Pronunciation of Prevention
/pɹɪvˈɛnʃən/, /pɹɪvˈɛnʃən/, /p_ɹ_ɪ_v_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for prevention

adjuvant, invitation, in junctions, pre dispositions, motivations, in jury, Teaming, promptings, backing, meta carpus, enzyme, co axing, pro-mote, operatives, palms, determinant, hired people, tantalizations, co actions, re lief, radical stimulus, in juries, actuation, school thought, sufferance, dis position, cooperation, predeterminations, goahead, stamp approval, excitants, logrollings, armtwists, co-actions, incentive, irkings, Symbioses, help, pro-motes, go, phalanx, punitive measures, co-operations, persuasion, shakers, aid, de-nomination, pro positions, re-quests, get up go, in-dignities, motivation, get up and go, synergism, re-lief, coaxings, synergist, incitation, dis-position, give and take, temptation, mitt, advancement, pre disposition, propellant, activations, sanction, stimulus, brickbat, de nomination, co-action, casus belli, facilitation, synergisms, coercive measure, combined efforts, Tantalization, hired persons, carrot, catalyst, re-commendations, de coys, including fingers dukes, promotion, solicitation, co operations, pro position, turn ons, continuation, artificer, Coadjuvancy, dis-positions, dis positions, vexings, de cree, grabber, de sire, shot in the arm, get and go, de-coys, assistance, provocation, predetermination, pre-disposition, start, facilitations, co-axing, doing business with, including fingers duke, propellants, get and goes, in-jury, thunderous reception, coadjuvancies, shot arm, handclappings, winning overs, artificers, in citations, arm twists, cajolery, de-cree, playing balls, coercive measures, working overs, longhands, working over, shot the arm, Carrots, handclapping, de nominations, occasion, excitant, nurture, seducements, de-coy, pre-determinations, reactant, re commendation, turnon, seal approval, calligraphy, comeon, confunction, re quests, sufferances, in dignities, clearance, teamings, wave makers, eye-openers, punitive measure, in-junction, metacarpus, gooses, in junction, Phalanges, wheedlings, thunderous receptions, pre-determination, turn-ons, phalange, Cajoleries, de-sires, pro-positions, in-citations, turnons, eyeopener, seal of approval, arm twist, arm-twist, spur, pro-vocation, pre determination, combined effort, meta-carpi, symbiosis, in citation, turn-on, hard sell, support, Enzymes, reason why, pro vocations, palm, MITTS, de sires, activation, arm-twists, shot in arm, inducement, allurings, de-nominations, confunctions, meta carpi, metacarpi, in vite, correctives, de coy, impulsions, re commendations, de-sire, shaker, armtwist, adjuvants, de crees, hired person, de-crees, school of thought, co-operation, encouragement, provokings, pro vocation, wave maker, reactants, pro-vocations, logrolling, beggings, determinants, actuations, re-commendation, assist, stamp of approval, brickbats, calligraphies, meta-carpus, hand, radical stimulu, co action, cultivation, solicitations, synergists, grabbers, doing business withs, co operation, in-junctions, in-citation.