Pronunciation of Fact
/fˈakt/, /fˈakt/, /f_ˈa_k_t/

Antonyms for fact

Apriority, out-fit, good-looker, Lemmata, hundred to ones, perhap, out-looks, Principia, de-liberation, fancy, mis construction, gobbledegook, insaneness, de nominations, spiritual mindednesses, in-consistencies, mis-deed, lucky hit, misimpressions, envisionings, dos, false moves, starting points, misconstructions, mis-calculation, way the ball bounces, bewitchments, re flection, studyings, re-serve, chance, castle in air, in-tuition, non sequitur, fore knowledges, nightmare, quibbling routines, craps games, double trouble, bright sides, wizardry, myth, un-reasonableness, unfounded fears, delusion, dis-course, Romancing, re presentations, assumings, horoscopy, dirty washes, spiritualmindednesses, magic words, mis-take, mistake, de scents, biggie, Tractate, lovelies, in-sanities, mental agility, ex tractions, Thaumaturgy, breadth view, siren song, failure, pro-positions, ignorance, breadth of view, bright side, self-deception, back fence talk, say so, in-formers, mis-cue, selfdeception, mis-statements, opinion, boo-boos, scandalizers, mis-fortunes, preconceived idea, sanctification, fabrication, mis-cues, out looks, fore-cast, insanity, under taking, guesstimate, exoticness, deceptivenesses, dirty laundry, mis judgment, misconstrual, chatterers, wittiness, do's, whim, in tuition, bump in night, creative thought, ex-position, in-sights, double troubles, fortunetelling, over sights, pre-conception, fore-sight, newsmongers, un balances, feast for eyes, good looker, mis-interpretations, possibility, passing thoughts, supposal, be-lief, speculatings, re-presentations, imaginings, stab the dark, presupposition, folk story, bewitchment, dis-courses, witlessness, in-saneness, impression, silliness, inactivity, mis understandings, spec, in validities, un truths, fore bear, quibblings, re collection, mis-impression, sur-mises, in tuitions, in a zones, mis take, in-advertence, screamer, mis judgments, blue chip, fata morganas, in-vestments, in formers, conjurations, pre-tense, Farm Animals, dis traction, Envisagement, un-balances, line of descent, fore-knowledges, head turner, quibbling routine, Idealities, mis impression, drutherses, hundred to one, in-exactness, mis-constructions, irresponsibility, in-sanenesses, abstract, comeon, air castle, Phantasma, fairy stories, over-subtleness, blethers, mis impressions, pre suppositions, misimpression, point in question, earfuls, in a zone, point question, hypo thesis, mis-applications, nonsense, ex-tractions, light end tunnel, invalidity, de-scent, de scent, ortho doxies, un-truths, matter in hand, pre-supposition, retro spects, beauts, prattlers, thesis, Psychoses, in advertences, dis-positions, co incidences, conjury, dis simulation, speculation, out fits, mis statement, song dance, re-gard, mistaken beliefs, in-advertences, risky business, pro spects, witchery, retro-spects, hedgings, re-flection, fore boding, re-velation, jabberwocky, subject, theorizations, de-nomination, inexactnesses, under estimations, in accuracies, sweetener, de-signs, pro-vision, double meaning, non sequiturs, ex cogitation, stargazings, pie in sky, concentratings, re-solutions, shot the dark, irreality, sub-stance, fore bears, postulation, dirty wash, infra structures, in jury, venture, pre mise, over-the-counter, wittinesses, follow throughs, un truth, mind trips, sub stance, looking forward, thought, fortune-telling, in accuracy, ex planation, stunner, re-views, seducements, mis prints, oral literature, pre tenses, way the ball bounce, mis-representation, fata morgana, preconception, witching, mis statements, fool paradise, de-liberations, rantings, in-consistency, gushings, selfdeceptions, rune, ballgame, bad job, pre-mise, mental agilities, dreamboat, Bogies, toss up, livestocks, circulators, non senses, faultinesses, shufflings, blue chips, infra structure, ruin, chimera, hypothesis, surmisal, pro vision, mis steps, optics, stab dark, mismanagement, ignus fatuus, tattlings, pro-visions, prestidigitation, mis management, pie the sky, thing with feather, visualization, rough