Pronunciation of Refrain
/ɹ_ɪ_f_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n/, /ɹɪfɹˈe͡ɪn/, /ɹɪfɹˈe‍ɪn/

Antonyms for refrain

am party to, Soliloquizing, accessed, payed out, parcels out, Enucleating, give blow by blow, crossbreed, dictate, de-ciphers, chime in, trans-planted, keeping touch, bursts out, steps over the line, living up, doing one part, tried flavor of, brings view, didst part, inter-acted, gat the act, be in contact, re-citation, de-livered, accessing, be good enough, be party to, living luxury, dis regards, Caving, lays egg, pre-figured, re tailed, re-tail, am of use, be-spoke, having coition, taking it easy, re tires, de-bunks, see coming, become member, take floor, all owing, rush off, folded up, inter faced, goes over to, personate, ran against, un-covering, say one's piece, pluck up, runs off at mouth, fall in to, ministers to, remark, flashes about, took part, run into, re-locate, dis plays, DO, dis cusses, Adventuring, dis-courses, dis patched, in-vent, say loudly, Harbingering, goes bed, leading off, occupies oneself, got oneself into, fixing up with, de briefed, lives high on hog, did turn, Chairing, am a sign of, ex-plicating, is exposed to, pre figured, foreknow, proponing, dis-cusses, play part, was a sign of, de-lights, give blow-by-blow, sub-scribing, thumbed, acquits oneself, sleep together, inter faces, opened to view, make entrance, fore warn, square off, de-mean, re ported, attends to, re counts, de liberate, wert action, getting ahold of, dis regarding, pro pose, gave appearance, dost number, deliver talk, re hearses, flapped one tongue, appealed to, diffuses, in vested, ex plain, rooting for, got act, doing thing, checked with, hurries off, deposits with, doest the honors, is party to, did one thing, knocked chip off shoulder, is a sign of, be speaking, re presents, intro-duces, fore-casting, make a scene, knocks chip off shoulder, tele phones, engaged in conversation, Cabling, de stroy, had sex, under going, absorb, initiate, ex-hale, staggers along, forerunning, deliver speech, doeth turn, Convenance, have relations, answer purpose, filled the bill, being a sign of, re-counted, live extravagantly, called the shot, going bed, Thumbing, handed, is source of, fore-casts, passing on, gets in there, lying with, de-claim, prepares draft, be-trays, art assistance, got the act, dis course, pre side, lavished upon, re-ached, hits on, are in on, re-counts, doest one's thing, dis closing, re produces, de-vise, lived luxury, give the nod, goes in, gives appearance, inter act, re turns, keeps touch, putting across, dis-cards, re-lays, ex-claimed, knock chip off shoulder, let it hang out, pro curing, be trays, dis-perse, out-fit, got ink for, give an account of, waved around, pre sent, is acceptable, page, trans plants, re-marking, intercalate, give, ring up, being into, provide details, de-legate, is contact, proponed, answered purpose, didst ones part, Provisioned, get under way, being touch with, says piece, take the floor, parting with, puts in charge of, giving speech, didst turn, re-quests, multi plying, indulge, take it easy, made known, hast finger in, fed kitty, auspicates, re quire, in-creased, is employed by, sets out on, making bold, re laying, un-ravelling, dost the honors, touch, producing a result, pressed in to service, serviced, was use, de claim, go that route, made progress, in-filtrating, lock up, have a meet, measure out, foreshowed, delivered talk, looking in on, did one part, aid, puts in to words, dis cussing, went all way, bring word, flapped tongue, took floor, de vote, make my day, stopping in, being sign of, comment on, de-noted, smoke out, doest honors, appear as, re-sides, inaugurate, dis regard, lavishing upon, de vised, de-lineate, disserted, letted know, didst number, doth a number, inflected, re present, de nominated, de-bunked, doing one thing, doest ones thing, giving the facts, dopes out, be-speaks, gimmed, didst a number, live luxury, de bunk, de-porting, sending out, de-briefing, impinge up on, are clover, going see, falling down, whistles for, dish up, lay on, stops in, being in clover, end owed, making a pitch, give thumbs-up, living it up, let fall, checks with, impresses as, giving facts, be spoke, calls up, running the risk, call on, forks over, re-ported, importing, put out of its misery, cluing in, moves in, inter pose, being a party to, saying loudly, de briefs, were employed by, be-speak, passed word, let out, pro-fess, crossbreeding, dis cern, re adies, re-solve, run in to, renders role, ex-pose, doth ones part, having a finger in, wast contact, begin, get the act, doth number, de-stroys, de briefing, digging up, re-eking, ex-act, looked after, whistled for, pro vides, dilate upon, took heart, pro-vides, sets before, joining conversation, engaging conversation, doth turn, de bates, fore cast, sets forth, coming over, hath a meet, fore warns, co-habiting, dis-patch, letting it hang out, dis-ported, in tends, smoked out, gets ahold of, comes like, engages in conversation, go along with, portage, wert in clover, call shot, de-nominating, partake, co-oking, getting into, Swilled, parented, tragedize, stopt in, gave voice, ex-changed, saying one piece, fore boded, get on a soapbox, get oneself in to, re cites, ex-pending, fore tell, gotten soapbox, is in on, joins in conversation, address, all owed, Secreted, de-bunk, wises up, dis-tribute, ministered to, does a number, Tendered, impinged up on, bursted in, was employed by, de lighting, be useful, get in there, getting in there, laid finger on, sets down, bringing forward, played gallery, over-does, over doing, ex-haling, running risk, re-veals, were sign of, let fly, gotten act, is a source of, slicing up, keeps in touch, opened view, stays with, de-bate, be stowed, giving nod, deeding, run up against, am bold, ex-acting, dis placing, does one part, ex pire, Chinned, set out, fore showed, tele-vised, clues in, in-tending, call up, talk one's leg off, does duty as, dost it, goes see, dis card, intro-duce, makes known, are sign of, Animadverting, trans pose, gives account, are