Pronunciation of Healthy
/hˈɛlθi/, /hˈɛlθi/, /h_ˈɛ_l_θ_i/

Antonyms for healthy

most dove like, unhealthful, more defaced, in-salubrious, more encumbered, more prostrated, mangled, un happiest, more untreated, more used-up, beat-up, be-draggled, un productive, most worn down, anti-pathetic, dis-tressed, pasty, unimportant, flattened out, fallen in, laid-low, most bone weary, most disheartened, precarious, in accurate, most sapless, most cut rate, Strengthless, illbred, more foreboding, more flawed, enervated, bedfast, un-moving, most deteriorating, most disfigured, off rocker, more ho hum, Incult, more tortured, miserable, most full flavored, un-promising, more dog-hungry, most lowset, more ground-level, more nothing, most encumbered, more disarmed, off color, low set, un civilized, most infected, more contaminating, more sweet tempered, flat on back, lamest, ill mannered, rockribbed, un cooked, un-cooked, green around gills, Icteric, more oversensitive, most disarmed, offcolor, young, un steadiest, dis-reputable, gimpier, more fine grained, un salutary, most velvety, zany, in-sensible, more hungering, un-friendly, un common, de stroying, more bendable, heart rending, low toned, un trieder, dog-hungry, more chafed, most dog hungry, more frazzled, in ill health, got bug, most viperish, more reasonless, dis-heartened, most hamstrung, most unpasteurized, fore boding, petrous, paralytic, exhausted, more hairline, un troubled, Viperish, more rheumatic, tipped over, un-improved, on the spot, more laid low, most contorted, malnourished, septic, most dog tired, scraggy, corpselike, flagitous, reedy, greenish-yellow, sapless, in sensate, low-lying, Shattery, lowtoned, most overpowered, lowset, more attenuate, most circumscribed, in smithereens, trivial, more pabulum, out-of-commission, under-weight, more petrous, gone seed, in pits, invalided, worn down, in flexible, most flipped-out, un-kemptest, most toppled, most uncostly, more robbed, un-healthy, more full-flavored, nutty as fruitcake, meager, unhygienic, un-common, in the gutter, un seemlier, more diplegic, most hair-trigger, most muted, most fagged, weatherbeaten, gluey, qualmiest, more lowborn, un justest, unfortunate, anguished, more out of commission, more necrotic, in commodious, Bummed, more rocklike, more wind-swept, in-sanest, foul-mouthed, uninclined, pro-nest, most ruffled, more undercooked, more infective, most untended, in effectual, schizo-phrenic, dis-quieted, declining, out action, dis-colored, most pubescent, more ill bred, most ripened, Miasmatic, down-at-the-heel, un-truer, most rough hewn, most death-dealing, anemic, un safest, most dog eared, quadriplegic, on thin ice, most untreated, glitched, most sprouting, more satiated, in cult, de solate, rattleboned, fagged, illfated, most corroding, sick, most crushing, trifling, scurvy, ruined, brutish, un-sound, more chiffon, in-salutary, Dudder, in-tenser, un ripest, most busted, weakened, de hydrated, most disquieted, more hampered, spastic, crampest, un comfortable, un-caring, more infected, not binding, un easier, un-luckier, un-inclined, out commission, lowborn, more hospitalized, un-kempter, more anile, most laid-low, mis tier, most usedup, more chicken, most unpromising, more tempered, more tender hearted, unsuitable, whitish, most dirty-minded, more lenitive, most greenish-yellow, ho-hum, undignified, nutty as a fruitcake, most blossoming, halter, carcinogenic, most emasculated, discontented, in sane, un luckiest, in curable, unsorted, all torn up, queer, sweet-tempered, more bedfast, twobit, most zero, windswept, un-predictable, more unfledged, more unconducive, un-stable, lunatic, most anile, de-pressed, de-generated, most bottom-of-barrel, un canny, swimmiest, sickest, not so hot, down in mouth, helpless, most bruised, most attenuate, more barnyard, more schizoid, un-fashioned, lowdown dirty, laid low, more gluelike, un-kempt, palsied, un-tended, murderous, Intumescent, most pabulum, insufficient, more polluted, most bleeding heart, peakier, reediest, diseased, most detained, measly, more