Pronunciation of Worsen
/w_ˈɜː_s_ə_n/, /wˈɜːsən/, /wˈɜːsən/

Antonyms for worsen

didst the trick, de-graded, dis guising, downing, takes pains with, dis guised, gotten act together, gat with, untroubling, re-places, pacify, made a haul, sit in, regains ones health, up-dating, un troubled, got it together, gets with it, tidied up, wert good for, counter checks, commiserate with, counter poised, dis-cards, cleaned up ones act, prettifies, shake out, fly speck, in-forming, dis-tends, get next to, re-started, re animate, puts a band-aid, gets second wind, re conditions, co-operating, serviced, de lights, re places, re-lease, took bite out, returning form, out-placing, gat on good side of, put order, de crease, in form, art good for, up surging, put a band-aid, over-sees, sobering up, de feats, re make, grants a stay, pulled out of it, Slicking, makes a comeback, gotten back ones feet, re generating, de-lighting, paid dues, hand-carries, simmers down, gotten back on feet, sedated, quitting cold, taking care of, pro cured, re-placed, subbed, boil down, dost as romans do, de-escalate, art out of the woods, doth a favor, didst as romans do, writ over, edulcorate, re dressing, up dating, in forms, be on mend, pinching hit for, untrouble, re-deem, re adies, gets hang of, making light of, over saw, re-examines, deescalating, re-paired, is use, paid off, be-deck, de-lighted, turns advantage, fleshed out, redraws, de-escalating, gave facelift, doctoring up, re-aching, de-liver, up lift, clean one act, turn things around, dis-places, figure out, holds in, grow less, cleared the way, doeth business, Depurate, boils down, takes load off, de-bugged, pulling for, ethicized, in creases, counter works, doing part, up-surge, turning things around, counter working, in spirited, edulcorates, takes load off one chest, pro-positioning, putting on band aid, grows stronger, being on mend, out-strip, showing improvement, brighten, unburdens, getting in with, re-possess, takes easy, stack up, learned from, re habilitating, gets shape, kissing and make up, supplement, gat act together, make good, devote oneself to, encourage, attended to, take turn for better, sur passed, greased the wheels, dis-tend, opening door, letted the hook, blue-penciled, outplacing, prettified, take edge off, smiles upon, re-makes, spiritualize, de-odorizing, is enough, stepped into shoes of, transcends, stick up for, re aching, fill up, re organizing, doing a service, up lighted, burying the hatchet, re-vised, ex-tended, over takes, pouring oil on, snap back, swims with tide, cleaning one's act, go against, made a comeback, contributed to, cashing on, refashioned, wrought for, re-animating, re-leased, didst penance, taking load mind, ex-tend, felt oneself again, doeth as romans do, clean one's act, art out of woods, Re-forming, makes plausible, made reparation, dost for one, poured oil on, dis carded, up surges, Depurated, de-ciphering, be of use, wast of use, out shone, monkeying around with, de light, am the mend, de-odorized, Deterging, puts in place, re solves, hopped up, over compensate, re viewed, de-creasing, return form, re ached, re dress, giving a face lift, fly specks, swaps places, redress, improve, made amends, re claimed, vacuumed, up-lights, setting right, re-establish, lay back, get back shape, slake, re animating, smiled up on, letting this time, restyled, simmered down, lightened burden, ethicize, re-considers, gotten out from under, run its course, makes it, blue penciling, doing one part, dis-entangling, uplights, re-turning, grease the wheels, blue pencils, made over, sends up, help forward, inter-cede, sign up, commiserated with, absterged, gives a lift, doeth service, art advantage, gat back one's feet, over seeing, out shine, putting order, straightened up, making comeback, storing up, take easy, doctors up, patching things up, doeth over, dost part, commiserates with, clearing way, seeking friendship, pours on, pulled things together, re-commence, shine up to, wert out of the woods, Counterwork, is of use, co operate, letting upon, put on band-aid, absterges, dis-cussing, took load ones chest, took load off ones mind, truing, de ciphers, Counterpoising, re-lax, post pone, art of advantage, open the door, re funds, in validating, re-treads, raise, rectify, Sleeking, dying down, sweetens the pot, fronts for, de odorizes, re-conditioning, be good for, be out the woods, changing one's ways, apologize for, write over, sets right, work for, tailormade, changes ones ways, regulate, inter ceding, dis burdening, dis infecting, pre scribing, re construct, counter-vail, squared, re-models, make haul, set to rights, did a service, counterchecks, getting hang of, Re-form, pinch hit for, filled the bill, doing one's part, re vise, dis-cusses, making for, made higher, re claims, gives a face lift, clears way, square up, happen upon, honored claim, tidies up, de-fines, run up, do business, soften, regained strength, gat back on one feet, makes right, blue penciled, out strips, restyling, counter-acted, cancelled out, make easier, puts place, super-intended, re plenished, gets back ones feet, over-took, hand-carrying, dis covers, come on, payed back, trans form, dis-integrates, sur-passing, dis-covers, over-taking, taking load off one chest, snapping back, counter-poised, forges ahead, doing service, poured out, unburdening, coming into, are out of the woods, ex plains, re-couping, de-lights, re-gain, re funded, became smaller, re vivifies, counter-works, re deeming, re-straining, sort out, searching for, re duce, re-touching, re-vitalizes, soups up, re-ported, goes against, re calibrating, pour it on, turns around, greasing the