in to, roll out, laying forward, hamming, de tailed, in forming, gulping down, re peat, fore shadowing, de note, concerns oneself, didst one's part, providing details, Palavering, are in clover, were of use, un-clothing, are party to, lets know, sub serve, goes that route, attending to, de ciphers, commend to, do one thing, de cree, figured out, ingest, put in charge of, inter viewing, calling on, deal out, dis patches, ponying up, in-ducting, gives an account of, doing it, re-solves, throw spotlight on, dissertated, in-ducted, pro-cess, dusts off, send for, pre pared, de notes, in-duce, re-turning, wert exposed to, sate on, dis-cussing, answering the purpose, calls out, carries on conversation, rended air, un covered, de-liberated, Chaired, facing off, are contact, let it all hang out, popped in, be haves, art good enough, sub-scribes, smacking with, out-daring, calling name of, ex-plicates, pass word, heaps upon, give a meeting, Lipping, deliver a speech, gives voice to, hath coition, keep in touch, de tail, wast clover, all-owing, in-scribe, produces a result, making public, swilling, vocalize, under-take, did ones thing, setting out on, put out its misery, wast action, are good enough, said ones piece, re-served, talking one's leg off, un clad, be of assistance, doth the honors, un-folded, looking on, art carnal, calls the shot, doing ones part, re-tails, played heartstrings, are action, personates, GIMME, come around, inter-faces, handcarry, hadst a finger in, copulate, cross bred, putting on the map, worm in, is of use, sip, worked in, de bunked, encourage, wast in clover, de nude, re-lated, have a finger in, melodramatized, re serve, made book, de stroys, making known, pro claiming, de-nominate, un-furled, coming together, collogued, laying bare, dis patch, going route, be action, inflects, laying an egg, has relations, re legate, went bed, put on view, setting down, work for, re veals, out fitting, flap one's tongue, prepare draft, are touch with, are a sign of, doest duty as, threw in, cross breeding, be acceptable, pro-rated, pro visioned, ex plicates, Sipped, ex plaining, bide, making progress, is adequate, pro bed, re sides, dropping by, calling it, do thing, fore-knew, co habiting, re turning, gives utterance, paid visit to, going for broke, lived high on hog, chimes in, puts on the map, set foot in, carrying conversation, ex-tended, lives in luxury, starred, fixed up with, inter-faced, un folded, fore-bodes, go into huddle, re quests, had finger in, give the appearance, pre-sents, makes a scene, talking ones leg off, makes rough guess, does part, putting in charge of, crystal ball it, go into a huddle, clued in, sets out, de voting, pro-claim, pro-claimed, did a number, crystalled ball it, heft, blowing in, de tails, ex haling, exudation, ex-tending, starring, getting back to, delivering a speech, bursting in, conscribing, ex halations, trying flavor of, de bunking, dis-carded, emission, foreruns, dis-sert, go route, meted out, tele vising, in-scribes, doest a number, getting act, didst duty as, re presented, Burlesqued, came on like, passes word, be touch with, under-taken, de-livering, sweetens kitty, goes into a huddle, pro-pounding, under taking, pre tends, sounded off, were in clover, getting on soapbox, de-nominates, call aloud, stooging, be use, puts charge of, come against, tried the flavor of, puts out its misery, fore-known, continue, does a turn, enter in to, makes book, de nudes, are into, inter view, gave way, ex-plains, calls name of, co oked, dis-burses, played on heartstrings, sleeping with, running into, gives forth, calls the name of, going in for, sends out, take care of, see something coming, de nominating, gift with, lives it up, talk, de bate, is useful, re ceding, de-bunking, drank in, care for, being adequate, partook of, ex-crete, having knowledge of, giving vent to, wast a sign of, praying to, be spoken, de-crees, fore bode, commends to, under took, took the floor, hadst coition, fore run, is into, running off mouth, grand stands, Re-mark, gave forth, wise up, out-dares, give utterance, run off mouth, makes scene, deposited with, sends for, putting on view, de-scanted, in-gest, is carnal, anted up, dost turn, inter-act, has knowledge of, wert of assistance, disembogues, puts it over, be getting, hadst finger in, ex-posed, fore-warns, wert sign of, un masked, makes over, take heart, de ported, sits on, makes entrance, call one bluff, playing role, delivering speech, parcel out, gotten results, in gest, out-fitting, passing word, delivers speech, engage in conversation, sent forth, hyping, un raveled, in scribes, Imaged, intonates, out fitted, flapped ones tongue, be-having, cross breed, be-haves, emit, fore-showing, wert of use, get on soapbox, gives facts, acts out, un shrouding, drinks in, art useful, pro viding, re-marked, get in the act, in form, un-raveling, work outs, re-leasing, run, staid with, un earths, send, art source of, were touch with, was contact, pre-dict, in-vested, putting in, fell in to, go to see, doing a turn, getting results, puts into words, pro-cured, art in action, giving the appearance, did the honors, goes town, wast employed by, de cipher, join conversation, fall by, let in on, go over to, had knowledge of, re marking, lays an egg, re eked, palm, do duty as, getting on a soapbox, were carnal, dis-close, Percussed, over did, fork over, be token, tote, live up, stretched out, pro pones, am in clover, joined conversation, working for, tip off, wast into, stocking up, says ones piece, making way, gat into, ex-changing, doest a turn, Disporting, got soapbox, letted fall, unshrouding, let cat out of bag, dis burses, doeth one's thing, letting in on, move in, end angers, de-vised, pointing out, dis-course, be-have, rendering role, be-stowing, gat in act, blows in, pop off, hadst meet, ex plains, Mouthed, being party to, be speak, pro-create, came around, distribute, pro cured, stopped in, getting there, dis charged, bring to view, commended to, dis-cussed, re solve, anteing up, smacks with, de-legates, crystaled ball it, dost one's thing, puts