Pronunciation of Change
/tʃ_ˈeɪ_n_dʒ/, /t͡ʃˈe͡ɪnd͡ʒ/, /t‍ʃˈe‍ɪnd‍ʒ/

Antonyms for change

truthfulness, prearranges, pre-disposed, dollar, crown, brings forward, over hauled, face lifting, putting place, over-hauling, trans pose, in-cline, in-graining, levelled at, staunchnesses, one spots, taking retribution, re vise, preplan, sets in order, intro-duces, Propone, de bugging, in-stilled, ex press, de-bugging, Moored, proponed, re-vamped, stabilize, counter balancing, prearranged, normalizing, brought forward, Stabilitate, onespot, re conditioned, see to, pro-mote, rigidifies, precontriving, thicken, dis tribute, in vests, in ducted, tampered with, in clines, dis-posed, staying put, rivetting, micro-waved, re-pose, mono-tony, re-quired, uniformity, continue, monotony, putting one's foot down, plonking, preordering, dispose, re building, re solves, gotten ready, re stored, enthrones, pro-motes, re storing, made willing, Ballasted, expand, re quire, de fine, Domiciliating, wearisomeness, in-stall, lump, cooked someone's goose, up held, re-posed, one-spots, Garrisoned, onespots, pro-pound, re constructs, prearranging, pro-pones, in-fixes, pulling strings, fiddles with, pre disposes, planking, spacing, lines up, putting in place, re-quire, Concentering, froze to, formalized, made ready, tampers with, puts ones foot down, reading the riot act, rigidify, pro position, pre-plan, stereo typed, counter balanced, normalizes, in stilling, lays foundation, Riveted, pro positions, call the tune, pre-designing, Dooming, re-quiring, fix, tampering with, puts to rights, Preorder, ruin, puts in place, steadied, streamlines, make willing, un changeablenesses, cook someone's goose, de-terminations, steadiness, in-ducting, proponing, de fined, trustworthinesses, ex pressed, counter poise, re condition, over hauls, preplanned, pro viding, bring forward, homogenizes, line up, sets down, pre planned, brought in to line, de-bugged, stacks deck, de-fined, fixity, re-solving, firmness, get ready, increase, pre serves, Levelness, cook someone goose, micro waved, in-vests, Embedding, singles, Planked, counter poises, pro moting, routining, puts one's foot down, re vamps, start ball rolling, rigidified, putting with, lay foundation, invariabilities, stick, ring in, up holding, making willing, in variabilities, colorlessnesses, trans-pose, preordered, disarrange, criterion, in duce, de legates, dis-tributes, planks down, pre-contriving, point of comparison, in-stilling, enthroning, de bugged, sorts out, freezing to, de termination, pre arranges, subjects to, getting ready, destroy, un-changeablenesses, pre served, be-stow, in variability, setting order, sets guidelines, re builds, laying down law, be stows, pro positioned, de-creed, remain, repetitivenesses, Equability, starting ball rolling, up holds, laying down the law, put one foot down, sorting out, cook someones goose, Roosted, pre paring, dis-tribute, levelling at, cooking someone's goose, pre arranging, domiciliates, dis-pose, dependabilities, over-hauls, brought into line, get revenge, pre pared, lining up, be stow, re-vise, re tread, plonks, prearrange, laid down the law, re-conditions, un failingnesses, pre-pared, grow, pro vides, called tune, put rights, dis tributes, stereo typing, in-grain, brings into line, de bugs, in-ducted, in-ducts, re-constructs, over-hauled, in fix, persist, de-fine, re-conditioning, propones, pre-arranging, micro-waves, intro-duce, pre contrives, concenter, Predesign, arriving at, counter poised, pre planning, mass producing, laid foundation, de fining, de-bugs, pull strings, repetitiousness, in ducts, un-failingness, trustinesses, be-stowing, end owing, leveling at, in-duce, hold, mass produce, pro-vided, in duces, counter-balanced, firmed, calls the tune, ringed in, devotednesses, pre-serving, in vest, de-posits, persistence, re-stores, dis posed, pre design, put to rights, re-sting, re quired, order, re stores, wearisomenesses, coronate, enthrone, ex ample, pro positioning, firmed up, put, stabilitates, regularize, face lifted, homogenized, re-vamps, Coronated, pro pounding, stabilitated, predesigned, re-build, re vised, arrive at, in-duct, re-solutions, plunks down, setting in order, intro duce, calls tune, pro-viding, pro-positions, routined, de-cree, nailing down, be stowing, freezes to, agreement, tamper with, domiciliate, pre-arrange, station, in cline, invariability, stacked the deck, pre-sent, Gluing, zero in, pre orders, face-lifting, pre-plans, re-solved, in-vesting, counter-poises, put up with, retreading, cooks someone goose, Shepherding, Worded, pre dispose, pre-paring, stabilitating, in fixing, put foot down, pre-arranges, in-sert, setting guidelines, reading riot act, pre ordering, bringing into line, de-termination, similarity, re-builds, gotten