Make like

Pronunciation of Make Like
/mˌe͡ɪk lˈa͡ɪk/, /mˌe‍ɪk lˈa‍ɪk/, /m_ˌeɪ_k l_ˈaɪ_k/

Synonyms for make like

ape (verb)

affect, caricature, copy, counterfeit, ditto, echo, emulate, imitate, impersonate, mirror, mock, parody, parrot, travesty, take off, DO, do like, go like.

compare (verb)

allegorize, approach, assimilate, balance, come up to, connect, correlate, equal, equate, link, match, parallel, relate, resemble, standardize, vie, tie up, identify with, approximate to, be in the same class as, be on a par with, bear comparison, bring near, compete with, distinguish between, draw parallel, hold a candle to, notice similarities, put alongside, show correspondence, stack up with.

copy (verb)

ape, burlesque, embody, epitomize, fake, follow, follow suit, illustrate, incarnate, mimic, model, personify, phony, pirate, prefigure, repeat, sham, simulate, steal, typify, knock off, act like, do a take-off, follow example, play a role, take leaf out of book.

counterfeit (verb)

assume, bluff, carbon, cheat, clone, coin, defraud, delude, dupe, fabricate, feign, forge, mimeo, mint, pretend, xerox, put on, STAT, circulate bad money, make money, phony up.

disguise (verb)

age, alter, antique, beard, belie, camouflage, change, cloak, color, conceal, cover, deceive, dissemble, dissimulate, doctor up, dress up, falsify, front, fudge, garble, gloss over, hide, masquerade, muffle, obfuscate, obscure, redo, screen, secrete, shroud, touch up, varnish, veil, whitewash, make up, cover up, put on an act, put up a front, put on a false front, put on a front, wear cheaters.

dissemble (verb)

doublespeak, let on, mask, pass, play possum, pussyfoot, signify, stonewall, double-talk, four-flush, put up a smoke screen, shuck and jive.

duplicate (verb)

double, manifold, multiply, photocopy, photostat, redouble, reduplicate, remake, replicate, reproduce, rework, trace, REPRO, do a takeoff, do again, dualize, make replica, make twofold, take off as.

echo (verb)

react, recall, reflect, reiterate, resound, respond, reverberate, ring, second, vibrate, rubber-stamp.

emulate (verb)

challenge, compete, contend, outvie, rival, take after, contend with, vie with, follow the example of, follow in footsteps, pattern after, rivalize.

fabricate (verb)

concoct, contrive, devise, fib, form, invent, jive, lie, misrepresent, prevaricate, trump up.

impersonate (verb)

act, act out, enact, perform, personate, play, playact, portray, double as, pose as, act a part, dress as, take the part of, assume character, do an impression of, masquerade as, pass oneself off as.

mimic (verb)

copycat, look like, mime, pantomime, ridicule, make believe, make fun of.

mirror (verb)

depict, exemplify, glass, image, symbolize.

reecho (verb)


repeat (verb)

chime, din, hold over, ingeminate, iterate, play back, quote, reappear, recapitulate, recast, reciprocate, recite, reconstruct, recrudesce, recur, refashion, reform, rehash, rehearse, reissue, renew, replay, reprise, rerun, restate, retell, return, revert, revolve, run over, reoccur, come again, drum into, read back, play over, go over again, occur again, resay, reshow, sing same old song.

sham (verb)

create, mislead, sucker, do a number, fake it.

take after (verb)

inherit, be like, follow in the footsteps of.

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