to sleep, re-presenting, went all the way, goes to see, Advantaging, talks ones leg off, re-peat, plucked up, dost thing, tele phoned, ex-plain, sustain, have sex, wast source of, re-moves, Belled, Freighting, end-angers, pro-visioned, are in touch with, institute, sur-renders, pre-tended, gat on soapbox, becomes member, come across with, haddest a meet, filling the bill, Intercalated, de liberated, feathering, de stroying, brought down house, re solves, crowds in, gotten a soapbox, forked over, going way, pro-fesses, put across, sit in, got it up, exclaim, be-getting, engaged conversation, doeth number, make public, dis tribute, sub-scribed, giving expression, use, re tail, mustering courage, ex-claiming, sit on, feeding kitty, come over, runs in to, percusses, wert clover, were source of, taking a chance, thrashing out, putting on map, hunt for, bowing to, swings by, fore bodes, pre sages, live high on hog, wolfing down, come with, gives expression, stepped over the line, de claims, are useful, dis close, re-hearses, over state, signify, de-signing, de-cipher, de-tail, super intended, art a sign of, come on like, ex tract, de-stroyed, figures out, impress as, representing oneself, going that route, dramatize, sub scribe, gave account of, puts forward, re-plenishes, de-scribing, expend, de-voting, opens to view, ex-tracts, dis place, pro-created, play gallery, de-lighting, joined in conversation, sate in on, calling up, has coition, flashed about, in scribe, make book, tune-up, fore-knows, farcializes, sleeps together, wast in action, was in clover, ex-pire, give rundown, parenting, re-legate, de liberates, crossbred, wert into, parceling, were contact, sitting on, doing a number, represents oneself, feed the kitty, passes in to, throwing weight around, Traject, paying call, are assistance, lets it hang out, preconizes, un roll, un-earthing, place disposal, goes to town, dost part, unshrouded, in toning, call name of, get it up, re-turned, pro vide, dis playing, dissertating, doeth ones part, pre-side, inter-acting, go see, palms, represent oneself, ex pended, re eking, portaged, did duty as, paid a visit to, runs up against, goes in to huddle, de signed, un-veils, does thing, do one's thing, flash about, sub scribes, ex-plained, going town, de meaning, gives a talk, lay with, looked around, have finger in, un-roll, re treating, didst a turn, tunes in, flap ones tongue, re-ceding, showcasing, did it, un furled, do ones part, waves around, am touch with, un ravelling, partake of, rending air, wert bold, doeth honors, do number, am in action, transorted, feathered, being exposed to, live in luxury, gives vent to, tragedized, didst it, pass down, de-tailed, send forth, having meet, giving an introduction, dis-cover, give thumbsup, make a pitch, stooged, re-tiring, made my day, join in conversation, in-corporate, taking heart, in tone, setting apart, commit oneself, talked one leg off, lays it on, gave blow by blow, sur renders, Re-present, wert in on, wast exposed to, falls by, in vests, making over, engage conversation, Endeavoring, re serving, tragedizes, do one part, committed oneself, dis-regards, drink in, dis sert, flaunt, bringing word, un-clothed, advance(s), re porting, gulped down, locking up, sent word, touched upon, were a party to, Hefting, doing the honors, in-vesting, saying one's piece, gained entree, forking over, letted fly, gave an introduction, dilated up on, puts across, expound, wert a source of, impressing as, in-tone, inter face, dis-patching, be speaks, de-liver, got a soapbox, over-stated, attend to, is good enough, talks one's leg off, whistle for, re citing, un furling, got in act, doeth a turn, being useful, rang up, dis played, impinges upon, takes heart, threw weight around, de-scant, art acceptable, didst honors, be in touch with, dis tributes, have meet, seeing coming, crowding in, dis-covers, in-spect, sends forth, ex-posing, dilate up on, sits in, be having, dis-pose, under taken, smacked with, holds discussion, ex acts, humped, end-angering, art of assistance, give vent to, paying out, lipped, hath a finger in, keep touch, gets on soapbox, bring down house, do a number, give expression, got there, wert a party to, springing on, be bold, hold forth, de-bated, subserves, endure, dis posing, dost ones thing, un raveling, re-laid, ballyhooed, re-treat, siphoning, re lease, pro-rate, talk leg off, throw down gauntlet, does honors, smoking out, canaries, dis perse, assume, gets touch with, re plenished, rend air, re-tire, get touch with, conscripted, went over to, am on, throws spotlight on, be-stow, was in to, falling in to, un-rolls, saw coming, stops by, fore-bode, fell down, hotdogged, super-intend, lives high hog, dis covered, dis play, giving rundown, had a meet, in toned, diffused, calls shot, swing by, in spect, dis-burse, gave an account of, pre-sent, dis coursing, put on the map, dissertates, end-owing, re cording, dis-charged, de claiming, ex-halations, takes easy, got in touch with, tele phone, dialoguing, put charge of, forked out, ex pose, own up, hath relations, parceled out, be into, appeals to, delivered speech, moves, teed off, stopped by, living extravagantly, re acting, act, tie knot, re citations, groupthinking, talks one leg off, crystaling ball it, be tokens, wrought for, getting it up, ex tend, passed the hat, re-moving, de signs, dis posed, ex-tend, fore casting, thrashes out, hotdog, sweetens the kitty, did honors, go bed, sound off, art in contact, was action, pro fesses, dis-regard, be source of, de clares, handcarries, dis burdened, fanning it, living high hog, run off at mouth, re cords, laying upon, heaping up on, am employed by, stops off, passing the hat, sets apart, let all hang out, were exposed to, ex pressing, drinking in, un-shrouded, pray to, giving account, Parcelled, re tailing, buttonholes, doeth one thing, re corded, de-lineated, trans posed, does turn, pay visit to, get act, dis carded, dis burdening, slept together, de-stroy, work, be adequate, meets with, were on, consented to, doing honors, re questing, sweat out, running off at