Pronunciation of Believe
/bɪlˈiːv/, /bɪlˈiːv/, /b_ɪ_l_ˈiː_v/

Antonyms for believe

bring into disrepute, hast doubts, Feared, with-holds, Dispraising, takes up gauntlet, Dueling, spare no effort, calls on, dis-favored, poke full of holes, be-waring, Stickled, giving thumbs down to, lights into, dis regard, re-buffed, mis-doubt, doth battle, says no to, mis-believing, with hold, being curious, reflecting on, showing contempt, dis-graced, dis-esteeming, took up gauntlet, putting an argument, Negativing, takes exception to, poohpooh, carrying on war, be astonished, dis-favor, blinked at, be-grudging, bring naught, wert apprehensive of, was apprehensive of, in-sinuates, keeping back, lay in to, wert confounded, reading differently, doing battle, tests the waters, asked oneself, wast dumbstruck, dis credited, mis gave, tests waters, calls question, carries on war, dis-considers, push forward, standing to, duelling, dis believes, mis-trusts, ex-posing, brought to naught, ex-pose, jousted, harbor suspicion, misbelieve, art startled, doubt, dis-honoring, abstain, frown up on, dismiss, mis-gives, flaring up, dis-avowed, Reprobating, misunderstand, makes a stand against, Misdoubt, exerting oneself, are uncertain, dis-acknowledged, de-grading, dis-approving, dis-praised, mis-gave, dis avowed, is dumbstruck, re-pulsing, mis-believe, poke fun at, call question, skepticized, dis-allow, wondered about, bandying with, sur mises, taking dim view of, dis avow, dis favor, make a stand against, carries war, dis-claiming, misbelieving, mistrust, de-stroyed, dis allows, demur, pass up, un believing, re-buffs, art undetermined, wert astonished, casting doubt up on, mis doubting, wast puzzled, taking rug out from under, re-vile, lighted in to, being inquisitive, art quandary, misgive, Hesitated, de-fames, makes light of, dis approved, dis counts, in-sinuate, dis-regarded, has doubts, dis-favoring, be undetermined, de-grade, over-passed, dis-avows, carry on war, art awestruck, be taken aback, stands to, de stroying, art confounded, Misgave, called in question, be-ware, wert fascinated, dis-credit, enjoins from, dis allowed, over look, rowdying, brought naught, pass on, were wary, cast out, in-sinuated, being wary, de-stroying, puts up an argument, asks oneself, mis-doubting, did battle, re-canted, bandy with, poke full holes, Misgiven, engages in, fight, call on, is startled, re-straining, dis-esteems, wast undetermined, dis approving, spares no effort, brushed with, is wary of, dis-trusts, put out a feeler question, unbelieves, taking up gauntlet, dis honors, are fascinated, dis owned, were startled, dis-approves, shies, were quandary, with holding, dis-carding, not swallow, dis trust, bring to naught, harboring suspicion, am wary, scoffed at, being puzzled, hem haw, were puzzled, dis favoring, dis-esteemed, lit in to, wert awestruck, putting up argument, be fascinated, dis praise, puzzle over, disconsidering, mudsling, dis-trust, detracts from, calling in question, hadst qualms, puts argument, go war, de clines, have doubts, dis approve, dis-gracing, dis-regards, being fascinated, disconsidered, de-clines, disconsider, dis believed, re buff, dis-considered, passed on, dis-owning, re probating, am astonished, not swallowing, takes pains, dis favored, called question, dis-card, dis claiming, are astonished, engaging in, dis-allowed, in sinuated, wonder about, pro-testing, mis-given, wert uncertain, taking the gauntlet, mis give, be little, are puzzled, disconsiders, giving no credence, puzzled over, ignore, dis-credited, in quiring, de rides, was taken aback, carry war, being dumbstruck, goes war, digged at, scoff, with-stand, not swallowed, brings naught, are wary, de-famed, casts doubt up on, puts out feeler question, ex pose, is apprehensive of, am apprehensive of, dis-grace, are inquisitive, de grades, detract from, dis-acknowledging, up-holds, re vile, re-pulses, ex-posed, re-strain, mis-giving, put argument, mis-trusting, dis-considering, put an argument, dis claimed, plied weapons, dis gracing, blinks at, mis trusted, dis favors, Tabooing, take all comers, was puzzled, dis considered, mis-trusted, puts under suspicion, wonder, not accepting, dis consider, being wary of, art puzzled, dis-graces, over looks, dis acknowledged, dis card, mis believing, not accepted, not buy, being apprehensive of, am taken aback, am awestruck, frowning up on, dis-counting, exchange blows, puzzling over, dis-proves, dis-counted, takes all comers, passing up, are apprehensive of, light in to, dis acknowledges, asking oneself, making light of, be puzzled, stop, un-believe, wages war, putting argument, are undetermined, plies weapons, mis given, takes comers, hadst doubts, made a stand against, over passes, be confounded, wast curious, wert puzzled, am uncertain, be