Did Battle

Pronunciation of Did Battle
/dˈɪd bˈatə͡l/, /dˈɪd bˈatə‍l/, /d_ˈɪ_d b_ˈa_t_əl/

Synonyms for did battle:

duke it out (verb)

tangle with, wrestle with, struggle with, lock horns, fight it out, bump heads, cross swords with, give no quarter, mix it up with, fight to the finish.

encounter (verb)

affront, battle, collide, combat, conflict, confront, contend, engage, face, grapple, meet, strive, struggle, clash with, cross swords, do battle.

fight (verb)

altercate, assault, attack, bicker, box, brawl, buck, challenge, clash, dispute, duel, feud, go to war, joust, oppugn, protect, quarrel, repel, resist, rowdy, scrap, scuffle, skirmish, spar, take the field, tiff, tilt, traverse, tug, tussle, war, withstand, wrangle, wrestle, flare up, bandy with, wage war, brush with, carry on war, exchange blows, mix it up, ply weapons, take all comers, take up the gauntlet, bear arms.

grapple (verb)

catch, clasp, close, clutch, cope, encounter, fasten, fight, grasp, grip, hold, hook, hug, nab, nail, seize, tackle, take, take on, deal with, snatch.

skirmish (verb)


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