mouth, ex-haled, played gig, give a talk, came against, pro-viding, gulp down, ex crete, looks around, over done, ex claimed, re-peats, produce a result, talking one leg off, smokes out, re-quiring, re gards, was sign of, Ventriloquizing, hotdogs, was in contact, put in, giving blow by blow, pro-creating, open to view, ex pounding, met with, un rolled, ex-claim, got ahold of, fore knew, re treats, re tails, dower, puts map, sweeten kitty, help, gives account of, crystals ball it, gave account, art party to, sees something coming, colloguing, putting charge of, hath finger in, ex-pounded, in gests, buttonhole, pro-curing, dis-places, giving voice to, going over to, set out on, lived it up, dis-closing, be of use, go town, commentates, re-solving, re-adies, giving introduction, Caved, got results, gives introduction, crowded in, Docketed, pre-pare, slept with, talk ones leg off, calls it, pro-posing, art in touch with, soothsaid, tasting, said piece, intercalates, am exposed to, stay at, act out, be gun, describes as, telling all, makes pitch, were a sign of, be spake, calling aloud, does number, brings forth, put the map, signing up, plucks up, re tired, in-vest, wonts, pro vided, laying egg, ex claim, ex-plicate, ex-pounding, go way, lay egg, look after, fore showing, comes against, made entrance, plays gallery, putting it over, carries conversation, dis charging, fills bill, shout, make a production of, re served, give way, caring for, soliloquizes, knock chip shoulder, being in on, dealing out, runs at mouth, went ahead, pro-moting, give meeting, fore casts, in ducted, make way, did one's thing, blow in, gat a soapbox, commending to, dis-charging, makes my day, dusting off, sweetens pot, saying ones piece, dis closes, dis-placing, do part, de livering, does the honors, make known, re-ceded, dis covering, piles in, butts on, in duce, had relations, un-folding, paying a call, worms in, doing turn, pay call, un-rolling, going all the way, enroll, dis-carding, show fruit, in-crease, appeared as, out daring, partaking of, be a source of, ran up against, pay a visit to, inter views, taking easy, make debut, crowd in, is clover, looks in on, gotten oneself in to, multi-plying, try ones hand, commentating, tries ones hand, in-toned, knocks chip shoulder, are carnal, Persisted, fore known, de vising, re located, put act, laid a finger on, contact, in vite, de-brief, take one on, reaches out, gave rundown, making a production of, fore-shadows, plays part, passes into, canaried, became member, re plenishes, be sign of, bursts in, giving a meeting, pre siding, rended the air, dis burdens, making debut, pre-sides, puts disposal, inter posed, dis ported, pro-claims, un-shroud, didst one thing, Succoring, de mean, lay finger on, is use, gotten into, pro position, un-veil, lie with, re-counting, re-tailing, in-sinuate, de-tails, knocked chip shoulder, go to town, end-anger, ex-cretes, doing number, dished up, get in to, re moving, gotten under way, show tell, living in luxury, fore boding, fore tells, letted in on, fan it, silence, got on a soapbox, co habited, fits out, start, presses into service, get results, spill beans, in-filtrate, wast useful, end angered, had a finger in, re tiring, Outdare, out-fits, bringing forth, be contact, bringing down the house, dost a number, lay it on, consenting to, lavishing up on, fore-runs, giving color to, de crees, doing ones thing, gave a talk, re-locating, re-tailed, gives thumbs up, drunk in, in-tended, are use, gotten the act, is of assistance, re-legates, was carnal, is in to, open view, gave nod, buttonholing, lavish upon, take steps, got oneself in to, siphoned, carry conversation, runs on, gains entree, Disemboguing, parcelled out, looking around, letting fly, doeth part, tolerate, dost one thing, staying with, pre-sage, pro-pound, call it, gets it up, Subserved, letting cat out of bag, signed up, makes a pitch for, gotten in act, pre pare, are a party to, ran risk, give forth, gives thumbsup, play to gallery, do a turn, dis burden, re ached, gets in to, gets in act, doth one's part, pro-visions, does ones thing, tries hand, fore know, reach out, over-doing, sets to, whipping out, making pitch, didst ones thing, Grand-stand, pro-cure, un-cover, pour forth, opening view, pre-sided, be in action, lot out, lied with, partakes of, busts in, ministering to, de tailing, acted out, comes over, appearing as, out-dared, drives in, butt on, groupthinks, made scene, springs on, re-veal, acquitting oneself, breaking silence, popped off, in-tend, casts out, sending word, gives talk, pro positioning, move, Palming, delivers talk, pops off, rushing in, stay with, fore-boded, Patted, looks on, Handing, un clothed, crossbreeds, whipt out, let hang out, being employed by, having finger in, got under way, takes care of, be exposed to, Hefted, in-ducts, were party to, hand-carry, carry on conversation, joining up, giving the nod, tried hand, super-intending, putting forward, kept touch, un veil, concerned oneself, was adequate, break, transort, saw something coming, rendered the role, taking chance, pre dict, belts out, tele-phoning, re-cited, went in for, makes it, is sign of, making pitch for, pay a call, dis coursed, gat touch with, ex-pound, re plenish, inter-posing, lays up on, subserve, gat ahold of, makes a pitch, knocking chip off shoulder, dis-play, officiate, make production of, dis-closes, plays gig, inter ring, in tended, coming up against, Personating, pose, re acted, de liberating, re moved, went into huddle, radioed, made a production of, sees coming, talking leg off, wert acceptable, has sex, playing heartstrings, showcases, having a meet, sets foot in, de legates, went in to a huddle, am acceptable, art into, going the way, gets act, doth one thing, brought view, wolf down, pre-tends, went to bed, reaching out, un earthing, engages conversation, de liver, pass the word, were use, canarying, re marks, out dare, under-takes, enlist, soliloquize, de-means, provide, be a sign of, ex-pend, wast of use, utter, be-token, de livers, giving blow-by-blow, Presenting, spreads out, take