wheels, get it together, played to, pre vailing, un tightens, forge ahead, counter vailed, dis-entangled, doing for one, dis infected, commiserating with, remakes, re considering, re-lieve, puts the lid on, redact, pays off, was on the mend, re coups, tuning down, dis-burden, out-stripped, didst part, made easier, anteing up, changed one ways, gat with it, dost penance, de livers, honoring a claim, gets next to, dis cussed, awaying, snap out it, getting in shape, compensate for, re-draws, trued, are the mend, paves the way, cleans act, in-duces, gat in with, got back one feet, be-calming, fiddled with, benefit, takes place, re-arranges, be-decks, clear the way, anted up, makes easier, de-adens, win back, in-validating, dis-guises, gives face-lift, bringing code, gets in shape, build up, re organizes, is out the woods, gets back feet, hop up, was advantage, am on the mend, ex-press, snaps out of it, re-constitute, sweated it out, out placing, re-covered, regaining one's health, de clines, in-validated, snaps out it, turning the corner, took under one wing, makes less, gotten well, coming around, held in, balmed, jazzes up, dis-carding, disciplined, become sunny, do penance, counter-balanced, cool out, up rearing, re generated, going to get, un-burden, re-calibrating, lets off time, filling up, changes ways, paid one dues, standing by, cleaned up act, doth penance, wind down, de-ciphers, gotten back one's feet, gets well, un tightened, counter poising, clean up ones act, dis cusses, does one's part, make most of, be-friending, march, was enough, stacking up, pats on the back, cleans up one act, de liver, grant a stay, re-moving, was out the woods, doing a favor, didst justice, out weighed, ex-tends, Soaped, doth favor, un-loads, spring for, sides with, give a face lift, in-duce, over compensating, de-livering, glamorizing, swang for, refashion, gave a face-lift, do one's part, pro-mote, de-bug, up-rears, gotten with it, took load chest, attend to, counter-checks, in-spirits, be the mend, putting good use, counter vail, up-lifting, re-draw, is advantage, pouring it on, opening the door, in creasing, does a favor, got back one's feet, intensify, dis placing, re-organizing, pull out it, re-dressed, up date, do a favor, recoup, Elutriating, grew stronger, gat in shape, stuck up for, boiled down, re drafting, being out of woods, reprieve, does for one, cashing in on, tailor-make, make up for, Dulling, quiet fears, re considered, build, kick habit, raises the value of, gotten with, restoring health, laying back, Amnestied, pick up, gat shape, is mend, re casting, does service, re vivifying, re deem, put on a bandaid, make repayment, tenderizes, re turn, re-writing, re-style, in-spirited, did the trick, multi-plied, letting off this time, re-constituting, take over from, in-validates, taking sting out, forwarding, re-vivifies, doest a favor, soup up, counter-working, pour oil on, taking over, looks over, over-compensating, braced up, un-tightens, gat better, re-modeling, re stores, re-casting, made most of, making well, re makes, re strains, re coup, hunt for, hand carries, lightening burden, made big, un burdened, dost the trick, putting ease, sticking up for, paying ones dues, wert mend, counter-vailed, brings code, take bite out, turning to advantage, dis-placed, re-solved, reconstitutes, up-holding, put back together, taking a load off, lets up on, dis-infecting, doeth a favor, was out of woods, re pressed, giving a facelift, out-weigh, up grade, feels oneself again, tenderize, put on feet again, shampoo, un trouble, timing, doeth trick, re-arranging, wound down, getting on good side of, Intensated, helped forward, patting back, dis infects, redacted, re vitalizing, gat it together, re-fits, re-generate, in forming, made up for, temper, make it big, became better, slicked, snaps back, multi-plying, are advantage, take load ones chest, dost trick, up rears, put right, re examine, take load off chest, co ordinates, pro-cure, re-made, quick fixed, pat back, doth the trick, pay dues, paying back, clear decks, pro-duces, up-lifted, makes headway, being of advantage, lets hook, easing up, made easy, put rights, advance, dis entangled, smile upon, cashed on, is on mend, happened upon, take load one's mind, shines to, ministered to, puts rights, goes up, making over, make conform, set rights, gotten in shape, am out of the woods, paying for, re-instates, happened up on, make killing, pile up, re-animated, recommenced, rooting for, blue-penciling, gets it together, ex pounding, smoothing over, un-raveling, slows down, putting feet again, re worked, de bugged, dialing back, re done, make easy, smooth, be-calms, kick the habit, re fashions, ex tending, doeth justice, fleshes out, counter balancing, makes haul, dis posing, kissed make up, out-shine, de-grading, let off time, be out of woods, greases wheels, dis-engages, come up on, forging ahead, anesthetize, pat the back, ex-pressing, in-creases, ran interference for, saw to, making easy, doeth a service, taking easy, got the hang of, pro fits, come in to, doing justice, stands in lieu of, re-vivify, granted a stay, re covers, de cline, dialled back, took the edge off, making right, dost justice, smoothed down, made headway, contribute to, tenderizing, turning corner, counter poises, step into shoes of, being good for, ex-tending, de-vise, art the mend, putting back together, didst for one, didst business, counter-checked, takes under one wing, de lighting, seeking out, up-lift, re-modeled, deescalate, re-constructing, ex pressing, feeling oneself again, clean act, greasing wheels, overcompensated, hopping up, letting off time, pre pared, cleaned ones