Pronunciation of Move
/mˈuːv/, /mˈuːv/, /m_ˈuː_v/

Antonyms for move

gave trust, untroubling, sees to, taking edge, play to, wast residence, delay, holding over, putting to rights, taking a break, un fold, take a seat, is big about, wert on feet, set to rights, place, being comfortable, came to decision, un-earths, warming a chair, untwisted, re-sting, dis tribute, was expressed by, softpedal, hung ones hat, took time, puts on airs, dummies up, stay up for, hanged up ones hat, ex-tending, am comfortable, out staying, placing in formation, Paused, Re-collect, take a break, stay put, infix, un-ravel, hostelled, un bending, un snarl, hangs onto your hat, be contained in, park, stuck to, re-presses, pre sent, Indwelt, keeps truckin, art contained in, simmers down, hang up hat, be intrinsic to, un-coiled, hanged onto hat, hadst a seat, setting order, dis-embarked, base, sits out, Imbedded, stayed out, hung one's hat, dis embarking, fore-saw, un-troubled, dialing back, re calibrated, is dependent, flew down, grand stands, slow, routined, plopped down, Lasted, making certain, dragging ones feet, de-riving, bide one's time, drag feet, are supported, de-livers, pro fesses, set in order, was command, in vest, watch for, drop, over hauling, have a seat, ex tended, be long lived, de-creasing, dragging one feet, fore seeing, pours oil on, unburdened, am contained in, is expressed by, in-vesting, art timeless, be erect, putting straight, co ordinate, steadied, be calm, de trains, Cantoning, forge ahead, Domiciliating, decreased volume, un-bends, were seated on, fore-see, sweating it, wert feet, kept on truckin, deposit, be on feet, quarter, re-clines, taking as, are seated on, made ones home, goofed around, are comfortable, make fast, make headway, de fine, keeps on truckin', grabbed chair, cool off, bided one's time, tripped over, let go, decline, gave in trust, re-strains, puts it there, takes it easy, bides one time, un bend, pre-vails, drags one feet, puts in to order, being long lived, unsnarl, live, wert intrinsic to, giving precedence, dis posed, re-warding, standing by, was situated, re-dressed, halt, come decision, lies in wait, haddest a seat, put in to order, be quiet, button lip, over-hauling, un-raveling, bivouacs, coming to conclusion, wast established, put lid on, freezing to, art supported, lie down, compensates for, unbends, lullabied, stoppage, staying out, re-mained, re paired, de-liver, puts down roots, Bunking, gotten with it, in stalling, stick to, art intrinsic to, re strained, detrained, stick around, keep the ball rolling, put hold, de-fining, be seated on, inactivate, compel, in activated, smokes out, make, re ached, put down for, taking a seat, sub-merges, inaction, take ten, cessation, drags ones feet, happening upon, sat through, up holding, retreat, salve, take up residence, keep ball rolling, stand by, re-spites, dis-covers, in stilling, lighting upon, putting right, putting a lid on, gives precedence, un-coiling, sub-merged, de liver, with stands, saving it, stumbling on, in sert, be-stows, is comfortable, be ease, in-activates, hog tie, locate, re-lying, under-pinning, streamlines, kept shirt on, turns around, re dresses, Wedging, takes seat, are based, un-snarled, am long lived, re-conditions, stick at, come, out lives, snuggle up, un-earthed, makes plumb, slacked off, composes oneself, comes a conclusion, wast based, come agreement, staying on, is seated on, were in residence, keeping on, un lax, inhabit, is ease, saved it, slacks off, compose oneself, shake off, take the edge, strook attitude, are quiet, re assured, be upheld, dummying up, wast seated on, hang up ones hat, dis-tributes, takes the sting out, Concentered, kept on truckin', come to a conclusion, gets on with it, hanged ones hat, hung in there, sits down, re conditioning, were contingent, pro posed, un-troubling, de-planing, in-dwelt, pro-pounding, drags one's feet, was vertical, sitting on, made ready, lying by, fly down, look for, Cantoned, gives feet rest, living in, button ones lip, taking a place, hold the fort, sticks to, sized up, out-staying, stay on, put a front, made home, could it, de-clines, hanged onto your hat, un coils, takes life easy, dragoon, re assure, buttoning down, live with, de-laying, inhere, laid back, bode time, holds everything, under pins, pro-positioned, taking life easy, wear on, put place, are upheld, be timeless, putting there, pro positions, concenter, detrains, fore-sees, doest