Pronunciation of Listen
/lˈɪsən/, /lˈɪsən/, /l_ˈɪ_s_ə_n/

Antonyms for listen

personates, looks in on, counting by one, flaps tongue, be a team, were on team, re-peats, call it, acts the part of, winking, be tokening, let one hair down, give faith, state, un-veils, figure out, spieling, made a pitch, is a sign of, doped out, being in touch with, fore told, ringing up, brake the news, makes pitch, enlighten, un covered, amused oneself, left word, took effect, stay with, dis-closing, hath meet, inter acted, giving talk, dis criminated, making book, dis-coursing, going into a huddle, make a play for, fore-casting, broke silence, writ to, taking its toll, goes a spree, up-lifted, in sinuates, ex changing, laying out for, hath effect, stop in, ex plain, make presence known, re ached, gat ahold of, called it, stay at, un cover, goes spree, turn away, were in contact, de clares, ran on, gassing, chaffers, de-sires, prime, pro pounds, speak one's piece, ex pounds, rooting for, de-duce, knows for certain, getting touch with, spitted it out, up-lifting, de briefs, dis-cuss, put through the mill, called up on, spake ones piece, opened up, being in contact, describing as, kibitzing, auspicate, being life of party, fore-tell, giving account of, made vivid, in spect, saw coming, go see, join conversation, gets ahold of, wrote up, clues in, Worded, making presence known, talk, make ready, pro-pounded, re leases, flapped tongue, know for certain, dis-criminates, went in to a huddle, contact, miss, is sure, be spoke, runs mouth, pro claiming, de cree, break silence, opened ones mouth, lays out for, break news, makes vivid, yakkety-yaks, ex-pressing, sees coming, pro-positions, in vite, be tray, re presents, letting slip, pay visit to, make vivid, paid a visit to, called upon, prays to, ex-pounded, checked with, be life party, making public, re marked, clamor, wert sure, going into details, stopt off, art sign of, holding forth, inflected, dope out, de nominate, re-quests, give facts, pulling ones coat, dialogued, ex-cites, fore-boding, makes public, spitting it out, ex cite, sending word, got ahold of, carried conversation, payed visit to, inter faces, conveyed image, lays it out for, psyching, letted out, putting forth, flapping one tongue, re-quiring, make pass at, de nominates, makes rough guess, rang up, pre aching, dis-cusses, innervated, are a sign of, in tended, putting into words, flapped one tongue, conveys image, pulled ones coat, opening mouth, cuts capers, in quired, gat touch with, keeps touch, art contact, taking part, dis coursing, put forth, be-tokens, made pass at, lets one's hair down, re quiring, in-tended, looking in on, be-speak, dis cover, ex change, gives facts, refuse, doping out, gave voice, de-claim, dis cusses, be in contact, fore-telling, ex plains, art in contact, making pitch, being life party, de-claimed, putting through the mill, inter acting, in-tends, laying an egg, goes see, wast on a team, am contact, tipping off, dis-criminated, re-ached, commenting on, scream, making play for, fore-shadowing, dis-close, de-scant, pre figures, talking one's leg off, Cabling, de tailed, make rough guess, puts through the mill, de scribes, making a play for, running off mouth, dis-criminating, re peat, de note, pop off, pops in, belting out, un-cover, ratted on, giving voice to, open mouth, gives an account of, pro-positioning, putting through the grind, chime in, takes floor, delivers speech, radioing, ex-press, be token, inter-views, engage in, ex claims, dis-cover, stops by, pre sages, acting part of, flaps one tongue, opens mouth, de notes, fore-bodes, mumble, ex-plicates, sounding off, de scribed, re quests, in-forming, dis closes, de tail, stays at, pro positions, dis-criminate, Militating, de noted, are team, broke the news, leave word, de-livering, plays a gig, go in to huddle, re-cites, have a meet, gets soapbox, ex pounded, kicking up heels, re citing, joining conversation, give a talk, tele phones, ex claim, co aching, licked into shape, fore-cast, was in touch with, caused to understand, give the word, go into a huddle, art touch with, was touch with, gives expression, de-briefing, has meet, re-leased, read a part, wrote to, pull ones coat, comment on, chimes in, pulled one's coat, go into huddle, re-marked, has effect, pay a visit to, inter viewing, idled away, knew for certain, yoo hoo, de claiming, owns up, de picts, speaking one's piece, brake news, engaged in, de liberates, lay it out for, went see, yell, play gig, interface, ex-pound, stays with, prepped, spoke piece, kicks up heels, re-peat, ex citing, de-note, pays a visit to, dis