Pronunciation of Free
/f_ɹ_ˈiː/, /fɹˈiː/, /fɹˈiː/

Antonyms for free:

maintain, begrudging, suppress, mean, impeach, usable, operable, viable, busy, grudging, attached, handicapped, keep, inhibited, costly, incarcerate, cramped, envious, energetic, necessary, chary, subjugated, functional, impassable, bashful, conjugated, linked, restrained, strict, lowly, grasping, fixed, dear, tied, fettered, impeded, dependent, connected, mousy, retiring, exact, blockaded, demure, alive, Hindered, down-to-earth, jammed, compel, tied-up, operating, bind, sentence, chained, going, bolted, resentful, formal, blame, uncleared, high, enslave, obstructed, desirous, suppressed, inculpate, Prevented, employ, kidnapped, operative, inferior, diffident, existent, slaveholding, blocked, serflike, illiberal, meanly, load, closed, hoggish, condemn, enslaved, high-priced, Gated, selfish, barred, itchy, conquered, unclear, enclosed, penned, accuse, shackled, oblige, charge, hold, barricaded, hurt, fill, clogged, limited, restricted, unassuming, workable, convict, on, burden, petty, costive, servile, employed, acquisitive, functioning, encumbered, niggardly, priced, frugal, mercenary, small, running, hire, bound, adjoining, living, Immured, conjugate, joined, existing, constricted, practical, timid, subservient, harm, stopped, damn, restrain, Trammeled, timorous, scheduled, unassertive, feasible, unpretentious, tight-fisted, fasten, engage, injure, expensive, definite, meek, stuffed, subordinate, vague, poor, humble, avid, fastened, occupied, shut, ambiguous, modest, confined, vigorous, subdued, reserved, Anchored, thrifty, cornered, useful, subject, limit, shy, economical, obligate, plugged, operational, unfree, imprison, confine.

Usage examples for free:

  • The boy will be free in a few minutes. - "Will Warburton", George Gissing.
  • She knew the truth, and the truth made her free. - "Memoirs of Mrs. Rebecca Steward", T. G. Steward.
  • You'll be quite free. - "Charles Rex", Ethel M. Dell.

Idioms for free:

Quotes for free:

Rhymes for free:

  • foresee, rosemarie, qi, syp, ti, vi, ki, honoree, ski, t, sie, he, qui, tea, quai, musee, smee, g, lavie, thi, knee, xie, mc, atp, cyb, we, mee, nee, magee, dea, ghee, gee, dee, lxi, spree, deportee, goatee, ne, ib, khe, appointee, bree, mcghee, ddt, see, detainee, mme, ged, spie, cree, mt, ye, shri, ve, andree, valoree, eap, undersea, esprit, licensee, slee, marquis, brea, tree, degree, trainee, nabil, mit, mcgee, guaranty, id, flea, whoopee, tyree, tv, flee, rb, re, lsd, sci, mea, plea, emcee, yi, waikiki, zea, c, z, gutsy, pea, bee, bui, jaycee, sep, rosalee, yee, nominee, designee, yippee, tenn, me, bbc, bea, tse, capri, hee, mpg, kyi, oversea, pawnee, nestle, ji, marie, marquee, pree, dundee, fi, dsv, enlistee, klee, ranee, tee, rea, the, devotee, prix, banshee, cac, sea, nic, resignee, chee, brie, escapee, thee, ip, wee, retiree, vee, ab, conferee, v, cc, gyi, kee, chablis, cod, disagree, key, henri, sze, m3, sri, snee, indri, curie, louie, shi, three, yangtze, lea, b, lessee, ze, she, c3, ofc, repartee, fop, fee, tennessee, vendee, enrollee, sheree, bibi, quay, debris, cat-3, glee, kea, crea, cie, pri, guarani, zee, dupree, trustee, decree, jessee, blea, njt, li, leigh, thierry, je, pattee, cxc, referee, draftee, bt, lee, nie, cd, potpourri, nghi, jie, odp, d, markee, ravi, chea, loree, se, oad, te, ree, ot, guarantee, internee, bourgeoisie, de, apc, be, franchisee, lp, inductee, xi, jee, mi, yie, sightsee, p, jubilee, ee, rupee, parolee, fsi, si;
  • adee, alee, ac, abee, agree, achee, albee;
  • abt, amputee, absentee, adoree, addressee, amc, adoptee;
  • interviewee, knbc, lapd, geac, irit, hnat;
  • awb;

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