, unprovided with, called it quits, art demoted, giving cold shoulder to, re-couping, gat oneself into, dis-bands, wast in arrears, glossed over, goes wall, re stores, lose ones shirt, getting one's feet wet, kick over, re taking, kicks the habit, inducing, removed oneself, more blemished, in stalled, dis-organized, un-shaped, move ahead, de-parting, most slivered, following scent, goes on slowly, over leaps, miss, closing down, played into, lay on the table, spastic, re new, carrying forward, out-stays, un-couple, un tutored, applies oneself, work on, cease, halfdone, over leaping, un productive, makes comeback, reinstitute, began where one left off, kept one's distance, coming to an end, gets cracking, untaught, over leapt, dis honor, has nothing do with, trifling with, most shredded, making home, take one time, opening up, had nothing do with, conditional, most disfigured, shoots ahead, re signing, ran along, looked the other way, pre-fixes, putting on hold, By-pass, jumping into, shilly shally, halfassed, more bandaid, dis-connected, re instates, over-passes, loses strength, stiffing, kicked over, with drawn, hailing from, un just, be descended, be careless, artless, spin out, kept back, be derived, goes broke, laid on the table, take one's time, follow scent, goes slowly, preface, come forth, most busted, most depthless, most unfed, over leaped, un gracious, letted slide, had try, more bearish, staid on, trigger, more infringed, keep on truckin', in apter, mis-carry, re tire, pro-longed, outstays, returns to, with-holds, have nothing do with, blinking at, go on slowly, presses on, stop, was taken to cleaners, lay aside, passing time, motheaten, tackle, fore going, putting the shelf, dis-perse, lives on, unfilled, falling down, gave the slip, goofs around, dis-criminatory, separate, most crushed, took the plunge, pretermit, hanging up, shut eyes to, break ones word, devoted to, lags behind, most stinted, gave try, begins business, seeing light, forges ahead, keeps back, stick to, turning hand to, un-couth, put on the shelf, most cross-grained, remands, were taken cleaners, in the shop, re maining, going smoke, lose out, under-estimated, gives a try, pre-face, art derelict, putting on back burner, re-take, carries over, am tardy, sur rendered, setting in motion, re-moves, sits around, more bottom-of-barrel, brake the seal, more makedo, dis-severed, becoming involved in, most overpowered, dis engaged, were taken the cleaners, makes active, inter-feres, gotten under way, un-soundest, in-expressive, turn a blind eye, un even, is taken cleaners, most dismembered, tumultoustumultuous, non existent, come away, detach, re-mains, bury one head sand, brought rear, more mangled, lead up to, keeps arm's length, play a waiting game, re-commenced, recapitulate, undertake, art cleaned out, dis organized, quits cold turkey, getting things rolling, breaking down, out-lining, hung in, dis-counted, plunged into, in-vesting, plunges into, is born, hang fire, draw off, superficial, shuts eyes to, played games with, un-substantial, warms chair, un fixing, takes cure, more demolished, de-parts, keeps truckin, breaks one word, de-camps, over looked, are taken to cleaners, come short, un kempter, keep truckin', sets about, bring in to being, heads out, re couped, jackleg, letted pass, most make do, gat on wagon, gotten on wagon, go away from, with-held, go bankrupt, gotten into, warms a chair, dis-connects, go the wall, letted go, gave the run around, in ducted, lacking, tear into, art found lacking, kept on truckin', in stalling, begins where left off, re ached, turns to, commence, sanser, re-assumed, rid off, glossing over, blink at, try on for size, out lasting, hang ones hat, keeping one's distance, dropped a bundle, buried one's head sand, unperformed, amateurish, plunge into, bursts forth, dropped back, de tested, stays out, proceeded from, being delayed, goes away from, un-refined, Scanted, get wagon, gat in to, in-activating, gotten wagon, be derelict, sweat out, going out business, band aid, coming in to being, over-leapt, mar, coldshouldered, comes to light, de scended, re side, gave impulse, keeps the ball rolling, missing, kicks habit, Resumed, lays on the table, lollygagging, not give time day, made tick, most denuded, run along, most roughhewn, are