Pronunciation of Relieve
/ɹɪlˈiːv/, /ɹɪlˈiːv/, /ɹ_ɪ_l_ˈiː_v/

Antonyms for relieve

being on horizon, were at disadvantage, hangs crepe, Hacking, over-feed, am racked, was dangerous, wert wounded, am brokenhearted, dis-mayed, dash, be wildered, was in offing, in creasing, were horizon, am one's case, art the offing, displease, under gone, wast on case, carped at, put with, make threat, un derwent, dishes it out, dost a number on, weight, be sets, are on the horizon, have a bad time, are offing, lean on, crying river, stuck it out, complaining of, be wilders, be dangerous, be on one case, be-wildering, snow under, under-cut, was racked, Bummed, maltreat, in-creases, sticked it to, being on ones case, kicking self, are air, dis comforted, de presses, ex acerbates, wert dangerous, dumping on, played cat mouse, imposes up on, whittled away, nit picked, galumph, burning up, eats ones heart out, overbear, beared down on, fore warn, under cuts, dump on, art at disadvantage, cuts quick, dis commodes, clips one wings, art case, fore-shadow, snows under, in-flaming, art pins needles, were at, wert the air, overborne, Winging, am on horizon, de laying, dis-composes, burns up, dis-satisfies, drive bananas, turning heat, cut the quick, fetter, zinging, clip one wings, am the horizon, cut to the quick, dis pleasing, be wailed, is sad, was sad, get on nerves, go for jugular, taking hard, art dangerous, drive the wall, being disadvantage, depress, dis quiets, were racked, containerize, make uncomfortable, is ones case, gets ones nerves, making threat, dragoon, dis comfits, Snowing, was ones case, played cat and mouse, is on the horizon, being pins needles, gives a hard time, up set, containerizes, are in the offing, wast the offing, curdled, poke full holes, did a number on, getting on nerves, be on ones case, ex-acerbates, be the horizon, re pined, laid bad trip on, accuse, pushed around, snowed under, wert sad, making a pig of, dis-gusting, worsen, are on ones case, art at, dis-comforts, feels wretched, barging, makes heavy, wert handicapped, dis tressed, drives bananas, wert racked, makes uncomfortable, un-derwent, am tender, do violence, were affected, dis-obliging, giving it to, zinged, are case, walk heavy, burned up, are in offing, wert on one case, dis-concerts, art tenterhooks, ruin, put at risk, hung over, excite, singing blues, gotten on one nerves, art back of, did number on, impose upon, sandbagging, dis-may, carrying torch, under-went, dis satisfied, despotizing, over charged, buffaloing, be-devils, gat on ones nerves, got on ones nerves, de-luges, over feeding, is pins needles, eating away, pour in, bear down on, are imminent, are on pins and needles, beats one's breast, under going, stays the course, being sad, in flamed, loses sleep over, are sore, be brokenhearted, wert one case, upset, play cat and mouse, Experiencing, de luging, be sad, clips wings, took badly, wast sad, carried torch, fore-shadowed, doth number on, gotten nerves, dis oblige, be-sets, be moans, over whelming, Bumming, Dragooned, de-solating, were the back of, stayed course, knocked bottom out of, digs out, doth a number on, play cat mouse, nit picking, drive wall, de-feat, dis please, clipped one wings, dis satisfying, gotten on nerves, wert on one's case, dis-satisfying, ex-cavate, beating breast, Overstocking, under went, over feed, dis-composed, de luges, has a bad time, take it hard, be on the horizon, was tender, kick self, under cut, Hacked, being on one's case, dis obliging, stays course, impose up on, ex-asperated, work hard, imposed upon, be devils, be-moan, nit-picks, being air, were sore, be tender, art wounded, art one's case, allow, dis-comfort, ate one's heart out, agonize, enlarge, are back of, ex-asperates, sit and take it, fatigue, was on tenterhooks, fore shadows, bears down on, wast tender, dis may, wert in air, be wail, art in the air, darken, dis content, am at disadvantage, in-crease, drives up wall, wert the back of, dis tress, gave it to, Devilling, pre sage, dis-commode, is on horizon, dis-commodes, re-pining, were handicapped, oversupplying, dish it out, de-laying, wert on case, hang over, are on case, Freighted, re volts, imprison, galumphed, cries river, pre venting, keened, being brokenhearted, are on horizon, am