Pronunciation of Differ
/dˈɪfə/, /dˈɪfə/, /d_ˈɪ_f_ə/

Antonyms for differ

coincide, occurs simultaneously, art in same class as, Carolling, taking one on, strikes balance, re-conciliated, personate, had relationship to, un-cover, wast commensurate, go, re-plied, parallelize, fell with, dropt a line, lending hand, shake on, mass produces, re conciliating, am adjunct of, lining up, do bidding, assume the role, blinked at, STAT, are adjunct of, re-sides, go along with, going hand in hand, lends hand, cleaned up act, is devoted to, follows the crowd, make terms, be attorney for, does as one says, rolled with punches, be a constituent, re-duplicating, converge, are apposite, circulate bad money, GEES, syncing, dropped a note, are commensurate, am consistent, assume role of, complying with, being relevant, split the difference, dis-charged, end-angers, blended in, dressed as, were keeping, re presents, art devoted to, steadied, wert of mind, is attorney for, wert responsible for, re-doubling, co-operates, kept an eye on, total up to, doest what is expected, act as broker, fitting the pattern, pro duces, doest impression of, did what one is told, follow crowd, re bounded, Allegorizing, were tantamount, coadjute, make money, come out even, bought in to, approve, pro-fesses, keeping abreast of, team up, was linked with, be devoted to, pushed for, answering need, inter acts, correspond, re-calls, kept pace with, go by book, doth what one is told, sent word, lives by, were cahoots, am a part, is very picture of, shares in, re cognized, dis-honored, was regular, trans acts, doeth likewise, bury hatchet, modeled on, has its place, did duty, be in same class as, patterned oneself upon, carboning, are same wavelength, were adapted for, was interested in, plays second fiddle, pulls together, deal with, are on par with, became like, wast identical, goes into details, hatsing off to, art the same mind, took the part of, dis-credited, art a par with, does what one is told, were in keeping, is apposite, re-conciliating, dis-credit, takes up on, is agent for, gave blessing, shaking on, make up for, be same wavelength, were seemly, re-sounded, co hering, combine, are the very picture of, assent, tuned in on, panto mimed, caved in, competes with, re-presented, reconciliates, playing second fiddle, are related, made the grade, in hering, be in unison, keep pace, giving the go ahead, buries the hatchet, ranks with, were like, letting pass, was ruled by, modeled after, give way, giving carte blanche, corresponded to, bow to, goes fifty-fifty, went with the flow, counter balances, gets one act together, approximates to, democratizing, attached to, bring to mind, am devoted to, make human, acting like, get ones act together, acted upon, played the part, sees eye to eye, taking up on, acting part, making law, is the same mind, looking like, didst business, hath to do with, go by the book, mimeos, acts a part, end anger, be seemly, gets going, be relevant, dovetail, gives five, organize, un-veiling, following crowd, blending in, wink at, be-friending, whip in to shape, obeys, sur-rendered, epistolizing, homologize, dost as says, be-come, go together, being interested in, is a par with, wrought together, spoofed, shaping up, buys in to, being designed for, becomes similar, conform, appear like, going well with, give the goahead, didst ones duty, dis crediting, being mind, tuning on, be fitted, partaking of, did ones bidding, pantomimed, drest as, lines up, Mortised, comes near, sending word, comes terms, signed off on, roll over play dead, wert devoted to, tied in, plays a part, was tune, wast on same wavelength, am equal to, are par with, art unison, rolls with punches, be longed, act place of, dost one bidding, parallelized, am level, are identical, belong, comply with, answered a need, took part of, re-bounds, attaching to, parallels, be long, doest as one says, gets ones act together, cutting mustard, co operate, do business, wert in unison, being level, get going, coming to terms, up holds, having respect to, in-heres, enter in, curtsying, doing one bidding, fitting with, was level, hanging together, wast interested in, sound like, dost bidding, does bidding, wast proper for, was identical to, doeth business, stacked with, be friend, was the same, give five, assume character, am the same, are ruled by, being ruled by, Caroled, doth bidding, assumed role, am comfortable, am a constituent, puts on airs, were adjunct of, splitting difference, am adapted for, yeses, were agent for, wert very picture of, shows willingness, be-seeming, acting upon, checks with, holds water, was identical, makes room, living up to, wast of mind, ex posed, remind one of, said uncle, doest ones bidding, partnered, were in unison, held water, are tune, art the very picture of, is of the same mind, come round, seeing eye to eye, approximate to, equal, am related, distinguishes between, Concentered, bear resemblance to, sees to, assumes character, wast adjunct of, holding fast, Emblematizing, is tune, suit, developing into, act for, be-long, re sound, Concentering, art interested in, be very picture of, re-acted, is same wavelength, being a par with, pro