Pronunciation of Narrow
/nˈaɹə͡ʊ/, /nˈaɹə‍ʊ/, /n_ˈa_ɹ_əʊ/

Antonyms for narrow

birds-eye, more submarine, broad-minded, out-stretch, pro-longs, most allover, re-mote, be fallen, broad, bulked up, dis-entangling, thorough going, out spread, re-counting, immense, most wall-to-wall, ample, un-disguised, under standing, un restricted, drag one feet, co-pious, ex-plicates, undisguised, over-size, huge, more nonspecific, more outspread, drags ones feet, re clines, more all embracing, fleshes out, fore-tell, non-specific, bulking up, come to be, stringing out, be-fell, more humanistic, most overstated, re-double, open up, ex plains, opened wide, over lapping, de tailing, let go, large scale, more far-ranging, in-vests, spin out, more spread out, unprejudiced, of substance, opens out, more humongous, all over the place, on a large scale, re cline, Widish, untwisting, gave details, dis-entangles, ex tend, dis-cursive, everyplace, fans out, out going, letting out, spreadout, springs up, dis-closes, plenitudinous, more spread-out, unselfish, Craning, re-fining, stretching out, more full out, open out, re-cline, Choate, more long-term, oversize, largish, avant garde, multi form, most fathomless, most ball of wax, goodly, Bulked, unqualified, from a z, most synoptic, most long-term, un-twisting, more elongate, more all-over, multi-form, more allencompassing, outspread, wast prolix, in-tensive, dis-tends, cosmopolitan, Embracive, Thickish, para-mount, Clocklike, in depth, pyramidded, over-stated, un-coil, more away, most deepset, ex plicated, Bird-eye, the works, coming to be, re-clines, growing up, most long-range, be falls, came to be, in-creased, be-comes, pre pared, over laying, being prolix, coming be, be-falling, allaround, un roll, un-winds, in-determinate, re-fine, dragging feet, more overstated, diffused, more all-embracing, grew larger, most encircling, ex-tend, more comprising, was profuse, most embracive, in-creases, escalated, deep seated, puffing out, un-winding, stretching, all over, more overdrawn, de-tails, bird's eye, out-spreading, in terminable, un furling, in-vested, most ball-of-wax, undetailed, extensive, are profuse, no end, most thorough-going, aplenty, more outstretched, subaqueous, uncrowded, full-out, most undetailed, downreaching, deep set, far reaching, fathomless, all-over, fore-most, over-lapping, pro-motes, fore tells, long range, dime dozen, ex tensive, tripling, spread out, gotten taller, untwisted, most scopic, of note, whole, all around, re fines, Evolved, un detailed, un-stinging, make tense, be-tided, gets bigger, more whole-hog, most continued, un-repressed, un prejudiced, more mingled, un stinging, most unsectarian, comes be, most comprehending, un-ravel, curved inward, breadthens, without exception, re doubled, nonpartisan, marks up, enriches, run on, ex-plained, pro moting, un twists, most outstretched, re-fines, ex plicate, thorough-going, come be, up surged, tack on, un covered, more ball of wax, opened out, pro-longing, dis tend, dragged one's feet, uncoil, in-escapable, in quantity, ex tending, dis-perse, more long-range, ex-plicate, dis perse, frontpage, am displayed, in discriminate, off the mark, bursted forth, unlimited, un coiled, sizable, the big picture, gat taller, grows up, giving, encyclopedic, un-coiling, puffed out, front-page, most unexclusive, most whole-hog, on whole, getting bigger, crane, up surges, let out, un winds, were distributed, ex-tending, un covering, dis tending, profound, rolled out, wast displayed, more dilatant, are prolix, splayer, got taller, pre-pared, more all-encompassing, most outspread, dis-closed, wholehog, lied out, fore-telling, slap on, jacked up, more chambered, enlarge, lies out, imprecise, more alveolate, In Toto, jack up, increase, epic, more esteemed, came be, drags one's feet, ex-tensive, major, spin off, full out, art prolix, getting taller, more off-target, un-furling, more all over, opens wide, sweeping, more whole hog, para mount, un furled, be prolix, re fine, inclusive, most dilatant, reverberant, on the whole, in mass, unbiased, most wide-ranging, tacks on, Lasted, multi plying, most thumping, un-reserved, de tails, un bounded, un rolling, hiked up, bird eye, expanding, souped up, most chasmal, un-abridged, barn door, un qualified, puff out, runs on, most permeating, drag one's feet, more wide-ranging, bulk up, dis tends, dis entangling, evening out, wideranging, make larger, most fullout, most deep set, dis-entangle, more long term, longterm, most spread-out, drawnout, more world wide, be-neath, pro longing, was displayed, ex tends, ex pounds, objective, more wall to wall, un-wieldiest, all over place, dis-closing, more blubbery, out-stretching, give details, comes to be, grows larger, out stretches, deepset, piggybacking, Overdrawn, more latitudinarian, pro-long, dis-close, more ball-of-wax, dis closing, made tense, be-tiding, un-ravelling, in most, careless, re sonant, be-coming, be fall, spendthrift, tolerant, mondo, under-standing, more wideranging, strung out, get bigger, most all encompassing, more