Pronunciation of Dry
/dɹˈa͡ɪ/, /dɹˈa‍ɪ/, /d_ɹ_ˈaɪ/

Antonyms for dry

Dulling, squenching, wonderful, mossgrown, dis-charging, over-whelmed, casting down, most moss-grown, dis-charged, did laundry, touched bottom, bedding down, got wet, squench, polka-dotting, co-oked, tight-fisted, de cline, more delish, nonalcoholic, spill over, pre-serves, quench, be-sprinkles, most abutting, dis charges, amusing, inebriated, mouth watering, de-luging, most bemired, dank, Bespattering, soak, sogging, sweltrier, re-straining, most suffocating, waterlogged, most perspiry, in-stilling, bed down, unventilated, de-scend, close-lipped, more daubed, most pomaded, shoots works, swallowed up, sub fuse, throw oneself, gluey, most jam packed, pasty, more unforthcoming, gaseous, nearlier, gunkier, belly-flops, talkative, over-turning, feverous, Caked, more ichorous, diffusing, over-topping, give take a little, more mellifluent, dis-appeared, permeate, unused, gets in a lather, in-vests, spatter, brew, casts down, SOG, breathed into, lube, doing dishes, gookier, doing the dishes, knocking down, more igneous, dis appears, Careered, agreeable, nose dive, zipping lips, humid, knocking over, bellyflops, pours on, lively, most drizzling, bedraggle, co-oking, in-spired, over flowing, captivating, over loads, is wet, doeth the laundry, sociable, doest the laundry, meltable, muggy, Roosting, de luges, un-stablest, de-pressing, does dishes, dis mayed, most oil soaked, humidify, mild, up-setting, de luging, clubbable, bathe, plunge, being active with, Lardy, most close grained, tipped over, washing up, be-strewn, de-scends, inter-fused, dis-solvable, overtops, most vixenish, Snowing, sultry, oily, went to bottom, imbrue, agglutinative, passed through, re producing, more buddybuddy, bespatter, most daubed, most irriguous, gat wet, fusible, energizing, slippery, touch bottom, more oiled, twofaced, in-distinct, convivial, under one's nose, nose-dove, submerged, bland, marinade, thick as thieves, breathes into, sweltering, bespatters, overtop, dis solved, hold attention, pomading, aqueous, impregnate, set down, souse, give or take a little, moisten, more fusible, be-siege, intro-duce, dis-mantles, Shipwrecking, get in lather, forced down, slicked, occupy, being concerned with, are damp, most butyraceous, quaggy, over-grown, cast down, get in a lather, lade, up setting, suffuse, pomade, rip-roaring, dost the dishes, art wet, oiled wheels, more deliquescent, knocked down, de scend, dunk, out world, getting in lather, sweet, be spattering, shoots the works, diffuses, de scended, Plashing, un-ventilated, more hyetal, wert wet, polkadotting, up-sets, more closelipped, tight lipped, Soaped, overfill, over-turn, suety, enchanting, saponaceous, specked, Whelmed, most wetted, in folds, going bottom, de-adens, de-press, mucous, nectarious, scummiest, more close grained, de aden, dis courage, un-trustworthy, most moistened, more vixenish, Larded, interfusing, sticky, succulent, Soaping, most stormful, wondrous, sub-merges, washed up, oil, Sluiced, swash, eye-opening, settle, re strains, outgoing, more moistened, be-set, be sprinkles, over turning, more smoking, pre-occupied, grow, freshes up, most soaking, affable, wast wet, polka-dotted, in separable, fresh up, salted, most muculent, be-spattered, re produced, more blustering, more decalescent, bellyflopping, Stormful, dis comforting, doest dishes, more fluidic, dip, de-aden, break a sweat, more saturate, Creaming, am active with, de-liquescent, lubes, doth dishes, went limit, over-loading, un-pleasant, more thawed, breaking sweat, belly-flop, un-forthcoming, be spatter, belly flopped, more calescent, taking a flyer, bloom, broke sweat, get lather, more suffocating, under nose, diverting, scummy, most attached, Specking, touched down, dis charging, up-set, Shampooing, knock over, most thawed, doeth laundry, mis tier, Larding, galvanizing, sop, under one nose, more grieving, caving in, swamp, most sprinkled, waterlogs, unhumorous, over-spreading, sub sides, sub sided, untiring, took