guess, death, news, hope, ideal, perfect pictures, lucky hits, re search, makebelieve, chief ingredients, pharmacopoeia, under-estimations, druthers, mis-print, paramnesias, pre-diction, errors, velleity, re-collections, dazzler, rosinesses, mis beliefs, error, big eye, re-solution, gossip, sight for sore eyes, atlantises, Apriorism, fortune-tellings, mis-calculations, dis simulations, in sanenesses, boo-boo, fancyings, de signs, dreamboats, pro-mise, pro duces, pro mise, over-sights, slip of tongue, inexactness, hard fact, meditatings, bull, topic, misinformation, expectation, externalizings, back-fence talk, out-fits, pro position, folklore, hazard, mis representations, non sense, principal elements, equivocation, matter hand, fore-casts, pre-sciences, in validity, pre conceptions, misconception, codification, sleight hand, de liberations, pre-disposition, hocus-pocus, stab in dark, pre-judgments, carrot, Sweeteners, malicious talk, fall of card, fore casts, stroke luck, re velation, pre tense, over-the-counters, re-serves, de-sign, over-sight, eventuality, phantasies, in-former, dream, in exactness, in vestments, dissimulations, backfence talks, phantom, codifications, casuistry, in-vestment, co lorings, magic word, tall story, Succubi, lyings, dis tractions, oversubtlenesses, Visions, theorem, sur mise, pre dictions, hypo-thesis, de sire, spiritual-mindednesses, infra-structure, dirty linen, jives, de coys, mousetrap, higher power, thing with feathers, bogy, formularizations, positings, dis-position, pro-mises, in-exactnesses, mis-understanding, bad jobs, way ball bounces, theorization, bump in the night, fond hope, un realities, deceptiveness, dis-tractions, out look, re views, looking forwards, magnet, mis-takes, castle air, re actions, fairy story, fore cast, misprint, co incidence, infra-structures, mis cues, fore-bears, un reality, exoticnesses, way cookie crumble, mis-interpretation, false beliefs, re-collection, risky ventures, goodlooker, illusion, fairylands, mis-understandings, novel, over estimations, sub-stances, unrealities, carings, field reference, rumors babbler, superstition, mis-conceptions, re-flections, diabolism, mis calculation, acceptings, mis-impressions, in vestment, mis-managements, surmisals, in-validities, mis managements, theory, inference, pre supposition, pro-spects, ex-planations, pre-sage, booboo, misconstruals, mis-judgment, light at end tunnel, mental picture, higher powers, unfounded fear, right monies, over-subtlenesses, over subtlenesses, paramnesia, pre sage, Re-presentation, re view, dis positions, greedy glutton, coverup, lure, mis representation, imaginativeness, malicious talks, in sanities, throw of the dice, way the cookie crumbles, way the cookie crumble, earful, oral literatures, tentative law, under estimation, de liberation, castles air, light end of tunnel, chatterer, presumption, air castles, big idea, dissimulation, apriorisms, under-standings, pre science, sur-mise, banana, newsmonger, sub stratum, out fit, ex-cogitation, considerings, pre-sages, mis-deeds, Occultism, ex cogitations, mental disorder, mis-application, fortune telling, Monography, mis constructions, in-tuitions, ex planations, pet projects, witlessnesses, probability, Circulator, principal object, mis-conception, co-incidence, conjuration, over subtleness, mental pictures, be lief, smart monies, pro-duces, apriorities, in juries, de-nominations, overestimations, idle talk, line descent, supposition, fibbings, de-scents, hocus pocus, self deceptions, mismanagements, re-velations, re gards, IN ZONE, matter at hand, monographies, guesstimates, de-liberating, elusions, mis fortune, Hocus, supposals, feast for the eye, appearance, dis-simulation, way ball bounce, backfence talk, cup tea, perceivings, occultisms, unreality, conjurings, screw-ups, pre-sentiment, dis-traction, co-loring, mis applications, hocuspocu, pre disposition, in-validity, de sires, co-incidences, faultiness, weakness for, underestimation, sur mises, flight imagination, ex-traction, pre dispositions, mis conceptions, mis application, pre-mises, fore-sights, non-senses, sanctifications, HOCU, ballgames, mis