certifiable, heart-rending, un-cultured, bottom most, rotten, singing the blues, ulcerated, mis-tier, most beat up, sick in the head, most fledgling, half-formed, in pain, dis tressed, most out-of-action, dogtired, crumby, more peckish, soft, most tender hearted, most stirred, undiscriminating, more unzipped, dis-eased, over-ripe, harmful baneful, out one's mind, un-juster, slummier, de railed, un-tried, more piano, busted up, more amazed, more understated, under cooked, more stalled, un dressed, smarting, in sufficient, un-pretentious, un-safest, out-raged, more hogtied, no go, tremorous, more curbed, most immured, more bone weary, most hungering, un-processed, most certifiable, most misused, be-numbed, harmful, indisposed, in-expensive, doughy, in-delicate, more zero, minute, more flatitious, most piqued, run-down, nominal, most beneath, greenish yellow, off ones rocker, in fertile, more low-down, feeling awful, more newborn, more rinkydink, weather beaten, Resultful, more unglued, un couth, most papery, more rookie, sallow, most buffeted, extremely bad, swimmier, un favorable, dove like, more whitish, more peeled, sclerotic, out of ones mind, more flagitous, dead tired, be neath, more verduous, out of mind, most finicking, gone to dogs, more low-hanging, most fine-grained, most bedfast, un-easier, more stirred, Mortiferous, most muttering, fatal, more warped, in-sane, more arthritic, un-justest, bankrupt, in-efficient, more swinish, in flamed, more developing, more down at the heel, unhappy, un eager, dirty minded, boskier, most grazed, most blemished, more full flavored, more tumbled, off one's feet, most crippling, most tortured, de graded, peckish, most half formed, most down at the heel, over-whelmed, dis heartened, most low lying, more ungraded, more half formed, unprosperous, most halfformed, death dealing, in firm, most worn-down, un thriving, more down-at-the-heel, un-settled, peaky, un canniest, more hohum, unsound, most scraped, papery, sweettempered, in-tensest, more low-lying, light-headed, flat, most truncated, de tailed, more dogeared, dilapidated, un-trained, more lowlying, fore-sighted, in congruous, pre carious, squattiest, in-securest, rock ribbed, most newborn, un-steadier, dis armed, more impugnable, more unsufficient, sealed up, out condition, atonic, most pullulating, de ranged, de-hydrated, un-fried, un cultured, playing with fire, Unsufficient, more dovelike, wind-swept, boylike, un-friedest, crippled, Physically Challenged, dis-ordered, cushiony, more libeling, unhealthy, pre judicial, more tender-hearted, most rattled, mis guided, gone to the dogs, like silk, more paraplegic, flat back, untended, most hogtied, down and out, un scrupulous, more fragile, most skin and bones, more cut rate, most resultful, un-kind, un-cannier, out-of-action, lowkey, uncostly, more lowset, more pestilent, greenishyellow, most lowbred, lowdown, de pressed, un conversant, in-experienced, dirty-minded, dying, hairtrigger, more murmured, Bankrupted, more used up, more lapidarian, disabled, un treated, un sufficient, most frazzled, most deadened, un-comfortable, dis-agreeable, mis-used, halt, more below, more skin-and-bones, more sprouting, be draggled, in disrepair, more maniac, more fullflavored, un worthiest, most gossamery, in tense, most dehydrated, worse for wear, tricky, illdefined, re fined, most dog-tired, nothing much, most easy going, more easy-going, un-scientific, blistered, un-grown, more dogtired, most hampered, un steadier, junkest, de formed, most unsufficient, in-sensitive, in-effectual, squattier, un usual, most reasonless, most incarcerated, scurviest, more detained, in expensive, more velvety, most botched, more housebound, most nicked, down dumps, most septic, illfounded, most outraged, more tenderfoot, de filed, feeling terrible, un kinder, undried, handicapped, in substantial, out on limb, more unbacked, most finegrained, up to here with, undernourished, most twilight, most hohum, more limping, crazy as loon, un-canniest, flat on one back, in chains, most lowborn, wheezing, most fracturable, in disposed, most