Pronunciation of Cover
/kˈʌvə/, /kˈʌvə/, /k_ˈʌ_v_ə/

Antonyms for cover

counter-signing, aggression, gets through, told on, being bottom of, searching high and low, dropped a note, come out of closet, confession, passed the word, quoted chapter verse, get down brass tacks, un earthing, un-creasing, talk ones leg off, is in touch, dis possessed, re moved, intro-duce, being at the bottom of, de-pressing, hide, showed one face, broke into, throw wide, dealt in, re-presented, blurted out, un winds, poking in to, Parleyed, dis-placed, ran on, unbolting, scoop out, de predate, pro-claiming, gets on a soapbox, uncover, be-speaking, de-mobilized, re-corded, be speaks, individuates, re minds, re-proved, deal in, make a scene, un latched, Concaved, smoke out, Spading, re-presents, exhibit, giving the low down, puts harm's way, un curled, communicate, Palavered, be tokens, popped off, interface, took from, in-criminated, bring out in to the open, un roll, pro claimed, with drew, fork out, gets a soapbox, re-turning, give a ring, re solve, end angering, started the ball rolling, talk, set out, pop off, puts harms way, in sinuated, charges with, unbolted, lets out, dis-banded, un-earthed, de-creases, goes in quest of, dis-member, de-nudes, do the honors, de livery, getting on a soapbox, un done, shakes out, fanned it, be-reaved, de-classify, de-cipher, didst the honors, art close to, blazon, arm-twisting, parade, in-sinuating, drawing a picture, dis-carded, making knowns, de-tail, dis assembled, putting the arm on, gave ring, getting down brass tacks, un cloaked, gets soapbox for, pro viding, de-pressed, begins business, uncreases, ex pound, an acts, pre-sent, personizes, flashing about, re-solve, tipped hand, root out, de ciphering, doff, smell out, dis-entangling, be-tokening, de-bunk, Hulling, dis robe, gets on horn, warm oneself, let fall, in grain, throwing weight around, un-pack, brought out in to open, de claiming, gave an introduction, put in harms way, put view, dis close, with held, de-classified, Mouthed, in-sinuate, dost honors, shoots mouth, showed and tell, holed, interfaces, de rived, gat out of, ballyhooing, set on, un wind, dig up, Incarnating, break, de scribing, Weltering, air, wast the bottom of, de scribed, flap ones tongue, beat bushes, de stroys, desquamated, searches high and low, ex-acting, acknowledge, be-tokened, up-rooting, earfuls, Slivering, re corded, de nude, de solated, dis-assemble, dis organized, sees light, chase after, in-formation, de predates, inside story, striking as, notify, dis-arms, wise to, in-validating, re-vile, marks off, de-note, dis-ordering, gunning for, pro positioned, letting cat out of the bag, un closing, get down to brass tacks, un bends, in-scribing, re-minding, inter-faces, putting harm's way, dis-mounts, denudates, uncloaking, look like, re-citation, passed on, lines up, dis qualifies, de-spoiling, un buttons, fine tooth comb, de-ciphered, waving around, looked high and low, going public, go over with a fine tooth comb, dis-organizes, hotdog, ringed in, de activated, husking, scooped out, de militarize, un tying, in forming, heisting, de nudes, broke the news, being in touch, re veal, dis patches, de classifying, ex-posing, beset, calls forth, gave evidence, un wound, peel, unbarring, re cords, un-burying, Disported, tip one hand, circularizing, un-fastening, go in to, show one face, end angered, was a sign of, denudation, inter-course, opens to view, guns for, unlatched, re-minded, un attired, Allegorizing, circularize, being sign of, put harm's way, struck as, in flame, part out, be at bottom of, letted all hang out, fine-tooth-combing, tell on, in-stances, am visible, counter signs, re-counts, Perilling, lets cat out of the bag, unroll, announce, de spoiling, dis-mount, pre-pare, de cry, dis place, un latching, waved around, going into details, be close to, un-shutting, makes the scene, gotten soapbox, sprung on, dis plays, in capacitates, set apart, de claim, in-flamed, in-tend, letting out, is bottom of, Re-turn, dis-possessed, gat through, de-press, ex-foliates, de-rive, pointed up, opened view, giving low-down, un arming, lightning bolts, up-braid, re searching, hotdogged, dis-interring, dis organize, drops line, spieling, poke into, dis inherits, dis closures, coming strong, de-lineate, tips ones hand, de note, dis possesses, Tendered, derived pleasure, set forth, de bunks, mark off, unstopping, ex-tend, unbars, dis-card, comes on strong, inter course, dropping a line, Cabled, waves around, re turn, showed face, in-stance, rolling out, makes a scene, de mobilize, sic, airings, am shown, got out of system, cough up, un doing, de-bunked, in-spect, made the scene, sets out, inter acting, warmed oneself, un-corked, smoking out, showcased, evidence, pro-viding, ex-tends, demilitarizing, search high heaven, set shop, kept touch, un buried, dis-entangle, defalcate, Sunned, de-predating, gave call, demilitarized, end-angering, de solating, in flaming, fan it, re probate, pointing up, out spreading, showcases, knock down, de-crease, mark down, shows tell, in formation, took pleasure, un clothe, un-clothes, subscribe to, put in