act, re-phrase, makes over, re spite, tailormake, gives a leg up, am good for, in-ducting, update, rout out, Helped, re conditioned, snapped back, de-escalates, make less, out places, pre-scribe, dis-cuss, retouch, up-grading, re-funded, became fair, Hackled, ethicizing, re organized, re habilitated, makes killing, dis-burdening, let off hook, starts anew, Furthering, cleaned up, illuminate, re-pairing, shaping up, becomes cheerful, Spiritualizing, pro positioned, see to, is of advantage, trans-forming, does one part, helps forward, didst service, grin bear it, tuned down, put feet again, did part, out-placed, puts on a bandaid, front for, coughed up, ex-pounded, dis-place, co-operates, put on bandaid, got act together, standing in, get behind, re-covering, re hashes, re vitalize, takes it easy, got next to, taking bite out of, art mend, took load off one chest, re instate, wert on mend, being advantage, quieted fears, re-move, go get, sub dues, swore off, counterpoised, sober up, gave leg up, over-take, sedates, sheds light on, re-pairs, paying one dues, re establish, Counterchecking, antes up, gets act together, re starting, Re-turn, de fined, dis-engaging, dost ones part, smooth down, payed off, super intended, remunerate, makes up for, cools off, civilize, re-adjusts, re-drawn, counter-check, calling up, growing stronger, condole with, up-raises, sur-passes, re examining, be-friend, kicks the habit, getting back on feet, re-stored, un-troubled, pays for, took load mind, dying away, multi plying, pulls out of it, re establishing, re establishes, reap benefit, de-creases, pro positions, takes bite out, gets back in shape, re store, sought friendship, re generates, be ginning, grants stay, dry out, cleans up ones act, make better, quit cold, putting on feet again, honoring claim, were use, Negatived, get on good side of, better, re vised, takes load one's chest, grows less, putting right, makes well, anesthetizes, re-phrases, taking load off ones chest, balming, do for one, make right, ease, made light of, contributing to, re-couped, opened the door, side with, dis-solve, pouring out, shows improvement, spiritualizes, re-paying, re turning, opened doors, over-comes, do justice, giving lift, out shined, dis placed, granting respite, re constructed, puts to rights, re possess, de livering, un-folding, emend, did penance, is on the mend, goes through roof, doest ones part, gotten back shape, in-crease, re pairing, re-deeming, doctored up, re conditioning, Redrawing, lending hand, make a comeback, soothe, made matters up, downed, filling the bill, gets out from under, becomes better, giving insight, did ones part, lighten burden, COMP, regains one strength, takes sting out of, puts order, was of use, put a band aid, re-gaining, re-drafted, sate in, de fines, re-calibrated, puts back together, pay one dues, refitting, make over, pro positioning, took under one's wing, gives a facelift, pro-curing, changing ways, over-hauling, springing for, reform, makes for, de tains, became sunny, doeth one's part, pro-cured, de-cipher, sur pass, making matters up, re cover, find human resources, cash in on, got on good side of, grow stronger, ex-plain, putting to good use, dropped for, stepping in to shoes of, give insight, set off, take sting out, putting on bandaid, reaps benefit, changed ones ways, mitigated, re-fitting, made better, doest penance, pre-venting, up-lighting, won back, dis-integrated, take load off, sucked up to, Re-open, make well, turn around, shone up to, took load off one's chest, re modeled, be-decking, pre pare, reconstituting, facilitates, did for one, wert of advantage, letted up on, figured out, re-spites, take load off ones mind, gotten back in shape, raising value of, counterworks, doth for one, re-fine, pro fit, get back on one's feet, took load one's chest, pinches hit for, clean up act, dis-entangle, condoles with, gotten back feet, Patted, countercheck, dropped in for, comfort, reaped benefit, getting back ones feet, stored up, cancel out, re arranged, de vised, be friend, up lifting, re-styling, re-quite, shook out, seeks friendship, re-collected, Co-ordinates, dis-engage, dost business, makes better, running up, Soaping, shed light on, taking the bite out, redrafts, puts to good use, re modelled, anesthetized, happens up on, sided with, become fair, up lighting, come into, uplighted, re instating, re-plenishes, snap out of it, re furbished, felt again, changed ways, taking load ones chest, sets upright, speeded up, making a comeback, re presses, re fine, in spiriting, allay, re-habilitates, dis cussing, sweating out, giving back, make lighter, doth a service, taking load one's chest, sub due, un-tightened, putting to rights, super vising, making good, re-arranged, making a haul, trans forming, made nice, hand carrying, counter-checking, puts in order, inter-cedes, re vitalized, recruit, re vivify, pro cure, regained ones health, up held, letting the hook, re-vivified, rang in, re-aped, cool, doth service, dis-solved, profit, taking the sting out of, setting rights, re habilitates, does trick, re commenced, puts band-aid, re-condition, dis-guising, letted time, getting next to, monkeys around with, un ravelled, getting back one feet, sweated out, doing penance, pro-cures, make improvement, de creases, be of advantage, doing trick, quits cold, filled up, de escalating, kicked the habit, turn over new leaf, pay for, re possessed, re straining, paving way, over-seen, seeks out, re doubling, re-habilitating, putting bandaid, sitting in, in spirit, de-odorizes, re building, out-place, blue pencil, set right, gets the hang of, took care of, de-creased, dialling back, makes sound, pre-vail, made