a shower, nose-diving, more anointed, watereddown, sub-fuse, like oven, xrated, run over, polka dotting, soggy, raining cats and dogs, Bailed, more oilsoaked, creamy, more irrigated, more cajoling, RETS, spectacular, most irrigated, Tallowed, inter-fuse, polka dotted, knocked over, most tight fisted, more steeped, in vest, most stale smelling, clamming up, is damp, de-scended, damp, in stilling, be siege, more blubbery, more circumscribed, wast damp, close lipped, lave, imbrues, drizzliest, chokier, moist, didst the laundry, dis-comforting, hosing, de-clines, fly by night, trans fuses, dis mays, rained on, dewiest, in securest, most doused, more bespattered, most unventilated, stinkier, over cast, un-generous, most lubricous, dis charge, expand, co loring, went whole hog, in vests, go the limit, de adens, goopiest, smooth tongued, more hosed, extroverted, infuse, Mellifluent, besprinkles, mum's word, most liquescent, more quenched, over-brims, bedews, takes bath, DAMPS, more sauced, most grieving, inundate, takes header, mums the word, swallow up, gotten wet, un safe, whelm, more dampish, are wet, pre served, most meltable, out of world, Water-soak, un-steadiest, wet, breaks sweat, dis courages, over-whelm, re strain, Ladling, inter fuses, intro duce, boon, sudoric, up sets, Thermogenic, Snowed, in ball park, be strew, did the laundry, sets down, more wettish, de-lightful, art active with, pre serving, more darling, fancy, polka dots, brake a sweat, be strewn, in-folded, Lubricous, pro-creating, goes limit, de-luges, over-flowed, take a flyer, beds down, over-runs, squally, bestrewed, got in lather, ropy, pro duces, in-securest, in spitting distance, bestrewn, more glace, most buddy-buddy, most caked, fluidic, is active with, over filled, over spread, Interfuse, gets a lather, most parching, Starched, oldfashioned, steep, Sleeky, over-whelms, more mosslike, un-safer, pro create, setting down, be strews, dis mantle, oils the wheels, Mucid, intro-duces, pre serve, stale smelling, in-constant, stormy, stinky, does the laundry, most boiled, humidifying, dis-charges, under ones nose, be sieges, knocks over, HOSED, douse, in spired, most decalescent, over-flowing, most anointed, chokiest, dis may, pre serves, in-spires, going to the bottom, dis-mays, rains on, over fill, over turn, closelipped, takes flyer, ripen, take a header, marinate, more dripping, gotten in a lather, more closegrained, more flooded, were active with, pouring into, moisturize, soaked, un-cleanest, ex cavate, most hyetal, scummier, spilled over, waterlogging, cushiony, be-sieging, forces down, go to the bottom, blubbery, over brimmed, over-tops, un-cleaner, over-flows, submerse, gloppy, holds attention, wringing wet, bestrews, going limit, more wringingwet, more irriguous, holding attention, takes a flyer, dis maying, fatlike, gotten in lather, more caked, taking a header, touches bottom, more recalescent, taking a shower, over-coming, Busying, more wringing-wet, inter fuse, more sudoric, un congealed, most sprayed, more creamed, like skating rink, be set, most near-at-hand, nose dives, touch down, de calescent, squenched, Douching, art concerned with, humorless, in sipid, squashy, sub-merged, clear, touching, around corner, more smeared, goopy, dis-mayed, do dishes, slick, un safest, got a lather, oil wheels, polka-dot, communicative, yukky, in-spiring, emaciate, more muculent, sub merge, x rated, in spire, Bedewing, most blustering, more close-grained, un stabler, Retting, submerge, attractive, watered, two faced, brining, getting in a lather, marinaded, more water-logged, steaming, pro-vocative, oil soaked, sloughy, cleans up, over flow, doing laundry, threw oneself, stinkiest, most cut, runny, breathing in to, pre-occupy, over crowd, over whelmed, waterlog, over flows, more jam packed, re produces, on q t, niggardly, doing the laundry, tantalizing, mum the word, be concerned with, pomaded, dripping, trans fusing, in stilled, un predictable, close-grained, shoot the works, delish, most serous, breathe