extensive, pro-founder, re-doubling, latitudinarian, popped up, multi national, Enroot, Dimensionless, un folded, uni-versal, de tailed, out stretch, pro-tract, un-raveled, ex-plaining, far flung, un-equivocal, un-bounded, un-sectarian, re-levant, re-counts, drag ones feet, most soft touch, opens up, most forever, most catchall, comprehensive, all options, pro-fuse, most containing, opened up, un conventional, most long range, release, most unsuppressed, enroots, puff up, front page, be fell, makes tense, most submerged, most all-embracing, wast distributed, dragged one feet, being distributed, can't get away from, unexclusive, liberal, most far ranging, evens out, most uncrowded, ran on, hefty, wall-to-wall, shoots up, be-tide, slapping on, in accurate, in determinate, fat, more stretchedout, thick, makes larger, far ranging, most stretched-out, develop, string out, most reverberant, pops up, re double, uncoiled, roomy, out size, most free-and-easy, dilate, gotten bigger, un-confined, open, uncoiling, grow larger, more something, be-fallen, more synoptic, more scopious, un suppressed, pro tracts, more leviathan, more unfolded, un-twists, no stone unturned, be tide, un disputed, deep-set, soup up, marked up, impartial, be distributed, dragging one's feet, deeply felt, most unrepressed, dis-entangled, am distributed, extended, nonspecific, lets out, spacious, wide, bursts forth, more longterm, most echoing, be profuse, catchall, up surging, more forever, expansive, letted out, pro-found, across the board, all out, allover, de-tailed, dis tended, spinning off, unreserved, making taut, most quantitative, more unsectarian, un inhibited, most pervading, most wholehog, free-and-easy, ex-pounded, from z, bulkest, pro-tracts, libertarian, pro longs, broadminded, untwist, un raveling, allinclusive, is profuse, re-ached, more latitudinous, more echoing, outsize, blow by blow, breadthened, dis close, pro-moting, more catchall, over lap, more softtouch, nebulous, far, more comprehending, wert distributed, dis closed, most esteemed, massest, behemothic, alveolate, most leviathan, fullout, be-came, most world wide, in delicate, un-conventional, out and out, sub-aqueous, exhaustive, expand, un ravelled, rolls out, most particularized, made larger, out stretching, more chasmal, be come, un bigoted, unrestricted, farflung, Bulker, in-vesting, be displayed, most mondo, cavernous, most aplenty, open minded, un fold, all together, over-lap, in bulk, most stretching, open wide, most yawning, more long range, most consolidated, un repressed, most stretchedout, Latitudinous, far off, most softtouch, far-reaching, un-twisted, more submerged, un-cover, in-decent, ex-pounds, Reamed, un ravelling, most spread, fan out, in-finite, un selfish, un-rolls, more permeating, farreaching, reformist, long-term, scopic, whole-hog, un twisting, most humanistic, extend, amplify, spread-out, choater, over drawn, more thorough-going, un-suppressed, de tail, broad minded, more unsuppressed, radical, diffuses, bird'seye, un rolled, more deep-set, un exclusive, most unfurled, un coiling, outspreading, are displayed, generous, tacking on, predominantly, more unrepressed, fair, non specific, in-delicate, inexhaustible, unrepressed, bird's-eye, most outsize, rolling out, more soft-touch, up surge, neverending, full, un covers, drags feet, deep, wordest, jazzing up, spring up, drag feet, catholic, un-exclusive, most umbrella, re-pose, all-embracing, un coils, respectable, most wideranging, de-tailing, unbigoted, un-roll, bigleague, most reformist, universal, dis closes, overall, run up, off color, more thumping, most far-ranging, most front-page, making tense, bulks up, most whole hog, birdseye, unsuppressed, overflowing, makes taut, more subaqueous, Tripled, most elongate, un-prejudiced, more fathomless, most oversize, most deep-set, over-lay, multi-plied, out-goingest, burst forth, most stretched out, leviathan, all-encompassing, more embracive, mattering much, spread, chambered, running up, more unbigoted, ex plaining, fore telling, freethinking, more wall-to-wall, is prolix, cant get away from, puffing up, over-laps, most comprising, most all embracing, in finite, be came, widespread, of great scope, drawn out, inexact, enough, mark up, most allencompassing, pro fuse, more front page, scopious, more spreadout, more particularized, out-size, be-tides, re counting, Craned, blubbery, vague, be neath, farranging, sub-merged, ex-plicated, dis-tend, deepseated, ex tended, wasting, world wide, re counted, ex pounded, openminded, upsurged, re-counted, over-lays, slapped on, pandemic, allembracing, out goingest, up-surges, most offtarget, avantgarde, most wide ranging, were prolix, in escapable, most thorough going, opening out, pervasive, fleshed out, un-folding, all inclusive, un wieldier, humanistic, spins off, out-going, re-gular, un wound, pre-paring, more longrange, growing larger, wert displayed, broaden, most something, gives details, re-aching, un refined, most latitudinarian, more monster, popping up, sub marine, inestimable, re aching, unsectarian, all-out, more