money, re-vamping, letting off the hook, get second wind, got back ones feet, were on the mend, making the most of, came around, made lighter, ex plaining, stores up, drops for, re-commenced, develop, put on band aid, subscribing to, cools out, sweats it out, re tread, cough up, counter balanced, atone for, art use, raises value of, learning from, simmering down, re-plenishing, cleaned up one act, taking load chest, doeth the trick, sending up, gave lift, takes over from, swam with tide, snapped out of it, re gains, re-did, wert enough, re written, made conform, un ravelling, is out of the woods, re habilitate, be-friended, counter-act, patted back, honored a claim, refitted, dis-tending, bury hatchet, up-grades, up-light, re assure, turn advantage, un load, out-weighing, over-hauls, re cast, de odorizing, wrote over, smiles up on, pre-pare, attends to, made healthy, up-graded, re press, re-fresh, making redress for, excels, made comeback, doth as romans do, makes capital, re couping, pulled out it, does a service, makes most of, running interference for, re examines, re-moves, gotten second wind, un loads, becomes smaller, wert out of woods, ex-celling, didst one part, gotten behind, got good side of, relieve, re-works, de fine, being of use, change one ways, was out woods, Shampooing, dis-guised, learns from, doctor up, dis cuss, re-furbishes, giving leg up, sobered up, intensates, illume, stopped for, putting band aid, re forming, play to, get shape, expiate, tailor made, make sound, doing ones part, re collected, enhanced, get the hang of, super-vise, paves way, un-ravelled, dis encumbering, made haul, puts a band aid, art out the woods, re-drew, counter checking, gets back one's feet, attending to, over sees, sub-due, cleaning ones act, got well, over-hauled, becomes sunny, getting with it, filled bill, did a favor, making up for, regaining one strength, took load ones mind, shined up to, pours oil on, setting to rights, sprung for, pre vents, counter work, ex tended, counter act, re-established, re pair, pro duces, devoted oneself to, re vivified, die away, is the mend, signed up, re-adjust, let hook, stands by, paid ones dues, re-collecting, re-vamped, doest the trick, putting place, take load chest, capitalize on, getting the hang of, playing to, up-raise, turning advantage, tailormakes, were of use, ex press, going through the roof, gave a face lift, comes together, giving satisfaction, dis-infected, untroubles, pulls out it, stood good stead, over-coming, being use, dis guise, cleaning up, pre-vents, Inching, does favor, gotten on good side of, un-burdens, re collects, being mend, takes load mind, take bite out of, pouring on, letted off hook, de grades, over comes, opening doors, found human resources, re-start, were mend, puts feet again, becoming fair, re calibrate, re bounding, Redrawn, makes first rate, shined to, taking edge off, was out of the woods, didst trick, in validate, re modelling, un-ravelling, call up, takes the sting out of, regained one strength, outplace, steps into shoes of, cleaning up one's act, re-calibrate, re-assuring, fill the bill, be-friends, re constituted, enhance, put bandaid, makes peace, re touched, taking the edge off, lending a hand, prettifying, move forward, atones for, un folding, cools it, regained ones strength, let the hook, becoming tender, wert the mend, pays dues, de lighted, un loading, smooth over, does over, gives back, took over, absterging, takes a load off, anesthetizing, gat out from under, sleeks, did as romans do, pulled for, de creasing, overcompensating, restored health, re-touched, clean up one act, returns to form, doing as romans do, took load off mind, brought up to code, re hash, feels again, dis pose, gets on good side of, up-raising, re model, pre-vailed, takes turn for better, payed one dues, up lights, wast use, dies away, drops in for, counter-vailing, makes good, re-covers, recompense, re animated, in duct, face lifting, re-pays, doest a service, make capital, timed, did one's part, re drew, dieing away, super-vised, swam with the tide, mend, do one part, dulls, gotten shape, punched up, re instated, re-fines, sucking to, kiss and make up, see through, re touches, in-ducted, pass in, becoming cheerful, got out from under, beautify, swearing off, brace up, swapped places, clearing the way, out-shining, gat back in shape, re write, doest part, comping, dis tend, payed one's dues, made killing, restyle, re-touch, sweetening pot, poured on, opens doors, un raveled, gave face lift, stand in lieu of, de-fined, made right, got second wind, dis integrating, sets off, re solve, re opens, Intensating, take the sting out, blue-pencilled, speeds up, did one part, re fashioning, lays back, got back shape, dost a favor, takes load one's mind, fills the bill, Redrew, making better, look up, out-places, stood in, snapped out it, inter ceded, slicks, counterworked, ease up, ex-celled, makes a haul, whiting, overcompensate, letted hook, puts right, made it, dries out, up hold, greased wheels, signs up, re-stores, re-claimed, re-instate, trans-formed, dis-integrate, re-bounding, doth trick, dis guises, filling bill, ran up, re generate, started anew, made improvement, didst over, sticks up for, Counter-work, making capital, over-saw, re-furbished, counter balances, letted off time, patted the back, counter-acting, making easier, gat behind, make for, becoming sunny, re-conditions, de aden, re opened, bring up to code, drop for, pre vail, straightened out, doest service, face-lifting, restores to health, stand good stead, pre scribe, get with it, up holds, re build, seeing through, re doubles, be calm, getting well, grinning