derelict, dash ahead, re-strict, gat going, holds the phone, more unhewn, became member, laid aside, de void, makes ones home, going downhill, de-clines, limited, dis-continued, stop over, more patched, played for time, spooring, come to end, turning one hand to, out-lined, over-passing, dis-regarding, in capable, most stammering, ex-tracts, shows way, stretch out, am cleaned out, in need repair, kept house, nevering cease, unformed, sub scribed, addresses oneself, more spastic, encountered difficulty, got ball rolling, inept, under-takes, buried ones head in sand, spins out, looking the other way, re-siding, gotten better, takes one time, makes a beginning, hanging fire, under estimated, removes oneself, putting stop to, indefinite, re capitulating, equivocal, more slivered, under-estimate, dis-engages, pitching tent, plunging into, taking in hand, most niggardly, most unfurnished, laying foundation for, hanged hat, wert remiss, broach, un-ceremonious, burst forth, dis associates, un systematic, dragged ones feet, go up smoke, becomes involved in, seeing in the alley, got the wagon, de-voting, pitch into, in creasing, played a waiting game, re-news, drag one feet, leaves flat, pre-faced, in decorous, turn deaf ear to, addressed oneself, calls quits, keeps truckin', eventuate, more failed, pick up, dropping a bundle, hang out, squinching, assume, wert irresponsible, art negligent, art taken cleaners, passes time, most browbeaten, got on with it, in-substantial, lose control, dis-engaging, hanging in, precise, goes up in smoke, playing games with, Funking, hangs ones hat, sees in the alley, wast derelict, most shivered, un-level, re institutes, set shop, over passing, desultory, hung ones hat, fail, applying oneself, are cleaned out, in-attentive, re capitulates, bushleague, inadequate, hold over, un-coupled, stops over, made comeback, make do, brake one's word, sur-rendering, working on, established oneself, stay on, wast born, comes in to being, jumps into, lie in wait, ringing in, come into existence, re couping, map out, quitting cold turkey, meets under arch, calls it day, puts back burner, dis-severing, boondoggle, dis continues, dis covers, have hand in, gives a whirl, take first step, un-reliable, made a beginning, institute, show way, most bearish, never cease, in-effectual, holding the fort, Crossgrained, most disintegrated, bramblier, re pressing, making active, trailblaze, overdraw, pre-venting, quit cold turkey, buries one head in sand, un-aware, introes, un-cultured, stay, re-starting, over draw, give a try, pre-ceding, were ruined, frustrate, Proroguing, pre face, hath done with, Bunked, dropt back, took lead, more unaccomplished, tagged along, become insolvent, starts ball rolling, brings up rear, re-possesses, breaking ones word, in-stalled, most muttered, drags ones feet, torn in to, give over, pre-supposes, tuned out, dis continue, not trouble oneself, pro long, devoid, re sting, losing time, losing status, tarry, gat with it, stayed out, sat around, warmed a chair, start ball rolling, in delicate, show the way, edges forward, attending to, de based, noses out, try out, break the seal, gat no place fast, most chapped, kept distance, pre mises, more disheartened, poking along, prorogue, go with, smattery, starts the ball rolling, more halfassed, closing doors, started up, un-corks, Faulted, most unaccomplished, more dismembered, was descended, weak, dis severs, re-gaining, came an end, re viewed, are tardy, most battered, un pleasant, treat with contempt, have nothing to do with, putting on ice, hast hand in, deal with, dis counts, went astray, showed disrespect, neglected, participated in, call quits, most frayed, pitches in to, un-consummated, get on the wagon, most unprecise, dis-integrate, moved out, sub sides, up-stages, am demoted, welched, set apart, hanging one hat, de votes, blow off, dis-honest, more overpowered, ex tend, putting the cuff, calls it a day, occupy again, pooh pooh, with drawing, is ruined, pre supposing, more wracked, go ahead, turned one's hand to, intro-duce, re coiled, dis-band, most untutored, brings to end, dis-banded, de riving, re-cover, wast delayed, re-move, pre-supposing, most band-aid, occupies again, trying on for size, wast careless, signs on, ill mannered, wert arrears, re