Pronunciation of Wealthy
/wˈɛlθi/, /wˈɛlθi/, /w_ˈɛ_l_θ_i/

Antonyms for wealthy

more desolated, most crushed, un satisfactory, out of funds, discriminated against, dis-graceful, more derisory, most cut, in expensive, de-relict, more crashed, most plundered, in firmest, in red, most desolated, down the mouth, on the rocks, more working-class, in-considerable, in need, a slave to, finished, de solate, at one's beck and call, lacking, in-consequential, dis-liked, un moneyed, more plundered, wanting, unprosperous, de testable, failed, in-substantial, un costly, small scale, dis-advantaged, more underfoot, un-productive, de-faced, Homeless Persons, anguished, more disliked, most working-class, sub-normal, most derisory, in poorhouse, un-cultivated, at one's beck call, indebted, tapped out, more workingclass, most disliked, plebes, on the skids, in the poorhouse, at feet, most foreclosed, un happiest, most have-not, on the breadline, pint sized, out-cast, ex terminated, skimper, more abolished, skimpest, destitute, poor person, more cheapened, mini, ex-terminated, out of money, almsperson, more mini, pocketsized, devoid of, more anguished, un refined, most fordone, most low down, more collapsed, un-worthier, more unprosperous, Strapped, more unmoneyed, dis-possessed, buster, badly off, toyest, more defaced, totaled, at beck call, most unprosperous, fore-closed, dis liked, under foot, in adequate, most divested, person the street, runty, more hurting, shrimp, disadvantaged, be-reft, most subverted, in-adequate, de-testable, in firmer, most workingclass, in the gutter, bankrupts, in one clutches, pocket sized, pitiful, un-costly, most uncostly, most small-scale, pint-sized, flat broke, empty handed, down heel, homeless person, un-balanced, scurvy, ruined, de-solate, most unmoneyed, plebeian, more grieving, in dumps, in delicate, at one mercy, on downer, penniless, bustest, most empty-handed, more pauperized, more maltreated, too little too late, down-and-outs, more have-not, dis-reputable, un prosperous, most mistreated, in-sufficient, runtiest, most cutrate, scrimper, emptyhanded, most pillaged, low, more undid, in one pocket, small, shantiest, in-solvent, povertystricken, un distinguished, lowdown, down in mouth, stone-broke, stonebroke, more dispossessed, more moneyless, in solvent, most pocket-sized, at one's mercy, more emptyhanded, most pauperized, low grade, de relict, piddling, be reft, more racked, more tormented, more fortuneless, down mouth, un-fruitful, most pint sized, more ravaged, more havenot, poor, un generous, woeful, most commiserable, more low down, scrimpy, un productive, un-did, most underfoot, more lowborn, down out, gone under, most shot, bittiest, secondclass, most dispossessed, in great need; financially poor, more agonized, in dire circumstances, most collapsed, more suffering, de solated, most vagrant, un cultivated, proletarian, in debt, un welcome, shrimper, most botched, un lucky, de-valued, more pillaged, runtier, most devastated, prosiest, de pendent, most grieving, most ravished, most ravaged, in need of, most fortuneless, insolvent, in solvents, un-luckier, most pinched, miserable, more low-down, marked down, in-solvents, more cut, more vagrant, ill-starred, most beggared, un luckier, down last cent, more liquidated, de filed, outcast, most havenot, de valued, un-satisfactory, on last leg, more without, most hindered, most suffering, de-flowered, dis-honorable, most dwarfed, illstarred, de pressed, on a downer, mis treated, most cut rate, more subnormal, shrimpest, at one beck call, more impencunious, down to last cent, washed up, most small scale, dis tressed, most racked, behind eight ball, taken cleaners, pocket-sized, under privileged, at ones feet, under one's thumb, out cast, more stone broke, taken to cleaners, most without, dis contented, subpar, at one feet, most pint-sized, more suppressed, needy, de stroyed, in one's pocket, underdeveloped, un-lucky, poorer, indigent, more empty-handed, Indigents, un popular, more empty handed, down-and-out, more fleeced, under thumb, more totaled, under developed, more