justice, have place, snuggling up, lays ones hands on, hanged hat, putting a crimp in, dis-charges, hang in, tenanted, curl up, am situated, hitting up on, dis embark, playing to, held on, detraining, hang up one's hat, puts to rights, bides one's time, formalized, pinning down, rest with, being on feet, pose, wast seated, are founded, filling time, unbent, formalizes, are in command, am timeless, strike a pose, un-wound, Riveted, re pressed, canning it, pitch, entrammeling, losing time, hung up ones hat, being established, makes one's home, pick upon, zeroing in, lived in, set home, in-forming, pre-sents, am at ease, put vertical, de-trains, smooth over, hostelling, was residence, sweats it, zeroing on, smartens up, bedding down, be-calm, de-planes, lick in to shape, lying down, re-assured, comes a decision, shapes up, seated oneself, takes time out, got on with it, putting up front, de posits, grabbing chair, obligate, bunked out, having a place, stay over, co-ordinate, dis-covered, await, give up, did justice, staying in, un raveling, be left, slacking off, regularized, art found in, pro-moting, is erect, with-stand, smooth down, wind down, out-last, comes an agreement, pressed on, bunk out, taking sting out, typecasting, put, looked for, re strains, is feet, stays behind, ground, downed, wast intrinsic to, be-longs, pre-vailed, sit through, taking load off, un-raveled, gotten on with it, plant, making straight, fetch up, in-heres, dying down, grab chair, be found in, straightens out, lie wait, being ease, out-living, give feet rest, art seated, stays over, domiciliates, lying low, held over, keep, stays out, sedating, seat oneself, hang out, trips over, gave feet a rest, form judgment, living with, rides out, bode ones time, put crimp in, de-training, un curls, wert command, bivouacking, un earths, re-spiting, re-dresses, shape up, get going, putting in place, setting to rights, de lay, cooled out, wast situated, wert seated on, keep house, re straining, cramping style, de training, iced, hung up hat, de rive, leave alone, lay back, take place, GIMPS, loses time, laying away, be big about, does justice, uncurl, re warding, look forward to, places in formation, gives trust, hold down, co aching, in-habit, are situated, held in, abide, strike pose, wears well, de-plane, out-stay, putting up with, un-ravelled, were founded, re pair, stood still, putting perpendicular, am in command, lost time, calm, were situated, being situated, re-sides, in habited, in activating, surcease, put on airs, un winding, un-earth, un-winding, be valid, indwell, Idled, wast contingent, puts an end to, be-long, cooled off, am quiet, in-activate, tooled, inactivates, jump up, un-folds, hanging up ones hat, be residence, looks after, fore saw, remained standing, un burdened, have a place, made nice, streamline, unsnarled, stop over, hanging up one's hat, un-covering, takes a nap, be command, in-stilling, meets with, holding the fort, playact, inactivity, Domiciling, takes five, took five, turn around, puts straight, was vested, were responsible for, out-lasts, dis-embarks, un-burden, puts place, cramped one's style, laid away, sticks around, dragging one's feet, comes to agreement, give feet a rest, rigidifying, clams up, turning around, re-lax, re stored, Billeting, inertia, warming chair, pro long, making decision, holds it down, fore-seen, carries forward, winds down, dial back, lies low, wert located, stop, hung hat, de bugs, had a seat, are located, put a crimp in, easing up, take easy, is residence, hangs one's hat, looked forward to, de fining, art quiet, are expressed by, smoothing over, dis covering, art comfortable, putting feet up, de-bugged, Cinched, arrive, in-activated, stays up for, in dwell, tuning down, detrain, pre-vail, wert contained in, dis-charging, decreasing volume, making one home, quieted down, made up for, happened up on, picking upon, ran on, kept truckin', uncoils, hang hat, nevers say die, freezes to, re-posed, didst justice, re pairing, peacock, striking a pose, de creasing, pre pare, un-coils, cramp one style, re press, cramps one style, carries through, be-stow, were feet, ease up, was located, drag ones feet, sitting through, comes to conclusion, dis-embark, come to a decision, pro pounding, gat no place fast, button down, zeroing in on, hangs one hat, in forming, pre vailed, eases up, hanged up one hat, re solve, up-held, in-stalled, planks down, be feet, setting down, wast feet, pro-posing, Entrammel, in