foliate, on slippery ground, off one's rocker, more deadened, lenitive, in elegant, most undried, in delicate, extra ordinary, un-dried, in-decisive, un finished, more fallenin, most out of action, in the pits, most brutish, more dog hungry, more malnourished, qualmier, bosky, most malnourished, most sweet-tempered, most wasting, pre-carious, more crouched, more shatterable, de generated, un clothed, most blistered, most warped, over whelmed, extra-ordinary, more half grown, most fallenin, more rockbottom, most abraded, most ill-founded, most greenishyellow, laid back, half formed, most quavering, more toppled, un hinged, most limping, most undignified, gimpest, more easy going, most dimmed, in competent, toxic, more disciplined, outta gas, in-firmest, all heart, more hypersensitive, scraggiest, most doomful, un-clear, more corroding, un-taught, un-healthiest, more chilled, more abraded, more stymied, finegrained, out gas, scurvier, shooker, more dangersome, down with, most pared, over-indulged, dis inclined, more grazed, more worn-down, un-easiest, more battered, more checked, un inspired, more pukish, Hungering, lethal, in complete, hyper-sensitive, more ill fed, more rattled, down in the dumps, most sclerotic, in evitable, most pent, more impuissant, lithic, out of earshot, more aside, fine-grained, un safer, knocked over, out lunch, negligible, gimper, iced, un-pleasant, affected, most faltering, in-commodious, most cottony, Unconversant, in-adequate, un fledged, doughiest, most rattleboned, ungraded, more girllike, more mangled, out shape, more sickish, most attenuated, more gossamery, more beatup, un-demanding, more blistered, most impuissant, un truest, more low down, slummiest, un-salutary, pro-founder, off feet, Unbaked, more twilight, hanging by thread, easy-going, ex-cited, in-distinct, most rockribbed, de-tailed, more bilious, most discolored, over-sensitive, more foliate, in-fertile, un propitious, un covered, dis honorable, most defunctive, un reasoned, most nothing, most chilled, un-finished, more cushiony, more shattery, Picayunish, un-hinged, paltry, dog eared, creakiest, more lowtoned, dis-armed, un-trieder, used-up, most necrotic, most swinish, more septic, palsified, under-done, most crouched, beatup, most unstressed, more dirtyminded, more halfgrown, more half-formed, more saddening, more unclothed, most strengthless, most out-of-commission, more windswept, most uncared for, come apart, un caring, most lowhanging, paraplegic, enlarged, un-accented, most crushed, more heart-rending, worn-out, wimpier, more fretted, un safe, most skinned, sub sided, more pinched, feeling rotten, bedridden, in-congruous, motheaten, in decline, over-wrought, Unthriving, more heart rending, whacko, most paraplegic, under medication, un-fruitful, most lemon, pappiest, sensile, in-valid, on collision course, dangersome, more waxlike, more garbage, ill ease, manic-depressive, running temperature, most slaying, more mortiferous, dis gusted, skin and bones, virulent, wide open, most chafed, un-kindest, most revolted, in-effective, flat on ones back, most frayed, in jail, dis-gusted, most waxlike, un seemliest, most ho-hum, Dovelike, most maniac, more overindulgent, more enfeebled, un-discriminating, un skilled, bitty, more pullulating, out ones feet, pallid, most dinged, more mellifluent, un-productive, in-audible, of unsound mind, starving, most overripe, un backed, most rinky-dink, most unbacked, dis-respectful, fainter, most rookie, most mangled, gone dogs, confined, illmannered, oversensitive, more worsen, more lacerated, more nether, going for broke, incultest, maimed, most carcinogenic, out on ones feet, un gracious, game, un commonest, in-operative, more tainting, more worndown, illfed, more harassing, touch go, sidelined, most ungraded, depraved, half-grown, more low hanging, dis-mayed, un sounder, most immobilized, un stable, most illbred, more bone-weary, more sapless, venomous, sad, infectious, recherche, bouldered, overindulgent, dis advantageous, up-set, most palsified, more hog tied, de-railed, most neurasthenic, most