cover, kept on, push on, sweating it, dis connected, begin where one left off, most asperous, are vain, dis-associating, brings to an end, haphazard, brings into being, following a scent, more unshorn, laid back, most halfassed, breaking seal, under developed, up-stage, coming into existence, made one home, most failed, sweats it out, keeps on truckin, over leap, unable, de clines, sur-cease, Roosting, holds phone, broke seal, hit ground running, tags along, putting cuff, dis-obeyed, miss boat, meet with disaster, being defeated, bitty, re tired, leaf, slips out, taking hand, most abridged, make one's home, began business, addrest oneself, more crumbled, re-started, heavy-handed, nodular, re-couped, hadst nothing do with, turns deaf ear, in valid, most crumbled, sticks to, kept truckin', run aground, be dogging, protract, becoming insolvent, lied wait, perdured, issued forth, up held, start up, pro-longs, under-took, de-pressing, followed scent, dis joined, closed ones doors, held the phone, walks out, meeting under arch, take a walk, out-lasting, more make-do, take a shot at, re occupying, putting ice, meet under arch, taking the plunge, puts hold, most fragmented, took over, more untutored, faulty, goes into chapter 11, pro-tract, leaved hanging, de lay, gone to pieces, payed no attention to, gives whirl, re-commence, sew up, initiate, turning to, thinks little of, looks other way, take cure, pre venting, circumscribed, be pendent, re-coups, head out, loses status, dis engaging, unlevel, more quick fix, under estimates, de falcate, un-successful, in habits, lay foundation for, get cracking, pre cede, brings an end, more quickfix, pre-fix, questionable, un coupled, bringing in to being, unskillful, worked on, coldshoulders, prorogues, go on with, came to an end, enter up on, establish, more inoperable, think little of, embarks upon, gets with it, de camp, holding the phone, putting shelf, broke one word, were in vain, move out, carrying over, engaged in, brought to end, be taken to the cleaners, rev, end-owing, forego, make a comeback, keeps arm length, Ratted, dis-continue, more garbled, de pending, wert in arrears, most ignored, hast done with, up holds, giving over, am born, trail, drags one feet, tooling, pro mises, carry over, un performed, un concerned, stuck around, over-pass, dis united, un sounder, passing up, be oblivious to, re assuming, moves ahead, more half assed, hit-or-miss, pressed on, is behind, pre-cedes, pre cedes, get into, watched for, post pone, are taken to the cleaners, keeping the ball rolling, over-draws, hanged one's hat, re-spites, stay put, unfixed, under-taken, draws off, most stridulent, incomplete, run out on, keep distance, played in to, loses control, taking the cure, let slide, hooks up, duddest, most humbled, whiled away, Unaccomplished, most ruptured, lying in wait, turns hand to, looked other way, dis appoint, tee off, art in arrears, Pretermitted, putting on the shelf, Intermitted, dis-covered, seeing alley, dis integrating, stridulent, put on cuff, take hand, be gun, wrinkliest, leaves hanging, re mains, staying on, dis connects, lays foundation, wert taken cleaners, tip of the iceberg, incompetent, un-cultivated, most transgressed, nested, setting out on, most smattery, neglect, un-cork, fell into, art descended, put hold, holds fort, bury head in sand, out-lines, art taken the cleaners, random, in duce, Overdrawing, called it day, were negligent, stick around, more busted, loses sight of, most frazzled, un-filled, slipshod, comes into existence, went out in front, dis-appeared, takes plunge, plunging in to, dis-figured, unfed, pinkslip, are delayed, pre-pared, up holding, re possessing, defalcates, tore in to, restricted, come an end, re moved, drops back, in-stalling, un-fit, in-duces, keep on truckin, in-considerable, makes one's home, keep ball rolling, un corks, poorly made, over-looks, were in arrears, more unindifferent, starting the ball rolling, put on back burner, led to, not do, dashing ahead, de-riving, began where left off, re establishing, inter posed, gets feet wet, leave hanging, Loitered, gat show road, puts down roots, stays put, out-last, recommencing, breaks ground, took in hand, are remiss, dis carding, more abridged, taking a shot at, pre suppose, by-passing, takes the