Pronunciation of Plea
/plˈiː/, /plˈiː/, /p_l_ˈiː/

Usage examples for plea

  1. So shall I have plea, love, Is thy heart andbreath Clinging still to thee, love, In the doom of death. – Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor by R. D. Blackmore
  2. " Indeed it is very kind in you," said Ermine, fully feeling the force of the plea expressed in the winning young face and gentle eyes full of tears. – The Clever Woman of the Family by Charlotte M. Yonge
  3. We had happened upon him in one of his resting periods, but as soon as Hubbard had pinned him down to an agreement he put in an immediate plea for money. – The Lure of the Labrador Wild by Dillon Wallace

Idioms for plea

  1. cop a plea

Rhymes for plea

  • disagree, g, rb, tree, appointee, chablis, mea, ged, v, tee, louie, cc, detainee, flee, lxi, quay, bea, degree, p, ee, mc, smee, si, je, chea, internee, guarani, nestle, jessee, bui, repartee, andree, honoree, marquis, dupree, mt, atp, markee, guarantee, ye, yee, resignee, free, bee, ski, potpourri, shri, esprit, indri, njt, leigh, draftee, rosemarie, d, trustee, key, gutsy, qi, sep, sheree, me, de, she, xie, pri, undersea, pea, marquee, cyb, wee, vendee, rosalee, marie, tea, nic, dsv, whoopee, henri, ddt, dee, mee, thi, tyree, ot, sci, sie, knee, ve, waikiki, sea, designee, lsd, emcee, valoree, yi, flea, mcgee, b, ranee, cat-3, sightsee, fop, dea, tennessee, retiree, nee, foresee, bbc, ti, re, glee, ghee, snee, pattee, the, parolee, ab, bibi, oad, franchisee, brie, conferee, ravi, thierry, tenn, jee, nghi, jaycee, cd, escapee, chee, referee, fi, nie, inductee, c, pawnee, klee, mme, c3, goatee, lp, brea, we, mi, yippee, he, hee, se, gyi, eap, sri, capri, see, t, vee, three, cod, rupee, crea, lavie, xi, spree, odp, li, vi, bourgeoisie, tv, kyi, guaranty, enlistee, cree, spie, curie, sze, banshee, loree, qui, dundee, ji, kee, be, devotee, magee, musee, yie, pree, jubilee, nominee, ze, trainee, te, ki, shi, bt, mit, kea, ib, id, cxc, debris, z, enrollee, slee, lea, syp, ofc, fsi, thee, blea, zea, yangtze, fee, lee, deportee, mcghee, decree, ne, lessee, jie, m3, zee, licensee, khe, prix, bree, oversea, cie, mpg, quai, ip, nabil, ree, tse, rea, apc, gee, cac;
  • agree, albee, abee, ac, adee, achee, alee;
  • addressee, adoptee, adoree, absentee, abt, amc, amputee;
  • irit, hnat, knbc, geac, interviewee, lapd;
  • awb;