plays, deliver talk, ex-pounding, dis cussing, owning up, give voice to, go spree, give blow by blow, engages in conversation, giving facts, engaging in, made play for, be-speaks, call, is a team, said to oneself, de-scants, in toned, figured out, intonates, gave facts, taking the floor, pre-figured, sell down river, groupthinks, make apparent, going in to huddle, put before, thrash out, re-veals, hammed, appeals to, letting know, Ventriloquized, engaging conversation, counted by one, speaks one's piece, made book, dis covering, dis-cussed, readies, prayed to, breaking silence, flap tongue, knowing for certain, pre-figuring, de-claiming, dropping over, Palavered, ex cites, art in touch with, re-presented, dropping by, re-aching, be-tokening, foreknow, haddest meet, gives a talk, made pitch, keeps in touch, CUED, write to, de-fining, dis closing, falls by, ex-posed, talked one leg off, cop plea, get ahold of, disregard, gave faith, de-liberating, ex-pounds, in-quired, de siring, went in to details, de-siring, made clear, de-duces, gave the word, stopped off, fore knows, pre-sages, open one's mouth, dialoguing, crystals ball it, going in to a huddle, discount, re-lated, Intonating, re quires, praying to, de sired, in-quiring, fore known, clued in, re-hearses, pull coat, ex plicated, re late, speaks to, roar, dis play, went on a spree, gave word, made apparent, were life party, de-tails, Soliloquizing, scorn, in sinuated, dis-covered, re side, call the shot, called on, Educating, take role of, run mouth, keep posted, letted in on, delivered speech, letted slip, got on soapbox, pay a call, say, join in conversation, un covering, de-nominates, importing, in-spirit, re-porting, yakketyyaks, re-lease, in forming, address, wast a team, Danced, dis cussed, Prattled, root for, de-nominated, having force, flapping ones tongue, pass the word, de brief, dispute, call up on, lays open, carries conversation, passed the word, interfaced, gave account of, rats on, engage in conversation, pre-sage, fore casts, re counted, took the role of, goes into huddle, interfaces, clue in, innervate, ran off at mouth, fore-shadows, un-veiling, ex posed, art life party, pulled coat, re-counting, ex-pose, causing to understand, Personated, runs on, de-claims, keep touch, pedals, delivering talk, licked in to shape, breaking the news, up lifting, de pict, re create, re aching, check with, am sign of, pro positioning, told all, pulls one's coat, looks around, tele phoning, spit out, wast team, de scribe, drops by, goes on spree, speaking ones piece, haddest effect, being team, had force, hath a meet, in-toning, kept touch, gives talk, breaking news, putting through grind, gives blow-by-blow, un covers, co-aching, de-liberate, art team, re cites, re-quire, put across, dis courses, getting ahold of, puts through grind, fore-shadowed, Ventriloquize, causes understand, fore telling, rooted for, saw something coming, fore-knew, re cognize, gives voice to, got touch with, de livered, pedaled, be-spake, be-speaking, de scribing, delivering a speech, tips off, fore warn, bleeping, checking with, fore bodes, hadst force, letted hair down, PREPS, counts one by one, let loose, ventriloquizes, takes the floor, pull one's coat, pre sent, give utterance, delivering speech, stopped by, inter-viewing, re marks, talks leg off, is team, dis-played, up dating, pre-sents, said oneself, fore shadowing, caused understand, sound off, un veils, de-lineated, de liberating, are contact, selling down river, gat on soapbox, fore-told, took role of, sold down the river, making a pitch, let in on, letting one hair down, talks ones leg off, Inflecting, gives blow by blow, de-noting, ex act, de duce, give talk, gaming, Parleyed, pulling coat, makes clear, makes presence known, visit, giving blow by blow, pre pares, ringed up, put through mill, crystaled ball it, fore-casts, pulls one coat, kicked heels, getting on a soapbox, in spirit, Boohooed, hadst effect, up date, take effect, fore-warning, wert sign of, de scanted, ex-plains, tell all, ex-claims, spake one's piece, gat back to, leaves word, de-liberated, vocalize, took part, de-notes, laying open, being on a team, canary, come around, slight, flap one's tongue, runs off at mouth, de-scanting, Personating, puts before, described as, fore shadow, is touch with, wert on a team, play a gig, inter face, keeping in touch, joined in conversation, opens one mouth, dis coursed, were sign of, makes apparent, re-plied, laid an egg, entertaining oneself, went to see, pro positioned, prep, drop by, fore bode, flap one tongue, in tends, ex-posing, in-duce, speak ones