Pronunciation of Developed
/dɪvˈɛləpt/, /dɪvˈɛləpt/, /d_ɪ_v_ˈɛ_l_ə_p_t/

Antonyms for developed

passe, un-timelier, dis figured, more vestigial, pre-maturest, more abecedarian, fallow, unplanted, be ginning, unplowed, un formed, inert, rude, most unplanted, more unactualized, most warped, savage, most garbage, most unevolved, vestigial, more unplowed, in complete, rudimentary, more nuts and bolts, un fledged, more disfigured, un-domesticated, in-experienced, in choate, past, more commencing, visionary, elementary, unripe, out-of-date, un-sounder, un sound, halfgrown, most born-again, untilled, more atavistic, most marred, un sophisticated, embryonic, un-structured, most half grown, unfledged, un plowed, most nascent, in experienced, hoary, un cultured, more untutored, hypothetical, just begun, more checked, un shaped, germinal, pre-mature, untutored, underdeveloped, green, theoretical, immature, more unevolved, under-grown, more behind, un timelier, junkest, most evolving, un-timely, dis-figured, most bottom of barrel, duddest, underweight, brutish, nonprogressive, Sophomoric, uncompleted, uncivilized, more marred, un evolved, dis-advantaged, in-complete, larval, unreal, imaginary, behindhand, old fashioned, un-completed, un-progressive, more preliterate, Undergrown, more garbage, antique, lower, un ripest, un-ripest, more ignored, most larval, pre maturest, nonindustrial, most nuts and bolts, non-literate, preliminary, un taught, more halfgrown, un-tamed, un sounder, more nascent, unseeded, un-planted, un productive, more unseeded, KIDSTUFF, antiquated, more untilled, conceived, fictitious, pre maturer, more half-grown, most unactualized, initial, most disfigured, nuts-and-bolts, un-soundest, under sized, nonliterate, startest, un-sound, un-formed, un-timeliest, un tamed, most infantine, most kidstuff, un-shaped, unimproved, feigned, un tilled, un civilized, un finished, under privileged, most checked, most unplowed, most initiative, un actualized, un-seeded, old, under-developed, sub-normal, undersized, most commencing, un-actualized, most bottom-of-barrel, un-evolved, pre literate, un planted, un-cultured, more unfledged, uneducated, un-learned, bottom-of-barrel, un-tilled, sub normal, more nuts-and-bolts, meat and potatoes, un-cultivated, un-civilized, most untilled, oldfangled, most undergrown, kiddest, un trained, un-riper, more initiative, initiative, more warped, un cultivated, undeveloped, un refined, more undergrown, wet behind ears, nascent, outworn, un tutored, more kidstuff, most preliterate, un-refined, fusty, un-tutored, more beginning, un seasoned, most abecedarian, under developed, imperfect, more unplanted, feeble minded, more larval, most lemon, pre-maturer, un timely, unactualized, un-taught, un-ripe, more infantine, un seasonable, most ignored, un ripe, illusory, un structured, half grown, be-ginning, unevolved, dated, un used, few bugs, backward, fabulous, un-seasonable, unripened, un-seasoned, most half-grown, in-choate, un completed, most uncompleted, inchoate, most nonliterate, pre mature, more evolving, supposed, old-time, antediluvian, un-developed, dis advantaged, un timeliest, reported, un-trained, more subnormal, unformed, more tenderfoot, most untutored, under-privileged, under-sized, un-used, un-finished, supposititious, un-productive, obsolete, musty, bottom of barrel, most beginning, most vestigial, most tenderfoot, most nuts-and-bolts, most unseeded, un progressive, un-plowed, more brutish, more developing, more germinal, fanciful, re sting, under grown, Kidder, most germinal, more half grown, most behind, most brutish, Infantine, un developed, Dudder, atavistic, incipient, untrue, neglected, un-fledged, more uncompleted, un seeded, most halfgrown, twobit, re-sting, most unfledged, more bottom-of-barrel, half-grown.