Pronunciation of Ending
/ˈɛndɪŋ/, /ˈɛndɪŋ/, /ˈɛ_n_d_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for ending

more opening, in-flexible, whence came, graduatings, un-flagging, launching, fast, intros, prologue, blastoffs, un-surpassable, forefronts, In-going, germination, de livery, outset, in augural, regulatings, in bred, Termless, bound determined, seasonal, pro genitor, ex tent, numero uno, stretchedout, birth, more hard-headed, most prelusive, more allencompassing, Hornbook, perpetuation, out breaks, more staying, tee off, farreaching, monochrome, pre-cursors, more stretched out, Availabilities, anterior, in-novation, conciliatory move, top stories, inter-minable, in-exorable, foremother, un-appeasable, Headmost, first place, interpolations, more selfperpetuating, everpresent, no end of, unstoppable, re-cess, re iterated, un-qualified, most preparative, infinite, more day-and-night, well springs, starting point, without number, more stretchedout, ever-present, unceasing, un-defined, whence it came, till the cows come home, most neverceasing, start offs, Instituting, all-encompassing, most recurring, most unstoppable, in-grained, out set, more preparative, more unended, Vanward, nonstop, un-limited, fore-father, provisional, horse's mouth, ex-tents, doorways, inauguratings, most world without end, in terminably, more uncalculable, threshold, all-embracing, more ever present, under standing, setting outs, day ones, Dominator, till death do us part, fore fronts, re-occurring, begetters, prelude, in dissoluble, in-finite, most unbroken, tenders, wideopen, long lasting, most glued, in-finitudes, un-counted, coconut, be-getter, curtain-raisers, un-stoppable, relentless, go for broke, in perpetuum, inter minable, de-tailed, most spread out, out-sets, ex-plosion, flare up, Exordia, embarkations, ad-infinitum, Capitula, un failing, vastitudes, blastoff, all day and all night, brick-wall, corroboratings, un yielding, single minded, more phoenixlike, till blue in face, pro longed, all encompassing, sperms, eternal, in goings, more permanent, undiminished, yearlong, more monophonic, most monophonic, all day night, Proemial, ex-tended, out sets, commencement, Exordiums, horse mouth, pro positions, Prolegomenon, more ventral, early stages, ex plosions, most frontal, most day and night, non stop, first showings, neverending, in finitude, go ats, un-fettered, spore, in the running, long lived, nativity, more spreadout, most fullout, Incunabula, primogenitor, hang in, start off, in for long haul, continuous, go-at, most precedent, seed, Primogenial, startoff, most termless, Causations, most hard-headed, spun out, most wedged, top story, pro-genitors, infinity, inauguration, never-ceasing, be-yond, crack of dawn, youthfulnesses, dawn, first performances, around-the-clock, spread out, lead-off people, more prelusive, most self-perpetuating, in fluxes, un-flinching, un-alterable, constitutings, un-ended, most facial, in-finitude, more all-embracing, most unwaning, in-fluxes, first acquaintance, singleminded, for life, pro-tractions, mainsprings, pro genitors, most inaugural, more long term, most obverse, solid as rock, all time, pre-cursory, go-ats, more reiterated, over-long, far flung, infinitude, premiere, bottomless, dead set on, most ever-present, more million, upper story, un-deviating, fore goers, self perpetuating, un-compromising, crack dawn, day one, more stabile, more obverse, in-fancies, pioneerings, ex tents, pro-traction, tender year, wee hours, re-curring, pre cursory, most expanded, innumerable, fore-goers, most unfluctuating, more returning, everlastingly, un-broken, primordia, at all times, most staying, day-and-night, most ceaselessly, allout, un-interrupted, un wavering, more facial, inseminations, Incunabulum, more endlessly, preface, in the foreground, re cesses, most reoccurring, head most, un-forgiving, in the beginning, dis-charge, un restricted, most endlessly, more world without end, fore words, most proemial, coming out parties, most beginning, un divided, more bulldogged, more day and night, in-fancy, in-semination, re-cognition, ex-planations, head lines, in-curable, unendingly, outstarts, un-divided, unabated, longlived, super-visors, more self-perpetuating, un fathomed, most aeonian, ex planation, early brights, hangtough, more ever-present, un ending, un-abating, nascence, most yearlong, incipience, point of departure, un-restrained, charterings, jumpoff, pro-longed, stiff necked, most iterated, more full-out, incipiency, on treadmill, incipient, deep rooted, dis-orders, barn door, continuance, un-abated, most uncalculable, more wedged, big breaks, fore-mothers, head, more brick-wall, un flinching, more always, in-human, ventral, most hangtough, in statements, unending, in-finitely, of piece, act god, in novation, in extricable, de-livery, more stretched-out, pre ludes, chronic, Vastitude, indestructible, all out, most all encompassing, Prelusive, ceaselessly, more stiffnecked, un-fading, more primogenial, day and night, endless, most attached, horses mouth, most unfading, in