piece, reach out, yakketyyakking, being touch with, in sinuate, Lipping, staying with, getting back to, pulls coat, ring up, reels off, de livering, in-tending, carried on conversation, de-briefed, put on to, goes to see, reaching out, all owing, making apparent, pro testing, bleeps, carrying on conversation, letting one's hair down, militates, pre figured, delivered a speech, be spake, calls on, acting the part of, tattletaling, re-side, pre-sent, admit, getting soapbox, letting loose, went in to huddle, in-spirited, subscribing to, is life party, de liberated, calling upon, pulls ones coat, inter view, dis criminates, sent word, crystaling ball it, fore warned, be touch with, lets know, fore know, spake one piece, act the part of, be tokens, in-duces, be tokened, subscribes to, takes effect, spoke one piece, carry conversation, flaps one's tongue, cries out, reeling off, de lineated, are on a team, cried out, hath force, Imaged, in tones, de-scribes, comes around, setting forth, stops in, be in touch with, in quires, ex-acting, coming over, running at mouth, cause to understand, lays money on, pro pounding, pedaling, give expression, de crees, in tend, put in to words, de claims, spoke ones piece, dropt over, let know, pro-tested, re-cited, spieled, pre pared, calls shot, be-tray, pre-figure, letted one's hair down, dis-playing, pre-pare, being a sign of, be-token, fore-warn, spill beans, be life of party, made ready, un-veiled, go on a spree, put through the grind, putting on to, be on a team, paying a call, wise up, re adies, Winked, joins in conversation, make merry, went a spree, auspicated, re peats, in spirits, are sure, speaking one piece, un veil, make public, dis playing, ex claiming, marking out, gat a soapbox, called shot, de-nominate, open ones mouth, count by one, lets out, runs off mouth, kibitz, Palavering, gives speech, yakketyyak, call upon, talking ones leg off, seeing coming, Parleying, be contact, goes into details, ex-claimed, gotten on soapbox, goes over to, talked leg off, says to oneself, de sires, were team, lets ones hair down, played gig, groupthinked, pre-paring, de-pict, fore-shadow, being contact, inter-acting, out line, be team, see coming, wast in contact, chitchatted, dis-courses, is life of party, lick in to shape, makes sense of, dis closed, groupthinking, calls up on, called the shot, coming around, inter facing, tele-phoned, took its toll, voice, de-brief, stops off, re-adies, get a soapbox, letting out, stopping off, ex pressed, pro tested, pops off, re presenting, de claim, selling down the river, take part, am life party, bid, look in on, un-covers, make sense of, pray to, going spree, makes pass at, gotten soapbox, having effect, de scanting, gives account of, Chaffered, giving the lowdown, gave expression, looking on, groupthink, make clear, in-tones, canarying, falling down, tip off, went into huddle, re quired, de scant, de-creed, pre dict, inter-faces, re veals, get back to, take the role of, de-sire, carrying conversation, ex-plain, drops over, prattling, co-ached, ex-plicate, tele-phones, wert in touch with, pedal, dis criminate, had meet, putting through mill, letting go, de-tail, fore-knowing, gets a soapbox, re cognizes, spits it out, speaks ones piece, deny, get on soapbox, kibitzes, get on a soapbox, fore-known, getting on soapbox, inter viewed, was a sign of, inflects, held forth, giving voice, ex-plained, came around, de briefed, fell down, pre-aching, ex acting, ex-claiming, giving a talk, dis-plays, went spree, be speak, got on a soapbox, popping off, re-quired, in tending, made known, calling it, went into details, leaved word, soothsaid, in-tone, teach, re cited, Disported, yakkety yak, run on, re porting, makes a pass at, in-toned, collogued, inter faced, am a sign of, popped off, ex-acted, being on team, lay open, de-noted, in forms, act part of, looks on, in-nervate, lays egg, art a team, got a soapbox, belts out, inter-view, up lifted, de-crees, pedalling, cuing, ex claimed, licking into shape, co unselling, am life of party, opening one's mouth, are sign of, re quested, Boohooing, was sign of, de nominating, spat out, go into details, speaks piece, ex changes, swing by, up-lift, out-lines, re-veal, de-scanted, cutting capers, de liberate, look around, putting to, went on spree, laying money on, de-tailing, dis-porting, fore shadowed, pop in, soliloquizes, had effect, fall by, Told, gives utterance, inter-acts, in-sinuating, pays a call, wast life party, popped in, puts forth, go in to details, fore boding, am in contact, confabulate, dropped by, de nominated, breaks the news, in toning, acted