disadvantage, ate heart out, pokes full of holes, put through wringer, be in air, co wed, de solate, be in offing, cut quick, rammed in, wast pins and needles, Dragooning, eating one heart out, be-moans, wast offing, are dangerous, were back of, grow, were case, wert on back of, took it hard, make heavy, mis treated, was case, boned, sticked to, martyrize, dis-appoints, lament, de-lays, having bad time, fore-shadows, didst a number on, are disadvantage, didst number on, glut, over supplied, art ones case, takes it badly, annoy, dis-mays, clip one's wings, mis-treated, put aboard, dis-concerted, doeth violence, chock, hollowing out, hanging crepe, wast racked, hold, is on ones case, drives the wall, felt wretched, takes badly, co-wing, be on case, getting one's nerves, vex, comminate, afflict, be-wailed, dis-gust, gave no quarter, saddling with, clips ones wings, leaned on, losing sleep over, curdling, wert case, dis-content, are affected, are pins and needles, carry the torch, over-borne, irritate, turning on heat, be gathering, de-press, turning on the heat, baffle, torpedoed, saddled, eat one heart out, in crease, cried a river, fore-bode, waited out, eating one's heart out, fore shadowing, flexed muscles, encumber, gives hard time, over charge, cry a river, lays bad trip on, dis concerting, in flame, Devilled, bog, comminating, heighten, clipping one's wings, being gathering, wert impaired, re pine, wrought hard, beating one breast, went for jugular, lived with, lost sleep over, gotten one nerves, makes a pig of, art handicapped, rode roughshod, pre-venting, being racked, be moaning, am affected, gave a hard time, was air, fore shadowed, cry river, am convulsed, were tender, serrates, be set, carps at, being on the back of, condemn, piling it on, intrude upon, long for, be impaired, Chocked, dis-tress, clipping one wings, wast affected, fore-bodes, piled up, weary, containerizing, heap up, up-set, being on the horizon, intruded up on, sate and take it, get nerves, putting in jeopardy, flex muscles, be-devil, art racked, clipping ones wings, works over, dis-pleases, ex acerbating, over-loads, be one case, wast horizon, wast tenterhooks, gives it to, turn heat, being offing, intensify, are on pins needles, overwhelms, are in the air, raven, was offing, have bad time, beat one breast, eat heart out, be fuddles, playing cat and mouse, gotten on ones nerves, cutting to quick, clipped wings, doeth number on, made it tough for, dis-contenting, are on one's case, am one case, hollow out, turn on the heat, incite, dis-comforted, Saddling, going for jugular, am pins and needles, dis mays, stay course, ride roughshod, wast on one case, art brokenhearted, cuts to the quick, buffaloed, chocks, injure, dig out, increase, be wails, piled it on, putting aboard, wast on the back of, over-bore, are convulsed, clip wings, hits where one lives, cutting the quick, am back of, de press, makes it tough for, in-censed, doing violence, re volt, de lays, puts aboard, dis-pleased, were on horizon, art sore, is one's case, pile up, being on case, over-feeds, grates on, being horizon, hitting where one lives, be the back of, suffer, wast impaired, imposes upon, am offing, getting on one's nerves, dost violence, am in air, wert back of, are in air, made tough for, was tenterhooks, is handicapped, exacerbate, wert one's case, was on pins and needles, cuts the quick, nit picks, being the air, over-charged, got on nerves, in conveniences, dis mayed, intrudes up on, doest violence, saddle, dis-quiets, under mining, wore black, dis concert, is in the air, art in the offing, be affected, hanging over, is pins and needles, are handicapped, agitate, discomfort, de luge, all owing, pushes buttons, piles up, longs for, dis-concerting, dis composes, eats one's heart out, be sore, did violence, re-pine, drave up the wall, wast handicapped, in-flame, putting at risk, in-censing, wert offing, are sad, making heavy, de-feats, be horizon, art affected, mourn, eats away, dis contenting, pushing around, distress, over born, made pig of, over supply, sit take it, wert imminent, de solating, wast pins needles, was on case, over stocks, were dangerous, whacking, ticks off, is affected, wrack up, wert pins and needles, is in air, impeded, are at, getting to, blame, is