uncertain, with stands, dis-avow, with held, is quandary, dis praised, look aghast, were taken aback, dis trusts, mis-believes, de ride, making stand against, is undetermined, smelled rat, over looked, up holding, gave no credence to, dis praising, de graded, exclude, dis-esteem, being in a quandary, take comers, dis honored, called on, hit up, dis regards, dis avowing, gave thumbs down to, hitting up, is inquisitive, not bought, mis doubted, smells rat, puts an argument, being taken aback, making a stand against, bringing naught, was inquisitive, is wary, digging at, mis-believed, was undetermined, haddest doubts, was fascinated, dis honoring, dispraises, refuse, reflected on, art astonished, dis honor, am dubious, be curious, smell rat, in sinuate, dis considering, re buffed, calling question, mis trusting, wast uncertain, art a quandary, be a quandary, smelling a rat, waging war, shows contempt, not credit, re-probates, is astonished, de fame, discount, be grudged, mixing it up, re pulses, de famed, passes on, dis-regarding, gives no credence to, question, made light of, didst battle, duelled, re-butting, was confounded, putting under suspicion, gives no credence, reflects on, in-sinuating, dis cards, sur-mises, puzzles over, dis-allows, Fearing, Negatived, has qualms, enjoining from, knocks bottom out of, pro testing, gives thumbs down to, with-hold, un-believes, de faming, mis believe, dis-claims, mudslings, show contempt, cast doubt up on, re-strains, harbors suspicion, are startled, doest battle, flared up, over-looking, Shying, were fascinated, dis-favors, art in quandary, was wary, de riding, nixed, know, disregard, desert, reads differently, dis-consider, kept back, was astonished, dis-prove, up holds, dis regarding, un believed, enjoined from, casting out, being quandary, wast awestruck, say no to, re straining, frowns upon, were dubious, dis-trusted, over-look, exchanging blows, was uncertain, dis-praise, Travailed, wast taken aback, in quire, took rug out from under, dis believe, tested waters, dis acknowledging, wast in a quandary, distrust, dig at, puts up argument, with-held, having doubts, overpast, poked fun at, pushes forward, makes stand against, over pass, takes the field, taking the field, stand to, mixed it up, hits up, being in quandary, is curious, am puzzled, wert flabbergasted, goes to war, jousting, be ware, dis-believe, Skepticize, give no credence, bringing in to disrepute, with holds, dis-believed, wast inquisitive, over passing, re-butted, bringing into disrepute, dis crediting, de stroys, take exception, un believes, am wary of, putting out a feeler question, tangled with, Altercating, have qualms, lighting in to, art apprehensive of, in sinuates, nixing, takes rug out from under, were undetermined, in-quired, re-buffing, dis avows, were apprehensive of, are flabbergasted, be waring, take up gauntlet, dost battle, re butted, be-grudged, sur-mise, re-probated, shooting down, de cline, dis praises, skepticizes, abandon, be flabbergasted, Dispraised, mis believed, dis regarded, sur mise, not credits, shilly shally, up held, be-little, are taken aback, turn thumbs down, toil on, exchanges blows, stickle, tangle with, reflect on, disbelieve, in quired, pro-tested, mis-doubted, bandies with, over-passing, stood to, be-grudges, be in a quandary, Ragging, scruple, dis-missed, casting aside, ply weapons, taking pains, wert dumbstruck, wage war, dis-approve, misbelieved, passes up, brought in to disrepute, discredit, being awestruck, dis-counts, forget, shoots down, re buffs, be grudges, dis-regard, spared no effort, taking comers, de-graded, dis-proved, mis doubt, lighting into, de-riding, re pulsed, dis approves, Unbelieve, dis-owned, dis proves, take gauntlet, brushing with, misbelieves, casts aside, dis claim, is in quandary, mixes it up, is fascinated, brush with, dis counted, re fused, frowned upon, de-cline, shoot down, carried on war, am curious, was in a quandary, art curious, be quandary, are dubious, are awestruck, enjoin from, cast aside, take the gauntlet, dis esteeming, dis-honors, haddest qualms, dis-trusting, dis trusting, are quandary, taking gauntlet, not buys, was startled, wast apprehensive of, dis acknowledge, re-pulsed, were wary of, dis credits, re fuses, be wared, Disfavored, Persisted, lighted into, not credited, are a quandary, took pains, pushed forward, dis-acknowledges, dis-praises, are in quandary, up hold, looks aghast, de-stroy, harbored suspicion, smells a rat, pro tested, were awestruck, wast in quandary, wert dubious, blinking at, am in a quandary, art wary of, Overpassing, wondering about, take rug out from under, dis considers, take exception to, putting out feeler question, be-littles, hath doubts, de-ride, knocking bottom out of, being a quandary, re buffing, dis-praising, over-passes, smelling