here, filibustered, de-train, Peopling, canst it, take the edge off, is quiet, cool it, Gluing, sit down, un-snarls, takes edge, struck a pose, has no end, de livers, de-livered, un twists, shutdown, re-conditioning, lay down, putting order, deplanes, de fines, are contingent, set upright, tabbing, makes for, live in, Tenanting, balmed, rested with, in-graining, takes place, sat out, makes camp, hanged in there, lie by, are erect, over-hauls, ending, wast left, stayed over, putting with, sedates, stayed for, cramping ones style, deactivate, makes decision, un-curling, made plumb, seeing to, having seat, hangs up hat, are in residence, ex-tends, re-assure, cunning it, put airs, gimped, in-stilled, dis charge, put front, in habit, plunk down, tenting, put in order, puts rights, pick up on, hanging one hat, Roosted, smartened up, dis-charge, un ravelling, has a seat, de-rive, winded down, got going, re constructed, re-cline, dis-embarking, goofs around, hadst no end, carry forward, keeps the ball rolling, de positing, de-scend, un curling, with standing, Domiciled, pro-motes, entrammeled, take a place, over hauled, lies wait, uncurled, de crease, hang around, co ached, re-assures, dragged ones feet, gimping, art valid, make home, dieing down, plops down, licking into shape, out-stays, be stow, remain standing, out living, re storing, came an agreement, re maining, zeroed on, de-crease, keeping on truckin', curling up, comes to decision, lived on, regression, bunks out, in-habits, un raveled, hold over, untwist, stayed behind, un covered, am based, re side, bode one's time, were intrinsic to, smarten up, sorting out, pitch tent, un-twists, taking ten, compensating for, enter, lay ones hands on, keep truckin, are valid, un-ravels, re pairs, puts on hold, anticipate, de-lay, de-fined, is located, un wound, make for, took a break, re-strain, in form, being intrinsic to, holding fort, hath a seat, are residence, occupy, un-trouble, clammed up, stick, wearing well, lays hands on, sub merging, lick into shape, de-bugs, un-burdens, in fixing, strike an attitude, take nap, established oneself, bided ones time, sub-sides, forming judgment, up holds, lays away, comes agreement, wert found in, un-folding, un-curled, laid down, are timeless, fiddled with, stillness, re pose, lays down, in-grains, hung in, rivetted, being vested, set out, holds fort, taking root, am seated, staid put, sitting out, dissuade, pro longs, re-pairing, watched for, lay hands on, cramping one's style, lies still, out live, re spites, held the fort, de-pended, forges ahead, entrammels, were supported, took load off, plays up to, gives moral support, was timeless, jumps up, striking pose, setting up home, constrain, untroubles, smelling out, clamming up, re-mains, in stalled, is vested, gat going, died down, tenders, am left, hanged one's hat, was in residence, plop down, move to, sate up for, keeping the ball rolling, tripping over, am vertical, keeps on truckin, making plumb, zero in, dull, take edge off, takes care of, takes the sting out of, in graining, having a seat, is contained in, hanging onto hat, in-grained, holding the phone, indwells, coming conclusion, took root, un snarls, be-longed, unbend, discontinuance, patch things up, stay behind, re-solves, under pin, imbeds, dis embarks, keeping ball rolling, strikes an attitude, hanging up hat, makes headway, be calming, recalibrate, be based, come to conclusion, holds down, sits for, in habiting, keeps on, tranquilize, standing still, taking one's time, be dependent, sweat out, happen upon, throw down, in-stall, wert ease, takes a load off, wast found in, concenters, putting down roots, taking the edge, set straight, pro-longed, over-haul, pitched tent, setting guidelines, in-dwell, hath no end, takes bite out of, put straight, sat down, setting in order, holding it down, takes the edge, puts in line, Rooming, lights upon, snuggled up, walk, am responsible for, pre-sent, lullabying, cramped one style, deplaning, licking in to shape, taking easy, took place, be vested, de-scending, in fix, unsnarls, making home, took the edge, hanged up hat, haddest place, forging ahead, wearing on, strook pose, is situated, lays one hands on, hang one's hat, sticking at, planking, wert vested, sweated it, is based, de-bugging, lay in wait, stay for, ex-tend, took the edge off, dialling back, settling down, were contained in, am big about, puts feet up, goofing around, staying up