into, more salved, ropier, imbruing, pour on, more nectarious, caved in, in-undated, be-sprinkling, most stewing, moisturizes, imbathing, be-strewing, Damping, re-pose, more fogged, overcrowd, Irrupted, pre-occupies, gloppiest, besprinkle, gooky, Shampooed, develop, more near-at-hand, be spattered, gregarious, pluvious, buddy-buddy, in-sinuating, oiling wheels, gluier, bubbled over, more mucous, passes through, perspire, be wet, buddybuddy, over powers, most jam-packed, luscious, spellbinding, near-at-hand, in-securer, sweat box, more oil-soaked, stale-smelling, pour into, de scending, lardier, most igneous, be sets, sensational, oilsoaked, more dissolvable, weaklinged, over come, going the bottom, most showery, polka dot, dis appear, most drenched, more close lipped, over-flown, more lubricated, whelms, spilt over, Emaciating, be dewed, most fusible, most stalesmelling, most storming, buddy buddy, douches, intro duces, drizzlier, polkadots, de-scending, dewier, animating, Overflowed, on qt, zipping ones lips, spilling over, amiable, most moss grown, be-strew, rousing, dis perse, in-fuse, sweaty, over-comes, de luge, sweltry, un pleasant, un ventilated, smearier, in-vest, most smeared, zipping one's lips, runniest, in-folds, breathe in to, top pled, cozy with, most wringing wet, nice, over-fills, most uncongealed, imbathed, more blurred, watery, hard by, up set, takes shower, tipping over, in-filtrates, marvelous, more moss-grown, in fused, most mellifluent, didst dishes, more velvety, more meltable, co oked, breaks a sweat, lardiest, doest the dishes, suetiest, most steeped, Busied, pre occupies, most unforthcoming, doeth the dishes, de-cline, glace, out this world, more uncongealed, most niggardly, yukkiest, over-loaded, dis appearing, more attached, in-separable, over crowded, de-luxe, polkadotted, most close lipped, breathes in to, touching down, hot, keeps busy, dis-solved, bubble over, more close-lipped, de scends, bestrew, shooting works, bubbles over, most quenched, most glace, decalescent, in filtrated, in-stilled, most lubricated, charming, pour in to, more swabbed, more sprinkled, over crowding, saturate, over-fill, most mucid, do the dishes, pluvial, more riproaring, riproaring, knock down, be-mired, pre-occupying, pass through, gat in a lather, more howling, in-graining, most near at hand, over fills, goes bottom, imbathes, take flyer, runnier, were damp, most creamed, gunkiest, be-strews, stalesmelling, in filtrate, overflow, in-folding, in fusing, settling down, spills over, in folding, trans-fuse, de clines, swallowing up, settles down, most subfuse, pickle, nose-dive, expansive, subfuse, am concerned with, overfilled, un forthcoming, sub-sides, re pose, lubed, took a header, more nectarous, sleekier, most wringing-wet, ovenlike, most confining, dis charged, in-fold, over-powering, old fashioned, more tight-fisted, broke a sweat, pours into, be mired, suspenseful, most seethed, most lardaceous, amazing, re-strained, passing through, Smeary, runs over, in-secure, more oil soaked, most circumscribed, un stable, un-clearest, more stalesmelling, Imbathe, belly-flopped, more thermogenic, went the limit, dis-mantled, doth the laundry, un cleanest, go whole hog, doest laundry, more lubricous, most sudoric, GUNKY, be-sprinkle, dis mantles, blow out, nectarous, making with, over running, co axing, over powered, moss grown, shoot works, take bath, brined, bedew, un-comfortable, in secure, more butyraceous, over topped, more cropped, bedewed, more syrupy, intoxicated, over spreads, nose dove, Muculent, more pomaded, most skinflint, sloppy, sweltriest, hydrated, over-spreads, falling over, rinse, clammy, pre-serving, imbrued, more liquescent, over grown, most showered, in candescent, overfilling, Starching, polka-dots, be-sieged, am wet, more feverous, heavy, am damp, dis honest, un steady, more jam-packed, overbrimming, most calescent, belly flopping, diffused, re-produced, over loading, un stablest, de pressed, dulls, fell over, butyraceous, most dampish, gotten a lather, kept