Tick off

Pronunciation of Tick Off
/tˈɪk ˈɒf/, /tˈɪk ˈɒf/, /t_ˈɪ_k ˈɒ_f/

Synonyms for tick off

annoy (verb)

abrade, agitate, ask for it, badger, bedevil, beleaguer, bore, bother, break, bug, burn up, chafe, displease, distress, disturb, egg on, exasperate, fire up, gall, get, gnaw, harass, harry, heat up, irk, madden, miff, nag, needle, nettle, nudge, peeve, perturb, pester, plague, provoke, push button, ride, rile, ruffle, tease, trouble, turn off, vex, work on, worry, Henpeck, be at, be on the back of, hit where one lives, make waves, t-off.

chide (verb)

admonish, berate, blame, call down, castigate, censure, check, condemn, find fault, flay, lesson, monish, rate, rebuke, reprehend, reprimand, reproach, reprove, scold, take down, tell off, upbraid, call on the carpet, take down a peg, speak to, talk to, exprobate, give a hard time, slap on the wrist.

count (verb)

add up, calculate, cast, cipher, compute, enumerate, estimate, figure, foot, number, numerate, reckon, score, sum, tally, tell, tot up, total, run down, cast up, keep tab, take account of.

distress (verb)

afflict, aggrieve, agonize, ail, depress, desolate, discombobulate, disquiet, dog, eat, get to, grieve, hound, hurt, injure, irritate, oppress, pain, perplex, push, rack, sadden, strain, strap, stress, torment, torture, try, weigh, wound, pick on, be on one's case, do a number on, make it tough for, nit-pick, push buttons.

enumerate (verb)

cite, detail, identify, inventory, itemize, mention, name, particularize, quote, recapitulate, recite, recount, rehearse, relate, run off, specialize, specify, spell out, count noses, keep tabs.

list (verb)

arrange, bill, book, calender, catalogue, census, chart, chronicle, classify, docket, enroll, enter, file, index, inscribe, insert, invoice, manifest, note, peg, place, poll, post, record, register, schedule, set down, tab, write down, put down as, put down for, button down, keep count.

number (verb)

account, add, aggregate, amount, come, computer, count off, figure out, include, run, run into, tale, tote, tote up, run to, count heads, figure in.

rap (verb)

denounce, knock, pan, reprobate, skin, Denunciate.

rebuke (verb)

bawl out, chew out, chide, dress down, fry, go after, jawbone, jump on, lay into, lean on, lecture, oppose, pay, rake, read, rip, sound off, tear apart, zap, sit on, take to task, carp on, climb all over, jump down one's throat.

reckon (verb)

appraise, approximate, call, conjecture, consider, count, deem, esteem, gauge, hold, judge, look upon, put, regard, square, surmise, think of, tot, view.

reprimand (verb)

criticize, rap, come down on, light into, lower the boom, give piece of one's mind, give the dickens.

specify (verb)

blueprint, condition, define, determine, establish, finger, indicate, individualize, instance, lay out, limit, list, make, pin down, point out, precise, set, settle, slot, stipulate, tag, put down, Specificate, come to the point, go into detail, show clearly, be specific, draw a picture, get down to brass tacks, get to the point, put finger on, specificize.

tell off (verb)

rail, revile, vituperate, rake over the coals, give tongue-lashing.

vex (verb)

aggravate, anger, annoy, embarrass, fret, hassle, infuriate, offend, pique, put out, rasp, upset, get under one's skin, molest, get in one's hair, give a bad time, grate on.

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