revenge, putting ones foot down, pro-pounded, set down, formalizes, pre designing, Tendering, de posits, re construct, trans-posing, pre-contrive, planking down, counterpoised, pre-sents, bringing in to line, put ones foot down, un changeableness, in-grained, unfailingnesses, de-bug, de terminations, abidingnesses, levelnesses, re ached, up-hold, firms up, re sting, read the riot act, put place, re-adies, pre pare, coronates, call tune, homogenize, abidingness, got revenge, pre arrange, re conditioning, re adies, regularizing, arrived at, de-crees, coronating, rivetted, gets revenge, pro-vides, made fast, Tendered, level at, devotedness, dependability, paid back, plunking down, leave alone, micro-waving, unchangeablenesses, pre contrive, mono tony, sorted out, pre-designed, plonked, be-stowed, in duct, pre-served, re-aching, cooked someones goose, bill, set order, Precontrive, bank notes, harden, Cucumbers, gets ready, plank down, lays down law, stay put, fixedness, establish, constancy, lay down law, stagnation, in-grains, in-variabilities, Roosting, cucumber, up-holding, counter-balance, endure, catalogued, pre sent, pro-pounds, read riot act, pro-positioned, makes ready, be stowed, unchangeableness, puts rights, laid down law, pay back, plunk down, re solve, dis posing, putting rights, staid put, mono-tone, putting one foot down, pre serve, Garrisoning, de-posited, end owed, Concentered, re builded, re-stored, in stalling, colorlessness, pre-disposes, mono tones, preserve, make fast, extend, cooking someone goose, subjected to, calling the tune, staunchness, rang in, pro-vide, ex-pressing, payed back, re-vamping, zeal, de-fining, pro vide, re aching, steadying, re quiring, predesigning, counter-poise, pre-contrived, Regimenting, de legate, re-conditioned, fixation, in-clines, pre-pare, bide, zeroing in, re vamped, Counterpoising, tiresomeness, re-tread, ringing in, de posited, re-treads, pro pounded, gat ready, cooked someone goose, paying back, pro pone, zeroed in, making ready, bank note, stayed put, identity, over-haul, pre-planning, same old things, Wedging, put one's foot down, up hold, re-vising, re-vised, reads riot act, calling tune, pre-contrives, pre designs, stay, pre plan, in fixes, mass produces, pre-dispose, same old thing, tiresomenesses, pre-order, setting before, preplanning, homogenizing, sets before, de fines, re solutions, one spot, firming up, trustworthiness, levels at, counter-poising, re build, re-ached, up-holds, re store, standardize, de-fines, in graining, moor, predesigns, re constructed, micro-wave, point comparison, firm up, puts one foot down, putting to rights, re-solution, counter balance, counter-balances, in-vested, trustiness, humdrums, re-quires, Subjected, precontrived, ex-ample, nails down, in-vest, pre serving, in fixed, re posed, lay down the law, de-legates, dis pose, Shepherded, pre-orders, put with, pro pounds, arrives at, counter poising, puts place, stack the deck, un-changeableness, re vising, preorders, pro vided, in-duces, micro wave, trans-lated, rigidifying, pulls strings, pro pones, stays put, pre disposing, putting foot down, set, pre contriving, in-stalled, de bug, fixed, regularized, abide, pre ordered, trans posed, de-posit, end-owed, re-condition, saw to, bring in to line, seat, intro duces, de positing, repetitiveness, in stilled, micro waving, concenters, cooking someones goose, streamline, Ballasting, un failingness, mass produced, retread, stabilization, re-vamp, streamlining, permanence, in sert, un-failingnesses, in-stalling, make ready, setting down, re-builded, took retribution, glued, de crees, de cree, over hauling, sameness, pre-serves, set guidelines, pre pares, re-building, equabilities, in-variability, be-stows, starts ball rolling, ex pressing, pre order, in vested, de posit, over haul, plunked down, pro-moting, situate, puts foot down, positioning, de-legate, set in order, retain, pre-arranged, makes willing, got ready, continuance, re-storing, Domiciliated, firming, subjecting to, re-solve, pre plans, Subjecting, de-positing, bringing forward, called the tune, pre-designs, freeze to, re-constructing, dis-posing, pre-ordered, fiddled with, sees to, ex-press, re pose, re quires, stagnate, in grain, end-owing, counter-poised, bring into line, in-fix, stereo-typing, pre contrived, pro-pounding, micro waves, cooks someones goose, de creed, Cataloguing, normalize, unfailingness, pre designed, tenders, instilling, trans late, one-spot, normalized, repetitiousnesses, re-solves, putting up with, re conditions, seeing to, counter balances, up-held, keep, stacks the deck, plonk, brings in to line, pro-positioning, in stalled, regularizes, cooks someone's goose, Formalizing, counter-balancing, stacking the deck, sort out.