mise, art ruled by, gat one act together, give permission, going fiftyfifty, fill the bill, bringing near, was in tune, gets one's act together, wert designed for, put pen paper, doing one's duty, collude, give go-ahead, take the part of, all owing, re calling, un zips, tenoning, wast in harmony, bodied forth, re double, doest ones duty, am like, doeth business for, gave the go-ahead, getting line, re-plicating, wert same mind, owns up, looked like, Symphonizing, didst ones bidding, is same class as, being the very picture of, wast agent for, strook balance, putting airs, being the same class as, am guided by, is related, had its place, is comfortable, lapping up, drop kite, re presented, are in harmony, dost like, be-coming, is fitting, being very picture of, acts place of, fits pattern, art in cahoots, accept, passing as, give out, acted out, having relationship to, make equal, patterns upon, lapped up, gave green light, is identical, gives the nod, wast connected with, caving in, dost what is expected, appearing like, wast of one mind, regularizes, did business for, keeps touch, kept eye on, am connected with, wert in keeping, come to terms, licks in to shape, went hand in hand, keeping an eye on, seemed like, art component, showed willingness, signs off on, reduplicates, art connected with, commeasures, got act together, normalizes, makes the grade, square with, wast in keeping, made human, re commends, bringing in to line, takes one on, be-fall, wast consonant with, do like, brought to mind, came close to, being agent for, bows to, playing the game, cohere, normalize, de fraud, acted as broker, being of same mind, pass as, teams up, being same wavelength, is of one mind, re-doubles, end-anger, was on par with, doing ones bidding, was designed for, stacking with, co operated, resemble, sides with, were akin, making concession, dropt note, doubles as, make grade, makes up for, throwing in towel, keeps eye on, passed off as, going with flow, Personating, bodied, equiponderating, be same class as, modelled on, speaks for, hatses off to, pushes for, re-produce, coming near, art an adjunct of, does one duty, art tune, Geed, re-produced, follow in footsteps, re-plying, is linked with, be component, Burlesquing, be mind, sur-render, came around, doubled as, cutting the mustard, inter act, bring in to line, adhering to, were in tune, art tantamount, pattern oneself upon, did bidding, befit, Epistolize, play role, follows footsteps, is equal to, democratizes, are a constituent, art same wavelength, re deeming, took up on, am identical, are a component, plays part, making for, homologized, am part, doeth duty, pre-tends, be harmony, mime, gives blessing, reduplicating, am of one mind, goes by the book, stereo-typing, dis honored, dis closed, dis charged, buy for, took as example, dropped line, imitate, passed oneself as, up hold, hats to, get along, take as example, am cahoots, develop in to, trans acted, share in, wert connected with, haddest earmarks of, de-frauds, does ones bidding, sub scribing, art very picture of, rubberstamped, side, follow beaten path, are keeping, reecho, look after, work together, wast on a par with, pre tend, tailormaking, thumbses up, does one bidding, filling the bill, harmonize, did an impression of, hadst pen pal, be token, make peace, cop plea, wert the very picture of, looks like, re-veal, signing on, art loyal to, beared resemblance to, does as says, art in keeping, gets act together, brings mind, totaled up to, re doubles, developed in to, were similar to, wert a component, holding water, having signs of, co ordinate, send word, circulating bad money, support, are a part, rose to, is proper for, re-plicated, roll over, were regular, are connected with, brings into line, be identical to, mimeo, sub-scribing, tailormake, be identical, re cognizing, relates mutually, play a role, sticking together, atunes, is in tune, squares with, bare comparison, be-tokens, brings in to line, pro claim, takes the part of, give the nod, clinching deal, buy into, being concurrent, be on a par with, making grade, Burlesqued, adheres to, phonies up, re-presenting, look like, reminded one of, re adjusting, be same mind, related mutually, caves in, clean act, followed crowd, push for, filling bill, got line, doest duty, being in unison, wast of the same mind, coming close to, am commensurate, corresponded with, acts for, counter acted, in heres, lent hand, be tokens, lends a hand, focalize, re-duplicated, made valid, didst likewise, re present, find middle ground, joins forces, wert on a par with, un-zipped, coming around, gives green light, re adjusted, dis honoring, ex-press, gave allegiance to, made as if, bought for, toed mark, acts up on, counter acts, doeth bidding, art seemly, rank with, wast consonant, wert in the same class as, being linked with, re conciliated, be related, pass on, patterning upon, are agent for, sub-scribes, bore comparison, doth as one says, was guided by, am same, acts as, be fit, toe the mark, doest what is told, be equal to, doing as one says, do business for, being attorney for, make a deal, made up for, did impression of, has pen pal, make room, art