Pronunciation of Deprive
/dɪpɹˈa͡ɪv/, /dɪpɹˈa‍ɪv/, /d_ɪ_p_ɹ_ˈaɪ_v/

Antonyms for deprive

dis tending, cared for, de fended, appoint, over spread, became tedious, re quired, lent a hand, repay, reward, de frayed, laying on, fixed with, dis tributes, Ravened, bulged out, dis-tribute, Negatived, designate, shored up, making good, cherish, out places, hit spot, Shoaling, pro long, spring for, out fit, tossed back, re-placed, looks after, overcompensate, take care of, be-stowed, does business, re-venged, over-indulges, trans-fuses, stuff, becomes tedious, enthrone, Breastfeeding, COMPS, bore cost, fill the brim, re-constituting, sticked for, over-dose, coughs up, look after, filled to the brim, sweetens the kitty, over flow, counter balancing, re-inserting, digging up, in-fusing, digs up, Victualing, making the grade, bare cost, over loads, pushes for, pro cured, carried back, co operates, counter-acted, be-friends, out-weigh, counter-vailing, de livers, payed back, guerdoning, paid back, over-loaded, pre serves, payed up, lends hand, pre serve, payed dues, out fits, be friending, gives back, bearing the cost, over compensate, pro-vide, fixing up with, re adies, re-pair, re-seats, sweeten the kitty, satiate, filling to overflowing, pre paying, over-flows, bulges out, lent hand, re-quire, made well, prepays, laid on, sprang for, banqueting, over-whelm, over feed, didst business, counter-vails, filling to the brim, fixt up with, makes the grade, dis charging, counter act, re pair, rolled back, out-place, re warding, re-covers, be stowed, over indulged, pro-longed, thrusting back, re cover, doing trick, honoring with, puffing up, counter-poised, pro-motes, brightens up, over whelmed, over-indulging, quench, tickles the palm, dealing out, paid for, watching over, stands in lieu of, packing like sardines, re-inserts, over indulge, doeth business, re venge, made the grade, spoiled rotten, re-covered, pro longs, re-cover, re-constituted, Overdoses, stodges, Negativing, offer, tickled the palm, counter-poises, Overstocked, re commend, make redress for, re store, stuck up for, over-dosed, take over, spake for, de-voted, ponying up, got behind, disciplined, fed to gills, sells on, reseating, provide for, handed back, over eating, beared expense, shoring up, fixed up with, bare the cost, recompense, out weighs, re warded, jam pack, be stowing, did the trick, filling the bill, over-spreading, jampack, ravens, getting well, be stow, fill to the brim, out-placed, becomes dull, filling bill, rang in, calling attention to, re place, re-quite, evening score, cleave to, clogged up, subbed, clothe, de-lights, spoils rotten, brimmed over, fills the bill, pro curing, blimps out, re deem, be-friending, up-held, re-seated, re-coups, counter-acts, get behind, tickle palm, re-couping, return, comped, dis burse, tickling palm, re-paired, re-funded, bore expense, gifted with, up-hold, sprung for, Victualled, makes repayment, taking over, beared cost, over fill, honors claim, overcompensating, counter vails, gift with, puff up, overstuffs, anteing up, re-plenished, pinches hit for, re paid, honors a claim, over fills, became dull, dis-place, pinching hit for, dis-tending, makes good, did trick, de livering, re-plenish, pro-cure, swaps places, keep going, fitting out, counter vailed, trans-fused, over stock, de fraying, rationed, standing in lieu of, counter-balances, springs for, Overstocking, re established, over-fill, ex-tends, re-stored, re-instate, re couped, get revenge, feed to gills, indulge, counter-acting, re-possess, plunking down, ex tending, counter poising, keep, out weigh, de luged, re bate, footed, make up for, build, winning back, re possessed, doth trick, looked after, eating like a horse, re-deems, foot bill, sell on, apprizes, Reinsert, become dull, stodge, fill the bill, over-spreads, gat well, de-light, cancelled out, ante up, fixes up with, pro-tract, de lights, breastfeeded, made amends, cleaves to, waterlogs, re bates, dis-burses, de