in the offing, be-fuddles, dis appointed, are on one case, being on tenterhooks, over whelms, martyrizing, drive up wall, harm, are the back of, is one case, be fuddling, sandbag, Over-bearing, am on ones case, am impaired, has bad time, worked hard, threaten, was affected, weighted, be at, is horizon, in censes, being wounded, dis comforts, be-moaning, digged out, sits take it, were on ones case, were on one's case, walked heavy, eats one heart out, was on back of, dis obliges, beat ones breast, over stocking, wearing black, laying bad trip on, carried the torch, giving hard time, are racked, am on tenterhooks, am on one case, wert disadvantage, sticking to, art tender, is offing, are ones case, staid the course, get on one's nerves, topped off, drives up the wall, thumbing nose at, ex-acerbate, had bad time, gat on nerves, dis appoint, drave up wall, over feeds, poked full of holes, complained of, stay, de-luged, carries the torch, stew over, got on one's nerves, de-luge, overfed, dis-quiet, hath bad time, barged, is racked, dis quieted, cumber, stuck it to, be wildering, working over, slowed down, ravens, being at disadvantage, does violence, being case, putting with, re-pines, being in the air, be the air, pre vents, am on one's case, be-setting, get to, Torpedoes, gotten to, give to, dis-composing, give hard time, galumphing, bludgeoned, Martyred, cutting quick, mis-treat, drive up the wall, fore warned, be pins and needles, made threat, in creases, torment, poke full of holes, hanged over, sorrow, de-pressed, is on one's case, took hard, complain of, were on pins needles, nit-picked, was imminent, art gathering, over-whelm, puts jeopardy, over-whelming, takes hard, torture, torturing, drave the wall, getting on one nerves, pile it on, wert in the air, drove the wall, be on one's case, aggravate, eating heart out, poking full holes, laying a bad trip on, be-fuddled, over-charging, rubs salt wound, sings blues, drove up the wall, was wounded, put risk, dis commode, had a bad time, wert brokenhearted, dis-obliged, fore-shadowing, stayed the course, puts in jeopardy, hollowed out, drove up wall, got on one nerves, puts risk, plays cat and mouse, doest number on, are tender, wert tender, get one's nerves, martyrizes, gets on ones nerves, rubbed salt in wound, over whelmed, lacerate, wast on back of, sat take it, in-censes, turn on heat, giving no quarter, up sets, is the offing, laid a bad trip on, sitting and take it, giving to, ex acerbated, weighting, crying a river, playing cat mouse, got one nerves, gat ones nerves, de solated, de-solate, art the back of, kicked self, in undated, wert on horizon, am air, turns on heat, ate away, pressurize, Martyring, am on the back of, dis pleases, be imminent, thumbed nose at, were convulsed, get on one nerves, over-bears, was on the back of, be devilled, slows down, intruded upon, carry torch, hang crepe, was in the air, haddest bad time, hangs over, were ones case, bludgeoning, gat to, be handicapped, despotizes, is at, gives no quarter, be at disadvantage, wring hands, dis-comfits, live with, over charges, Ravened, dis-comfit, brewinging, over loaded, put up with, in cense, am on pins needles, gives to, were disadvantage, up-setting, Overstocked, be tenterhooks, gotten one's nerves, are on back of, be-fuddle, ex cruciate, were on pins and needles, stick it to, was in the offing, containerized, torpedo, were the horizon, living with, singing the blues, be on back of, enhance, de luged, clipped one's wings, sung blues, wast case, is the horizon, were in the air, making tough for, gets to, is on one case, excruciate, rid roughshod, were wounded, de solates, were in air, are on tenterhooks, in-conveniences, be-wail, mis treat, is on tenterhooks, was disadvantage, encumbered, ex acerbate, dis-contented, are horizon, was gathering, under-mined, ex-acerbated, imposing upon, piles it on, ex-cruciate, Despotize, were on tenterhooks, shake fist at, co-wed, does a number on, dis contented, de-lay, whittle away, wast imminent, waits out, am handicapped, be on pins and needles, all-owed, be on tenterhooks, thumb nose at, made uncomfortable, was handicapped, am wounded, sticks it to, sings the blues, cuts to quick, intrude up on, was the horizon, eat one's heart out, showboat, over-bear, engage, having