connected, being unison, all owed, be seemed, co ordinates, being seemly, sync up, re-echoed, compare, winking at, were same class as, be keeping, art identical to, gotten behind, be-seem, be tokened, wert the same class as, rising to, make known, ranked with, are consistent with, cave in, are unison, acting place of, counter-balanced, go fifty-fifty, be the very picture of, signing off on, am identical to, throw the towel, straightens out, coadjutes, dis-honors, art akin, get in line, measured up, doth one's bidding, followed footsteps, was commensurate, even up, plays a role, are connected, re iterating, gotten it together, adhere to, is of mind, pass for, passes for, doeth what is told, moved over, puts alongside, corresponds with, haddest signs of, parallelizes, dost what one is told, de-fraud, dis-closes, got it together, tailor making, mass produced, wert level, am apt, made consistent, dost duty, didst what is told, was apposite, keeps in touch, tailor-making, goes with flow, dropped a line, went by the book, rolls over, end angering, kept abreast of, be regular, is proxy for, cut mustard, cuts the mustard, being on a par with, re duplicate, lending a hand, hats off to, am designed for, wast an adjunct of, Commeasure, buys into, doest one's bidding, regularizing, being in the same class as, sounded like, re acting, haddest do with, is akin, acted a part, dont rock the boat, re-commend, re ached, being consonant with, being tantamount, makes human, hast signs of, being identical, were in harmony, are concurrent, held fast, Co-ordinates, yield, re side, came to terms, being adapted for, doing as says, open up, art identical, gets behind, did as one says, rolls over and play dead, be on par with, be akin, threw towel, collimate, clinch the deal, eventuate, having earmarks of, is consonant, gave carte blanche, counter balancing, re-bounding, are identical to, be of mind, is commensurate, dis charging, playing role, were same, gat ones act together, consort, surrender, bear up on, being fitting, see to, de frauds, taking part, is relevant, be comes, has signs of, re cites, was cahoots, gee, passed as, dropped kite, counter balance, Franchising, re siding, modeling on, played a role, are tantamount, toes the mark, lived by, de clares, personizing, ex-pressing, match, bore resemblance to, wast constituent, compromise, made grade, wert similar to, sync, went fifty-fifty, hadst do with, be hooves, giving the go-ahead, am akin, gotten line, being responsible for, be constituent, came together, bear comparison, cuts mustard, Personize, wast seemly, dost likewise, sub scribe, was consonant, does business for, pairing off, have relationship to, makes for, had respect to, inter-acted, giving go-ahead, collaborate, tunes on, does one's bidding, are devoted to, wast the same class as, up held, be the same mind, got one's act together, Perilling, drops note, epistolized, are comfortable, clinching the deal, de-clare, are similar to, lets pass, art a part, inter acting, modelled after, sticked together, un veils, putting pen to paper, communize, doeth one's duty, inter-mixed, throw in the towel, doeth one bidding, being the same mind, is identical to, appears like, fiddled with, wert consistent with, passes on, finding middle ground, took part, wert a part, panto mime, plays the part, pro-claiming, de-lude, living by, bringing mind, clinches the deal, art same mind, brought in to line, be connected, brings to mind, was like, do likewise, fills the bill, having its place, patterning oneself up on, rolling over, re-commended, clinch deal, siding with, represent, did one duty, doth ones bidding, re-echo, re conciliates, catalogued, were one mind, bearing comparison, has respect to, give in, made a deal, tailor-makes, pro claiming, subscribe to, played a part, correlate, follows crowd, approximating to, run with pack, are one mind, totals up to, takes part of, Beseeming, fill bill, art agent for, comes together, gives go ahead, phonied up, patterning after, corresponding with, tie in, trading off, associate, be one mind, corresponding to, co-here, un-veiled, put an act, running with pack, getting one's act together, gave the go ahead, be-friend, buying for, hast earmarks of, be commensurate, reconciliating, doing likewise, sent up, phonying up, licks into shape, getting ones act together, dropping a note, fitting in with, model on, Regimenting, give leave, was on a par with, sell for, are level, whipped into shape, reminds of, wast proxy for, follow the crowd, being part, takes orders, were linked with, was consonant with, throw in towel, dont make waves, dis-credits, counter-balancing, didst as says, are part, take kindly to, re echo, inter-acting, take up on, doth ones duty, takes as an example, being connected with, wast par with, partook of, cleans act, passed on, made like, re echoed, take upon, am proper for, assume, followed the crowd, go in to details, tailor make, burying hatchet, trans-act, went into details, did one bidding, assumed the role, totals to, acted for, gets it together, re-echoes, is unison, licking into shape, competing with, clean up act, work side by side, Equiponderate, being in tune, play the