cue, deliberatings, vision, overestimation, creative thoughts, re serve, howler, hopefulnesses, mental grasps, re solutions, tergiversation, misbeliefs, Misbelief, mousetraps, daydream, principium, eidolons, flight of imagination, idolisms, specs, basis, principal objects, fiction, sub stances, in sanity, ortho-doxy, re flections, mis print, mis takes, pre judgments, runaround, pre-sentiments, ideality, surmise, Amphibologies, speculative enterprise, cogitatings, succubus, communings, phantasy, clothesline, de coy, principal element, telltales, mis-management, over-estimations, double meanings, self-deceptions, in-jury, bump night, imagination, envisagements, over-estimation, Pharmacopoeias, pro spect, fore sight, fore sights, in-sanity, fairyland, fall of the cards, dreaminess, assumption, Hocuspocus, castles in the air, throw dice, out-look, objectifyings, mistaken belief, in-sight, false belief, pro positions, tossup, Carrots, folk ballad, under-pinning, lie, ex-positions, presumings, way cookie crumbles, sneaking suspicions, romancings, in sight, dreamings, mis-beliefs, Eidolon, Idolism, figment the imagination, irresponsibilities, stock, in consistency, Re-search, mis-apprehension, Formularization, preconceived ideas, estimate, pre conception, amphibology, eyes fors, dirty laundries, re presentation, in consistencies, magnets, livestock, in saneness, biggies, sub-stratums, belle, Witcheries, idylls, jabberings, pre-science, adventure, de-sires, mis-apprehensions, mirage, religion, wizardries, pre-possessions, big eyes, hallucination, under standing, un-truth, pre sentiments, castles the air, pre-conceptions, speculative enterprises, pie sky, inertia, castle the air, flibbertigibbet, bump the night, good lookers, hundred-to-one, fore-knowledge, theurgy, conjecture, jive, howlers, conception, fortunetellings, dazzlers, intellection, in zones, de sign, runes, mis deeds, misprints, hot potatoes, co loring, dirty linens, re searches, apparition, risky venture, un-reasonablenesses, mis-belief, re-view, lemma, pro mises, veuses, Mummeries, pre-judgment, fall cards, over sight, bunkums, weakness fors, dis position, mis interpretation, pre sciences, under standings, under-takings, de nomination, dis-simulations, hot potato, in-accuracy, co-lorings, throw of dice, re collections, seeings, mis deed, idle talks, de-coys, beaut, screw ups, under-standing, screamers, XS, retro-spect, theorizings, pro visions, ortho doxy, dis course, pre-dictions, premise, invalidities, partiality, Phantasm, pro duce, stab in the dark, under-estimation, woolgatherings, feast for the eyes, ex-cogitations, figment, mis apprehensions, sneaking suspicion, re sourcefulnesses, un reasonableness, eidola, misstatement, visualizations, smoke mirrors, un-realities, re-sourcefulness, diabolisms, point view, witchings, domestics, fall the card, siren songs, un reasonablenesses, fall of the card, self deception, prejudgment, re sourcefulness, oversubtleness, convertibles, back fence talks, fore bodings, range view, gaugings, destruction, in sights, spiritualmindedness, idyll, conjuries, Illusions, mis conception, fall of cards, fond hopes, dis courses, mis belief, spiritual-mindedness, sub-strata, inanimate, inaccuracy, pet project, rough guesses, goodlookers, thin ices, de-coy, de-sire, in exactnesses, elusion, ignus fatuu, cop outs, guess, belief, mis-construction, blether, booboos, mis-statement, fore-boding, pre sages, de liberating, back-fence talks, chief ingredient, castles in air, cover up, gobbledegooks, bunkum, postulatings, smart moneys, under-taking, conceivings, sub-stratum, sight for sore eye, psychosis, light at end of tunnel, expectancy, sayso, smart money, clotheslines, re velations, hundred-to-ones, throw the dice, big ideas, horoscopies, mummery, range of view, eyes for, figment imagination, potentiality, feast for eye, tentative laws, fallacy, mis understanding, non-sense, prejudgments, fantasy, pre mises, rosiness, mis fortunes, under pinning, fortune tellings, folk ballads, in-accuracies, Mental Disorders, hard facts, concept, craps game, pre possessions, woolgathering.