ground-level, un-truest, sick head, most heart rending, in distinct, frail, most hairtrigger, un commoner, in-saner, un-convincing, more undermining, most caressing, in audible, reasonless, de-faced, tender, unpromising, more cured, creakier, brokendown, uncomfortable, more beat-up, over indulged, most cussed, de-solate, un-happy, unsanitary, un-civilized, shabby, most tumbled, most halfgrown, most manic-depressive, most recherche, most flubbed, more bleeding heart, wishywashy, more immobilized, inconsiderable, un-prosperous, most unaccented, more undernourished, unfrieder, more greenish yellow, more ripened, insignificant, de cadent, un-seemlier, most destroying, more bottommost, un desirable, more whacko, on the sick list, in poor health, dis-tasteful, un cannier, out limb, inconsequential, more low set, invalid, in-firm, halfformed, dis reputable, ho hum, un-soundest, more carcinogenic, un-healthful, more out of action, dis-honorable, most undecayed, Qualmish, pro founder, more outraged, petite, most beat-up, de faced, malefic, more undignified, out of one mind, in-tense, most rock-ribbed, more trembling, un practiced, in bad way, mis-guided, more ruffled, singing blues, most tempered, un-elevated, more invalided, more marred, most hypersensitive, most dogeared, in gutter, most chiffon, most qualmish, gluier, most tumble down, fine grained, more crippling, most bendable, more rinky dink, wan, more grounded, upset, low-toned, most shatterable, un-availing, wimpy, in-auspicious, pebbly, Gossamery, inadequate, in secure, most worndown, most overindulged, un healthful, un-treated, philistine, end angered, povertystricken, bottom of barrel, most amazed, more sapped, poisonous, had it, dog-eared, more quavering, in salubrious, more defunctive, degenerate, feeble, worn, scraggier, most fretted, more careworn, more immured, un tended, more uninclined, half grown, most lowdown, more forceless, un soundest, not working, un reasonable, un stabler, anile, Fainting, most dragged, more nicked, un stablest, more rattleboned, more unthriving, insane, de based, more deathdealing, under-mining, most lowtoned, undemanding, infirm, swinish, un-seemliest, hurt, un relenting, frothing, un-eager, more dog-eared, velvety, house cards, fracturable, more dismayed, bottom-most, most pining, more boylike, cramper, cottony, insolvent, queasy, most saddening, overripe, most vitiated, Deathful, more tumble-down, un decayed, more throbbing, most bouldered, off one feet, neglected, un discriminating, in decisive, most sidelined, sweet tempered, re strained, in-firmer, dis-graceful, more ill-bred, doughier, more dog-tired, unbacked, more bated, un becoming, in a decline, in capacitated, more neurasthenic, fateful, more lovey dovey, more hobbling, most tender-hearted, most bleached, most mortiferous, in firmer, inculter, miniature, de-graded, most death dealing, depressed, unelevated, most oversensitive, skin-and-bones, in sensitive, un-backed, more destroying, de-formed, more mortuary, dangerous, most ill-fed, disciplined, de lightful, mad as a hatter, un healthy, more spastic, more low toned, out on one's feet, Doomful, peaked, more palsified, more caressing, out on one feet, not a prayer, most nocent, afflicted, more hurting, most rockbottom, un scientific, trans parent, more mauled, most hair trigger, poverty stricken, un happier, most marred, more low lying, marginal, wideopen, worndown, arthritic, deathdealing, pale, most unsorted, un-steadiest, dis-advantageous, most groundlevel, mucked up, fragile, most impeded, most laid low, under weight, undercooked, sub-standard, more undried, more ill founded, poor, most hobbling, dis colored, un-skilled, dis-quieting, un-stablest, most plundered, most unclothed, Defunctive, damaged, most murmuring, ill-bred, un wholesome, down the mouth, in securer, morbid, ungrown, un sophisticated, qualmy, most half grown, more fracturable, unappreciable, dog-tired, most uneager, maleficent, un-prepared, un-commoner, flatitious, bendable, flippedout, pappier, most rockbound, tiny, un triedest, in-sensate, most heart-rending, more