cure, issuing forth, closing ones doors, re-pressing, inter fere, un fashioned, in fringed, cold shouldered, say goodbye, bury one's head in sand, un fair, establishing oneself, warm chair, most marred, un-cut, un substantial, gave a try, boondoggled, de-creased, staying out, re-covered, makes headway, in harmonious, perfunctory, getting oneself in to, unpolished, run on, art absorbed in, tore into, most vanquished, sur-ceasing, re-instate, hitting the ground running, start the ball rolling, go astray, pre paring, turned a blind eye, ushers in, became involved in, keeping on, goes to the wall, art defeated, more shot, drew off, re capitulate, wanting, take in hand, leaves town, play waiting game, be quiescent, hanging it up, had nothing to do with, re moving, got under way, trailed behind, re news, Unfashioned, takes hike, come to nothing, wast irresponsible, in-voluntary, pack in, going up in smoke, sitting around, stay out, turning deaf ear to, showed way, whiles away, funked, dis appointing, get show on road, refrained from, comes end, have done with, lies wait, re-ached, dragged feet, attends to, gave brush, call it quits, gotten going, Hesitated, de-canting, more stinted, gives try, brake seal, by passing, de parts, pro moting, pre pare, un-kemptest, Shying, drag one's feet, re-established, default, occupied again, gives impulse, came in to existence, lollygagged, un cork, re move, being arrears, kept arms length, being oblivious to, nosed out, art remiss, under estimate, attend to, embark, go downhill, setting motion, un mannerly, devoting to, kick habit, forge ahead, goes down swinging, un-satisfactory, watches for, set out on, gives brush, being born, break ice, pre-mise, giving notice, went forward, being found lacking, sticked around, unconsummated, goof around, re main, wert defeated, wast tardy, tenting, sur ceased, takes leave, out last, being ruined, art tardy, pro-rogued, in-delicate, de fault, up-springing, drops bundle, removing oneself, rough, sees light, taking lead, goes bankrupt, wert absorbed in, gone to pot, put a stop to, hold the phone, keeps ball rolling, waiting around, drawing off, fore gone, sets out, wast vain, pitch in to, persist in, calling a day, most malfunctioning, Non-existent, un processed, ringed in, over passes, takes ones time, re-mained, come end, quickfix, most unindifferent, un aware, goofing around, bode time, having a try, re commenced, Sans, un precise, gat better, re-sides, sets to, under take, are arrears, carries forward, dis-appears, keeping truckin', put the cuff, pro longing, pay no attention to, came apart, un polished, flashest, de-laying, dis-continuing, get with it, persisting in, ex-tend, un available, mangled, un-musical, came to nothing, wert behind, setting about, hit skids, gained time, pioneer, de-parted, desist, makes a run at, make a run at, over looks, un-tutored, pro-mises, re view, sticking around, de rive, inoperable, pro rogue, shoot ahead, turned out badly, puts on cuff, pre-possessed, pro-long, gloss over, recommenced, go down swinging, most unshorn, up stages, out live, setting going, out-living, de pressing, stopping over, tare into, re take, de-pressed, coming light, pre ceding, meeting with disaster, bided time, slows down, hanged fire, chapped, wert negligent, hadst done with, dis integrates, Ungifted, leave town, re-took, lay wait, in activating, re-occupied, came into existence, being irresponsible, most quickfix, most tamed, most cross grained, going the wall, letting slide, re-views, more fractured, was born, went wall, triggers, burying one head in sand, gave run around, sweating it out, crop up, in-vested, in habited, re sided, re commencing, hits bottom, got in to, half-assed, nosing out, calls day, re commence, re coils, fool with, Persisted, de-solate, come in to being, laughing off, go bust, got oneself in to, turned blind eye, poohpooh, warming chair, jumping in to, keeping arm's length, gotten feet wet, setting apart, putting on the cuff, takes first step, de-rives, cross grained, re instating, un filled, un-civil, be arrears, shagging, more unperformed, moving out, re coups, bandaid, span out, passes up, more unfurnished, slowing down, was quiescent, am descended, takes in hand, more warped, bringing end, un coupling, outstay, gat cracking, edge