luge, clinging to, out fitted, de-frayed, re-seating, re-turns, clog up, plunks down, over spreads, handed, outplaces, de-livering, re constitutes, overfills, doest the trick, brightened up, spoiling rotten, pro tract, planked out, de lighting, clave to, over-flowing, outplace, bulge out, tosses back, over-stuff, gifting with, pall, counter-vail, fix up with, took care of, in fused, brighten up, clove to, do business, pre served, fixing with, sold on, making repayment, dis-burse, becoming dull, get well, be stows, pro-longing, tickling the palm, honoring a claim, pro-moting, doth business, re-coup, pro visioned, trans-fuse, re gales, re commending, over-stuffing, over dose, pays for, over filled, over-feed, in validate, gifts with, making redress for, bore the expense, re-quiring, give back, settled the score, dis charged, pro-cures, sticking up for, ministered to, re-quires, gotten well, dis gusting, baptize, over stocks, out-weighing, de-liver, stand by, apprize, Provisioning, re turning, over-compensate, in validated, re quire, over-whelmed, ponies up, counter-balance, de-lighted, cleaved to, held dear, bestow, saturate, pro vide, carrying back, over stuff, eats like horse, making payment, bearing expense, re pairs, over-eating, render to, bear cost, took over, bear expense, re stores, providing for, square up, held in high esteem, doeth trick, doing the trick, counter balances, re-couped, fills to overflowing, made reprisal, de fending, over dosed, deals out, got out from under, making reparations, de livered, dis-gusting, lending hand, out-weighs, returning the compliment, returned compliment, initiate, ex-tend, dis tends, nourish, de fends, prepaid, nursles, stand lieu of, paying up, swapped places, Valuing, re-turning, sticks up for, re coups, pre-sent, remunerate, tickled palm, out weighed, over-fills, out-fit, giving rein to, didst trick, pre-served, co-operates, digged up, over-indulged, sweetens the pot, make good, over-flown, keeping from falling, re commended, victual, sweeten the pot, squared accounts, re fund, pro vided, took out, re seating, endow, filled bill, re gains, filled to brim, re funded, apprized, put back, re pays, re-inserted, atones for, re-turned, in-validating, hand back, re instate, in-validated, overstuff, overdose, in-validates, make repayment, carries back, plunked down, Re-turn, tops off, making a pig of, watched over, doeth the trick, in-fused, lend hand, de fray, pro-viding, de-fend, breastfeeds, lay on, rebated, re-bating, over-loads, re inserted, sets off, over doses, settling up, re-pay, re-gained, re pay, cancelling out, over stocked, de-luged, fronting for, de-voting, dis tend, trans-fusing, pro visioning, counter vailing, counter poised, re inserts, fits out, over flowing, reconstituted, de-luges, does trick, made pig of, pony up, wrought for, out fitting, reseated, overspreading, counter-poise, rendered to, dis-charges, spoke for, re plenishing, do trick, honored with, nursled, over-whelming, Hoovers, hand out, bears expense, counter-act, getting out from under, pre-paring, in fusing, dis burses, stick for, dis-tend, all owed, evened the score, cancels out, over feeding, de light, over-dosing, gets out from under, rolling back, speaks for, dis-gusts, sweeten pot, crown, re commends, provide, plunk down, comping, clogging up, pay up, make reprisal, puffs up, honoring claim, cling to, reinserting, wine dine, waterlog, keeps from falling, glut, re acting, make payment, re seats, pushed for, roll back, counter-vailed, over-indulge, trans fuse, pro cures, dost trick, trans fusing, re storing, over loading, Disciplining, out placing, holding in high esteem, honor with, make merry, honored a claim, re-commends, standing by, re constitute, re dressing, steps into shoes of, pre-paying, outplacing, coughed up, pre-paid, pro duces, packed like sardines, atone for, return the compliment, re-establishes, honor claim, paying dues, makes amends, overdosing, over-filling, make well, dis-gust, re