uncrowded, un-selfish, more spread, cranes, is distributed, most long term, breadthen, offcolor, un-restrained, pre paring, most scopious, most cracking, fore tell, made taut, over-laying, fore told, multi-plying, be-falls, in long run, never ending, diffusing, fore-tells, lock stock and barrel, most front page, more reverberant, art profuse, un-refined, more stretching, voluminous, opening up, be tides, ex plain, in creases, un-wound, hulking, gat bigger, vast, more below, over-drawn, un coil, grow, undefined, over-lapped, dis entangle, evened out, whacking, ran up, more world-wide, re-sonant, more free-and-easy, in the mass, expanded, most all over, un rolls, opening wide, ex-tends, un-covering, un-raveling, wide ranging, most downreaching, off mark, souping up, more containing, widen, was prolix, more farranging, more all encompassing, most nonspecific, marking up, up-surging, pre-pare, under ground, fore most, over laid, un-folded, un winding, breadthening, ex plicating, most overdrawn, out-goinger, unstinging, more thorough going, fanned out, un-twist, more undisguised, whole shebang, un-crowded, un-rolling, more scopic, is displayed, more free and easy, more offtarget, be tided, uni versal, most behemothic, sprang up, more consolidated, pro tract, Bulking, many sided, dragging one feet, ex plained, re doubles, cyclo pean, out-stretched, piggybacked, handsome, most world-wide, bumper, stretched out, un-fold, gets taller, all the options, jazzes up, general, strong, most spreadout, stretch, complicate, ex pound, un ravels, super, allout, pro-duces, ex-pound, substantial, un-limited, most submarine, unconfined, cyclo-pean, most expanded, incalculable, dilatant, more expanded, allencompassing, generally speaking, in vests, most farranging, un-detailed, drags one feet, more continued, fulldress, re-doubled, most subaqueous, most unfolded, un twist, poor, were displayed, dis-tended, indeterminate, un-furled, worldwide, stretchedout, pre pares, spins out, grew up, pro-longed, chasmal, snowball, un biased, indefinite, un folding, re pose, most longrange, tacked on, more wholehog, un cover, ex-pounding, spun out, more stretched-out, longrange, over lays, un constrained, more cracking, more off target, more front-page, roll out, am profuse, eclectic, un wind, the word, loose, splay, World-wide, most off target, away, flesh out, fanning out, most beneath, pro long, stumpy, sub-marine, uncoils, stretch out, ex-plicating, pre-dominantly, un folds, de-tail, un-qualified, un confined, span off, un-restricted, trans pire, most dilated, ball-of-wax, very long, choatest, pro duce, wall to wall, in vested, un-inhibited, more undetailed, most mingled, more aplenty, outspreads, in creasing, branch out, un-covers, full-scale, pre vailing, trans-pire, more pervading, re counts, unfixed, wert prolix, lock stock barrel, un fathomable, co pious, spun off, endless, were profuse, even out, Mantling, un sectarian, in vest, more unexclusive, un-bigoted, un abridged, get taller, more fullout, extreme, high minded, most frontpage, progressive, more unfurled, pre dominantly, out-spread, out-stretches, un raveled, dis-tending, re fined, most all-over, pro founder, more reformist, pro duces, in-crease, wide-ranging, more deepset, shooting up, un wieldy, be comes, workser, quantitative, in-vest, out spreading, puffs out, off-target, wert profuse, dis entangles, strings out, largescale, inter-minable, multi-national, un-coiled, Masser, got bigger, free, global, untwists, soups up, spreads out, blimper, most humongous, in-discriminate, grandiose, long-range, pre pare, wide-screen, most undisguised, in crease, re levant, giving details, un-coils, un-ravelled, lie out, INDEPTH, most below, dragging ones feet, birds eye, in the long run, up-surge, upsurging, un-disputed, from to z, re posed, more umbrella, un-ravels, more socketed, most allembracing, re-doubles, wall wall, most latitudinous, pop up, pro found, wholesale, fullblown, dis entangled, all encompassing, most libertarian, un disguised, bottomless, span out, more expanding, in decent, stretched-out, re-posed, be falling, in tensive, ex-plains, most wall to wall, being displayed, over-laid, splayest, dragged feet, across board, most longterm, dragged ones feet, Widened, pro-mote, birdeye, be tiding, in-terminable, offtarget, be-fall, pyramidding, most sunk, bursting forth, un ravel, most monster, stocky, being profuse, fore-told, squat, shoot up, king-size, massive, more quantitative, more wide ranging, soft-touch, un equivocal, on large scale, be-come, more downreaching, more frontpage, un-rolled, large, out-spreads, far-ranging, un-folds, most unbigoted, re ached, ex-tended, worksest, puffs up, ex pounding, most spread out, be coming, am prolix, un limited, important, thickset, more dilated, ex-plain, was distributed, more full-out, highminded, are distributed, re gular, hiking up, more stretched out, enlarged, un-wieldier, intensify, more libertarian, all embracing, accepting, more far ranging, more deep set, out spreads, runs up, blimpest, most chambered, ex plicates, jumbo, dis cursive, re doubling.