part of, Re-present, un-covering, are in touch with, pro position, let ones hair down, putting before, subscribed to, thrashing out, fore-knows, opens ones mouth, cry out, delivers a speech, de-picts, haddest a meet, lick into shape, amuses oneself, comments on, pay call, in-spirits, re sided, art a sign of, chaffer, goes in to huddle, spit it out, takes part, puts in to words, ex-cite, wert life of party, pro-pounding, dis-cussing, pro fesses, be sign of, chiming in, amuse oneself, bleep, appeal to, foretell, went over to, out-lining, fore warns, innervating, re gards, own up, re counting, come over, de sire, give account of, be speaking, collogue, de-liberates, co-unselling, sells down river, passed word, counted one by one, de-sired, crystalled ball it, chimed in, look on, hadst a meet, gives voice, swang by, is in touch with, licking in to shape, talks one leg off, were sure, inter act, opened one's mouth, makes known, marks out, tele-phone, engage conversation, set forth, art sure, dis ported, de scants, is contact, articulate, open one mouth, carries on conversation, make play for, crystalling ball it, brake silence, opens up, pro-claim, re plying, wast a sign of, giving word, causing understand, ex plicating, ex pressing, playact, payed call, gave rundown, dis covered, make a pitch, ex-plaining, in-spect, calls it, gave blow by blow, ex-cited, got soapbox, pre-figures, disobey, squeal, lecture, swinging by, running mouth, letting in on, ex press, be-spoke, de tails, tread boards, spat it out, in duces, fore shadows, runs at mouth, lays an egg, de-scribing, spoke one's piece, deliver a speech, up-lifts, fore-warns, keeping posted, opened one mouth, playing gig, give out, re-cognizing, takes the role of, fore-tells, spitting out, up-dates, pro-pound, gets on a soapbox, are life of party, letting ones hair down, be on team, up-date, causes to understand, laying it out for, keep in touch, cluing in, laid out for, stopt in, letting hair down, were a team, stop by, wert on team, gets back to, Re-mark, idle away, re-questing, gave voice to, go to see, paying call, confab, speaks one piece, re present, speak to, being sure, take the floor, speaking to, auspicating, coach, dis-coursed, re quire, running off at mouth, pulling one's coat, kicked up heels, am touch with, de-scribe, belted out, re-plying, giving expression, set apart, were on a team, took the floor, am on team, de-clares, makes a pitch, pro claimed, send word, letted know, in-sinuate, be sure, opening up, be speaks, dis cuss, ran off mouth, amusing oneself, gat soapbox, are life party, de creed, call on, keeping touch, staid with, licks into shape, re-ported, makes a play for, opening ones mouth, conveying image, ex plicates, yakkety-yakking, re marking, ex pounding, pro pounded, re cognizing, let slip, yakkety-yakked, give speech, talk ones leg off, sounds off, wast contact, quiz, making known, making presence felt, dancing, in spects, dis-closed, delivers talk, calls upon, fore tell, de tailing, pre-ached, was sure, gave the lowdown, gotten ahold of, give the lowdown, in sinuating, pulled one coat, going over to, seeing something coming, re-quires, in-quire, in-sinuates, colloguing, stayed with, in-tend, laid open, wert in contact, re-sided, de-scribed, marked out, out lined, writing up, were in touch with, inflect, go in to a huddle, making ready, puts into words, out lines, play, takes its toll, reel off, took floor, re hearses, pro-claims, ex acts, spoke, dis porting, reads a part, was on a team, describes as, re-siding, de-livers, give blow-by-blow, sees something coming, Chaffering, laying egg, wast sign of, innervates, commented on, pre pare, pro-testing, re-leases, plays gig, dis close, take its toll, up dated, opening one mouth, going see, ex plicate, lets in on, out-lined, de-livered, de fined, Mouthed, paid a call, setting apart, goes in to a huddle, fore-know, wast life of party, ex-changing, call shot, talks one's leg off, re-counts, re-counted, gets in touch with, gives the word, gave blow-by-blow, pro-fesses, radioed, lay money on, un-veil, mark out, say oneself, all-owed, de-liver, fore-boded, puts on to, de-briefs, de-fine, say to oneself, intonate, goes in to details, ex plaining, was contact, auspicates, ex-changed, gets touch with, in tone, count one by one, de-nominating, interfacing, in spirited, having a meet, broke news, giving rundown, am sure, give rundown, in spiriting, speaking piece, thrashes out, are on team, de-cree, signify, counts by one, open up, crossexamine, re-presents, out lining, pro-fess, flapping tongue, re siding, gave an account of, out-line, pull