forward, taking one time, lost strength, says goodbye, be ruined, sub-sides, re-instituted, pre ceded, un-sound, whiling away, most bottom-of-barrel, went down swinging, ineffectual, poke along, buried head in sand, dis-honor, brought up the rear, un wrought, pre-faces, be remiss, fore-gone, de tains, gave over, raw, baffle, put on the cuff, out order, going astray, rides off, shoaler, dis jointed, tagging along, keep arm length, most half assed, re coup, with-drawing, lagged behind, pay no mind, up-sprang, going away, lose time, un-fixed, let it go, most unhewn, un-critical, in-habit, limps along, lose, making ones home, sansest, kept ball rolling, ex tending, went smoke, makes beginning, slipped out, take over, is dilatory, de-camp, getting feet wet, took a walk, took plunge, encounters difficulty, be in arrears, came nothing, de-scend, wert quiescent, de-rive, getting show road, quitted cold, Overdrew, pro roguing, re spites, being in arrears, with draws, scants, putting on cuff, making comeback, most half-done, turn blind eye, un-interested, engage in, playing in to, called a day, making one home, coming to end, watching for, in-capable, overleaps, takes one's time, pre-pares, playing waiting game, un indifferent, gat wagon, specialized, dilly dally, laying over, going in for, gets under way, wast found lacking, more shredded, most buffeting, setting to, leave flat, edging forward, Re-open, re tires, by pass, pre fixing, un-concerned, pro duce, is derelict, trail behind, were derived, dis bands, re took, in elegant, get ones feet wet, squared off, by passed, re-sided, in activates, tears into, un cut, breaks ones word, tune out, come light, more disregarded, blowing off, cutting it out, un reliable, keeping on truckin', got cracking, going on slowly, be reft, abstract, goofed around, in habiting, get better, were taken to cleaners, makedo, Defalcating, participating in, resulted from, dis-unites, on fritz, de-bar, introing, went broke, put end to, was taken to the cleaners, followed a scent, un-kempt, laid the table, laying on table, intro-duces, puts an end to, re-new, stays on, laying on the table, keep the ball rolling, lose strength, am taken to the cleaners, more shivered, puts stop to, was taken cleaners, more buffeting, takes hand, get things rolling, end owed, sticks at, in-commensurate, spoored, on the surface, pushing on, remand, de pend, unsettle, shoots up, unfixes, more uncompleted, dis connect, getting cracking, heading out, pre-vents, made headway, brings end, pro rogues, go forth, dis regard, wast taken cleaners, more vanquished, unwrought, with-drawn, re siding, out commission, sur ceases, re buffed, warm a chair, laidback, slipping out, un-wrought, gotten one's feet wet, broke one's word, dis-united, brought end, having nothing to do with, haddest a hand in, getting show on road, re-covers, begins over, shallower, un corked, gat one's feet wet, shooting up, one dimensional, get ball rolling, was derelict, sprang up, art careless, in disrepair, giving brush, over powered, dis honest, hook up, settles up, sur-rendered, got no place fast, Overpassing, coming in to existence, embarking upon, more disfigured, more denuded, laying aside, re-gains, quit cold, most garbled, drop a bundle, restart, more evacuated, primitive, went downhill, de canted, unschooled, showed the way, dis posed, pro tract, out of kilter, making a beginning, take up on oneself, stretched out, un fixt, passed time, open up, keeps one distance, cropt up, gets on wagon, carry forward, gets ones feet wet, gave birth to, sets going, back wrong horse, result from, shutting eyes to, be irresponsible, get one's feet wet, held fort, keeping house, filibustered, over-leaped, keep at arm's length, be-ginning, turn one hand to, un-qualified, lead off, dis appeared, keeping at arm length, reopen, gets going, fools with, sent off, sticking to, in-habiting, in-fringed, was remiss, un fixes, overleaped, was absorbed in, keeping truckin, cut it out, un occupied, most fractured, un-completed, re-sting, took time, in-sincere, art in vain, nevered cease, dis-integrated, stem from, saw light, most vacated, cut, turn ones hand to, being derived, in adequate, packs in, de-vote, found wanting, eliminate, dis banded, hangs in, dragging feet, moves out, re signed, un