comprehensible, uninterrupted, most day-and-night, un-confined, un compromising, un surpassable, ex tension, engenderings, ovule, endless time, incomings, in-formants, more ironfisted, dis continuity, in-coming, re occurring, uni-form, right up front, sustained, perpetual, well spring, all day all night, in-formant, pre-ludes, preliminary, un-relenting, pro visional, doorway, in beginning, head-most, top most, more monochrome, gushings, Spores, more hangtough, glued, preparative, more spread-out, Provenience, antecessors, fore-fronts, more long-term, look in, farflung, springtime, pupilages, go at, demonstratings, determinant, more starting, day night, intro-mission, in fancies, fore-words, more precursory, inception, inaugural, most vanward, Establishing, more persisting, de-scents, basic text, un-conditional, be-ginning, running start, super-temporal, un confined, in-goings, derivation, forevermore, longwinded, for always, pre-faces, beginning, till blue in the face, in going, Iron-fisted, introductory, foregoers, till blue face, for ever ever, unfading, pre-ambles, stretched out, in curable, more all-encompassing, foundings, point departure, most monochrome, unended, Unchangingly, in-flux, deep seated, long drawn out, phoenixlike, around the clock, horses mouths, lasting, in destructible, de voted, importation, un mitigated, now forever, precursory, un-yielding, in-destructible, un-bound, dis continuities, leadoff person, ex-tensions, un-told, most forever, re-volution, uni form, originatings, lead-off person, in variable, de scents, Ebullition, re-iterated, undying, unremitting, never-ending, more continued, un-fathomable, more inductive, out bursts, more ahead, un interrupted, more undiminished, early bright, in formants, fore-going, inductive, most bulldogged, Pupilage, un-remitting, fore word, more all encompassing, most hard headed, iron fire, in statement, world-without-end, most evergreen, longterm, more regularized, introduction, more self perpetuating, un-failing, most hang-tough, endless times, most iron fisted, longstanding, pre-lude, first taste, ever present, ex-tension, most precursory, in-augural, pro-fuse, most phoenixlike, sill, more recurring, steady going, most returning, more unwaning, most unended, in determinate, no strings, in-calculable, causation, more stiff-necked, more unfading, doorstep, pro traction, more inaugural, blast offs, impregnations, now and forever, day peeps, most unabating, more full out, pre lude, un defined, corn, first nights, dominators, no catch, git goes, most starting, unrelenting, Corns, initiation, fore mothers, most stiff necked, de-scent, pro-visional, no strings attached, long standing, first step, un-bending, intro missions, in born, extension, most persisting, forer, more unbroken, brights, time, Coconuts, Certifications, first night, coming out party, re sources, more unabated, more reoccurring, Paternities, hornbooks, interminable, pro-geniture, vast, no end to, jump-off, stretched-out, in exhaustible, beyonds, un-changing, sperm, entrance, un-folding, tender years, bulldogged, un varying, lead-in, most iron-fisted, under-standings, facial, more hard headed, ex-traction, mono-phonic, most ever present, like rock of gibralter, most unbound, flareup, semens, out burst, starting points, start-offs, most always, most inexpungible, re turning, in-terminably, forward, more neverceasing, spin off, Outstart, ingoing, in calculable, un-shaken, Interminate, more expanded, most allencompassing, fore-word, till the end of time, abiding, rootstock, most stretchedout, hang-tough, start, most primogenial, fore goer, un bounded, most stretched-out, in formant, be yond, more proemial, till blue the face, more glued, more interminate, ex-tractions, long winded, first performance, most hang tough, unlimited, fullout, for ever and ever, forever, un abated, aeonian, pro geniture, re volutions, impregnation, startoffs, perennial, de scent, allembracing, more adherent, in finite, certification, paternity, first places, most all-embracing, importations, longlasting, lead off person, more ceaselessly, prelusion, on a treadmill, more unbound, in-dissoluble, begetter, heritances, de liveries, oft repeated, out-bursts, subsidizings, mono-chrome, most oftrepeated, in terminate, opening remark, most all embracing, whence cames, un-shakable, in finitudes, unabating, incessant, wide open, embarkation, re-sources, pre ceding, un conditional, in-seminations, most spread-out, exordium, full-out, day peep, un qualified, un shaken, Immortally, stiff-necked, round-the-clock, most headmost, out-burst, more forever, full out, lastingly, un abating, in-extricable, un told, allinclusive, over long, monophonic, brick wall, all inclusive, in foreground, un disturbed, re-source, un fettered, in corruptible, source, fore runner, fore-runner, re-turning, Head-line, un fading, un-ending, Initiating, in-variable, most continued, onset, fore bears, more evergreen, front, more humongous, infancy, Progeniture, in human, in extinguishable, early stage, inexhaustible, more everpresent, be