finicking, pre-judicial, more declining, more cottony, most cushiony, in-cultest, un disciplined, out of gas, more skin and bones, most lithic, neurasthenic, most rock-bottom, more newish, un-gracious, dis agreeable, down the dumps, more uncostly, more bottom-of-barrel, most malefic, in valid, pubescent, more hairtrigger, washed out, most verduous, duddest, incapacitated, un-substantial, under weather, more cut-rate, un-successful, more atonic, in-consolable, most flagitous, rheumatic, upsidedown, more papery, stark raving mad, in famous, thinskinned, un-healthier, shatterable, Mauled, fallen-in, most toxiferous, under-cooked, more unstressed, most foreboding, house of cards, ill-fed, out sorts, most chicken, Lapidarian, most sickish, more out-of-commission, most roughhewn, corrupt, more wind swept, more agonized, un conducive, down at the heel, more outre, infective, most undermining, not all there, raw, most dismayed, most hog-tied, dis mayed, more illbred, un-troubled, most newish, most polluted, most hit, un-dressed, more fallen in, pro-found, piddling, dis-solute, un-becoming, un-balanced, more death-dealing, foliate, pernicious, in-complete, more abused, most rough-hewn, un glued, un sound, wornout, in saner, in-disposed, more vitiated, most hog tied, un-refined, most manic depressive, un-wholesome, most outre, un trained, un processed, most vitiate, un prosperous, un-lucky, ill-founded, more worn down, contused, un-conducive, most stymied, more dirty-minded, most flatitious, haltest, rockbound, wet behind ears, uncared-for, out one feet, most sapped, un-costly, ill fed, un fortunate, mad as hatter, marked down, hairline, dis concerted, in bad shape, out kilter, rinkydink, sickly, hair trigger, more scarred, most unzipped, more degenerated, ready to drop, more discolored, in-evitable, perverted, cooped up, paralyzed, incapable, most obstructed, bottommost, untoward, most snafued, un kempt, sickish, bottom-of-barrel, most tumble-down, un elevated, most ill fed, most out of commission, more rockbound, more death dealing, un clear, cutrate, weak, most libeling, un grown, most anguished, most ill bred, most low-toned, unlucky, more starved, in decent, more dog eared, broken-down, wasted, ready drop, more balked, dis-concerted, most perishing, dis-figured, un-kinder, un worthier, more deteriorating, dogeared, more bruised, more undiscriminating, most infective, low-down, most fallen-in, psyched out, most foul-mouthed, dis respectful, more corpselike, most grounded, un easiest, lovey-dovey, more overpowered, reedier, most cut, un refined, most pillaged, yellow, most undiscriminating, un luckier, un-dependable, out of kilter, more deathful, more busted, most lacerated, bleeding-heart, careworn, miffed, in operative, out of whack, most ill-bred, most rock ribbed, lowhanging, creaky, more sclerotic, in sensible, verduous, rock-ribbed, more fledgling, more muttering, most pinched, low, in-secure, most bleeding-heart, crazy as a loon, most trembling, un-triedest, most sunk, shookest, crumbier, silky, dis graceful, small, un-conversant, more pillaged, cut-rate, injurious, most flawed, more ungrown, un taught, full-flavored, de-ranged, most piano, over powered, swimmy, in-capacitated, retro grade, un settled, more sweet-tempered, most flipped out, most shattery, most hospitalized, dis-advantaged, more totaled, most careworn, in-competent, down mouth, more miasmatic, more contaminated, most full-flavored, more plundered, more blurred, more out-of-action, un-sounder, most forceless, got the bug, most unfashioned, forceless, rocky, flawed, mis used, boskiest, out raged, lower, most dogtired, on spot, most stalled, fore sighted, wishy washy, slummy, broken down, de generate, gimp, ill defined, trans-parent, un-reliable, more blemished, most declining, most wind-swept, un stressed, flying light, most housebound, more overripe, most garbage, most mollifying, most pampered, bone weary, un accented, null void, weakest, most undernourished, over sensitive, most ground level, dis advantaged, more shot, delicated, un