game, being consonant, re calls, synced, giving way, playing a role, acting out, wert a par with, wert consistent, am responsible for, are consonant with, wert seemly, give go ahead, remain, wast same, dis charge, gave the goahead, be coming, putting on front, fell in with, stack with, drop note, were same mind, serve as, have its place, was keeping, mass producing, bowed to, going into details, making room, assumed character, make valid, ex-pose, sells for, worked through, coming terms, is part, falling in with, wast regular, wert harmony, be ruled by, fitting pattern, comes around, spoke for, parallel, put on airs, seems like, being of one mind, buy in to, being of mind, wert an adjunct of, move over, paragoning, Cataloguing, personates, counter-balance, chimed with, pro claims, doest one's duty, is concurrent, pair off, dis credit, follow, assume role, appears as, passing oneself as, was devoted to, cleaned act, be apt, making a deal, inter-mixing, statted, did what is told, acts part, counter balanced, dis charges, pre tends, homogenized, give nod, makes sense, hast respect to, hatsing to, took orders, drop line, wert related, be-friended, tune in on, taking the part of, am attorney for, were same wavelength, straightens up, doing what is told, being related, took one upon, being devoted to, being a component, making terms, be in tune, pulling together, being consistent, went in to details, make concession, end angers, drops kite, whipped in to shape, interacting, was in cahoots, be fell, dis-charges, parallelizing, filled the bill, re commended, wast similar to, hadst respect to, syncs, be-seemed, be similar to, fits with, jibe, am same class as, re produces, is cahoots, re-conciliates, was akin, be a par with, art similar to, inter locking, concur, giving permission, dittoed, do ones bidding, puts in order, assumes role, measures up, gotten in line, were attorney for, keeps pace, dost business for, co-operate, be falls, atuned, thumbsed up, bodying forth, get one act together, had signs of, fit in, winks at, ex-posed, hath earmarks of, make for, lived as, went with flow, correspond with, un-veils, wast consistent, put airs, art same, haddest pen pal, art consonant, being identical to, held office, Incarnating, is par with, were designed for, be responsible for, being on same wavelength, held candle to, found middle ground, rolling with punches, tuning in on, putting order, doth what is expected, joined in, inter-lock, shakes on, inter-mix, wert cahoots, atune, keep in touch, come to, keeping touch, act a part, re aching, exchange letters, passed oneself off as, pro portion, fitting in, buried the hatchet, masquerade as, measure up, re-conciliate, wert constituent, were in the same class as, is in harmony, gotten one act together, pro portioned, dopes out, personizes, fitted pattern, does an impression of, is tantamount, dropt kite, acting as broker, be like, fiddles with, follow footsteps, standardize, pro-portioning, taking kindly to, pro-duces, be tokening, Imaged, am of the same mind, am one mind, passing off as, reconciliate, whip into shape, were the same, giving go ahead, were guided by, holds office, being component, act as, wert the same, ex pose, spake for, stereo typed, wert interested in, wast equal to, being cahoots, is adapted for, hangs together, relate mutually, am connected, went fifty fifty, are regular, dropt a note, had pen pal, wert loyal to, am a par with, running with the pack, developed into, hast to do with, was an adjunct of, act up on, taking one up on, obey, re deem, echo, follows beaten path, go well with, art consistent, give goahead, put a front, pro-portioned, haddest relationship to, acting up on, are on a par with, saying uncle, haddest respect to, competed with, hast pen pal, inter-locks, concording, having good vibes, caroling, totaling up to, said yes, giving the goahead, send up, played game, wert connected, re cited, were apposite, keeping pace with, is a constituent, didst business for, doeth an impression of, were ruled by, does what is expected, sounds like, dress as, personify, tune on, were an adjunct of, being akin, straighten out, art a component, being comfortable, bring light, going like, wert same wavelength, tunes in on, is in keeping, come together, concenters, hath do with, pose as, reduplicated, dis-honor, re duplicates, dis-closing, keeping eye on, live to, show correspondence, gets line, factoring, pre-tended, pre-tending, going fifty-fifty, were in cahoots, wast akin, coordinate, got going, dropping line, play a part, putting pen paper, was in harmony, counter-acted, taking as example, re-adjust, holding candle to, rolls over play dead, were consistent, be-fitting, makes law, answered need, pass off as, put front, patterns after, passing oneself off as, am relevant, be of the same mind, occurring simultaneously, ran with the pack, Periled, remind of, straightening up, was harmony, working together, sending letter, makes grade, dis close, chimes with, wast identical to, were concurrent, playact, fits in with, are like, followed beaten path, making deal, whipping in to shape, go fifty fifty, stack up with, didst duty, taking one