one coat, forget, re presented, entertained oneself, talking one leg off, make a pass at, pedalled, prepping, talk one's leg off, psychs, Boohoo, passing the word, in quiring, gotten a soapbox, pro-positioned, am a team, payed a visit to, re ported, cross examine, de-fines, de briefing, crying out, kept posted, spits out, re-gard, talking leg off, laid it out for, hamming, pass word, re-hearse, calling on, de duces, pro fess, made a play for, convey image, joined conversation, stopping in, pro claims, Ventriloquizing, gotten in touch with, in-spiriting, takes role of, entertain oneself, Gassed, staid at, thrashed out, Disporting, was life party, lipped, express, lets slip, de-tailed, collogues, ran mouth, lay out for, re-cognized, run off mouth, Taled, engaged in conversation, art life of party, talked one's leg off, flaps ones tongue, ignore, sells down the river, makes ready, reached out, entertains oneself, says oneself, keeps posted, are touch with, have force, rat on, speak piece, are in contact, ran at mouth, were life of party, dis-course, take floor, hold forth, yakkety-yak, neglect, wising up, in nervate, be trays, pre ached, all-owing, reading a part, de livers, soliloquize, pro claim, were touch with, in quire, de clare, fore knew, give an account of, wast in touch with, joining in conversation, paying a visit to, playing a gig, re counts, spitted out, all owed, stopping by, reaches out, ex pound, is sign of, sell down the river, came over, wast sure, inter-acted, in-spects, are a team, calling the shot, air, engaging in conversation, flapped one's tongue, wert a team, Foreknew, Intonated, am team, yakketyyakked, passing word, shout, puts across, kick up heels, opens one's mouth, wert life party, calling up on, owned up, dis-closes, made public, reads part, inter views, de noting, in duce, fore casting, reject, puts to, wises up, describe as, fore tells, going on spree, dis-covering, put into words, breaks silence, acted the part of, dis criminating, tele-phoning, pro-pounds, dropt by, was team, giving blow-by-blow, being a team, talk leg off, be-trays, read part, hast force, looking around, ratting on, spake piece, tele phoned, bleeped, fore-bode, put to, dopes out, were a sign of, calls the shot, see something coming, stop off, taling, de fine, tell, up lift, pre-pared, holding discussion, makes book, re lease, belt out, counting one by one, inter-face, letted go, yakkety yaks, acts part of, drop over, de-fined, gives word, give voice, make known, be spoken, ex-claim, joins conversation, made merry, making pass at, go a spree, pre-dict, yakkety yakking, canaried, have effect, kicks heels, pro-claiming, sold down river, holds discussion, re sides, flapped ones tongue, goes into a huddle, going a spree, appealed to, subscribe to, re-presenting, lets hair down, chitchatting, wert a sign of, cut capers, let one's hair down, hadst meet, dis played, catechize, gat in touch with, ex cited, bring light, yakkety yakked, let out, speak, kibitzed, goes on a spree, gave a talk, laid money on, stopped in, pre figure, tattletaled, saying to oneself, giving an account of, go over to, pre paring, re-marks, lay egg, ex pose, ex-act, dis course, tells all, give word, make book, re questing, speak one piece, made presence felt, flapping one's tongue, in form, de claimed, un veiling, being sign of, fore cast, deliver speech, comes over, up lifts, putting across, notify, tipped off, gotten back to, wert contact, got in touch with, holds forth, re cognized, ex plained, be-tokened, make pitch, re-marking, dis-covers, write up, licks in to shape, proclaims, telling all, checks with, up dates, un veiled, personate, co ached, be a sign of, dis-ported, sets apart, sets forth, flap ones tongue, in-quires, wast on team, boohoos, pulling one coat, breaks news, in-forms, stopt by, played a gig, ex-plicating, get touch with, taking effect, is in contact, talked ones leg off, paying visit to, de fines, spreading around, re mark, engages conversation, crystal ball it, looked around, cause understand, inter-faced, be-spoken, swings by, de liver, made rough guess, fore boded, leaving word, hold discussion, giving speech, Cabled, dis covers, appealing to, describe, opened mouth, puts through the grind, taking the role of, giving the word, lets go, de-lineate, held discussion, spreads around, de-clare, delivered talk, de lineate, tele phone, carry on conversation, gets on soapbox, de fining, puts through mill, ex-plicated, calling shot, going on a spree, canaries, talk one leg off, am on a team, paid visit to, dis-play, Gamed, break the news, re-sides, pre sage, figures out.