a bad time, Nettles, impair, be-wildered, dis gusting, am on the horizon, over supplies, pre-vents, am at, gat on one nerves, over loading, wert horizon, were one's case, employ, ex asperating, wert in the offing, dis-tresses, dis-appointed, in-flames, buffalo, dost number on, bother, fore bode, dis concerted, ticked off, over-charge, eats heart out, were gathering, art imminent, being in the offing, knocking bottom out of, dis-concert, art disadvantage, wrung hands, over whelm, staying the course, wast air, knocking the bottom out of, turns on the heat, intrudes upon, am the back of, intruding upon, knocked the bottom out of, lay a bad trip on, tops off, dumped on, in-undated, haddest a bad time, drove bananas, be-wilders, Ballasted, Boning, galumphs, were on one case, be pins needles, nit-pick, sweat, got nerves, knocks bottom out of, drave bananas, are impaired, clipped ones wings, being on pins needles, being on one case, driving bananas, being affected, art the horizon, hast bad time, be-devilled, driving the wall, Jagging, are the air, dis gusts, mis-treats, slow down, sing blues, be fuddle, saddled with, keening, feeling wretched, was pins needles, are brokenhearted, leans on, fore-boded, am on pins and needles, wast in the air, de-pressing, knocks the bottom out of, snowing under, complains of, push around, is gathering, wracks up, being dangerous, over-supplying, give no quarter, are gathering, mis treating, sate take it, walks heavy, cries a river, wert the horizon, be-deviling, ate ones heart out, were the air, pre-sage, dis tresses, sing the blues, fore boded, gotten on one's nerves, dis-contents, were in offing, dis maying, in flaming, over bore, showboated, being ones case, being the offing, were in the offing, be offing, was on ones case, were on the horizon, saddles with, over loads, torpedoing, hurt, pressurizing, dis concerts, pouring in, over-load, is air, is disadvantage, wears black, art in offing, pre-vent, dis-tressed, made a pig of, drove wall, making pig of, sharpen, wast on ones case, over-supply, fore-warning, getting on ones nerves, brewinged, is imminent, were air, be-set, being back of, dis appointing, am on case, wast the air, gets on one's nerves, driving up wall, hath a bad time, wast on tenterhooks, wert sore, re-volt, wert gathering, ex asperate, burnt up, sits and take it, dis appoints, dis-oblige, turned on heat, cutting to the quick, was on the horizon, thumbs nose at, wrought over, over bear, flexing muscles, dis obliged, does number on, being one case, was at, gets on one nerves, riding roughshod, be racked, being tender, hits where lives, taking it hard, be wailing, getting one nerves, over-supplied, trouble, sticks it out, feel wretched, being sore, gave to, poked full holes, am pins needles, over-stock, rouse, under cutting, dis-please, dis-comforting, didst violence, under-cutting, shackle, making uncomfortable, rams in, pain, over-loaded, put in jeopardy, were impaired, be case, are one's case, sang the blues, am ones case, being at, hanged crepe, de feat, rub salt wound, lumber, lay bad trip on, slowing down, overborn, be setting, wast in the offing, am on back of, shook fist at, hire, Deviled, pre-sages, was impaired, driving wall, over stock, under mined, is wounded, under-gone, gat one nerves, over-supplies, dis-maying, drave wall, be-deviled, dished it out, be on the back of, over hangs, Massing, whittles away, got ones nerves, hung crepe, imposing up on, am sad, fore bodes, dis comforting, were one case, ex-asperating, were sad, be convulsed, are one case, poured in, were pins needles, be on pins needles, goes for jugular, fore shadow, grated on, was on horizon, Deviling, rubbing salt wound, wert convulsed, are on the back of, subject, hamper, dis-satisfied, art air, despotized, ache, over bears, over-stocked, under-going, be ones case, discourage, in-flamed, was back of, am the offing, dis-obliges, being on pins and needles, dis gust, turning the heat, is sore, being convulsed, gets on nerves, wert air, piles on, de pressing, wast in offing, whacked, wert tenterhooks, Ballasting, embitter, wrings hands, wast disadvantage, be air, under-cuts, saddle with, be fuddled, imposed up on, co wing, trundles, carping at, dis compose, turns heat, beating one's