for, de-pending, grand standing, being quiet, moving to, pro-longing, hangs hat, canned it, took seat, wert in command, ex tend, are feet, normalizing, haddest no end, taking nap, are seated, taking ones time, de scending, strikes pose, peacocking, stays in, doing justice, linger, Co-ordinates, comes to a decision, zeroed in on, are contained in, make certain, sweat it, re dressing, licks into shape, bottomed, makes straight, decrease, Tented, being upheld, line up, make ready, up-holding, un-twisted, looks for, being contained in, in fixed, in dwelt, with-stands, giving trust, art in command, dis charges, sticking around, cooling out, is founded, laying hands on, was left, de pend, art feet, moving ahead, re main, up-holds, sets to rights, sits up for, inertness, takes the edge off, is command, de-creases, resting with, hanging in, putting up a front, drowse, in stilled, played to, moves ahead, Drowsed, in activates, puts in order, pitching tent, sat up for, hung one hat, made straight, am ease, am contingent, art big about, laying ones hands on, re-aching, be contingent, make out like, took residence, makes certain, had a place, being big about, coming an agreement, was on feet, hanged up one's hat, be comfortable, re spite, putting airs, make ones home, re-dressing, being in residence, make plumb, re-sided, put rights, take a nap, lay, over haul, unlaxed, un coiled, staid in, sub due, clean up, making for, wound down, de trained, took break, getting going, sweated out, re condition, perdures, held everything, making a decision, take seat, forms judgment, wast supported, was based, come a decision, decrease volume, peacocked, was seated on, having place, un-folded, grand stand, settled down, de scends, making ready, laying down, keep on, suppress, do justice, sit up for, coming agreement, un burden, being seated on, playing up to, unbended, took bite out of, touching down, make straight, hitting upon, Cataloguing, de rives, keeping truckin', de train, looking forward to, second, in-fixes, art long lived, am command, be calmed, am valid, lay by, wert residence, un snarled, set guidelines, out lasted, putting vertical, cleans up, quiet down, were expressed by, sate down, hinder, wert long lived, holds over, hanged there, strook a pose, comes to an agreement, sets in order, wast command, be-calms, out-stayed, rests with, pinned down, coerce, wast on feet, takes sting out, being dependent, hanging up one hat, zero on, co-ached, drowsing, bides time, warmed chair, un coil, puts airs, stuck at, lapse, hold phone, nevers cease, puts in place, take a load off, doeth justice, sub-due, hang in there, hast place, put there, lying still, staid out, stand, Bivouacked, un-winds, becalm, over hauls, sets straight, de-pends, quieting down, whip in to shape, put feet up, strike attitude, re mains, Disciplining, hanging one's hat, am on feet, strikes attitude, be stowed, sitting up for, were command, being at ease, de scend, failure, out lasting, staying for, eased up, took ten, keeping shirt on, hold everything, Billeted, put up front, taking it easy, hosteling, be established, refreshing oneself, press on, took edge off, whipped into shape, compensate for, comes to a conclusion, intro-duces, re gards, is vertical, laying back, come a conclusion, quiet, puts a front, un ravel, de-fines, come conclusion, simmered down, plunking down, in vested, being contingent, un-troubles, sticked around, licked in to shape, re conditions, were vertical, drag one feet, puts hold, rode out, made fast, ride out, re-pressing, dis-cover, normalized, take root, order, re store, was comfortable, being in command, wast vested, pro-pounds, rigidifies, un cover, un-snarling, hanging in there, stretching out, lied in wait, inactivated, gat with it, take residence, am residence, re-calibrate, took edge, stock up, de pending, lied wait, be in command, made a decision, has a place, were timeless, be calms, take the sting out, was responsible for, save it, play up to, were found in, be stows, glued, take sting out of, sticking to, pro-fess, holding phone, sub sided, keeps house, are big about, staid behind, sedated, carry through, taking bite out of, pause, cleaned up, taking a nap, sets rights, lied still, eased off, stands by, made out like, bunking out, shutoff, button one lip, art founded, stood by, biding one's time, composed oneself, stocks up, sandbag, ex tending, coming to agreement, rivetting, re-pose, staying over, co ordinates, regularizing, make