just, de-cadent, un-stressed, more usedup, un kempter, top pled, un-friendliest, more fallen-in, un happy, more unbaked, in adequate, most tainting, more circumscribed, in-flamed, more cut, most bated, more pining, most craving, ground level, pro found, un inclined, ill, manicdepressive, demulcent, un worthy, un-sure, bleedingheart, most lowlying, death-dealing, most low set, un reliable, imperfect, most mellifluent, adverse, most sensile, more bleeding, ailing, un pleasant, un-developed, more low-set, under done, more halfformed, de moralizing, unglued, more dynamite, more stonelike, more buffeted, be-neath, un-inspired, de-grading, most stonelike, over the edge, most killing, more recherche, un-ripe, hohum, most subsided, more misused, most greenish yellow, lovey dovey, most uncared-for, out ones mind, ill fated, dove-like, more contused, most rocklike, most abused, light headed, un frieder, unpasteurized, in poor condition, in-decent, un-sanitary, most beatup, most nether, uncaredfor, most derailed, most rock bottom, tenuous, un clearest, impotent, more lovey-dovey, in efficient, most dog-eared, tumble down, more dirty minded, in-active, scrawny, most scratched, bananas, most dressed, more manic-depressive, unsuccessful, dis solute, more hit, most overindulgent, more tumble down, crackers, gluelike, un substantial, most mauled, un fruitful, more uncared-for, most worn out, more unaccented, most lapidarian, most below, more viperish, sick as dog, unfledged, de relict, un-fledged, lowgrade, in tenser, most murmured, more incarcerated, un-stained, fullflavored, hospitalized, in significant, most ill founded, un availing, un-baked, most under, most enfeebled, in-securer, low key, impaired, de-stroying, more bleeding-heart, more skinned, flat one back, most dirtyminded, most disciplined, more dimmed, under-stated, most burgeoning, un steady, more greenishyellow, illstarred, bad, most dangersome, more faltering, low grade, out one mind, un-civil, softer, most windswept, un dignified, more bummed, most petrous, more hair trigger, hypersensitive, most atonic, more maleficent, un kind, un-safer, more lowbred, jaundiced, more qualmish, more fagged, un convincing, more hog-tied, most deathdealing, more dehydrated, more undecayed, more greenish-yellow, un juster, loco, more bleedingheart, in need repair, pukish, more slaying, more unconversant, Finicking, most peeled, more demulcent, un tried, out earshot, down in dumps, most uncaredfor, more schizophrenic, ex-posed, un clad, in sanest, more rough hewn, most roughneck, most galled, un-sufficient, more killing, dis quieted, in-culter, off wall, most tenderfoot, more lowhanging, more wasting, most dove-like, un-frieder, toxiferous, most suffering, touch and go, more flubbed, inefficient, dis figured, more foul-mouthed, imperceptible, dog tired, stonelike, chiffon, most arthritic, rickety, most lovey dovey, most half-grown, mortified, faint, more disquieted, ill starred, more ill-founded, un stained, doghungry, un graded, fidgety, more lowdown, more muted, more unsorted, most bilious, in-elegant, more beat up, dirtyminded, thin skinned, laidup, in effective, un healthier, a wreck, more illfed, un cultivated, most schizoid, un-natural, more pared, un-thriving, cut rate, more crushed, sub missive, de-generate, more suffering, over ripe, more impeded, un-learned, un successful, most undercooked, anti pathetic, de grading, more perishing, more fine-grained, most loveydovey, sick as a dog, out of condition, un improved, more brutish, un-safe, most slashed, more subsided, got a bug, petty, peakiest, more strengthless, most softened, up here with, most impugnable, more anguished, Physically Disabled, most fine grained, more rock bottom, de-terminative, un-worthiest, most lovey-dovey, most etiolated, feeble minded, un kemptest, more bleached, most unglued, uncared for, re-mote, more stifled, lowbred, most pukish, in-substantial, more pent, more pampered, gimpiest, more untended, in firmest, over-powered, Tender-hearted, more ill-fed, un friendlier, most stifled, more groundlevel, out of shape, in capable, more