upon, sub-scribed, made concession, similizing, are the same class as, go with flow, re-duplicate, were fitting, are in tune, communizing, doing impression of, ex pressing, were consonant with, be fitting, did one's duty, up-hold, develops in to, goes fiftyfifty, exchanging letters, didst one's duty, being in harmony, takes as example, following footsteps, giving allegiance to, partakes of, shapes up, giving nod, patterned upon, wast the very picture of, is component, panto-mime, puts under suspicion, do an impression of, acting in place of, counter-acts, makes known, wast devoted to, wert apt, dis-charge, lip sync, giving the nod, running abreast, were a par with, am the very picture of, dis-close, wert relevant, be unison, bought into, doth an impression of, keep touch, mimeoing, carboned, was consistent with, wast on par with, were harmony, got along with, art keeping, totalled up to, stacked up with, re-cognizing, striking balance, pre tending, is harmony, doest business for, was attorney for, masquerades as, put under suspicion, re-sounds, Succoring, trans acting, brings near, joins in, wert ruled by, do as says, makes equal, puts on a front, subscribing to, be consonant, making money, ranking with, re cognizes, took upon, wast guided by, struck balance, patterns oneself upon, regularized, doth likewise, haddest to do with, am similar to, panto miming, give carte blanche, goes fifty fifty, paragoned, Carolled, were a constituent, goes with the flow, complies with, develops into, being in keeping, measuring up, re-sounding, is interested in, playing the part, doing one duty, re-side, was adjunct of, were a part, took as an example, be proper for, living to, roll with punches, sticks together, re-cited, re iterated, art in the same class as, counter-balances, inter mixed, get along with, were consistent with, inter-mixes, puts order, democratize, sharing in, acts out, dost impression of, are responsible for, bears resemblance to, answering a need, puts front, makes concession, art proper for, rubber-stamps, focalizes, doing business, gave five, normalized, re-siding, putting in order, were the very picture of, find happy medium, reminded of, dropped note, gave goahead, throws in the towel, evens up, equiponderated, take one on, are interested in, haddest its place, be fall, are attorney for, is the same class as, re-deem, rubberstamps, drop a kite, similizes, coadjuted, fit the pattern, were of mind, throw towel, Caricaturing, art designed for, put act, un zip, be friended, stewarded, was in same class as, poses as, amount to, hominifies, gat act together, was same, gave leave, rubberstamping, re plicating, blend in, wast apposite, wast same wavelength, tailor-make, hadst its place, showing correspondence, did as says, do what is told, hath good vibes, were unison, were identical to, own up, made sense, goes native, re-veals, re producing, looks after, cut the mustard, pools resources, yes, clinched the deal, did like, acts like, being tune, are very picture of, were commensurate, double as, partake of, sub scribes, assumed role of, patterned after, run with the pack, am agent for, art apt, doest as says, counter act, art of mind, be friends, adhered to, pattern after, lives as, pro-mise, art of one mind, passed for, acting for, shaped up, art comfortable, approximated to, strike balance, democratized, is mind, works together, being the same, doing an impression of, going with the flow, am consonant, pushing for, owning up, re acted, is like, re-call, doubling as, wert fitting, are in unison, re-producing, wert concurrent, lip syncs, is loyal to, let pass, be concurrent, give the go ahead, are consistent, re-presents, hominifying, is on par with, wast a component, commeasured, followed in footsteps, wast tantamount, be fits, de-ludes, homogenize, Allegorized, wert adapted for, syncing up, are seemly, were devoted to, are harmony, re-peat, live as, are consonant, seem like, go hand hand, following the crowd, do as one says, dont rock boat, become like, are the same mind, Coadjuting, assumes role of, doeth one's bidding, be of one mind, wert same, has earmarks of, wert proxy for, went hand hand, be linked with, art in harmony, emblematizes, smacked of, passing for, is apt, being harmony, patterned up on, re iterates, dis-posing, posed as, am a component, become similar, draws parallel, attaches to, de ludes, gat going, rolling over and play dead, counterfeit, art constituent, buys for, is adjunct of, answer a need, art attorney for, fills bill, cooperate, pantomiming, are the same, Beseemed, am tantamount, wert identical to, co operating, threw in the towel, made deal, art a constituent, in-here, be tantamount, Proportioning, Bodying, am concurrent, has good vibes, inter acted, drops line, correspond to, makes a deal, traded, commeasuring, is guided by, play ball with, be-seems, appear as, pattern upon, Proportioned, hath signs of, wert proper for, gets in line, was adapted for, un-covering, equipoising, be longing, gives nod, am harmony, pooled resources, had do with, gotten going, pro fess, buying into, works through, is in the same class as, sending up, bears comparison, pro-fess, passes off as, hath its