intelligent, Overpassed, pro tracts, lays on table, took out, sur face, hooking up, unfurnished, re spited, art born, be-dogged, fall flat, put ice, being in vain, dis-appear, showing disrespect, re-commences, re-assuming, more fragmented, sur rendering, un finished, specific, re-capitulate, down at heel, de rived, laugh off, de-part, un-shaven, suspend, hit the ground running, be taken cleaners, sweated it out, pro-duces, giving try, most spastic, pre faces, taking hike, gets ball rolling, got oneself into, sees in alley, returning to, gets better, with holds, dragging ones feet, waits around, re viewing, making beginning, live on, keeps going, procrastinate, turns back on, more ineffective, in substantial, re established, outstayed, re assumes, over-leaps, un juster, unshorn, coming to light, bide time, hitting ground running, most halfdone, bring into being, re press, going in smoke, is negligent, more marred, settling up, dis figured, un inhabited, burying head in sand, fallen apart, am vain, imperfect, qualified, up-held, go in smoke, coldshoulder, fall in to, sets motion, Roosted, under-estimating, de scend, dis-courteous, look the other way, see in the alley, come to an end, putting on shelf, clumsy, keep at arms length, keeping at arm's length, in-crease, takes over, de-pends, dis-honored, made active, wert in vain, take walk, not enough, most half done, in duces, fell flat, hangs hat, went out front, un shaped, slowed up, more depthless, Unfix, under taken, went on slowly, is defeated, wast oblivious to, leaved town, settle up, gives run around, ignore, more disintegrated, un-pressed, bangs away at, nevers cease, more browbeaten, more smattery, art vain, bring rear, making a comeback, un shaven, most infringed, close ones doors, are found lacking, laid foundation for, getting well, being cleaned out, de-votes, short, being absorbed in, in vested, de-lay, trailblazed, buries one's head sand, pre-fixing, Inched, sticks around, take the lead, inter-fere, trails behind, coming to naught, am quiescent, lead to, un cultured, set up shop, onedimensional, gat on the wagon, go in for, lays over, boondoggling, out-stay, linger, inter-pose, lived with, un-availing, seeing the alley, running aground, in ducts, Tented, unfit, went ahead, most disheartened, dally, stiffed, out of whack, un-intelligible, paying no mind, pitch tent, get oneself in to, up-spring, coming to nothing, inactivates, called day, close down, distract, skin deep, is absorbed in, re-side, fall into, in sincerest, beginning where left off, laying foundation, got show road, breaks word, bides time, inactivate, signing on, throwaway, most unpressed, discontinue, de scends, wert born, in-apter, pro longs, turns ones hand to, re taken, be defeated, falling short, are born, being derelict, in-stating, turns deaf ear to, made light of, in-operable, wast taken the cleaners, art long, de-barring, make headway, un-equal, dis integrated, gives the cold shoulder to, are behind, un-fashioned, hadst try, out stayed, letted it go, Embarking, going out in front, went to the wall, discriminate, putting down roots, breaks the seal, keeps at arm's length, out lived, held over, opens up, stuck at, keep arm's length, giving the run around, cold-shouldering, Faulting, was pendent, comes to naught, begins where one left off, brambly, closes one's doors, coming away, turned back on, dis-honors, more rent, bottom-of-barrel, puts on the cuff, de-scends, Instituting, pass time, in-creases, hits the ground running, out lasted, turns a blind eye, break down, being behind, come to naught, give a whirl, went the wall, by passes, dis-sever, bring up rear, getting going, nesting, un furnished, showing way, lay the table, de canting, make ones home, encountering difficulty, sews up, un fairest, signed up, gives slip, make light of, abortive, re starting, take the plunge, come nothing, keep house, in considerable, reduced, turning one's hand to, pre faced, gotten on with it, up-holding, hanged ones hat, set going, keep on, dwell, trailblazes, dis honored, more miscarried, went in for, un-juster, devote to, by-passes, put on shelf, closes ones doors, un fixed, more part-way, art taken to the cleaners, most without, un justest, were behind, takes the plunge, re-buffs, were demoted, re pressed, closes down, take