attenuated, rocklike, dis eased, in correct, in salutary, most iced, most bottom of barrel, most illfed, housebound, more flipped-out, in securest, un lucky, more quadriplegic, most used up, un-zipped, Mellifluent, dis quieting, schizoid, haggard, shut in, more truncated, more hair-trigger, more uncared for, un-relenting, mellow, over edge, un ripe, on fritz, more sensile, sub standard, noxious, more blocked, un-seasoned, more tremorous, un-couth, bone-weary, off one rocker, most lenitive, most tremorous, most foul mouthed, un healthiest, dis tasteful, lowpitched, dis-inclined, un-desirable, more unelevated, more manic depressive, most diplegic, mild, unnoticed, washedout, in culter, more derailed, boneweary, more dinged, de-based, most aside, most agonized, un dried, more contorted, more dove-like, de-relict, underfed, under-nourished, un-ripest, more dragged, in experienced, most unthriving, more scraped, un-pasteurized, un kindest, unreasonable, laidlow, decrepit, more piqued, not there, troubled, over come, un seemly, most boneweary, more unpasteurized, insanitary, un-clothed, more doomful, more low-toned, bowed low, schizophrenic, un-riper, loveydovey, Undecayed, de-filed, un-fortunate, most down-at-the-heel, under stated, more unprosperous, low-set, un predictable, in auspicious, uneager, most vulgarian, un truer, un-decayed, more caring, tuckered, in-sufficient, most deterred, varicose, un-stabler, under nourished, low down, most throbbing, most undemanding, ex cited, pebbliest, halfgrown, far off, most unprosperous, most bone-weary, most ho hum, out of action, most contused, more laidlow, rinky dink, un-sorted, poorly, most sweettempered, most whitish, most dirty minded, re cent, psychotic, un-worthier, out mind, punker, up set, more laid-low, in-capable, most unelevated, certifiable, de-moralizing, warped, more scratched, more undemanding, most whacko, most bummed, most skin-and-bones, nocent, un demanding, more illfounded, more pubescent, deadly, worn-down, wimpiest, down out, most low hanging, more roughneck, un polished, off ones feet, more uncaredfor, un conventional, most laidlow, most checked, more insalutary, most insalutary, usedup, most degenerated, most fallen in, more overindulged, more loveydovey, un-just, more flipped out, gentle, in-flexible, ill bred, gone to seed, few bugs, more hamstrung, bummed out, fraught with danger, more brooding, lame, un-favorable, snafued, all in, delicate, un-conventional, more toxiferous, rough hewn, re-strained, un-scrupulous, ground-level, aching, un sure, most brooding, low pitched, un prepared, most girllike, flimsy, more dove like, fore-boding, more sidelined, un friendliest, dis ordered, on sick list, tender hearted, de-lightful, most quadriplegic, more disfigured, in-curable, more disheartened, gluiest, most contaminating, more mollifying, un-glued, Languishing, pint-size, more dressed, sickening, un-friendlier, un-clad, out a limb, more ho-hum, insubstantial, un-washed, most scarred, more etiolated, un-reasoned, not prayer, most shot, off deep end, un-usual, more nocent, rock-bottom, most splenetic, more cussed, ex posed, un seasoned, fallenin, un washed, prostrate, un-cultivated, most harassing, un costly, tragic, diplegic, in a bad way, most blocked, most totaled, more foiled, most unconversant, struggling, de terminative, crumbiest, most battered, deathly, most cured, locked up, more vitiate, most foiled, extreme, broken up, more half-grown, not high, un moving, more blossoming, bilious, more roughhewn, under mining, easy going, most cutrate, more finegrained, failing, un-clearest, hopeless, most caring, more rock-bottom, full flavored, Insalutary, most schizophrenic, be numbed, more rockribbed, silker, un fashioned, used up, fully developed, schizo phrenic, un promising, more foul mouthed, unaccented, more slashed, un-reasonable, more unpromising, un easy, un baked, most spastic, most hairline, un feeling, tumble-down, picayune, over indulgent, most rheumatic, more galled, un dependable, un civil, more emasculated, more malefic, most bleeding, foul mouthed.