place, be consonant with, being keeping, re-plicates, takes part, make as if, are constituent, art proxy for, have signs of, taking as an example, live by, haddest good vibes, gives go-ahead, be adapted for, homogenizes, Emblematized, re-double, are adapted for, wast tune, didst what one is told, was related, dis credits, equiponderates, making known, is regular, re peat, were comfortable, am on same wavelength, wast in the same class as, made terms, does likewise, statting, cut deal, act in place of, clinches deal, send letter, pro portioning, tenon, found happy medium, patterns oneself up on, go fiftyfifty, go like, gives the goahead, making human, all-owing, doing one's bidding, wert in harmony, rise to, looking after, wast in unison, re-iterate, ex-posing, doest one bidding, giving goahead, gat it together, re doubling, re iterate, art part, didst impression of, getting act together, made equal, be a part, pretend, making the grade, synced up, rubber stamped, plays game, Re-sound, tailormade, re veals, held a candle to, re-adjusted, brought near, are guided by, wert tantamount, ran abreast, un-zipping, assuming role of, being one mind, hominify, being same class as, pooling resources, re-called, made out like, pantomimes, fits in, throws towel, be in keeping, play part, making equal, sub scribed, play the part, put order, drop a note, play game, dropt a kite, am regular, wast one mind, don't make waves, pulled together, doth business, pro-claims, straightened out, buying in to, moves over, get it together, buried hatchet, puts pen to paper, wert in cahoots, am par with, assimilate, am of same mind, was consistent, gotten ones act together, goes in to details, incarnates, hast good vibes, hanged together, inter-acts, lick into shape, saw to, concenter, be in harmony, dis posing, owned up, traded off, end-angering, acting a part, patterning up on, passing on, goes hand hand, art in unison, take part of, am constituent, holding office, pull together, were proper for, be level, be seem, being on par with, wert regular, dost one duty, re citing, gives the go-ahead, am proxy for, trans-acts, grooved, pro-portions, am in cahoots, go with, panto-mimed, be the same class as, noticed similarities, wrought through, assuming role, straighten up, nod, took one up on, putting on a front, squared, art harmony, cleans up act, wert mind, Paralleling, are in the same class as, sends up, co-ordinate, circulated bad money, becoming similar, licked in to shape, end angered, blent in, liken, does duty, giving green light, gotten one's act together, reminding one of, Re-present, licking in to shape, assuming character, speaking for, doing ones duty, counter-act, homogenizing, posing as, lent a hand, wast like, art par with, regularize, yessing, were proxy for, pro-mises, art adjunct of, sur rendering, re-cites, un-covers, be same, distinguishing between, doing business for, is seemly, re sided, played ball with, were related, was concurrent, de-clares, was a par with, play second fiddle, admit, be came, see eye eye, taking part of, Concerting, doth impression of, bearing resemblance to, wast same class as, go along, hatsed off to, tuned on, doing like, roll over and play dead, checking with, being equal to, stuck together, rolled over and play dead, take one up on, am an adjunct of, dis-posed, be-token, sounding like, join in, were apt, ex press, gotten act together, were connected, takes one upon, re sounds, being in same class as, was part, does impression of, be-friends, put on act, gave way, is responsible for, takes upon, were of one mind, stacks up with, was connected with, are fitting, hold candle to, going native, was component, dis closes, re-iterated, up holding, be-hooves, bringing to mind, falls in with, being similar to, drops a note, totalled to, take part, got in line, gave nod, do one's bidding, laps up, wast concurrent, pattern up on, shook on, buries hatchet, re conciliate, wert agent for, straightened up, symphonize, wert a constituent, being proper for, re-duplicates, took care of, were on same wavelength, ex pressed, re echoing, circulates bad money, re duplicated, art responsible for, wert of the same mind, wast in tune, were equal to, toe line, were component, rubber-stamping, moving over, being an adjunct of, passes oneself as, going fifty fifty, yesses, thumbsing up, wast attorney for, say yes, gat behind, are a par with, in-hering, was mind, assume the role of, inter-act, am on par with, dropping a line, blends in, was in the same class as, wert on par with, wert par with, wert in tune, inter-locked, wast connected, putting alongside, dost ones duty, dost an impression of, identify, consent, passes oneself off as, plays ball with, be guided by, re-sided, becoming like, act part, pro-portion, wert attorney for, becomes like, rubber-stamped, art mind, act like, up-holding, relating mutually, didst like, acted place of, be-fit, impersonate, dis-honoring, check with, curtsied, art linked with, phony up, opened up, rolling over play dead, be come, re-ached, have do with, answers need, be the same, notice similarities, be of same mind, opening up, were interested in, act out, am component, re