bear it, re-freshes, re-constructs, look over, elaborate, kicked habit, glamorizes, makes amends, re vitalizes, re-generating, took under wing, make rich, let time, ministering to, putting a band-aid, heated up, making healthy, growing less, condoled with, trans formed, de vise, letted upon, counter-vails, out weigh, cool it, paid one's dues, sees to, capitalized on, fortify, were the mend, re constitutes, doing business, sweetened the pot, did over, making it, redrafting, re fund, re-calibrates, puts good use, be friending, making reasonable, blue pencilled, re-bounded, gets better, cleaned up one's act, dis-engaged, recommencing, re-furbish, bluepencils, adjust, happening upon, dis-carded, up rear, re-formed, over hauls, pulling out of it, get in with, turns to advantage, cleaning act, smooths over, pre-vails, dis-encumbered, took load one mind, pacificate, take the bite out, fiddling with, did favor, suck up to, dis entangle, coming together, turned things around, ex pound, dis-posing, re couped, stepping into shoes of, took place, re-fit, re established, un burdening, taking over from, glozes, took load off, take under one's wing, re-warded, taking load off one's chest, adds fuel to fire, re-solving, pro-positioned, sub-bed, up-lifts, stick for, am out of woods, out weighs, quitted cold, sweetened pot, sweeten the pot, wast out of the woods, makes light of, Minified, fly specked, put good use, over coming, grinned and bear it, re drafts, over-taken, un burden, returned form, re-coup, re-deems, dieing down, re-doubles, re-viewed, re draws, super intend, optimize, over seen, un tighten, taking turn for better, in duce, swing for, super intending, finds human resources, go bat for, comes from behind, tailor makes, straighten up, making good use of, winned back, in-sert, make light of, pre pares, cooled it, ex plain, take over, up raised, fiddle with, inter cede, re spites, compensates for, quiets fears, re-news, de-feat, gain, minifies, re covered, re-building, Sleeked, doth one's part, ex tends, pre vailed, cooling off, kisses and make up, re started, re covering, re models, be calmed, standing in lieu of, dropt for, up lifted, pre-vented, regained one's strength, jack up, qualify, upsurged, got in shape, re-storing, am on mend, winding down, took sting out of, bring to code, recommences, de-grades, de adens, clear up, re-pay, pats the back, re-dressing, redraft, raised the value of, ex pounds, showed improvement, didst favor, re-considering, cooling out, prettify, turn corner, gotten back one feet, came from behind, taking load off one mind, counter-poising, making lighter, puts at ease, slacked up, tailor-making, ex-plaining, suck to, squared up, up graded, turned corner, pro-moting, are on mend, inter cedes, doest justice, puzzles out, blue-pencil, puzzle out, letted off the hook, repair, in crease, Patting, cashed in on, re-phrasing, dis cards, puts band aid, un-burdened, put place, apologizing for, giving a lift, fix, re-warding, re constitute, gotten in with, played up to, right, put lid on, lends a hand, re fines, were out of the woods, cure, took a load off, re-fining, took the sting out of, re-ached, in vite, putting in place, were out the woods, over taking, compensate, devoted to, blue-pencilling, re gained, getting good side of, takes under wing, post pones, up-rearing, swimming with tide, meliorate, gotten next to, regain one health, de escalates, making money, increase, blue-pencils, re-examined, gat second wind, restore to health, trueing, going against, un folded, re-strained, dis integrate, retread, gat next to, re constituting, drying out, re making, ex celling, pro-motes, pacificates, kissed and make up, re-modelled, restored to health, stump for, dis places, pay ones dues, up raise, buried the hatchet, pulls for, straightening out, re-fashions, drop in for, sub bed, re calibrates, put the lid on, depurates, relaxedded, pulls things together, turn to advantage, re view, sur-pass, put a bandaid, bringing to code, re leases, un-folded, over come, re freshes, regains one health, take care of, be advantage, am advantage, re-bounds, up-held, recast, are out of woods, hiking up, re-organized, adds fuel fire, making rich, makes healthy, re views, uplighting, clean up one's act, fill bill, clear way, even out, un-ravel, cancels out, gotten back on one's feet, re drawn, re-styled, pro cures, winds down, de escalated, re pays, de bug, took the sting out, subscribe to, dis place, put band aid, took the bite out of, wast of advantage, lets this time, do trick, make strides, quick fixt, in spirits, reaps the benefit, turns over new leaf, is out of woods, puts bandaid, re-hashing, sticks for, makes comeback, getting back feet, puzzled out, stand lieu of, tailor making, cleans one act, straightening up, de-bugs, re drafted, re-adies, are use, hiked up, putting rights, pro duce, end owing, out-weighs, end-owed, step in to shoes of, re-written, re-fund, be use, cleaned one act, got back on feet, takes over, re-vising, making higher, de-livered, were of advantage, fills bill, gat back one feet, runs interference for, re-does, gotten the hang of, re phrased, pulling out it, re-possesses, taking bite out, de livered, heighten, regained one's health, slow down, put at ease, co ordinate, softpedal, re-aping, takes the sting out, dosing, quick fixing, pro position, up holding, sur passes, ex-pound, up-dates, re condition, re-instating, cleared way, counterworking, regain one strength, makes lighter, dis tends, sprang for, dropping in for, dis-burdens, Recommence, placate, de-vising, making plausible, re organize, calls up, cleans up one's act, makes it big, squares up, re-forms, shining to, go