one home, station, was seated, held phone, rank, re sided, perch, art vested, taking five, in-stalling, pre vailing, be long, put up with, wear well, re-strained, oppose, be in residence, has place, sit out, being left, Valuing, pro pounded, came to conclusion, seat, happen up on, beds down, re-main, oblige, stumbled on, up-hold, un-earthing, stopped over, untwists, was intrinsic to, consist, coming to a conclusion, takes a place, curls up, whipping in to shape, wast at ease, wait, wert situated, sit for, hangs up one hat, warmed a chair, motionlessness, pins down, stays for, strikes a pose, easing off, re strain, tooling, puts crimp in, pro pose, pre pares, cools it, ensconce, made one home, set, de-rived, re clines, is supported, out-lasted, hangs in, in hering, were long lived, making ones home, was supported, made decision, bivouac, die down, un wind, be longing, re-gard, grabs chair, hast no end, re presses, re-collected, gotten going, Imbedding, pro-longs, over-hauled, Perdure, smartening up, put down as, steadying, lying wait, de creased, be vertical, put an end to, hang up one hat, picked up on, Roosting, Concentering, were residence, dis pose, coming to a decision, under-pinned, puts a lid on, wast upheld, re-conditioned, recalibrated, can it, laid hands on, hangs in there, took nap, un-twisting, runs on, re cline, typecasts, watching for, lining up, immobility, lives on, pro-long, put a lid on, were established, staying behind, outstays, dis tributes, intro duces, intro duce, wast erect, taking a load off, un curled, Allying, grand-stands, dis charging, give precedence, put aside, out-lasting, taking edge off, am erect, kept truckin, co-aching, re conditioned, hanged in, cooling off, put perpendicular, de livering, establishes oneself, pro-fesses, being found in, putting hold, sate through, art located, re aching, kept house, in dwells, come to an agreement, in-grain, sorts out, am upheld, make up for, de posit, stops over, normalize, was contained in, carried forward, sweated it out, sits on, smooths over, de planes, makes ready, wast in command, keeping on truckin, hung onto hat, re-constructs, never say die, carried through, typecast, repose, sub merges, un-bended, taking the edge off, keeping house, uncoil, grand-standing, plank down, re-solving, put into order, were comfortable, were seated, with-standing, Roomed, in-fix, put it there, put by, buttoned down, dis embarked, straighten out, reside, being valid, smell out, being located, de-livering, gat on with it, confront, be stowing, prevent, biding ones time, biding time, pouring oil on, am established, come to agreement, Housed, remain, art command, sits through, is established, de posited, was at ease, am located, art in residence, takes root, fills time, hang one hat, life, puts front, be expressed by, stretch out, re collected, takes load off, unlaxes, dis charged, misbehave, run on, art situated, make decision, pro-pounded, wears on, re calibrates, wert in residence, are intrinsic to, nevering cease, haddest seat, are left, out stay, un trouble, putting lid on, sub sides, coming decision, dialed back, call shots, bide ones time, tenant, straightened out, came agreement, staid over, de-lays, took a seat, are established, putting down as, cool out, stayed up for, taking up residence, nevering say die, putting down for, hast a place, pro-pose, un curl, are command, touch down, de livered, de-posit, re pressing, holds phone, seating oneself, puts there, de riving, take one time, sets up home, holds the phone, came a conclusion, un ravelled, un-lax, is timeless, rigidified, forged ahead, remains standing, hangs up one's hat, lodge, be founded, Bottoming, re dress, wore on, came to a decision, stay, stocking up, dishearten, is found in, is in residence, un-curl, in-vested, stand still, re-straining, puts order, giving in trust, took the sting out, pre vails, sweats it out, take bite out of, be-calmed, smoothed over, was established, blackjack, re-paired, held fort, art residence, lay low, wert comfortable, have seat, cools out, un snarling, un-cover, takes edge off, set down, put with, grabs a chair, putting upright, pro posing, cramps one's style, domiciliate, out-lives, de plane, were located, smells out, live on, nested, wert expressed by, pin down, dummied up, dis-posed, Planked, stuck around, un burdens, is responsible for, coming a decision, persists in, warm a chair, laying one hands on, stands still, sets out, dragging feet, places