part, de-bates, in-forming, feeds the kitty, was a party to, bleeped, de brief, spieling, made pitch, dis-coursed, take up, go in to a huddle, being clover, re turn, take effect, sweetening kitty, in-filtrates, gets oneself into, inter-view, de picts, showing tell, winking, chiming in, commence, appears as, have knowledge of, grand stand, showing and tell, radioing, being good enough, play heartstrings, coming on like, payed a visit to, whipped out, tele-phones, trying one hand, in tend, wert party to, drafting correspondence, pro pone, lays open, lets cat out of bag, ex pend, fitting out, were acceptable, playing to gallery, impinges up on, pro cures, gat in touch with, pro-vided, doth it, brings word, burst out, looking after, interfaces, am clover, re-citations, sets about, in-gests, letting cat out bag, dis cussed, re-gard, try hand, holding forth, un covering, living high on hog, coming around, re-sided, in tones, re-laying, Harbingered, being of assistance, pro-positions, sub serves, sleep with, inter-face, pro cure, giving talk, gets there, preconized, pre-pared, de livered, paid out, hast meet, calling the name of, part with, looks after, write to, was touch with, cross breeds, flap one tongue, going all way, out fit, fore-show, interfacing, pro claim, ventriloquizes, stopped off, un ravels, in spects, un-earths, un veils, make rough guess, art sign of, giving thumbsup, am in contact, impinging upon, gotten back to, set apart, sub scribing, waving around, said loudly, showcase, trans planted, pro-fits, de noting, express, de porting, fore-cast, rends air, were in to, owns up, gave words to, comes up against, tell all, over-did, re peats, presses in to service, rendering the role, carries oneself, ponies up, giving way, doth duty as, brings down the house, un covers, laid it on, were adequate, flap tongue, stepping over the line, wert in contact, interface, wising up, sub-serving, in-duces, Worded, re-lax, called up, confer, pro fit, doing one's part, un ravelled, dis-patched, CUED, pro posing, participating in, called on, under take, pro create, made a pitch, paying a visit to, press in to service, were clover, gives the appearance, de scant, keep on, gives the facts, give nod, stop off, gat act, fore-running, hadst a meet, sur-rendered, ran mouth, conscribes, de-ported, exudations, inter acts, are source of, hast knowledge of, squared off, ballyhooing, go in for, dialogued, open out, letting know, ex acting, re-move, administer, fore-showed, intro duces, stock up, in-venting, in-spects, doest part, belt out, writing up, un clothes, laid forward, pro pounded, letted cat out of bag, plucking up, come like, is touch with, canary, be-stows, passes down, sub-serves, de-livers, setting forth, gave color to, ex-pressing, piling in, re-plenished, gives meeting, tries flavor of, flaps one's tongue, make an entrance, trying hand, cared for, held forth, pro vision, getting in the act, Animadverted, pass hat, super intend, am good enough, commented on, letting all hang out, give appearance, deeded, play act, discourse, inter facing, call the name of, Foreknew, dis-tributes, Provisioning, spreading around, went way, lavishes upon, un rolling, re-presents, showing fruit, gives the nod, let go, is action, enter upon, acquit oneself, de stroyed, tune in, heaped upon, disserting, brought word, stopt by, be in clover, call the shot, sending for, setting to, comes around, toll, comments on, committing oneself, de-nudes, re late, Disembogue, gulps down, was useful, be ginning, go all way, lays forward, gat soapbox, puts in, re-serving, writ to, calling shot, wrote up, Cross-breed, doeth ones thing, minister to, passed the word, re cited, gave expression, pre sides, wert source of, burst in, produced result, lived extravagantly, hand-carried, dis-coursing, ex claims, has a meet, stop in, stepped over line, joins up, answered the purpose, pro-vide, got on soapbox, re-plenishing, disserts, runs off mouth, be on, piled in, pro-creates, didst the honors, makes progress, groupthinked, out-fitted, am sign of, hath sex, takes it easy, ex changing, makes public, place at disposal, re-locates, step over line, Trolling, pro-rating, de-stroying, Burlesquing, got in the act, fore show, Perking, Parleying, lots out, put map, doeth thing, popping off, press into service, am adequate, break silence, de scanted, re marked, de-light, un-earth, relatings, un-veiling, falls into, in-vests, dost one part, signed off on, gets into, rushed in, ran off at mouth, flapping one's tongue, poured forth, sounds off, un-covers, notify, expose, brought forward, feeling up, prepared draft, hand-carries, re-eked, de ciphered, dis-posed, pro created, tragedizing, outdaring, de ciphering, letting fall, dis-closed, re-petition, is on, crystalling ball it, ex claiming, co habit, dope out, hammed, am source of, staggered along, hast coition, gat back to, passed hat, came like, was into, lotting out, drop over, dis-cern, stopt off, dilating upon, opening to view, gotten in there, re tire, dis-posing, pressing into service, art a party to, pro moting, sweeten the kitty, do one's part, de-clares, was in touch with, bringing view, dost a turn, bursting out, laying up on, rent air, lets out, in sinuate, look around, leads off, practice, be-tray, hold discussion, passing the word, drafts correspondence, consents to, Ventriloquize, goes in to a huddle, gives blow-by-blow, under takes, foreshown, forks out, bringing down house, has a finger in, Palavered, being bold, re sided, get oneself into, being carnal, busted in, am into, ex-hales, Adventured, figure out, Wantoning, didst one's thing, sweetened pot, re legates, un masking, letted it hang out, be have, grand-stands, in vent, calls on, pre tend, passing in to, spread around, are exposed to, brought down the house, am a source of, Propone, out-dare, be a party to, pass the hat, advantaged, set forth, be employed by, laying it on, trying one's hand, pro claimed, be stows, goes way, put at disposal, do the honors, staggering along, doest number, emcee, getting the act, owned up, ex plicated, set to, wert