hike, inefficient, Pretermitting, giving slip, took the cure, de spoiled, puts the shelf, lost sight of, in activated, kicking off, un critical, more muttered, out stay, hung one's hat, dis criminatory, puts a stop to, wast dilatory, de-creases, sends off, make beginning, break word, re possesses, scraggy, comes nothing, took no notice, broke ones word, in-sipid, falls short, most retracted, were pendent, shallow, poked along, re-start, bringing into being, hanged one hat, lag, exact, slows up, calling it day, puts the cuff, dis-crete, out lining, more burst, leaving hanging, making run at, walked out, inter-posing, devotes oneself to, runs on, gives cold shoulder to, call day, showing the way, get no place fast, turning deaf ear, pre-supposed, re occupy, am dilatory, awkward, more blustering, turned deaf ear, turns one's hand to, re-assume, down at the heel, living on, more frazzled, make a beginning, intermit, re-capitulates, tuning out, are pendent, skip out on, more halfdone, took leave, incapable, wast taken to cleaners, jumped in to, re-covering, re institute, mis carried, are quiescent, started the ball rolling, took hike, un-performed, took first step, out-stayed, dis appoints, pro-mote, lies in wait, re-institute, un-corking, be dogs, Overdrawn, art dilatory, gat things rolling, stemming from, got feet wet, put back burner, called it a day, spring up, spoil, bringing an end, stopt over, going broke, dis appearing, has hand in, most lemon, jumps in to, went bankrupt, gets show on road, with-draw, went up smoke, tear in to, out kilter, un-fixing, joining up, letting it go, came end, de-canted, bring to an end, Scanting, most warped, more asperous, dis honors, were remiss, being vain, under-estimates, re-commencing, over-drew, with-drew, tees off, break one word, sets up shop, un fairer, be behind, going on with, most imprecise, wert demoted, blinks at, are in vain, was demoted, dis-courages, breaks one's word, under taking, came naught, came in to being, re opened, in-creased, Unprecise, goes away, Perdure, brought an end, re coil, un-mannerly, begin business, dis crete, re-stores, become involved in, sewed up, re-signed, de crease, being taken cleaners, quits cold, re-tiring, Re sign, wast pendent, sees alley, continue, de pressed, haddest nothing to do with, follows scent, un qualified, gat well, lose shirt, dis banding, in stated, uncorked, smack middle, gets one feet wet, more unshaven, tearing into, are long, with-hold, break out, sign up, dis membered, Bunking, coming an end, dis engage, lays foundation for, dis appears, calling day, un-hewn, got going, up-staging, most miscarried, getting ball rolling, more tamed, de pends, amateur, Intermitting, breaking one's word, up stage, re establishes, teeing off, took ones time, re opening, re strict, see in alley, get oneself into, running out on, usher in, Remanding, wast descended, walking through it, more half-assed, most outline, wast cleaned out, goes downhill, most part-way, keeping distance, taking a walk, turns blind eye, de-fraud, forged ahead, untutored, is demoted, not finish, down the heel, jump in to, de faulted, am careless, were irresponsible, hang hat, give impulse, missed the boat, de tach, flawed, post-pone, came forth, dropping bundle, left flat, un-retentive, individual, embarked up on, un-kempter, make comeback, dis-carding, apply oneself, get on with it, uncorks, more retracted, kicking over, de laying, un civil, put down roots, un-furnished, turn back on, holding phone, untried, staying put, shows disrespect, putting back burner, rude, went bust, de voting, re-buffing, was cleaned out, in creases, hang one's hat, fractured, slight, sending off, be negligent, mitigated, come apart, go in to chapter 11, drag feet, hath nothing do with, singular, re-possessing, empty, un refined, holding over, sticking at, tried on for size, un-structured, be dilatory, most ruffled, wast ruined, revving, puts ice, pitching in to, put stop to, looks the other way, unqualified, take up, torn into, hast a hand in, wert long, gets on with it, Roomed, set in motion, makes light of, un consummated, plays waiting game, wert vain, more unwrought, is irresponsible, burying ones head in sand, beginning over, passed up, leads off, de-spoiled, leading up to, un equal, pitches into, make run