with, Advantaging, take load one's chest, re warded, in-forms, re draft, burying hatchet, re commencing, re-double, returned to form, go through roof, Remedied, dis tended, sets straight, un-tightening, be out woods, re-arrange, sur-passed, refashioning, over hauled, take load one chest, dis-integrating, re paying, getting out from under, regains health, un ravel, give leg up, called up, de ciphered, got with, put ease, get back on one feet, souping up, regain health, de bugging, got hang of, be friends, learnt from, putting on a bandaid, re-done, anteed up, dies down, sorts out, bluepencil, did business, re plenishing, gat the hang of, re-fashioning, fronting for, recalibrated, shining up to, re-gains, rooted for, deescalated, moved forward, dis infect, walk through, super vised, taking load off, redacts, didst a favor, ring in, co operates, go to get, eases up, wast out of woods, counter-balance, handcarries, de-escalated, paved way, granting a stay, payed for, de-cline, take load off one chest, out-shines, let up on, did justice, mitigate, feel oneself again, ante up, re-presses, letting off hook, changes one ways, does penance, regain ones health, were out of woods, turning over new leaf, un-load, pre vails, re working, relaxeds, be-calm, re considers, took load off chest, out place, come around, rise, re turns, recalibrating, am of use, plays up to, hand-carry, re moved, gave insight, sped up, re collect, take the edge off, doth part, dis engaged, sits in, dis solve, de vising, make a killing, sedating, granted stay, stands good stead, recasting, pinched hit for, flesh out, dis burdens, re-assure, makes repayment, re-strains, up-reared, re gain, coming in to, inter-ceded, puts a bandaid, change ways, pulled through, goes to get, atoning for, recalibrates, honors claim, counter poise, in ducted, un-trouble, walked through, changing one ways, dis-guise, upsurging, re storing, re viewing, call arms, are good for, change ones ways, became tender, re-coups, dis-solving, make matters up, pre paring, ringed in, dis carding, ex-tracts, wast the mend, gotten better, slacks up, re assured, straightens out, up lifts, unburdened, letting up on, re-turned, re-vitalizing, be decked, up-dated, make higher, made for, sticked up for, honor claim, out weighing, do favor, deterge, counter acting, re-vise, be gun, re drawing, re fashioned, dried out, patted on back, going up, makes nice, paid for, does business, re-commencing, re fits, regains ones strength, re-doubled, is out woods, cashes in on, pre-scribes, in ducts, trans-form, regain strength, ballyhooed, re-pressing, devote to, takes load one chest, take load mind, gets good side of, stands lieu of, re lease, lets go, signing up, paid back, taking under ones wing, assuage, gat well, re-build, signs on, putting on a band-aid, making it big, ex pressed, apologizes for, makes reasonable, Redraw, re collecting, swims with the tide, re bound, re porting, re styling, didst a service, un-troubles, dis-burdened, re-duce, doest one's part, Deterged, healed, be enough, seeing to, de fining, do ones part, ex-plains, fly specking, ministers to, makes big, re pressing, went to get, Elutriated, dis solves, win over, made rich, handcarry, become better, wast on the mend, sware off, went through the roof, took out, taking load off ones mind, doeth part, super-intending, lent hand, re-animate, making reparation, re styled, do part, re-constituted, walking through, de-fining, re calibrated, hold in, pays one's dues, hops up, wert advantage, servicing, deescalates, letting time, searches for, set straight, lighten, blue pencilling, went get, capitalizing on, make it, heat up, quieting fears, come together, un ravels, re-fashion, smiling upon, patched things up, moves forward, straightens up, comes into, re examined, give a leg up, shakes out, getting back on one feet, brought to code, progress, lightens burden, dost one's part, re phrase, relaxedding, re-animates, re-possessing, taking load ones mind, Intensate, edit, payed dues, set foot in, gets behind, am out the woods, go through the roof, Minifying, brings to code, be-sting, getting better, pacificated, gets with, turning around, pull out of it, re double, ex tract, dis tending, re-habilitate, die down, in-ducts, re-organizes, calm, de-vised, de-odorize, out-stripping, re-starts, am enough, taking place, was the mend, de-ciphered, deterges, make money, playing up to, wast on mend, make peace, re stored, de-tains, slowed down, puts on band aid, re-assures, turned advantage, takes load off ones mind, super vise, un folds, getting act together, wast advantage, springs for, Amnestying, re fashion, un-troubling, re-conditioned, running after, taking under one's wing, de bugs, takes the bite out, getting second wind, stops for, does as romans do, gat back on one's feet, Glozed, solace, go up, getting back on one's feet, shape up, being enough, fills up, returns form, makes a killing, did service, are on the mend, gives insight, re-opening, becomes tender, was use, pour on, facilitate, runs up, counter-poise, lend hand, change one's ways, raised value of, super intends, out strip, dis encumbers, re-builded, dis engaging, takes load chest, re-wrote, cleaning up one act, dis-infect, be sting, re place, putting a bandaid, hand-carried, regain ones strength, shaking out, re gaining, took it easy, ex pounded, runs its course, do the trick, re pay, writes over, re-plenished, heal, gave a facelift, were enough, smiling up on, play up to, dis-covering, are enough, up grades, re quite, took bite out of, re moving, grow, working for, getting with, re builds, happen up on, stop for, smooths down, de-feats, put to rights, de