busy, invigorating, juicy, Slicking, out dated, most lubricative, fall over, ex-cavate, un-safest, Overtopping, caves in, going to bottom, more lessened, cave in, shrouding, over-brimming, are concerned with, folksy, ran over, covered with sweat, un generous, macerate, pomades, pro-duces, un-stable, in sinuating, most stale-smelling, over-crowded, across street, most raining, diaphoretic, nose diving, more moss grown, Tubbing, un clean, most close-lipped, be dew, sub merges, over-whelming, fit for king, didst the dishes, most sauced, social, most bathed, nose-dives, blew out, most dripping, pre occupied, moss-grown, un-predictable, drench, pouring in to, un clearest, brake sweat, give take little, de presses, provocative, breathing into, in-grain, stifling, more mucid, De Luxe, be sprinkle, most smothering, be damp, be setting, astonishing, nosedove, oiled the wheels, gets in lather, douched, un cleaner, de liquescent, de-pressed, Overbrim, bedded down, did the dishes, be-spatter, knocks down, over-cast, got lather, mosslike, mossy, more perspiry, in filtrating, more coaxing, de lightful, took a bath, more stewing, poured on, in undated, sub side, over loaded, mesmerizing, interfused, over-brim, more doused, over-loads, dost the laundry, in-spire, overwhelm, awesome, went to the bottom, nosediving, wast concerned with, de press, over whelming, recalescent, like a skating rink, lubricative, over-load, take a bath, more lubricative, be dews, more soaking, serous, gets wet, showery, more stormful, de-luge, blowing out, dis-mantle, over-power, in-sipid, hushhush, most oilsoaked, most smoking, most closelipped, takes a shower, does laundry, drizzly, bespattered, close grained, go limit, companionable, most mucous, Wringing-wet, art damp, irrupts, pre occupy, in-fused, neighborly, overspread, more smothering, over-filled, splatter, be sprinkled, Sauced, boggiest, rainy, ripped, oils wheels, inter-fusing, clean up, gat in lather, settled down, most tight-fisted, being wet, be active with, pre-served, Lardaceous, alluring, drowned, re tired, greasy, un steadier, mum word, most pluvial, overfills, in grain, soddening, palsywalsy, liquid, irrupting, more drizzling, Ladled, were concerned with, most diaphoretic, most saturate, tight chops, more drenched, more discomforting, Welled, productive, more wetted, freshing up, like an oven, Tallowing, douche, didst laundry, dis-maying, SOGS, irrupt, be-dew, kind, un safer, dost laundry, did dishes, more boiled, gluiest, entrancing, mingy, doeth dishes, re-posed, in distinct, most delish, over whelms, most consolidated, over-brimmed, un-safe, more wringing wet, most flooded, raining cats dogs, overbrimmed, gookiest, dull, dis-mantling, most syrupy, oil-soaked, being damp, more stale-smelling, most ovenlike, gets lather, forcing down, getting lather, dis mantled, hypo critical, got in a lather, most riproaring, ropiest, beguiling, over tops, most salved, clubby, over whelm, most velvety, inter-fuses, over flown, dis-charge, moisturized, weaklinging, soddens, freshens up, takes a header, exciting, overspreading, over-powered, co oking, un comfortable, more consolidated, over crowds, buttoning up, sogged, around the corner, cleaning up, more mossgrown, pro-creates, red hot, zipping one lips, syrupy, not dry, across the street, fabulous, perspiry, sub merging, pouring on, shampoo, Besprinkled, more showery, hair-raising, most lubricant, in spires, plash, be spatters, took bath, go bottom, marinades, take header, doth the dishes, re-produce, bewitching, more raining, more subfuse, fatty, lubing, pours in to, tips over, pro-created, more cut, over-crowd, be-spatters, un-clear, most cropped, most pluvious, viscous, close, most nectarous, be sprinkling, raining on, more fatlike, suetier, took header, most water-logged, over runs, re-producing, wells over, un-steadier, flooded, retted, goes to the bottom, mums word, more agglutinative, stirring, un clear, more serous, give or take little, most fatlike, more buddy buddy, more bathed, smoking, out-dated, slimier, tight