Souped Up

Pronunciation of Souped Up
/sˈuːpt ˈʌp/, /sˈuːpt ˈʌp/, /s_ˈuː_p_t ˈʌ_p/

Synonyms for souped up:

better (adjective)

bigger, choice, exceeding, exceptional, finer, fitter, greater, improved, larger, preferable, preferred, prominent, sharpened, sophisticated, superior, surpassing, worthier, higher quality, more fitting, more suitable, more appropriate, more desirable, more select, more useful, more valuable.

add (verb)

affix, annex, ante, append, augment, beef up, boost, build up, charge up, continue, flesh out, heat up, hike, hike up, hook on, hook up with, include, jack up, jazz up, pad, parlay, piggyback, reply, slap on, snowball, soup up, speed up, spike, supplement, sweeten, tack on, tag, run up, step up, pour it on, plug into, cue in, hitch on, join together, say further, figure in.

amplify (verb)

add, deepen, develop, elaborate, enlarge, exaggerate, expand, expatiate, extend, heighten, inflate, intensify, lengthen, magnify, pyramid, raise, strengthen, stretch, swell, up, widen.

enrich (verb)

adorn, aggrandize, ameliorate, better, build, cultivate, decorate, endow, enhance, grace, hop up, ornament, refine, upgrade, make rich.

expand (verb)

amplify, bloat, blow up, bolster, broaden, burgeon, detail, diffuse, dilate, distend, embellish, explicate, fan out, fatten, fill out, grow, increase, mount, multiply, mushroom, open, outspread, prolong, protract, puff up, spread, stretch out, thicken, unfold, unfurl, unravel, unroll, upsurge, wax, open out, bulk up, spread out.

fortify (verb)

brace, bulwark, buttress, consolidate, entrench, garrison, gird, prepare, prop, protect, ready, reinforce, secure, shore up, steel, support, Embattle, punch up.

reinforce (verb)

add to, back up, carry, emphasize, energize, fortify, harden, hype, pillar, prop up, stiffen, stress, sustain, toughen, underline, pick up, lend a hand, stand up for, stroke, add fuel to fire.

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