employed by, re-treating, hand carries, tee off, de-nominated, runs risk, yoo hoo, taking steps, runs the risk, placed at disposal, dusted off, clanging, pouring forth, perspire, be-stowed, Wantoned, whips out, tuneups, re-producing, made rough guess, fore telling, sat on, over does, groupthink, signs up, hadst sex, outdared, foreshowing, pro fits, in-tones, commenting on, putting view, letting hang out, laid open, giving meeting, Parceled, sur-render, Unshroud, gives voice, melodramatize, flashing about, wert useful, be tokening, brings to view, donate, doest one's part, pro positioned, place, being contact, run mouth, fore-shows, dis burse, gets on a soapbox, hast sex, talks leg off, doeth a number, make over, touches up on, un-shrouds, is in contact, over states, did thing, put away, pays a visit to, multi-plied, squaring off, super intending, gat there, talked ones leg off, passes the word, end owing, signs on, taking the floor, was clover, pop in, drop by, went route, bow to, plays on heartstrings, art adequate, transorts, run on, impinge upon, laying open, fill the bill, assist, ex-pended, does one thing, un derwent, tenders, ex changes, cross-breeds, extend, fills the bill, dis-burdening, tries one's hand, came across with, heap upon, passed into, de scribing, producing result, going to bed, are on, fix up with, sub scribed, steps over line, be-spake, clue in, played part, opens view, fore running, get back to, de nominates, Winked, re-lay, de-clare, get in act, re-cord, doth ones thing, re move, said one piece, doing duty as, gives an introduction, over stating, be stowing, stop by, Parleyed, gotten on soapbox, wert a sign of, does one's thing, am a party to, re-treated, sweetening the pot, work-outs, fork out, puts sleep, pays out, throws weight around, dost ones part, pops in, doping out, lived high hog, buttonholed, cross-breeding, luxuriate, wast carnal, sub-served, in-sinuating, gave vent to, did part, am useful, re lax, de claimed, throw in, hast a finger in, work-out, Prattled, hurried off, made production of, Clanged, sweeten the pot, be-speaking, art in to, heaps up on, in sert, pays a call, foretell, fore warned, slices up, de-notes, wast good enough, give out, hadst relations, haddest knowledge of, was in action, servicing, take chance, giving words to, Umpired, collogue, foreshows, gets in touch with, give thumbs up, gets oneself in to, going to town, dis charges, co-oked, tele-phoned, re-serve, reached out, de-nude, art use, root for, re-produce, becoming member, putting into words, pre-figuring, put on act, were in contact, speak to, de noted, homeworks, signing off on, perked, dropt by, pre pares, doth one part, sleeps with, wave around, drave in, junked, getting oneself into, gotten oneself into, sitting in on, prayed to, super intends, pro-vision, de scants, did one's part, un-clad, wert in to, bring forward, commits oneself, dis courses, occupy oneself, auspicate, un shrouds, musters courage, keeping in touch, dropt over, re-quired, re quires, ex change, put sleep, diffusing, wert assistance, be-tokened, trans-pose, paid a call, ventings, shows and tell, gat oneself into, bowed to, went for broke, art touch with, re quired, setting out, give color to, pre-siding, didst one part, ran on, wert carnal, takes a chance, fore-shadowing, showcased, inter-acts, de-claimed, work in, playing on heartstrings, pre-figure, re mark, stocks up, am assistance, re veal, un-masks, ante up, in sinuating, de-sign, inter-posed, fore-run, re locate, re-turns, says one piece, coming like, touched up on, sweetening pot, being assistance, dust off, gets back to, de-scants, beat drum for, sweetening the kitty, having sex, fill bill, re-plied, present, grant, re citation, hefts, Conscribe, check with, bleeping, thrashed out, re-questing, shows tell, made it, throwing in, dost one's part, takes steps, give talk, get into, letted out, ringing up, pre figure, letted cat out bag, ex pressed, ex tending, hast a meet, made over, doth thing, promulgate, were into, appeal to, acting out, carried oneself, meet with, wast in on, wast in contact, going in to huddle, were bold, art contact, dis-burdened, gave thumbsup, made debut, in-sert, gave introduction, gat under way, live it up, fixed with, has meet, played to gallery, making it, ex hales, pro visioning, signing on, dis cover, de-vote, art bold, playing gig, did ones part, doest ones part, making production of, be-ginning, un mask, palpate, smack with, de creed, render role, rooted for, dis charge, puts forth, de-scribes, delivered a speech, breeze in, pre sents, filled bill, pro-pones, stopping by, de scribed, shook on, speaking to, Inflecting, checking with, melodramatizing, being acceptable, grand standing, drive in, re-cording, de light, wast a party to, gotten in touch with, goes the way, pointed out, goes all way, says loudly, shed, pre-paring, touching up on, fixt with, placing at disposal, deliver, display, Tombing, de bated, describe as, make pitch, haddest a finger in, Responding, un veiled, dealt out, send word, gives blow by blow, takes one on, dis patching, re siding, sub served, doeth the honors, psychs, gotten there, were in touch with, dis-regarded, re petition, chinning, goes in for, fall into, puts out of its misery, re side, de voted, takes the floor, out dared, re-porting, report, lives up, running against, pre paring, spieled, makes pitch for, showed tell, tune-ups, re-lease, de votes, fell into, breezed in, tuneup, end anger, making book, be-spoken, described as, cry out, in-tends, hadst knowledge of, go to bed, look in on, art action, Umpiring, had coition, pro-bed, jumps in, came together, falls in to, throw weight around, re-marks, doest thing, pre-tending, am contact, took steps, re-quire, Intonating, re-side, Disported, call out, gotten ink for, gives color to, ex-press, takes chance, pre sage, look on, runs mouth, pre-sages, brings down house, dis-covered, put view, pro-pose, lotted out, advance, ex tended, went that route, give account, taking part, measures out, ex act, out dares, getting oneself in to, doeth one's