sides, re plicates, re-deeming, answer, being apposite, beared comparison, be longs, were very picture of, co-operating, put on a front, is a component, signed on, re plying, am apposite, sent letter, saying yes, were the same class as, are relevant, finds middle ground, appeared like, make deal, didst one duty, was comfortable, models after, checked with, wast adapted for, adjust, re bounds, be-fits, came out even, cleaning up act, toeing the mark, is the same, playing a part, be agent for, wert consonant with, totalling up to, communized, acted in place of, re commend, sided with, acted up on, playing game, assumed the role of, is consistent, tailor makes, answers a need, coming out even, stick together, doest bidding, distinguish between, dis credited, doest what one is told, be seeming, wast apt, assuming the role, is similar to, were tune, re echoes, co here, hath relationship to, have pen pal, did what is expected, art adapted for, re-plicate, had good vibes, acted part, is one mind, do one bidding, smacking of, Caricatured, Focalized, makes deal, am on a par with, showed correspondence, gives leave, un covering, sees eye eye, lap up, does ones duty, art in tune, being regular, lip syncing, dropping note, un cover, homologizing, make law, doth business for, was very picture of, un covers, splitting the difference, occurred simultaneously, takes one up on, wast the same mind, toeing mark, de clare, be on same wavelength, took one on, art the same class as, came terms, rolled over, gives permission, be a component, went by book, splits the difference, be consistent, un zipping, defer, fits the pattern, were mind, masqueraded as, was one mind, doing duty, was agent for, be friending, blinking at, takes care of, come close to, re-lated, re cognize, complied with, is connected with, art guided by, holds a candle to, dressing as, hadst signs of, was in unison, toe mark, stumping for, finds happy medium, up-held, co-operated, tenoned, shape up, doing bidding, following beaten path, splits difference, was of the same mind, wert commensurate, art regular, being same, made known, be tune, lend hand, inter mixes, pass oneself off as, shared in, be-came, comes to terms, re-gard, keep an eye on, doeth impression of, subscribes to, line up, side with, be part, are equal to, sign off on, being guided by, dost business, Symphonized, re adjust, going by book, inter mixing, am same wavelength, art consistent with, are proper for, went like, wert one mind, whipt into shape, symphonizes, brought mind, does business, co-heres, say uncle, have earmarks of, gat in line, trades off, distinguished between, wert guided by, Collimating, be proxy for, re-commends, assumes the role, was similar to, panto-miming, pro fesses, are linked with, squared with, wast unison, wert consonant, co-hering, is level, wast relevant, models on, corresponds to, totaling to, wast a part, interact, throwing towel, go hand in hand, are on same wavelength, ran with pack, kept touch, quarterbacks, re doubled, giving blessing, re-bounded, re deemed, doeth like, get behind, fall with, finding happy medium, bodies forth, Tallied, art like, concorded, gets along with, throwing the towel, be connected with, was on same wavelength, drew parallel, take orders, fit in with, am tune, exchanged letters, hadst earmarks of, pro duce, model after, be-falls, am linked with, fit, was the very picture of, be an adjunct of, being constituent, tying in, masquerading as, are akin, wast component, hold a candle to, am consistent with, reminds one of, going hand hand, dost one's duty, don't rock boat, wast harmony, in here, am very picture of, doth as says, teaming up, comes close to, epistolizes, tailor made, un veil, didst what is expected, seeing to, un veiled, smack of, re-aching, allegorize, were a component, doping out, dropped a kite, wast the same, being connected, being loyal to, wast keeping, quarterbacking, doth one bidding, hominified, goes by book, be-falling, trade off, enters in, dope out, makes as if, occur simultaneously, being a constituent, puts on front, living as, is in same class as, went fiftyfifty, wast ruled by, holds candle to, dis closing, was of same mind, re-peats, wert identical, doest an impression of, keeping pace, dost ones bidding, wast same mind, says uncle, worked together, acting as, clinched deal, served as, looked after, dittoing, acted like, be in cahoots, be interested in, kept pace, getting in line, drawing parallel, bare resemblance to, drops a line, hold office, had to do with, re-cognized, opens up, are cahoots, sur rendered, went well with, burying the hatchet, holds fast, doeth ones bidding, chiming with, being like, was same wavelength, wert tune, rolled over play dead, was constituent, come near, were on a par with, did ones duty, are an adjunct of, doth one duty, being adjunct of, bear upon, co heres, counter acting, playing ball with, doing what is expected, puts a front, bargain, dis honor, brought into line, hath respect to, trans act, dis-pose, am ruled by, wert part, coming together, wert apposite, dis-crediting, made law, patterned oneself up on, appearing as, am the same class as, doest one duty, doeth as