Pronunciation of Suffuse
/s_ʌ_f_j_ˈuː_z/, /sʌfjˈuːz/, /sʌfjˈuːz/

Antonyms for suffuse:

dry, empty, clear, eliminate, close, remove, divest, strip, dehydrate, deprive.

Idioms for suffuse:

  • suffuse sth with sth;

Rhymes for suffuse:

  • shrews, bruise, brews, mews, toulouse, joos, stews, revues, schmooze, news, tewes, ques, glues, pews, koos, buse, luse, skews, dues, shoes, transfuse, druse, snooze, boos, refuse, cues, oohs, muse, sous, cruz, ooze, clews, whose, mewes, twos, loos, enthuse, meuse, reuse, foos, confuse, jews, clues, cruise, excuse, taboos, cruse, moos, tews, kruse, blues, choose, fuse, lose, use, booze, who's, peruse, hues, goos, woos, druze, coups, spews, dews, hughes, defuse, sues, screws, renews, ensues, miscues, ewes, tattoos, canoes, hews, chuse, queues, roos, pursues, reviews, kuse, drews, recuse, crews, infuse, ruse, views, soos, luiz, misuse;
  • bemuse, accrues, amuse, accuse, diffuse, abuse;
  • kangaroos, overuse, disabuse;

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