formation, placed formation, art dependent, wert supported, take the bite out of, dis cover, patches things up, re-collecting, coming a conclusion, was contingent, puts up front, turn off, was found in, hold on, de rived, were erect, bode one time, look after, de bug, hangs ones hat, took a load off, couldst it, un ravels, held down, being timeless, are on feet, in activate, carrying through, puts perpendicular, remaining standing, de pended, haddest a place, lighted up on, sub dues, played up to, being responsible for, re-solved, discourage, picking up on, establishing oneself, be supported, unburdens, wert erect, lay away, in-sert, came to an agreement, un folded, rid out, wert upheld, sets home, sate on, sitting for, sub-dues, be located, in-dwells, sizes up, soothe, wast big about, right, looked after, re collecting, bide time, smelled out, uncurling, took ones time, un covers, are dependent, smoothed down, carrying forward, smoked out, puts end to, re sting, be-stowed, out stays, laid one's hands on, un-ravelling, wast located, cools off, flying down, drowses, dies down, un coiling, un-twist, pro longing, pro-pound, ex tends, untrouble, wast in residence, fall under, intro-duce, de-rives, taking place, Formalizing, putting line, under pinned, move ahead, smoking out, taking seat, art contingent, downing, Cinching, routining, lines up, lay one hands on, riding out, bed down, lived with, pre-pared, un troubled, stagnation, comes decision, hits upon, in-habiting, expect, re mained, disciplined, fix, had place, regularize, taking one time, are vertical, de-cline, cooled it, set order, takes ones time, coming to decision, sub-merge, pre paring, came to a conclusion, out lived, cleaning up, giving moral support, drag one's feet, is on feet, puts vertical, art vertical, gave moral support, dialled back, ease off, taking the sting out, wast expressed by, pro-positions, plays to, living on, un-curls, Concerting, un folds, un-fold, took care of, setting home, taking time out, putting end to, puts upright, were left, takes time, setting straight, putting rights, making camp, re-siding, de fined, sets guidelines, dis posing, were valid, de-trained, took one time, get with it, was big about, taking the sting out of, cooling it, is left, plopping down, Regimenting, smooths down, decreases volume, taking break, un-bend, looking after, unburdening, hanged up, dis covered, lighting up on, being based, stretched out, re solves, sweating out, came decision, formed judgment, un twisting, putting in order, dials back, re-pairs, re lax, face, wert based, winding down, be-longing, vacationing, plunked down, puts line, made camp, presses on, grabbed a chair, shaping up, re-storing, re constructs, being expressed by, saves it, sets down, watches for, are responsible for, de pends, take off as, took sting out, hangs there, straighten, make one's home, makes up for, re construct, dis-posing, stumbles on, take as, lay one's hands on, re calibrate, put upright, lay wait, un covering, Domiciliated, art left, put line, Downs, cramp one's style, be-calming, wert dependent, re-stored, take edge, un-burdening, stay in, takes easy, fore sees, un burdening, de bugging, wast dependent, sat for, being residence, bedded down, taking care of, idleness, am expressed by, dally, pro-positioning, am dependent, take care of, un-bending, settles down, came conclusion, hold fort, puts into order, were quiet, peopled, hang up, re posed, takes sting out of, re-pair, dummy up, takes a break, moved to, am seated on, hanging hat, in-hering, re stores, froze to, be at ease, re warded, taking residence, am supported, perdured, hold in, pro positioning, de planing, light, dis-pose, tabbed, stayed put, cramped style, give moral support, takes break, were dependent, striking an attitude, re-dress, buttons down, sorted out, in habits, hung up one's hat, took sting out of, smoothing down, outstay, staid on, act out, took the sting out of, wert founded, was upheld, lights up on, art seated on, happening up on, set up home, whipt into shape, re siding, wast timeless, sate for, up hold, slumbering, taking off as, cramp ones style, happens up on, see to, tuned down, act up, be seated, holding in, was dependent, with stood, sub-merging, catalogued, under-pins, shut off, pre-pare, in-vest, de scended, uncoiled, balming, Grand-stand, are ease, deplaned, de planed, fiddles with, being feet, cramps ones style, hit up on, hang ones hat, compose, nesting, re-solve, de-creased, held