Pronunciation of Guess
/ɡˈɛs/, /ɡˈɛs/, /ɡ_ˈɛ_s/

Antonyms for guess

Foreknew, gat bottom, de-duct, totalize, be-lief, clues in, cutting in on, de-limited, de-gree, are composed of, call up on, rank out, tot up, art composed of, dis posed, enquire about, intro-duces, numbers among, making presence known, totting up, spitting it out, calls up on, paginating, de-ciphers, re-cording, de tailing, Circumstantiated, keeps tab, break the news, scouted out, knew for certain, keeps score, look over, summated, run off, circumstantiate, Docketing, pre-figured, fore telling, re corded, work in, comments upon, re quires, calculation, ex press, cast up, make allowance for, ticked off, in stances, pre-sages, un-ravelling, counted heads, wast made up of, cognized, casts up, re viewing, count off, re counting, re late, keeps posted, nags at, re solves, un-ravel, refuse, gave opinion, runs off, put down for, found fault, in forms, letted slip, counted up, cluing in, rhymed, reels off, sideswipe, catalogged, ticking off, kept account, fore-knew, run into, animadverted on, paginate, be composed of, were sure, commented upon, write up, Calibrations, am made up of, call downs, zapper, allow for, de-tail, re-quiring, gotten the bottom, gave facts, calling it, rap knuckle, gives bad press, re-cognized, de-ducting, giving opinion, setting out, compute, summates, prove, fore-shadows, fore-tell, looking see, brickbats, takes effect, taling, counting noses, mounts to, get to the bottom of, put down as, cuts on, looks up on, counts one by one, jumps on, is sure, in sert, dis-close, cavilings, gets the bottom, un ravelling, in-forms, re-lated, stacks up, getting to the bottom, cuts to bits, takes into consideration, laying open, tabularizes, has effect, skinning alive, doth a number on, wert made of, giving facts, foliated, Cataloguing, fore-knows, rule thumb, spitting out, typecasting, Co-ordinates, demonstrate, dis pose, having effect, looked upon, nit-pickings, scorcher, in-stances, crystalled ball it, de-termination, stack up, scout out, call the shot, counted noses, enter into consideration, getting bottom, ex-tents, gets to bottom of, re gards, re-ported, counting up, nit-pick, buttoned down, out come, establish, Tabulated, breaking down, enquired about, passing judgment on, de ducted, pro portions, ex-aminations, dost addition, dost a number on, breaking news, de grees, resulted in, re-solving, dis-closes, does addition, gives an account of, make room for, seeing something coming, in corporate, eyeball, fore warned, mount to, pro-portion, looks over, re-quire, gives facts, de-grees, summate, ex plains, re-presented, balancing account, re cognizes, breaks down, fore knows, took into consideration, enters into consideration, come to, mount up to, neglect, pro claims, seeing coming, Trashed, reckoning up, estimate, scorchers, break news, de-sign, make presence known, re-probated, re-veal, looks at, totted up, running down, footed, get to the bottom, makes room for, measure, fore tell, number among, takes its toll, fore told, marking out, broke the news, Fustigate, setting forth, broke news, fore warns, intro-duce, in form, didst number on, nit-picks, reckon up, re cognize, wrote down, intro duce, de clare, looked at, be-tokening, de ducts, re-aching, doth addition, broke down, be made of, fore-boding, mounted up to, foliates, give out, point of comparison, called upon, dis-pose, makes presence known, counting one by one, fore-warn, sleighrides, pre-figure, gotten the bottom of, re-solve, foliate, keeping score, break down, spits it out, cognize, reeling off, jump on, number, militates, sees coming, gave an account of, fore-boded, counted one by one, Circumstantiating, breaking the news, calling up on, eyeballs, taking stock, re-view, doeth addition, brickbat, paces off, metages, take one measure, writ down, pro claim, de-riving, let know, gotten to the bottom of, enter in to consideration, Regimenting, knows for certain, re cognizing, looks upon, jumping on, ex-plains, making allowance for, calibration, critical remarks, puts before, ex-press, teems with, lets know, dis-criminating, tabulate, re-cited, de limits, keep posted, figured out, sees something coming, total, take effect, in corporates, re-gard, fore-bode, cognizing, re-presents, being made up of, demonstration, Militating, gets to bottom, ex-positions, spat out, counts by one, didst a number on, entering into consideration, cut ice, cut on, de pict, looked over, doing addition, were made up of, passed judgment