says, wast linked with, totalling to, Similize, stewarding, take care of, passes as, were in same class as, made money, inter mix, Collimated, re plicated, came near, give up, teamed up, doing what one is told, wast level, appeared as, pro mises, cleaning act, being in cahoots, balance, normalizing, does like, has relationship to, didst one bidding, didst an impression of, were responsible for, un veiling, are component, doth duty, un-veil, acted as, blink at, runs with the pack, does one's duty, played second fiddle, pairs off, wast cahoots, am keeping, be-fallen, fall in with, totaled to, doth what is told, shows correspondence, beseems, be cahoots, was responsible for, were on par with, being a part, re-calling, re-echoing, gat line, throws the towel, wast comfortable, art level, are proxy for, be-longing, joined forces, modeling after, re-adjusts, subscribe, wert same class as, giving five, Emblematize, did likewise, developing in to, be apposite, was of one mind, make consistent, making sense, go with the flow, do impression of, keeps abreast of, make like, is on a par with, sur-rendering, making valid, gives carte blanche, signs on, became similar, being commensurate, up-holds, develop into, makes valid, spoofing, plays the game, threw the towel, assumes the role of, seeing eye eye, steadying, draw parallel, re commending, sur-renders, un covered, was equal to, partnering, stacking up with, communizes, takes kindly to, art fitting, agree, following in footsteps, didst bidding, gotten along with, wast very picture of, acts in place of, doeth as one says, being proxy for, be par with, was same class as, am the same mind, be falling, whipping into shape, split difference, getting going, had earmarks of, dis-closed, acts as broker, do ones duty, didst as one says, doeth ones duty, smacks of, dost what is told, un-zips, do one's duty, be-fitted, art consonant with, filled bill, homologizes, beseem, bowing to, STATS, gave the nod, personized, hang together, being same mind, evening up, was in keeping, all-owed, be adjunct of, is consistent with, didst one's bidding, allegorizes, re sounding, be-tokening, were level, be in the same class as, be seems, wert in same class as, made room, doeth one duty, art commensurate, bring near, sur renders, goes well with, act upon, doest likewise, Focalizing, dropt line, wert comfortable, entering in, wert like, re bound, are apt, wert equal to, mass produce, come around, dropping kite, re late, tailormakes, am of mind, make sense, re duplicating, are same mind, drop a line, art related, art of same mind, was relevant, co operates, comes out even, wrought side by side, reminding of, keep pace with, chime with, is same, get line, yessed, being par with, Franchised, give green light, falls with, putting under suspicion, were part, re peats, bring mind, holding a candle to, reduplicate, is an adjunct of, art relevant, run abreast, was tantamount, re produced, bringing into line, keeping in touch, wast part, wast loyal to, put pen to paper, don't rock the boat, went native, tenons, serving as, doped out, having to do with, wert of one mind, Periling, am same mind, puts airs, wast consistent with, attach to, come terms, compete with, hath pen pal, going by the book, ally, wast of same mind, being consistent with, is constituent, falling with, threw in towel, art concurrent, was unison, did business, re gards, go into details, are in same class as, are designed for, gave go ahead, taking upon, live up to, acts upon, dis-charging, grooving, toes mark, phonies, am loyal to, be comfortable, Mortising, taking care of, getting along with, are in cahoots, re presenting, fitted in with, equate, goes hand in hand, reconciliated, get one's act together, drops a kite, make out like, be-tokened, stereo typing, counter-acting, collimates, blinks at, dis pose, answer need, am unison, lip synced, seeming like, gave go-ahead, atuning, were of same mind, lick in to shape, keep eye on, evened up, be-longs, goes like, hatses to, are in keeping, have good vibes, affiliate, inter lock, art the same, be-comes, was a part, re-produces, is the very picture of, re-bound, were constituent, pattern oneself up on, dresses as, art same class as, Personated, bring into line, says yes, gat along with, played part, quarterback, put alongside, is designed for, were the same mind, throws in towel, dis posed, ties in, rubberstamp, be-fell, assuming the role of, doth one's duty, dis honors, phonied, pro claimed, were loyal to, re-deems, be consistent with, total to, art apposite, Incarnated, give allegiance to, got behind, is consonant with, stump for, are same, is keeping, doth like, be fallen, am consonant with, working side by side, re-doubled, doeth what one is told, wert on same wavelength, being of the same mind, fitted the pattern, hatsed to, pass oneself as, humoring, was the same mind, did one's bidding, be loyal to, runs with pack, am seemly, re bounding, is in cahoots, are same class as, be-longed, modelling after, be designed for, body forth, dost as one says, hadst good vibes, subscribed to, re-commending, wert keeping, de lude, being apt, played the game, art cahoots, pro portions, work through.