breast, lays a bad trip on, being imminent, was convulsed, hit where lives, being impaired, under-mining, over-stocking, was one's case, whittling away, undermine, looks daggers, working hard, being pins and needles, over-hanging, doing a number on, being in offing, dis-satisfy, be back of, clips one's wings, gat on one's nerves, looked daggers, is at disadvantage, topping off, am tenterhooks, be moaned, wigging, dis-compose, heaping up, was on pins needles, doth violence, leaning on, are the horizon, stuck to, in censed, Buffaloes, wert on the back of, beating ones breast, Preventing, worry, Freighting, in-cense, take badly, overbears, sandbags, make it tough for, sandbagged, up setting, wast at disadvantage, walking heavy, be devilling, putting up with, sang blues, stewing over, stews over, be in the offing, maintain, dis gusted, over-whelms, wast on the horizon, over-whelmed, de-luging, beat one's breast, hinders, do number on, re-pined, shakes fist at, gat one's nerves, be deviled, dis satisfies, push, driving up the wall, Snowed, wringing hands, art convulsed, clip ones wings, making it tough for, lose sleep over, wert pins needles, hadst a bad time, wast dangerous, is convulsed, intruding up on, bare down on, beats ones breast, dis quiet, got one's nerves, was at disadvantage, in-creased, hollows out, rubs salt in wound, beats one breast, pressurized, doest a number on, stewed over, wert on pins and needles, work over, art horizon, pressurizes, be-wailing, nit pick, de lay, being the back of, all-owing, comminated, ate one heart out, was one case, are wounded, was in air, up-sets, rubbed salt wound, were tenterhooks, were pins and needles, plays cat mouse, are the offing, mis treats, get one nerves, over-charges, made heavy, turned on the heat, dis satisfy, Trundled, are tenterhooks, turned heat, sticking it to, dis-quieting, Trundling, wracking up, over charging, hitting where lives, cried river, being handicapped, cut to quick, dis-gusted, wast on one's case, in-convenience, fore warns, Chocking, were imminent, ex asperates, in flames, being in air, carrying the torch, am horizon, pre vent, ex cavate, be-wilder, carp at, is on pins and needles, get ones nerves, getting nerves, restrain, trundle, are pins needles, is the air, be deviling, gotten ones nerves, is on back of, is the back of, art the air, clipping wings, taking it badly, over stocked, over-loading, de-solated, over supplying, heaped up, ravening, showboats, shaking fist at, leant on, got to, overfeed, being on back of, am the air, dishing it out, dis quieting, brewings, sung the blues, getting ones nerves, am case, is tender, carries torch, be wounded, be-moaned, wracked up, wast on pins needles, art pins and needles, pre sages, wert at disadvantage, is impaired, look daggers, re-volts, looking daggers, de feats, dis-appointing, sticks to, bearing down on, wert at, makes threat, beat breast, overbore, over bearing, wast wounded, pours in, be-fuddling, ex-acerbating, is on pins needles, eat ones heart out, dumps on, burden, grieve, dis-quieted, de-presses, implement, hast a bad time, beats breast, art in air, dis-gusts, wait out, dis composed, dis contents, Discontenting, poking full of holes, am imminent, rubbing salt in wound, be wilder, being the horizon, wast at, grating on, wert the offing, ticking off, dis-pleasing, piled on, provoke, flexes muscles, load, worked over, wast one case, ex-asperate, wast convulsed, fore boding, nit-picking, fore-warns, hit where one lives, augment, dragoons, give it to, bore down on, burn up, wast the horizon, anguished, digging out, stick to, tick off, over-born, oversupplied, fore-boding, eating ones heart out, hadst bad time, dis pleased, are at disadvantage, be moan, was on one's case, be the offing, taking badly, de-solates, was the back of, detain, bully, dis composing, keep, dis comfit, be on horizon, be in the air, be devil, be-devilling, being one's case, weigh down, martyrized, doeth a number on, comminates, being tenterhooks, am sore, over-stocks, gets one nerves, wast on pins and needles, be-wails, all owed, dis-appoint, art impaired, de pressed, doing number on, pre-vented, am dangerous, be one's case, be disadvantage, dis comfort, drives wall, magnify, ramming in, art sad, fore-warn, rides roughshod.