on, art made up of, re counts, put before, clued in, re-cord, pannings, pro rating, de ciphered, dis criminates, tabbing, give bad press, pro claiming, dis-criminate, be-token, allowing for, looked up on, getting bottom of, dis-closed, Ticketing, re quire, take ones measure, dis closing, fore knew, de ciphering, nit-picking, tabularize, dis-tribute, re-porting, caliper, fore shadow, ex amination, keep tab, entered into consideration, de tail, faultfindings, have effect, tabbed, having force, balance, ex-plained, fore shadowing, dis tribute, savvying, get the bottom of, had effect, call down, ring up, de-ducted, de-pict, point comparison, was composed of, candling, de gree, de-picts, out-come, ringing up, commented up on, re ported, counts noses, kept tab, blistered, nit pickings, fulminating against, co-ordinate, looking over, de-tailed, de-clare, re presenting, wert made up of, in-sert, fore-knowing, scouting out, re-cords, wrought in, counts heads, slap wrist, dis-tributes, re-presenting, makes known, re solve, de-clares, gets the bottom of, re-prove, calls upon, fore boding, pro bed, paginated, letting in on, re capitulates, re capitulate, passes judgment on, fluffed, adds up, de cipher, lay open, pro-claims, animadverts on, fore-telling, reckoned up, getting the bottom of, mark down, called up on, mark out, dost number on, counting off, run in to, over look, scale, ex plaining, ex plained, made sure, co ordinates, lodestars, re cording, keeps account, un raveling, re presented, counted off, Tabularized, build in, made presence felt, wert sure, ex-pressing, hadst effect, dis posing, re-hearses, Ticketed, dis-closing, piles up, paced off, pace off, takes account, call it, re capitulated, keeping posted, takes one measure, nit-picked, model, re-counts, running in to, gives opinion, got bottom of, cuts in on, is composed of, cut to bits, gat bottom of, timing, be tokening, leaves word, is made of, left word, didst addition, un ravel, re-solved, made book, auspicating, fulminated against, counting by one, re probate, ran in to, ran to, knowledge, slap on wrist, fore-shadow, re-solves, gradating, wonder, Summing, de sign, catalogging, finds fault, make book, measurement, pacing off, taking account, cutting bits, doest addition, art sure, see coming, is made up of, giving bad press, know for certain, pro claimed, de tails, Re-present, putting down as, over-look, co ordinate, keeping account, nit picked, re-probates, letting slip, marked out, counting heads, pre-figuring, ran into, balances account, commenting upon, crystaled ball it, pro portioned, rap knuckles, re aching, numberings, carpings, laid open, runs in to, quantification, re prove, sleighride, re cited, de-tails, doest a number on, re proved, fustigated, made known, Taled, marked down, make known, Numbered, Docketed, comment upon, re view, write down, gotten to bottom, taking ones measure, took one's measure, Tabularizing, giving an account of, marks out, making book, de picts, gives account of, lets in on, calipering, soothsaid, hadst force, keep account, works in, de-tailing, count by one, makes sure, tell, crystalling ball it, fore-warns, spit out, casting up, stacking up, opening up, Summed, takes one's measure, make sure, give opinion, balanced account, gets to the bottom, am composed of, de-terminations, working in, cutting on, counts up, built in, re presents, ex pressed, counts off, take account, dis close, am sure, de-rive, re probating, took effect, doing a number on, ranking out, importing, taking in to consideration, de terminations, running off, pre figure, computered, set forth, pre-figures, fore shadowed, over-looks, over-looking, see something coming, dis criminated, re-counted, numerate, calls the shot, re-proved, dis criminating, pre-sage, counted by one, un ravelled, fore-shadowed, nit picks, un-raveled, fore-told, let slip, reject, be-tokened, hast force, re porting, saw something coming, had force, do addition, getting to the bottom of, spit it out, abstain, over looked, paginates, re counted, piled up, brake news, calls shot, de-limit, calling the shot, de riving, plumbing, fathom, Inventoried, rhyming, result in, dis-posing, plumb, buttoning down, Reprobating, dis criminate, tots up, re cites, auspicates, looks see, writeup, Told, takes in to consideration, dis closes, fore-known, dis-criminates, validate, being composed of, runs to, doest number on, pro-rating, fore-bodes, teeming with, spits out, comment up on, numbered among, de-cipher, un ravels, add, certainty, re