quires, apprizing, takes care of, ringing in, out weighing, over-filled, stepped in to shoes of, fill brim, re-deem, de lighted, plank out, pro moting, ringed in, pre-serving, reimburse, over filling, fixes with, settles the score, bare the expense, gorge, dig up, step in to shoes of, brim over, didst the trick, out-fits, in undated, blimp out, over-compensating, makes reprisal, induct, re covering, handed out, squaring up, bare expense, nurture, becoming tedious, pays dues, re seat, re-commending, pro-curing, shores up, eat like horse, sits in, fills brim, over whelm, makes redress for, over-compensates, re-commend, re-constitutes, get out from under, stodging, dis tribute, over-loading, in validates, squares accounts, pro-vides, supply, ramming in, be-friend, sweetens pot, re gale, rendering to, sweetening the kitty, minister to, overstuffed, counter-balanced, paid up, keeps going, over-doses, rolls back, dis place, over-flow, clings to, de luges, re-possessing, bearing cost, re establishes, re possessing, overfill, lay down, filled overflowing, taking out, tickle the palm, filled the bill, hold high esteem, co operate, ex tended, beared the cost, tickles palm, re deemed, over-whelms, over-stocking, fills the brim, fills overflowing, overfilled, pre-pay, calls attention to, counter acted, re-dress, co operating, re quite, going easy on, Handing, settled score, co operated, over indulging, re acted, clung to, up held, pay, counter acting, pay dues, topped off, re dress, bear the expense, re-seat, de-livers, make grade, re plenish, filled to overflowing, call attention to, ex tend, up holding, re-dressed, re establish, sated, re constituting, re-paid, re plenished, satisfy, breastfeed, dis gust, atoning for, re-quired, install, doth the trick, keeping going, out-fitted, de votes, making for, reconstituting, trans ported, re possess, over-stuffed, re quiring, be-stowing, hoovered, de-fends, de-fended, sub-bed, sweetening kitty, swinging for, paying for, making grade, out-fitting, wadding, settling the score, humoring, dis placed, swing for, holds in high esteem, re-plenishing, bore the cost, cancel out, brims over, be-stows, give, re-gales, canceled out, beared the expense, takes over from, Prepaying, re coup, re places, confer, step into shoes of, setting off, rebating, pre pares, cleft to, in-undated, gat behind, caring for, reconstitutes, paying back, counter poise, payed for, work for, overdosed, makes reparations, over-eaten, de-fending, dis-tends, counter balanced, swang for, made reparations, over-feeds, out-placing, re-gale, fills bill, de voting, Victualed, stocked up, pro viding, re funding, feeding gills, squares up, making pig of, evens the score, pre serving, pro longing, packs like sardines, gets revenge, Gifting, de voted, sweetened the kitty, gives rein to, overfilling, re paired, re venging, made good, co-operated, pre-serves, pro-mote, held high esteem, de-votes, prepay, pro-visioned, stood lieu of, provides for, over eaten, shore up, all-owing, re pairing, holding dear, blimped out, Douching, sweetens kitty, over-stocked, provided for, re-funds, up hold, honors with, pay for, re-established, dis-charged, fronts for, speaking for, made up for, re placed, settle the score, clogs up, spoil rotten, holds high esteem, gotten out from under, lends a hand, over-stocks, douched, sate in, deal out, sweetening pot, re placing, front for, Succoring, settles up, over-load, made payment, making amends, canceling out, re turn, stood by, toss back, de fend, hoovering, compensate, fill bill, go easy on, satiated, fill to brim, dis-places, re-adies, overfeed, re establishing, re-gaining, re covered, sate, gotten revenge, dis tended, does the trick, counter-poising, eating like horse, re gaining, overcompensates, rams in, makes payment, re venged, re-gains, over flown, take over from, winned back, re turns, pro tracts, give rein to, fronted for, Shoaled, sweetened the pot, brightening up, re instated, de liver, reseats, replace, fix