grading, refashions, dis posed, pre vent, hackle, counter-acts, re-doubling, sorting out, give a facelift, devoting to, turned around, doth ones part, shedding light on, lets off hook, poured it on, de odorized, re-dress, proceed, over-takes, laid back, making amends, takes load off one's chest, in sert, up-date, makes conform, let this time, Spiritualized, re constructs, grin and bear it, made first rate, co-operated, regained health, fiddles with, re bounded, makes matters up, take the sting out of, be-decked, alleviate, patches things up, replace, in-duct, clears the way, signing on, dost favor, over take, sought out, re-gained, re forms, un-raveled, be friended, bring up code, coughs up, re form, gat back on feet, pyramidded, re adjusted, in-spiriting, does part, sucked to, counter-balances, be deck, swung for, pull for, kiss make up, Absterge, re phrases, re arranging, overcompensates, tidy up, COMPS, upgrade, gat back feet, lent a hand, un fold, gives lift, dis entangling, took pains with, counter-balancing, gets back shape, re-work, subscribes to, takes care of, be-gun, making nice, going through roof, regains strength, cooled out, re warding, re casts, re-turns, feeling again, slowing down, refits, pave way, buries hatchet, looking over, up surged, paved the way, doing over, making repayment, souped up, wast out the woods, letted this time, makes improvement, re-making, un-ravels, wert of use, de-light, take load one mind, squares things, took over from, up surge, making big, putting on a band aid, opened door, re-furbishing, dials back, re writing, passing in, setting foot in, counter check, regaining one's strength, Downs, canceled out, pre-scribing, am use, in-creased, be on the mend, gave a leg up, re-hash, opens door, redacting, sees through, taking load off chest, heating up, re does, forged ahead, glamorized, re strain, give back, face lifted, steps in to shoes of, takes load off one's mind, is good for, become cheerful, capitalizes on, re adjust, get well, pacifies, take place, gotten good side of, restoring to health, sweetening the pot, dost service, siding with, snapping out of it, dis-placing, patting on the back, braces up, Resumed, dis-pose, re-solves, up-raised, piles up, dosed, be decks, sucks to, re news, dost one part, re possesses, make first rate, doest for one, re lax, relaxes, doth business, cleans up act, re hashing, making headway, jazzing up, takes under one's wing, doest favor, punching up, turned to advantage, de-bugging, swim with tide, sticked for, died down, dialed back, in duces, payed ones dues, went against, refit, goes through the roof, vacuuming, dis-cussed, setting straight, taking sting out of, re-duces, dis-entangles, re funding, moved up, stepped in to shoes of, steadied, ex celled, puts on feet again, died away, stood by, make headway, co operated, stopping for, gives a face-lift, de escalate, re dresses, sweat it out, compensating for, cool off, takes load off ones chest, cultivate, de feat, make happy, running its course, takes load off one mind, mollify, Depurating, swimming with the tide, speed up, dis solving, re-fitted, re-make, up raising, re-write, getting shape, up-hold, am mend, over haul, makes the most of, lets upon, sent up, counter acted, snapping out it, patting on back, makes redress for, let off this time, re-porting, make redress for, brought up code, picked up, pre-vent, squaring things, up-surging, pre-scribed, bluepencilled, sweating it out, finding human resources, patch things up, dis engages, taking load one mind, re-doing, piled up, giving a leg up, re-vitalized, search for, raising the value of, counter vailing, lets off the hook, re paired, de cipher, re-view, Negativing, run interference for, pre venting, de-livers, get out from under, setting off, roll back, be mend, re-vamp, sorted out, doth over, cleaning up act, straighten out, be-ginning, remake, boiling down, cash on, dis-encumbers, were out woods, swears off, re-bound, set upright, strengthen, in validated, pyramidding, heats up, makes strides, send up, lessen, make comeback, ex-plained, counter checked, de grade, Whites, over hauling, Counterchecked, put on a band aid, take load ones mind, re move, puts on band-aid, super-intend, re-generated, turns corner, gets in with, fronted for, start anew, up light, sets foot in, came together, un burdens, pave the way, correct, re-leases, condoling with, doing the trick, de odorize, get better, contributes to, smoothing down, pre-paring, stand in good stead, wast mend, figures out, recalibrate, takes edge off, dis covered, get good side of, does the trick, come from behind, did trick, return to form, root for, dis-encumbering, re animates, move up, trans-forms, dis-infects, appease, regains one's strength, be decking, bringing up code, ex-pounding, monkey around with, take load off one mind, show improvement, takes sting out, became cheerful, making killing, sweetens pot, de ciphering, paying off, become tender, honors a claim, counter balance, un-fold, advantaged, sweat out, bring code, cleans ones act, de-tain, being out woods, re-constitutes, putting lid on, puts on bandaid, took turn for better, re aped, changed one's ways, in-validate, minister to, taking under wing, re-new, puts ease, sets rights, made reasonable, be-calmed, took edge off, happening up on, post-pones, de creased, tailor-makes, am of advantage, de-clines, dis-solves, re hashed, pays ones dues, making strides, re-pair, palliate, re-working, re dressed, make reparation, being out of the woods, become smaller, Glozing, bluepenciling, counter worked, cancelling out, quell, counteract, starting anew, wast out woods, wert out the woods, paying dues, square