viewed, be tokens, animadvert on, in-corporates, take its toll, give an account of, typecast, button down, rap on knuckles, take into consideration, proof, wert composed of, open up, reckons up, lets slip, pro portion, Reprobated, looking upon, auspicated, enters in to consideration, re-ached, re views, nit pick, re quired, allowed for, re-veals, over looks, ex-plain, breaks the news, called it, calls it, ex-tent, comments up on, builded in, rap on knuckle, be made up of, spat it out, wast made of, bad press, reality, looking up on, gat the bottom, pro-rated, pro-portioning, calipers, psychs, ex ample, evidence, ex pressing, de-rives, have force, getting to bottom of, taking into consideration, fore known, re-corded, fore warn, misunderstand, un-ravels, de limit, calling upon, dis-criminated, cutting to bits, de tailed, hath force, makes book, look upon, count heads, doeth a number on, denunciated, ranks out, Reviewal, cuts bits, crystaling ball it, re-capitulate, savvied, discovery, took soundings, doing number on, de rives, count, in-corporate, ex-plaining, leave word, quantifications, pro-portioned, takes stock, pro-portions, scouts out, haddest effect, writes down, gat the bottom of, keeping tab, taking its toll, de termination, taking one's measure, candled, page, dis-posed, re present, out-comes, lays open, count noses, be-tokens, be token, do number on, de limited, pre sages, balance account, ringed up, de signs, substantiate, criticize, question, re-viewed, rang up, gotten to the bottom, ex plain, fore-tells, commenting up on, ticks off, skin alive, look at, fore boded, worked in, intro duces, de duct, looked see, calling shot, quantify, statics, fore-shadowing, mounts up to, make, re hearses, Metage, striking power, un-ravelled, gradated, re-capitulated, ex-position, was made up of, Denunciate, let in on, took its toll, took account, caliber, de limiting, fluffing, gat to the bottom of, letting know, bad presses, breaks news, foreknow, benchmark, leaving word, gotten bottom of, gradates, re-proving, teemed with, pro-rate, dis tributes, entered in to consideration, are sure, cut bits, adding up, brake the news, in-forming, set out, fact, was sure, running to, get to bottom, de rived, de-rived, un-raveling, runs into, cuts ice, making known, out comes, ex tents, inventorying, in forming, building in, auspicate, fore tells, doth number on, fustigates, re-counting, de-limits, pre figured, wast sure, took stock, psyching, re cord, ex tent, fore-warning, computering, catalogued, nit picking, opened up, teem with, disbelieve, classify, re-capitulates, gradate, fore shadows, gauge, de-signs, typecasts, pro-claiming, took one measure, include, re proves, reel off, got the bottom of, nagged at, circumstantiates, call upon, de-limiting, am made of, re veals, re-proves, criterion, brake down, look up on, de-ciphering, saw coming, standard, builds in, doeth number on, take in to consideration, re-quired, timed, were made of, got to bottom, re cords, sets out, fore bode, kept posted, eyeballing, gets bottom of, getting the bottom, de rive, gave account of, knowing for certain, ex aminations, check, mounting to, ex-ample, be tokened, take in to account, itemize, re-probate, pile up, critical remark, take soundings, taking effect, sets forth, called the shot, figure out, criticism, ignore, lodestar, skinned alive, summating, takes soundings, takes ones measure, clue in, does number on, truth, de clares, makes allowance for, pass judgment on, being sure, cognizes, cut in on, art made of, did a number on, pre sage, Foliating, re-cognizing, allows for, gotten bottom, enquires about, ranked out, pre figures, re-quires, re cognized, de-ciphered, pro-bed, striking powers, crystal ball it, tick off, fore-know, re quiring, denunciates, calculate, opens up, letted know, running into, count up, cutting ice, re citing, de-ducts, making presence felt, gets to the bottom of, buttons down, skins alive, re-cites, dis closed, count one by one, letted in on, enquiring about, stacked up, crystals ball it, getting to bottom, be sure, look see, cipher, being made of, animadverting on, de ciphers, hath effect, does a number on, be lief, call shot, de ducting, run to, kept score, fore know, numbers, reviewals, putting down for, re-views, fore bodes, un raveled, looking at, enumerate, in-stance, numbering among, foretell, calipered, did addition, re capitulating, re ached, spitted out, called shot, did number on, re-hearse, take stock, denunciating, Proportioning, figures out.