Works In

Pronunciation of Works In
/wˈɜːks ˈɪn/, /wˈɜːks ˈɪn/, /w_ˈɜː_k_s ˈɪ_n/

Synonyms for works in:

encroach (verb)

appropriate, arrogate, barge in, butt in, crash, entrench, horn in, impinge, infringe, interfere, interpose, intervene, intrude, meddle, overstep, trench, trespass, usurp, work in, squeeze in, elbow in, make inroads, muscle in, put two cents in, stick nose into, worm in.

enter (verb)

access, arrive, come in, crawl, creep, drop in, fall into, get in, go in, immigrate, infiltrate, ingress, insert, insinuate, introduce, invade, make way, move in, penetrate, pierce, pop in, probe, slip, sneak, wriggle, break in, drive in, blow in, burst in, pile in, rush in, jump in, crack, pass into, breeze in, bust in, crowd in, make an entrance, set foot in, gain entrée.

include (verb)

accommodate, add, admit, allow for, append, bear, build, build in, carry, combine, comprehend, comprise, constitute, count, cover, embody, embrace, encircle, enclose, encompass, entail, enter, have, hold, implicate, incorporate, inject, interject, interpolate, number, receive, subsume, take into account, take in, consist of, number among, teem with, make allowance for, be composed of, be made up of, cut in on, make room for.

insert (verb)

drag in, embed, imbed, implant, include, infix, infuse, inlay, instill, intercalate, interlope, obtrude, place, root, set, shoehorn, stick, fill in, lug in, shove in.

insinuate (verb)

curry favor, edge in, foist, ingratiate, slip in, get in with, wedge in.

interrupt (verb)

arrest, break, break off, check, chime in, cut, cut short, defer, delay, disconnect, discontinue, disjoin, disturb, disunite, divide, halt, heckle, hinder, hold up, impede, in, lay aside, obstruct, prevent, punctuate, put in, separate, sever, shortstop, stay, stop, suspend, cut off, come between, break train of thought, get in the way.

introduce (verb)

freight, import, inlet, inset, send, ship, transport, throw in.

mix (verb)

admix, adulterate, alloy, amalgamate, associate, blend, braid, coalesce, commingle, commix, compound, conjoin, cross, fuse, hybridize, interbreed, intermingle, interweave, jumble, knead, link, lump, merge, mingle, put together, saturate, stir, suffuse, synthesize, tangle, transfuse, unite, weave, make up, mix up.

specialize (verb)

practice, pursue, train, go in for, be into, develop oneself in, do one's thing, have a weakness for, limit oneself to, practice exclusively, study intensively.

usurp (verb)

annex, assume, commandeer, displace, grab, highjack, preempt, seize, supplant, swipe, take, wrest, Accroach, cut out, lay hold of, clap hands on, get hands on, grab hold of, infringe upon.

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