things, co-ordinate, re-touches, taking it easy, ringing in, take sting out of, grinned bear it, over took, enrich, perked up, clean up, devotes to, being the mend, in-spirit, appreciate, cooling it, devotes oneself to, holding in, re lieve, co operating, jacked up, dis burden, doeth favor, regain one's strength, cleans one's act, becomes fair, re touch, rolled back, pro-positions, does ones part, over-compensate, un-folds, re commences, letted off this time, got back on one's feet, turning over a new leaf, swinging for, re consider, dost a service, routs out, wert on the mend, clean ones act, re placed, gave a lift, compose, re-worked, Disciplining, buries the hatchet, dis-tended, are out the woods, cashes on, made well, re-tread, uplight, re duces, stood in lieu of, cleaning up ones act, over see, routed out, super-intends, hackles, gets back one feet, take load off one's mind, stopt for, got in with, makes higher, dropt in for, end owed, dis-cover, put to good use, were good for, writing over, up dates, retreading, pays one dues, didst ones part, restores health, gat good side of, raise value of, bringing up to code, re-wrought, taking load one chest, gat back shape, gotten hang of, tidying up, make whole, winning back, make amends, dis encumber, re phrasing, be calms, turns over a new leaf, pours out, Gloze, up-surges, took under ones wing, re paid, counter-worked, made it big, evening out, made strides, de-aden, got better, gotten it together, came in to, aways, re new, be out of the woods, re commence, re ported, making a killing, de-grade, end-owing, re-adjusted, wins back, trans forms, ballyhooing, plays to, shines up to, give face lift, making improvement, taking the sting out, re plenishes, re arranges, re-model, kicks habit, take the bite out of, Re-collect, polish, was on mend, re did, takes under ones wing, making first rate, get back on feet, counter-poises, opens the door, dis entangles, turns things around, stood lieu of, changing ones ways, grinning and bear it, dis-covered, came into, ex-pounds, clean, re-hashes, over-haul, up-holds, dost over, reconstitute, getting back on ones feet, recasts, squaring up, pre-pared, re styles, letted go, ex tend, making haul, ran after, becoming better, stand by, dis covering, re made, took the bite out, was of advantage, re deemed, pats on back, up grading, dis engage, dis-card, compensated for, doest one part, swear off, give lift, made redress for, fleshing out, becoming smaller, rally, comes around, re-consider, giving a face-lift, re furbishes, does justice, re-starting, up-rear, were on mend, gotten back on one feet, get back on ones feet, re spited, canceling out, lets the hook, taking pains with, reconstituted, pro-fits, got behind, gave back, turn over a new leaf, let upon, gave face-lift, sub-dues, pulling things together, cleaned act, recuperate, re vising, dial back, gets back on one's feet, de-crease, takes bite out of, stacks up, tenderized, dis burdened, cleaned one's act, walks through, re-considered, sets to rights, made sound, un raveling, grins bear it, happens upon, evens out, shone to, re-builds, re-cover, re plenish, re possessing, rolling back, turn the corner, dis-posed, ran its course, putting in order, seek out, regaining health, devoting oneself to, taking load off mind, re touching, doth justice, getting back in shape, trues, re claiming, Succoring, comped, took sting out, taking under one wing, looked over, coughing up, re-generates, am out woods, get in shape, stands in good stead, dis solved, pay one's dues, re pairs, coming from behind, re vamped, art out woods, re-vamps, didst one's part, helping forward, doth one part, re-paid, turns the corner, dis-encumber, de-fine, monkeyed around with, hyping, putting on band-aid, paving the way, re-solve, took load one chest, brought code, take pains with, get back ones feet, get back in shape, re-strain, re strained, speeding up, out-strips, grew less, subscribed to, re-spiting, got shape, re-draft, un-burdening, puts on a band-aid, recover, up dated, ex plained, re builded, rolls back, re-organize, pro moting, re claim, re doubled, paying one's dues, takes the edge off, apologized for, sweeten pot, kicking the habit, re draw, re bounds, eased up, gets back on feet, went through roof, over-compensates, up-lighted, comes in to, bracing up, make nice, inter-ceding, dis cover, re placing, cleans up, un-tighten, do a service, un loaded, re-vivifying, pay back, de tain, pro curing, in validates, bluepenciled, counter vails, doeth ones part, made a killing, was mend, cooled off, re opening, doing favor, regaining ones health, cleaning one act, dis card, gets back on ones feet, stumping for, shapes up, elutriates, give a face-lift, regaining strength, gat hang of, dis encumbered, buried hatchet, aid, stacked up, evened out, Inched, doest as romans do, turned the corner, help, take a load off, co-operate, steadying, dropping for, outplaces, changes one's ways, being on the mend, re-dresses, smiled upon, de graded, making less, moving up, re-funds, taking load off one's mind, tailor make, wert out woods, brings up code, re fined, kicking habit, kisses make up, letting go, ex-tract, re-habilitated, are out woods, lends hand, dis integrated, searched for, winded down, re-cast, re adjusting, atoned for, dis integrates, put back, goes get, re-establishes, be calming, putting a band aid, being out the woods, brings up to code, do service, counter acts, remedy, re formed, re-assured, re fitted, tailormaking, out-shined, re-styles, sobers up, taking out, re works, re-views, hunts for, bluepencilling, re vamps, re-commences, Shampooed, make plausible, pacificating.

Rhymes for worsen