rat, dis carding, scoffing at, dis proved, de-stroys, were uncertain, am a quandary, dis graces, takes the gauntlet, dis proving, dis-cards, smell a rat, brings in to disrepute, tangling with, pooh pooh, poked full of holes, showed contempt, toiling on, mudslinged, being confounded, not accept, Tiffed, Overpassed, mis trusts, smelled a rat, dis counting, up-holding, calls in question, discard, put under suspicion, passing on, dueled, re strains, waged war, re-strained, in sinuating, be wary of, was dumbstruck, deny, being astonished, wonder at, scoffs at, are dumbstruck, be startled, take dim view of, were flabbergasted, took gauntlet, am undetermined, went war, wert curious, exchanged blows, dis-acknowledge, go to war, put up an argument, putting up an argument, said no to, be-wared, de grading, is a quandary, dis credit, Altercated, be apprehensive of, toiled on, be-grudge, were in a quandary, brought into disrepute, de-faming, taking exception to, wast a quandary, up-hold, taking exception, dis-believes, dis-honored, be inquisitive, dis missing, dis prove, re butting, blink at, be dubious, with stand, had doubts, be wares, suspicioning, testing waters, dis-allowing, took comers, takes gauntlet, de stroy, art inquisitive, took up the gauntlet, shillyshally, dis believing, surmise, took field, wondered at, poking fun at, exerts oneself, wert wary, de stroyed, having qualms, mis giving, wast dubious, sparing no effort, pushing forward, wast quandary, dis missed, engaged in, brings to naught, re canting, carrying war, giving no credence to, takes dim view of, taking field, dis owning, poking full holes, are confounded, re probate, smelt a rat, was curious, taking all comers, dis grace, dis allow, Disfavoring, flares up, made stand against, dispraise, bringing to naught, wert a quandary, de-grades, ex posed, in quires, took all comers, am confounded, give thumbs down to, was a quandary, scoff at, dis trusted, are in a quandary, wonders at, casting doubt upon, give no credence to, saying no to, altercates, de fames, re-fused, poking full of holes, mis trust, took exception to, detracted from, dis-proving, dis-claimed, were curious, un believe, smelt rat, mis believes, dis-carded, were confounded, are curious, un-believing, mis-trust, wast wary, with stood, testing the waters, wast confounded, challenge, passed up, scruples, tested the waters, hast qualms, were in quandary, be grudging, re-canting, de grade, takes exception, be wary, put out feeler question, not accepts, wert in a quandary, in-quiring, with standing, with-stands, gave no credence, was awestruck, dis carded, takes up the gauntlet, mis gives, am quandary, wert undetermined, Travailing, am dumbstruck, taking up the gauntlet, poked full holes, is uncertain, dis-claim, being startled, dis-believing, turns thumbs down, being undetermined, lights in to, engage in, bring in to disrepute, lit into, exerted oneself, was flabbergasted, call in question, dis graced, brings into disrepute, were astonished, frowned up on, plying weapons, art wary, art taken aback, be littles, puts out a feeler question, re strain, toils on, bandied with, being flabbergasted, exert oneself, dis esteem, take the field, make stand against, wert inquisitive, dispute, ask oneself, mixt it up, wert in quandary, call in to question, in-quires, am startled, is taken aback, wert quandary, dis-honor, be in quandary, were a quandary, not swallows, had qualms, pokes full of holes, re pulsing, looking aghast, calling on, art uncertain, is flabbergasted, hath qualms, over passed, flare up, Tabooed, art in a quandary, Stickling, over-looks, keeps back, took the gauntlet, going war, was wary of, wast startled, casts out, not crediting, de-fame, be awestruck, tangles with, stood up to, detracting from, up-held, being dubious, dis-approved, read differently, doeth battle, de-rides, put up argument, shot down, dis allowing, casts doubt upon, wast flabbergasted, dis-avowing, brushes with, re-probate, mix it up, does battle, re fuse, Unbelieved, be grudge, be-wares, with-standing, dis-missing, was in quandary, art flabbergasted, dis claims, be dumbstruck, wert taken aback, knocked bottom out of, stands up to, reject, make light of, Reprobated, standing up to, in-quire, digs at, frowning upon, re strained, wonders about, wert wary of, re-fuse, were dumbstruck, mis-give, query, rowdied, wondering at, dis-crediting, carried war, dis-credits, is puzzled, un-believed, are wary of, is in a quandary, wast wary of, dis esteemed, calculate, am fascinated, misgives, were inquisitive, is dubious, neglect, not buying, frown upon, re fusing, being uncertain, take pains, was quandary, fell out, took dim view of, cast doubt upon, suspicioned, over-pass, dis esteems, altercate, stand up to, skepticizing, was dubious.