Pronunciation of Deflate
/diːflˈe͡ɪt/, /diːflˈe‍ɪt/, /d_iː_f_l_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for deflate

bugging out, over-laps, re doubles, outspreads, losing control, tacked on, going through the roof, piggybacking, over states, over estimate, pro long, upsurged, stretched out, shoot up, drive out, plumping, brimmed over, spun out, un folding, tack on, over spread, Intensating, un ravel, de-tailed, fans out, packed like sardines, Bilging, becomes enraged, bellying, ex plicate, in-creases, dis-tort, popping out, overestimated, over-flowing, goes through the roof, un-raveled, ex plicating, over lap, un-furling, become enraged, puts flesh on, ex-pound, boost, tacking on, burst forth, ran up, lost control, swelled up, am profuse, pro tract, dis-tend, bulge out, slapping on, overestimate, pulling at, puffed out, ex-tend, piggybacked, re-plenished, sur charged, ex pounds, dis tend, encourage, ex-pounding, assist, de tailed, drawing off, go off deep end, drew off, ex tends, pro tracts, distend, pops out, re-cline, stretch out, tops off, puff out, speeding up, went off deep end, drave out, become angry, spread out, Dynamiting, draw off, plumps, up-surges, overestimates, hitting the roof, re-doubled, over-flown, overestimating, dis-torts, re cline, over feeding, re-posed, un-folds, intensates, popped out, huffs and puff, were prolix, go deep end, topped off, put on weight, opening out, fan out, bugs out, tripling, Tripled, over-spreads, dis-tends, making taut, siphoning, bulging out, pouched, spun off, bursted forth, blobbing, over-feeds, over-stated, stretch, fill, puts weight, ex plicates, over flowed, over estimating, pyramidded, is prolix, ex-plicating, siphoned, snowball, bulked up, Craning, pulling on, springs up, pulled at, huffing and puff, over spreads, spreads out, un-raveling, re-plenishes, be prolix, swelled, over flowing, go up, re clines, in crease, huffed and puff, spring up, made taut, spin off, upsurging, overspreading, over-stating, were profuse, over estimates, art prolix, pro-longing, going off the deep end, moved up, re-plenishing, puffing out, shoots up, re plenished, going through roof, brims over, in-crease, ex-tended, out spreading, puffing up, ex-tending, souping up, maximizes, over estimated, lose control, goes deep end, bloat, dis tended, un ravels, over hangs, ex pound, over-lapped, hit roof, soups up, goes off the deep end, pro longs, over-flows, out spread, becomes angry, being profuse, protuberate, un rolls, dynamited, became enraged, ex plicated, un-rolling, piles up, sur-charging, runs up, spinning off, re aching, tacks on, out spreads, are profuse, overfeed, speeds up, put flesh on, re pose, ex-pounded, help, Surcharged, smoking, drives out, bulk up, ex pounded, pumped up, over flows, pop out, up surging, move up, slap on, packing like sardines, over-estimates, run up, swells up, pulled on, makes tense, strung out, span out, became angry, wert profuse, over flown, multi-plying, Whiffed, dis tends, grow, pump up, diffused, de tailing, out-spreading, sped up, strings out, sur-charge, over-estimating, pro-tracts, huff puff, marked up, over stating, topping off, string out, un furling, jam pack, over-flow, opens out, Bilged, re-aching, over feed, marking up, went off the deep end, re double, in creases, brim over, shatter, drove out, un-rolled, un ravelling, over flow, cranes, crane, pile up, pro-long, draws off, de-tail, made tense, bugged out, coarsening, rounded out, over-lapping, fanning out, maximizing, ex-plicates, dis torts, being prolix, un-folding, bursting forth, enlarge, un raveled, ex tending, over state, Stoppering, ex-plicate, up surged, Intensate, over-flowed, gained weight, up-surging, build up, re-doubles, gaining weight, wert prolix, raise, go through the roof, re doubling, un-rolls, fleshed out, dis-tending, is profuse, soup up, open out, re-doubling, spins out, increase, pro-tract, expand, re-clines, bulking up, in creasing, art profuse, inflate, loses control, puff, stack up, shooting up, coarsen, un-ravel, un raveling, beetling, de-tails, over-feed, running up, rammed in, un roll, stoppered, de tails, Widened, was prolix, bulged out, lie out, un-ravels, pumping up, went through the roof, souped up, re-double, diffuses, fleshes out, fanned out, over-spreading, ex tend, re-pose, going the deep end, un fold, opened out, co-arsen, puffs up, Beetled, sur charge, huff and puff, out-spreads, rounding out, overfed, bellied, Surcharging, un-fold, fatten, re-ached, sprang up, sur-charges, sur charges, speed up, jampack, outspreading, go through roof, goes through roof, Shoaling, rams in, brimming over, bulks up, pulls on, coarsens, ex pounding, ex-plicated, pull at, re plenish, over lapping, blow up, dis-tended, coarsened, puff up, makes taut, rise, pro-longs, be profuse, diffusing, de tail, un rolling, un-furled, un rolled, are prolix, hits roof, huffs puff, dis tending, up surges, un-ravelled, sur charging, huffed puff, sur-charged, went deep end, stacks up, un-ravelling, went through roof, swell up, un folds, un-roll, stacked up, gain weight, overspread, huffing puff, spin out, in-creased, re posed, maximize, develop, Shoaled, putting on weight, pyramidding, forces out, slapped on, beetle, pro-longed, over-estimate, bulges out, un ravelled, driving out, maximized, forced out, span off, beetles, making tense, go off the deep end, was profuse, un folded, stringing out, branch out, re plenishing, packs like sardines, un furled, swelling up, multi plying, flesh out, re ached, gains weight, un-folded, goes up, lied out, de-tailing, forcing out, puts on weight, over-estimated, becoming angry, lies out, pulls at, going up, dilate, bug out, Whiffing, Intensated, ex-tends, pump, stretching out, marks up, am prolix, re plenishes, over-lap, co arsen, outspread, dis tort, re doubled, multi-plied, put weight, aid, piled up, pro longing, up-surge, stacking up, wast prolix, ex tended, Craned, make tense, pumps up, ex-pounds, over-hanging, spins off, becoming enraged, over feeds, going deep end, bursts forth, puffs out, hitting roof, Pouching, rounds out, mark up, up surge, ramming in, blobbed, moving up, speeded up.