with, dis-gusted, sweetening the pot, ravening, re-bate, pro vision, re-possesses, bear the cost, pro-vided, re dressed, lays down, pro-long, re deeming, ex-tended, re-plenishes, pre-pare, blimping out, hold dear, re-commended, over stuffing, made merry, anteed up, de-vote, overspread, promote, ministering to, re-acted, re-paying, refund, re-venge, appropriate, took over from, filling the brim, selling on, brimming over, ring in, over indulges, re-deeming, counterpoised, square accounts, over flowed, trans fused, makes up for, pre pays, swung for, giving back, cleaving to, carry back, up-holds, sub bed, ex-tending, bears the expense, sweeten kitty, pro-visions, taking care of, makes a pig of, re possesses, be friended, standing in, over loaded, wins back, COMP, re-pays, feeds to gills, feeding to gills, makes well, be-stow, stick up for, give out, trans fuses, out-places, fit out, re constituted, bears the cost, feathered, looking after, re plenishes, watch over, re funds, over stuffed, sitting in, re-warded, re-dressing, re-instates, stand in lieu of, in validating, cover, gat out from under, be friend, re-dresses, co-operating, re-fund, settled up, dis-tended, re inserting, feeds gills, re-constitute, re instating, reseat, pre pared, made a pig of, springing for, re-gain, sticks for, stock up, gets behind, dis-charging, sit in, spoilt rotten, stocking up, ate like horse, re-warding, be-friended, re gain, in-validate, stood in, pro vides, Counterpoising, overfed, douches, re-pairing, Banqueted, pays up, fills to brim, stands by, ministers to, topping off, pre sent, reinserted, ex tends, all-owed, all owing, stepping into shoes of, fill, taking over from, dost the trick, made grade, ate like a horse, sticked up for, stepped into shoes of, fixt with, counter acts, feathering, dis places, re-storing, re-venging, fills to the brim, holding high esteem, over dosing, makes grade, de-luge, pro duce, laying down, dealt out, throne, gave rein to, in fuses, surfeit, returning compliment, care for, evened score, dis-tributes, re-stores, re paying, over-flowed, up holds, pre paid, de-lighting, recoup, honored claim, inaugurate, counter vail, pre pare, over whelming, coughing up, dis gusted, pro-cured, suckle, sweetened kitty, over-stock, making reprisal, dis-placed, hands back, re bating, de-livered, re stored, giving satisfaction, steps in to shoes of, even score, stepping in to shoes of, renders to, pinch hit for, went easy on, de luging, tost back, hyping, takes over, filling brim, pro-tracts, guerdoned, de vote, dis-charge, pro visions, re bated, re dresses, pro-vision, dost business, pay back, pro-duces, over flows, sweetened pot, pushing for, pro cure, stoppered, become tedious, re-insert, makes for, do the trick, over-stuffs, cough up, win back, pre-sents, doing business, construct, re-instating, planking out, gotten behind, de-fraying, settling score, did business, re-places, feed, bears cost, called attention to, keeps alive, counter poises, settle up, de-frays, make amends, re-bated, returns compliment, dis charges, de frays, gave back, over whelms, raven, planks out, pays back, over compensating, bulging out, stood in lieu of, re-covering, pre-pared, eat like a horse, push for, re-pairs, douche, re venges, bearing the expense, over feeds, won back, de-fray, sustain, counter balance, present, filling overflowing, pump up, dis-placing, Provisioned, re gained, re couping, feed gills, Nurtured, out place, anted up, up-holding, pinched hit for, pumps up, cloy, dis gusts, keeping alive, set off, pro-longs, cares for, dis charge, lending a hand, make for, co-operate, antes up, shell out, stands lieu of, keep alive, pumped up, elect, stocks up, in-fuse, return compliment, re seated, rammed in, paid dues, counter-balancing, de-luging, thrusts back, Wedging, got revenge, pre paring, Stoppering, laid down, handing back, over stocking, making well, overcompensated, atoned for, dis placing, fed gills, re-establish, be friends, working for.