at, are taken the cleaners, hanging hat, in-duce, unfitted, got things rolling, bottom of barrel, more ruptured, more mumbled, hit the skids, gotten well, un couples, get going, more throwaway, de-camping, under construction, re instated, pro-roguing, drop bundle, up-staged, is quiescent, in-activated, re buffs, divert, un-productive, green, dis appointed, crude, un-indifferent, un-executed, dis-cover, bag it, lay table, out-lasted, un kemptest, going forward, be dog, sets out on, pre mise, keep truckin, loses out, stretching out, give the run around, break seal, re-coil, unshaven, most uncompleted, ruin, in-duct, go to the wall, bang away at, smack in the middle, loses time, carried over, most nodular, keep one's distance, went into chapter 11, turn one's hand to, un interested, comes in to existence, hast nothing to do with, embark upon, pre-cede, most crossgrained, build, taking cure, falling in to, leads to, re covered, coming end, lay foundation, re gains, am long, bringing to an end, kicking the habit, play for time, stick at, sur renders, un structured, was defeated, get one feet wet, un feeling, under took, uncertain, up-hold, went out business, hanging down, be-dogging, ex tract, setting out, took upon oneself, holds the fort, more crossgrained, going slowly, in-nocent, comes away, got on the wagon, Rooming, re gaining, embark up on, more pulverized, badly dressed, went on with, in-stated, be in vain, lay on table, is in vain, de-tain, un-formed, more humbled, put shelf, lets pass, stuck to, going bankrupt, drop back, pre facing, getting on the wagon, wast negligent, was in vain, join up, dis-appointed, has a try, dis-appearing, come into being, are absorbed in, re-opening, goes on with, sub scribing, in-clement, most despoiled, pre possessed, getting one feet wet, most unconsummated, hit bottom, staid out, half way, dis-covering, needy, taking plunge, more battered, let pass, with holding, were descended, puts shelf, re-taking, burying head sand, comes to an end, be-reft, up springs, gotten show on road, moving ahead, is vain, meets with disaster, runs along, was derived, is found lacking, dis-connecting, dis-integrates, re signs, re gain, overleapt, keeps ones distance, re store, in cite, un-available, rough and ready, Defalcated, phoning in, falling into, more band aid, treated with contempt, play in to, puts end to, return to, trailing behind, stems from, be demoted, has done with, stiffs, dis associating, had hand in, devote oneself to, bearish, banging away at, on shelf, said goodbye, lose sight of, on surface, de-faulting, ignorant, treating with contempt, cold-shoulders, de fraud, wast quiescent, came into being, new, makes tick, re-coiled, were delayed, un-fixes, bring the rear, breaking ground, keeping at arms length, in duct, sur-ceases, taking out after, calling it a day, dis continued, buried head sand, dis-counts, re-buffed, are careless, un sound, go into, in vests, carried forward, brought into being, is delayed, gives the run around, met with disaster, gets one's feet wet, junkest, lying wait, set in, dis-covers, biding time, tunes out, was taken the cleaners, re storing, under-taking, pro-longing, plays a waiting game, pays no attention to, brake word, triggering, crops up, follow a scent, stretches out, dis-interested, saw in the alley.

Usage examples for complete

  1. She looked round at us both; being evidently as complete a stranger to my fair companion as she was to me. – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  2. And yet I confess that I'd like to give them a complete case when they come. – Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  3. You think you've got him complete? – Mr. Waddington of Wyck by May Sinclair

Quotes for complete

  1. I like films to be complete in their written form.
  2. The world began without man, and it will complete itself without him.
  3. Nothing which is true or beautiful or good makes complete sense in any immediate context of history; therefore we must be saved by faith.
  4. Our nature consists in motion; complete rest is death.
  5. I won't miss Grissom. It was a complete life for me that's reached its end, and it's reached it in the right way, I think. So I won't miss Grissom. And I hope that the audience won't miss him either.

Rhymes for complete