part, authored, playact, homework, doth honors, mention, de-picts, cuing, sweeten pot, paying visit to, called name of, sweetened the kitty, making my day, un-fold, being a source of, under went, under-taking, were action, putting forth, cares for, unshrouds, took care of, in corporate, ingressed, de clare, sub-serve, emceeing, rending the air, digs up, lets fly, get ink for, Palmed, butted on, being in touch with, being use, pro positions, join up, pro-claiming, live high hog, sweetened the pot, re-hearse, slough, art in on, pro-duces, taking effect, provided details, runs against, broke silence, made clear, gat in to, delivering talk, tipped off, under-going, re counting, in creasing, undertake, drops by, interfaced, were a source of, butting on, dis pose, be-gun, re quiring, seeing something coming, sur rendering, run against, goes into huddle, being in contact, running mouth, make progress, lives extravagantly, de-claims, jump in, fore-told, tried one hand, dishes up, pro-positioning, sitting in, doth one's thing, trajects, dis-covering, trans missions, giving forth, run at mouth, wert contact, trans-plants, de lighted, laid bare, de-noting, in sinuates, gets a soapbox, send out, is in clover, re-leases, getting in to, re petitions, inter viewed, re lays, in-corporates, authoring, forking out, haddest coition, pass on, fit out, dis-placed, goes for broke, comes across with, placing disposal, bust in, went see, prepping, putting map, giving a talk, put to sleep, takes part, fore-boding, Intonated, portaging, be tray, inter acting, wast use, shakes on, wast in touch with, end-owed, wert good enough, prays to, sur rendered, set down, de-vising, set about, in filtrated, ex pends, places at disposal, Foreran, sent out, took chance, ex-tends, get there, lived in luxury, trying ones hand, impinging up on, make it, releasing, bleep, flaps ones tongue, be in to, Gifting, was a source of, de-liberates, opening out, belling, making scene, does one's part, dis-regarding, dropped by, rends the air, cast out, de means, is a party to, un-ravelled, were of assistance, sub serving, re laid, conscripting, fixing with, called shot, brake silence, laying a finger on, pass in to, gets under way, were assistance, de scribes, laying on, haddest relations, didst thing, call bluff, gave meeting, am of assistance, casting out, lay open, went the way, are bold, wolfed down, came up against, super-intended, dilates up on, de-pict, went to town, sweetens the pot, letting out, abide, originate, calling out, de scanting, meting out, be tokened, acquitted oneself, pro-cesses, opened out, thrash out, ex-halation, re-plying, drove in, tipping off, flapped one's tongue, answer the purpose, making an entrance, re-treats, tries the flavor of, wolfs down, in corporates, goes to bed, un masks, told all, concern oneself, do it, art clover, brings forward, give voice, ex cretes, dis-charges, flapping tongue, produce, had meet, wast sign of, un cover, enter, Freighted, answers the purpose, swang by, being on, re leasing, touch up on, Disembogued, pro posed, taste, de-tailing, are in action, in forms, trans late, co-habited, de-votes, go for broke, made public, calling the shot, rendered role, bringing to view, re-quires, ex-acted, try one's hand, out fits, were in on, try flavor of, letting it all hang out, participates in, dis closed, re produced, parceling out, cross-bred, was party to, answers purpose, puts on view, commentate, make clear, passed in to, end angering, re-presented, sat in on, am carnal, voice, pony up, inter-pose, stays at, pay out, re locating, setting about, trans-planting, heap up on, letting have, run risk, emanate, lay forward, fore-know, consign, bleeps, spread out, wert in action, stretch out, stagger along, in-forms, re quested, re-solved, is assistance, dare, let know, ex plicating, pro duces, places disposal, being of use, were in action, trans-lated, brought to view, Maneuvered, fore shadowed, hotdogging, say ones piece, ran into, fanned it, proffer, doest it, went to see, de-bating, ex haled, go the way, gotten in to, signs off on, inflect, running at mouth, comment, got into, in filtrate, imprest as, be-gotten, animadverts, in filtrating, state, tele vise, staid at, measured out, have coition, wert in touch with, trans mission, letted all hang out, touches upon, jumped in, works in, lays a finger on, un folding, re-acted, re-leased, gets in the act, ex pound, pro cess, re-petitions, be-tokens, take a chance, ex hale, was bold, puts the map, bows to, inter acted, passes the hat, dis cards, tread boards, getting in act, antes up, tees off, being source of, commentated, un-derwent, sprung on, be carnal, be gotten, coming across with, lavish up on, rolling out, dropping over, stayed with, dis-played, ex-claims, belted out, de-creed, ran at mouth, dissertate, muster courage, ex-plicated, ex pounds, foreruning, put it over, un-furling, pre figures, give voice to, has finger in, ex-tract, de legate, tele-phone, de scribe, de-liberate, talked leg off, fore-warning, all-owed, Perpetrated, lets all hang out, pro claims, in vented, Trajecting, gat oneself in to, setting foot in, rushes off, pro creates, sliced up, accost, fixes with, showed and tell, rolled out, un clothing, ex-pends, animadvert, consent to, re-corded, come together, dis porting, attended to, took easy, gave birth, in tending, cries out, release, fore-telling, took effect, pro visions, doest one thing, pro-cures, made an entrance, convenances, face off, ex-plaining, ex press, hast relations, tele-vise, takes effect, dis-cuss, taking care of, sent for, putting out its misery, grand-standing, doing part, give an introduction, de-lighted, appealing to, bring forth, depositing with, un-rolled, unfold, visit, impinged upon, pre sided, describing as, de-scribed, called it, put an act, made bold, taking one on, pre-figures, pro fess, stepping over line, are acceptable, in duct, calls aloud, slice up, bursted out, participated in, wast in to, fore told, haddest meet, brought forth, outdares, Trolled, give words to, co-habit, de-ciphered, gotten ahold of, being in to, giving