commiserable, un-developed, un luckiest, uncostly, in clutches, lousy, out money, more persecuted, common, more pinched, shantier, hackest, most have not, more subpar, more pocket sized, most anguished, bitty, on skids, most stone broke, down last penny, in gutter, most outcast, out funds, at one's feet, Fortuneless, at ones beck and call, de-filed, no good, dis advantaged, sub normal, ghostest, more hindered, bankrupt, dis graceful, most empty handed, led by the nose, under-developed, dis-contented, more subverted, low down, un-pretentious, poor persons, fore closed, moneyless, destitutes, most demolished, more arousing, un worthiest, more lowdown, un-generous, over come, most failed, un worthier, taken to the cleaners, un washed, most stone-broke, at ones beck call, most spoilt, most liquidated, more stone-broke, most niggardly, de-pendents, more shot, at mercy, more cut-rate, more proletarian, de pendents, most pocketsized, homeless people, un happy, poverty stricken, smallscale, de-pendent, under-foot, un-refined, most depreciated, out business, more annihilated, in complete, more robbed, in consequential, lowgrade, bittier, de spoiled, more demolished, more subjugated, cut-rate, dependents, in dire straits, Beggared, de flowered, broke, more depreciated, most extinguished, in-effectual, most working class, more pint sized, under dog, Unmoneyed, more crushed, plebe, Bankrupted, depressed, more outcast, most marred, stone broke, have not, more dwarfed, impoverished, most totaled, over barrel, lazarus, most lowborn, forlorn, at one beck and call, in ones power, un fortunate, un-important, illfated, down and outs, cut rate, havenot, most tyrannized, at beck and call, workingclass, most mini, in firm, beggarly, most agonized, most subpar, in substantial, more fordone, most abolished, un finished, more extinguished, deprived of, un sophisticated, characterless, Unconsequential, under sized, dis possessed, more failed, almspeople, second class, most lowdown, dis appointing, most low-down, in receivership, in one power, un-moneyed, dis honorable, niggardly, without dime, most tormented, un-distinguished, dirt poor, person in street, more slashed, in significant, in-fertile, un-worthiest, in effectual, rank file, in-disposed, un done, low-down, poverty-stricken, more ravished, most annihilated, in-firmer, pauper, dis-appointing, more cut rate, dis reputable, impecunious, taken the cleaners, in ones pocket, Commiserable, more devalued, more divested, sub-standard, derisory, most characterless, small-scale, most moneyless, paltry, most unconsequential, de-stroyed, at ones mercy, empty-handed, underprivileged, more spoilt, down to last penny, most devalued, insolvents, dis-tressed, person in the street, more extirpated, down and out, more working class, more unconsequential, almspersons, most persecuted, without a dime, poor people, ill starred, most arousing, on breadline, un happier, more foreclosed, dead broke, sub standard, un-prosperous, in pain, downtrodden, in-complete, more pint-sized, down at heel, under one thumb, unsuccessful, measly, un-finished, most subjugated, under ones thumb, more uncostly, more busted, played out, un worthy, lazaru, under-sized, in-expensive, more beggared, in want, cutrate, reduced, short, under-privileged, de faced, base, Fordone, mis-treated, un-happy, impencunious, most proletarian, hand-to-mouth, most tortured, failing, more tortured, ill fated, Toyer, more have not, most undid, scurvier, most stonebroke, more marred, un consequential, proletarians, most emptyhanded, in-delicate, miserably poor, un-consequential, more stonebroke, lowborn, de-solated, most crashed, most busted, most slashed, de-spoiled, most grovelling, truly needy, in considerable, deprived, person street, in power, on rocks, most pocket sized, working-class, un-fortunate, un-washed, straitened, most impencunious, un did, under-dog, more underdog, in-firmest, scurviest, scrimpiest, un fruitful, most despoiled, most maltreated, in disposed, pinched, scrimpest, more despoiled, cleaned out, most suppressed, de-pressed, most fleeced, in fertile, more devastated.