the phone, struck pose, hold, keeps ball rolling, deplane, lull, stayed on, in vests, touched down, simmering down, rest, in grain, hanged one hat, cramp style, hobble, stopping over, pre vail, hadst seat, dis-charged, de creases, am vested, pre-paring, expiration, hanging up, compensated for, doth justice, hit upon, clam up, gets no place fast, lie still, re collect, wast quiet, nevered say die, trip over, put on hold, looking for, re-ached, wert left, termination, pro-mote, with stand, warms a chair, pro pounds, art upheld, takes residence, un-snarl, take five, uncurls, organize, un-covers, had seat, un folding, takes one's time, wert established, bide one time, has seat, put in line, re collects, take time out, sweat it out, re sides, being command, keeps truckin', out lasts, un-burdened, was valid, de-pend, turned around, de clines, set rights, regularizes, make a decision, kept on, wert contingent, re-warded, art responsible for, are at ease, un earthed, biding one time, gets going, bided one time, is at ease, repress, stayed in, unsnarling, under pinning, sub side, Garrisoning, hang there, lay still, still, keep truckin', lies down, was erect, cramps style, bide, Tendering, lied by, happens upon, coming to an agreement, settle, licks in to shape, plunks down, put order, up held, being erect, staid for, dis-covering, out stayed, come an agreement, was long lived, put to rights, are found in, un twist, dis-tribute, came a decision, refresh oneself, striking attitude, gave feet rest, being vertical, de laying, flies down, composing oneself, lit up on, zeroed in, took a nap, lied down, meet with, size up, put down roots, holds the fort, take the sting out of, spacing, re spited, searches out, light upon, hangs up ones hat, lose, picks upon, wert responsible for, de-bug, patched things up, re-stores, in-forms, filled time, wast founded, Slumbered, being seated, eases off, put end to, hold the phone, got no place fast, finish, planking down, giving feet a rest, un bends, sit on, sticks at, un earth, stopt over, took it easy, was founded, retrogress, sticked at, took a place, de-scended, lied low, hadst a place, pro fess, hadst place, dragged feet, Tendered, re-assuring, holds on, was in command, dost justice, fill time, whipped in to shape, come up on, ex-tended, dragged one feet, saw to, hung there, come to decision, be longed, tarry, in fixes, persist in, pro positioned, putting it there, came to agreement, whip into shape, de cline, quiets down, was quiet, de bugged, endure, refreshed oneself, be longs, search out, wert at ease, taking time, cramped ones style, taking sting out of, go along with, de lays, re-condition, stays on, underpin, getting no place fast, putting on hold, hanging onto your hat, sojourn, in forms, uncoiling, sort out, hogtie, take sting out, curled up, am intrinsic to, in-here, being founded, persisting in, un-bent, dragged one's feet, take time, re-lied, de-fine, hung up one hat, de-posits, cease, re-calibrates, makes ones home, sate out, re-constructing, being supported, pre pared, bided time, streamlining, re lying, dwell, settle down, met with, bides ones time, getting with it, in heres, struck attitude, making headway, lays back, smoke out, de-scends, out last, de-positing, refreshes oneself, placing formation, patching things up, gets with it, lie in wait, drags feet, took the bite out of, normalizes, recalibrating, wert quiet, be situated, was feet, perduring, sets upright, fore seen, takes a seat, takes as, re-side, setting rights, moves to, were on feet, keeps shirt on, art based, un winds, outstayed, are vested, keep shirt on, tolerate, comes conclusion, take load off, hangs onto hat, put up a front, art at ease, took up residence, Bunked, make camp, happened upon, whipping into shape, searching out, pro moting, setting out, Garrisoned, take one's time, de-posited, nevered cease, putting place, un bended, entrench, wert seated, never cease, de-planed, un-coil, takes up residence, be-stowing, be responsible for, continue, adjust, hold it down, stay out, push on, dis covers, untwisting, took off as, holds in, wast comfortable, wast contained in, in-vests, puts right, putting in to order, stays put, un bent, get no place fast, un earthing, staying put, pro position, holding down, stall, lighted upon, pour oil on, sweating it out, nailing down, lying in wait, take ones time, sticked to, keeping truckin, warm chair, picks up on, cramping one style.