thumbs-up, wast bold, busting in, laying finger on, sounding off, dis places, fore-tell, re-cedes, ex plained, bring down the house, de-scanting, de-cree, touching upon, under-went, un rolls, gaining entree, making entrance, carrying on conversation, tried ones hand, accept, mustered courage, give introduction, fore-shadowed, gave thumbs up, makes way, did a turn, wast assistance, took a chance, coming against, pressing in to service, drafted correspondence, doped out, did number, belting out, gifted with, put into words, tells all, makes bold, doeth duty as, put, re-cites, sits in on, give the facts, passes hat, re aching, pro-pounds, was on, doest one part, auspicated, talked one's leg off, dis carding, transorting, pro rating, locked up, dilates upon, called the name of, gave thumbs-up, un fold, fore-warn, de-claiming, dost duty as, gotten in the act, wast on, be assistance, thumbs, held discussion, pro creating, lets cat out bag, pro-positioned, carry oneself, Tombed, gat in there, went town, make pitch for, re producing, dis-porting, gave blow-by-blow, laid an egg, un-raveled, parcelling, try one hand, make bold, in-creases, lead off, fore shadows, haddest sex, Cabled, sprang on, fore-knowing, doing one's thing, propones, make scene, rolls out, passed on, digged up, re cedes, de vise, delivers a speech, parted with, joins conversation, doth a turn, proclaims, took one on, running up against, comes together, dilated upon, went in to huddle, letted hang out, joining in conversation, un shrouded, carried on conversation, filling bill, preconizing, wast adequate, play gig, de lineate, getting touch with, trans-mission, got in there, swinging by, dis-place, re-cords, dis regarded, takes floor, tuned in, de-signs, lay bare, giving an account of, re-aching, fore shadow, doest turn, dis-charge, knocking chip shoulder, pro-mote, in-vents, carry on, tuning in, emceed, pro-motes, tele phoning, in-scribing, gets the act, un-masking, holding discussion, be stow, give birth, called aloud, fixt up with, blew in, lets it all hang out, gifting with, engaging in conversation, got in to, intonate, in-duct, is in touch with, operate, call ones bluff, sate in, makes debut, gat ink for, going into a huddle, making a scene, giving voice, was exposed to, dis-playing, is bold, goes route, kept in touch, moving in, de lights, inter-views, are in contact, made a pitch for, spring on, chimed in, dishing up, Docketing, get a soapbox, sweetened kitty, dis-plays, fore knows, re lay, pile in, doth part, take easy, plays to gallery, conscribed, ex plicate, gives a meeting, in creases, wrote to, interact, psyching, un-masked, de bating, inter posing, prattling, interacting, hand-carrying, Personated, hit on, de pict, re counted, art in clover, running in to, under-took, took it easy, mate, stretching out, sending forth, gat in the act, in venting, say, un-folds, dis-card, de-briefs, re locates, inter-ring, hath meet, am use, un earth, un veiling, dis placed, pro pounding, payed visit to, working in, de-ciphering, putting to sleep, overdo, un-clothes, in vest, ran the risk, gifts with, dis cuss, serve, deals out, sur-rendering, got touch with, do ones thing, goes all the way, re-siding, let have, ingressing, being action, super-intends, whip out, crying out, bring light, under-gone, tips off, un shroud, ran off mouth, dis-burdens, dost honors, in sinuated, go all the way, dig up, art a source of, passed down, un-ravels, put in to words, Tendering, un-earthed, are a source of, spreads around, putting disposal, re leases, trans-posing, in crease, pours forth, fed the kitty, was in on, ran in to, puts over, put forward, lavished up on, de signing, am action, de-meaning, in vents, folds up, lets in on, de sign, stopping off, put over, concerning oneself, was of use, in-vented, hunts for, payed call, folding up, called out, lays finger on, do honors, haddest finger in, un folds, tries one hand, be in on, inter-viewing, write up, trans ported, in duces, fold up, re-located, lived up, pre tending, parcelling out, passes on, was source of, un-mask, call arms, co-habits, heaped up on, go in to huddle, are adequate, perform, co oking, be clover, collogues, de-briefed, made a scene, occupied oneself, pro duce, render, went in, in-toning, un clothe, get ahold of, dis-patches, Patting, wert on, Subserving, de-liberating, wast party to, ex tends, in-sinuates, faced off, de-signed, bring view, hath knowledge of, deposit with, pro-pounded, drops over, gets soapbox, wast a source of, flapping ones tongue, setting before, does it, came over, said one's piece, put forth, ex pounded, comes on like, come up against, drillings, melodramatizes, Re-turn, letted have, re plying, gave facts, cried out, devote, carrying oneself, over-stating, go ahead, run gauntlet, holds forth, fore-shadow, falling into, carried conversation, lives luxury, un-veiled, give speech, try the flavor of, run the risk, hand carrying, ringed up, ex posed, de bunks, re presenting, hitting on, feed kitty, gave voice to, lay upon, puts at disposal, fans it, de nominate, are employed by, worming in, letted it all hang out, breezing in, laid on, un earthed, re-cede, auspicating, Dissert, makes an entrance, hurrying off, re plenishing, speaks to, owning up, Ventriloquized, under gone, sleeping together, re cord, fore-tells, opens out, de-scribe, lets hang out, de-note, doeth it, breezes in, allow, call, sign up, re-produces, getting soapbox, un ravel, trans-plant, lies with, tried one's hand, measuring out, in ducts, re-serves, tune ups, intro duce, de lineated, be-tokening, pro pounds, co habits, answering purpose, make a pitch for, renders the role, un-ravel, gat results, Trajected, de-voted, trying the flavor of, having relations, does ones part, fore runs, dis covers, gives speech, play role, makes clear, enucleates, wrought in, draft correspondence, lets have, felt up, dilating up on, ex-pounds, re-produced, gives birth, pressed into service, convey, farcialize, teeing off, breaks silence, anteed up, dis-burden, gets ink for, ex pending, sit in on, going in to a huddle, being in action.