getters, re curring, be getter, in-bred, most stiffnecked, end owing, ex tended, out break, in flexible, spreadout, most stiff-necked, most world-without-end, ex tensive, till the end time, Causalities, pubescences, till cows come home, more termless, undeviating, re-iterative, self-perpetuating, prime, most spreadout, uncalculable, in-born, more world-without-end, de-liveries, fore bear, more inexpungible, un relieved, more supertemporal, de tailed, preamble, unlimited spaces, pro-positions, under standings, first round, pre-face, more unabating, whence it cames, setting ups, most self perpetuating, success, primogenitors, un-varying, visit from stork, pre-cursor, out pouring, uni versal, in for the long haul, everlasting, basic principle, pre ambles, deeprooted, leadoff people, lingering, in-numerable, basic principles, fore front, re-gular, unfluctuating, stabilizings, more fullout, interpolation, non-stop, out-start, in-definite, lead off people, un diminished, natality, most inductive, un faltering, intro mission, jump off, jump-offs, un limited, strung out, in-estimable, out-breaks, most adherent, prolongation, in comings, un waning, more longterm, opener, ex planations, under-standing, most inextinguishable, un-fluctuating, steadygoing, boundless, more iron-fisted, un-wavering, all embracing, un appeasable, more headmost, fore-most, regularized, break day, un changing, in-determinate, like rock gibralter, parentage, insemination, Perseverant, re-solute, conception, more beginning, in terminable, out-starts, openers, dis-order, setting out, fore father, pro genitures, pubescence, causality, in numerable, end-owing, most long-term, prelusions, most never-ceasing, dis charge, re current, progenitures, upper stories, up-stairs, out start, un tiring, right front, un forgiving, most undiminished, unremittingly, wee hour, ex plosion, jumpoffs, ex-tent, most ahead, most allembracing, availability, semen, un flappable, selfperpetuating, youthfulness, spread-out, in estimable, foreword, out-pouring, intro-missions, in-corruptible, first tastes, pro tractions, origination, endowings, continual, more perseverant, ebullitions, un bound, more undeviating, without limit, more precedent, in eradicable, re solute, basic texts, un constrained, un fathomable, un relenting, lead off, a good many, dis-continuities, like bad penny, intro, un broken, immortal, burstings, nativities, un-relieved, de-voted, more oftrepeated, nascency, overture, dis order, never ending, stop nothing, brickwall, recursive, Well-spring, un-mitigated, lead in, onfalls, opening, re source, un folding, most oft repeated, most humongous, sunderings, authenticatings, un-faltering, investiture, re-current, fore runners, re-volutions, top dogs, doorsteps, constant, most everpresent, un fluctuating, settlings, more oft-repeated, more spread out, determinants, ex tractions, ceaseless, till end of time, in-terminate, on on, un calculable, start-off, tee offs, substantiatings, all the time, in-eradicable, Heritance, most unabated, un-restricted, first, implementings, curtainraisers, fullblown, mono phonic, in-extinguishable, un ended, conciliatory moves, un-waning, more unstoppable, un counted, out-break, more all embracing, initiatings, imperishable, debut, ironfisted, in seminations, genesis, more frontal, Hard-headed, most long term, germ, be-getters, curtain-raiser, most stretched out, for good, fores, mainspring, persistent, Antecessor, Supertemporal, most brick wall, in fancy, inextinguishable, more seasonal, fore-runners, oft-repeated, sills, more inextinguishable, dis-charges, opening remarks, first steps, more aeonian, Foregoer, natalities, fore most, up stairs, running starts, super visor, adinfinitum, up rising, well-springs, kickoff, more brick wall, in perpetuity, more vanward, up risings, more attached, most opening, in running, validatings, in finitely, jump offs, pre-ceding, confirmings, most oft-repeated, institutings, dis-continuity, top dog, fore-bears, fore-front, un stoppable, onfall, ovules, un ceasing, fore going, in-terminable, all day and night, git go, deepseated, far reaching, Organizing, rendings, enduringly, allencompassing, Durably, lead off persons, more iterated, un-fathomed, most ironfisted, un-calculable, re cognitions, un alterable, un bending, pro-genitures, re iterative, dis orders, dis charges, most seasonal, first acquaintances, in-comings, most never ceasing, primordium, in definite, un-diminished, iron the fire, un-bounded, everything considered, pre faces, pro-genitor, organizings, risings, re cognition, outbreak, most ventral, more brickwall, uni-versal, pre cursors, most selfperpetuating, round the clock, horse's mouths, in flux, out starts, perpetuations, most longterm, Fore-mother, round clock, be ginning, no holds barred, capitulum, curtainraiser, in novations, long-term, pro position, origin, foremothers, most interminate, most regularized, re gular, infinitudes, un remitting, inexpungible, origins, unlimited space, Germinations, pre face, more hang tough, pro fuse, big break, un-tiring, limitless.