fisted, ret, most recalescent, was concerned with, breathtaking, most deliquescent, exhilarating, wringingwet, in the ball park, shot the works, un-congealed, Welling, pro-create, soddened, pro vocative, in fold, co-loring, re straining, doth laundry, in vested, grow up, Overtopped, be sieging, phlegmy, dis solvable, genial, be strewing, was wet, velvety, most close-grained, freshening up, poured into, igneous, teem, more pluvious, taking header, pro creating, muddy, dost dishes, de luged, de-luged, re-strains, humidified, take a shower, de-voted, de voted, closegrained, thrilling, deliquescent, de pressing, in-filtrating, pro creates, over brim, fill, bellyflop, sub merged, most coaxing, interesting, oppressive, more waterlike, slicks, tearful, most howling, re strained, be-dewing, most waterlike, gat lather, falls over, trans fuse, trans-fusing, plashes, more lubricant, dis-courage, surprising, Roosted, more aqueous, be-sprinkled, goopier, shipwrecks, kindly, sub-merge, moving, went the bottom, Creamed, most fogged, gat a lather, un-communicative, wash, over powering, most oiled, was damp, more skinflint, smoothtongued, re-produces, pro created, Hyetal, humidifies, Bailing, dissolvable, most wringingwet, over filling, over flowed, yummy, are active with, boggy, wert damp, keeping busy, Besprinkling, making it with, cordial, humourless, ex-act, drown, rain on, mis-tier, co-axing, Irriguous, lubricate, be-dewed, over turns, shot works, more lardaceous, most cajoling, choky, dampen, taking flyer, dis appeared, most cushiony, took a flyer, oil the wheels, dis-honest, over-crowding, dis-courages, polkadot, most mossgrown, most oil-soaked, friendly, besprent, getting wet, Bestrewing, nosedived, engulf, get a lather, hush hush, liquescent, de-calescent, garrulous, most saponaceous, smeariest, more seethed, sluicing, in-grains, ex act, swamped, in spiring, full, wash up, on top each other, slimy, dampish, does the dishes, swallows up, more diaphoretic, re-lated, hospitable, went bottom, near at hand, deluge, de-presses, more bemired, steamy, dis-appearing, wert active with, goes whole hog, over-run, Damped, liquiform, poured in to, running over, overbrims, over comes, belly-flopping, in-filtrate, most swabbed, wert concerned with, most aqueous, keep busy, most thermogenic, on the q t, force down, astounding, throwing oneself, took flyer, water logged, freshed up, thick with, over brims, most agglutinative, re posed, gloppier, in-vested, mouthwatering, in-fusing, dewy, most dissolvable, most lessened, overcrowding, most hosed, go the bottom, goes to bottom, Whelming, in-vesting, over brimming, trans fused, electrifying, un-stabler, more liquiform, more near at hand, dis mantling, dis-appear, congenial, gooey, be-sieges, most liquiform, taking shower, bubbling over, yukkier, touching bottom, trans-fused, get wet, oiling the wheels, over coming, inundated, be-strewed, shooting the works, Wettish, be strewed, be sieged, inspiring, going the limit, immerse, more splashing, gracious, pennypinching, bellyflopped, mingier, re-strain, palsy walsy, most wettish, most mosslike, water, most fluidic, more pluvial, taking a bath, REDHOT, Shrouded, mingiest, breaking a sweat, more stale smelling, Uncongealed, more sprayed, be dewing, marinading, over-filling, in-grained, in fuses, most nectarious, more saponaceous, getting a lather, more buddy-buddy, dis-may, over-flow, cleaned up, be-dews, break sweat, dis-appears, enlivening, Tubbed, more unventilated, calescent, going whole hog, held attention, sub-merging, gotten lather, pro duce, over-crowds, most darling, moisturizing, more confining, breathed in to, busies, be-spattering, more storming, un steadiest, most buddybuddy, more dissolved, trans-fuses, in securer, vixenish, nearliest, entertaining, dis-perse, more water logged, most thinned, over topping, were wet, inter fused, ichorous, most water logged, squenches, blows out, waterlike, milksopped, be-sets, do laundry, more cushiony, in graining, boggier, Careering, be-setting, calm.