appearance, de-scribe, Ventriloquized, in-sinuates, Ostend, am bottom of, un-coil, out stretches, shuck, individuated, disclosings, dis-closure, shows and tell, barings, parts out, de-populating, go over with fine tooth comb, lets be known, be in touch, be stowed, burrow, re presenting, undresses, result in, comes apart, gets on soapbox for, de claimed, gets down to brass tacks, counter signing, be trays, giving rise to, deescalated, trans missions, pointed to, doth the honors, put forward, wast close to, signify, dis robed, Skiving, un bolting, re-plied, counter-sign, in scribes, re searched, ex-plained, un-bosoming, dis play, reality, divesting oneself, opening out, bringing view, re-aching, letting all hang out, dis possess, brings view, pre pare, letted slip, dug up, re-move, be reaves, dropt a line, making bare, made plain, opened up, de bunked, reify, set motion, un coiled, gives a call, communiques, throws weight around, unrigging, drops a note, de pressed, de-picts, marches in review, popping off, re-cognizing, tell, putting cards on table, making a scene, line up, letted hair down, re-cords, hypostatizing, shake out, taking task, beginning business, dis-possessing, talks leg off, re proves, Unbosoming, dis-inheriting, re-leases, uncoverings, pro-positioning, looking for, Emblematizing, dropped note, Trenching, going over with a fine-tooth comb, ex-posed, de-escalates, make noise, dig out, sets up shop, denunciating, personalize, gat out system, ex hume, inter act, fore telling, blurting out, puts harm way, subscribing to, looked for, un-wrapped, in-cited, un folding, de laminate, be tokened, fine-tooth-combs, hitting on, looked like, brought out into open, un tied, detect, flapped ones tongue, sowed seeds, un-latches, come with, un-latch, de clares, brought to view, re presentations, info, un-roll, talk one's leg off, be spoken, point to, Catting, stretch out, in cites, letted cat out of the bag, pre sent, un-shrouds, take out, take to pieces, was close to, fine tooth combing, dismantle, for show, flapping one's tongue, un barred, gives evidence, up holds, in capacitating, puts in harm way, went over with a fine tooth comb, un bar, talking leg off, fire up, grand stands, re searches, re-cord, un covered, shot mouth, making known, make vulnerable, be-spoken, copping, charged with, de clare, showed one's face, make a pitch, digging down, hollowing out, descriptioned, pro duces, Unstop, hollowed out, be-ginning, in-corporate, dis entangles, un fastening, start ball rolling, dis ported, pressing agent, inter communications, ex-plains, re-hearses, began business, de populates, marched in review, Prattled, de cipher, dis-armed, de ciphered, in form, gets down brass tacks, giving the low-down, uncork, in validating, be bottom of, dis-robes, disarrayed, leaving no stone unturned, catches on, being at bottom of, being touch, hanged something on, thinking up, taking comfort, came out of closet, whips out, gave low down, stay, gat out of system, dis-mantled, poked in to, un latches, dis coursing, brake into, kickoffed, untwisting, personized, dis members, proclaim, un-blocked, forked out, making pitch, re capitulating, tears off, flaps one's tongue, divide, being shown, making evident, dis mantling, circularized, pro-vide, gotten on horn, assail, divulgence, sounds off, art shown, putting appearance, doest honors, un-rolls, dis ordering, ex pressing, brake down, being near, un-packing, letted it all hang out, un-fastened, flap one's tongue, arm twists, in-quires, de-noted, goes in to details, takes task, comes strong, dis ordered, re-solves, re-lated, art the bottom of, de-scribes, inter faced, Unclose, re cited, blurts out, un-winding, springs on, gives voice to, went over with fine tooth comb, ferret, Denunciate, poked into, come strong, take pleasure, pro-mote, de riving, drops hint, talked into, unbarred, spread out, tore off, dis member, hyping, de stroying, leading to, makes available, divulgings, un-mask, dis-organized, dis-ported, un-seal, re-probate, de-predated, pro-motes, dis carded, ratted on, un latch, figure out, Bankrupted, de solate, un-folds, Personize, brings out in to open, bring out into open, dis placing, coughing up, doping out, begin business, swam in, putting muscle on, un dressed, puts view, in-quired, un cover, having confidence of, forking out, un bolts, suppress, passing word, re citing, trans-mission, uncurled, throw weight around, with holds, putting harm way, rummage, re-solving, digged out, concretized, does honors, searching high low, communed with, re-presenting, get the horn, Cabling, un-earth, dis-qualifies, un-stopping, re hearses, un-furled, dis-inherited, inveigh against, got through, getting soapbox for, put in to words, un rolls, breaks in to, wert a sign of, give a call, are touch, de lineate, point up, relaxes, uncreasing, unbar, smelling around, dis-assembles, be-stowed, denudations, re plying, un twist, got horn, gets on soapbox, de-creased, Unbury, dis assembles, dis interring, under mined, keeping in touch, dis-membered, in-tends, un-masked, de-militarized, dis-carding, out spreads, art at the bottom of, showboats, re-ported, Unlatching, de fraud, re-veal, let cat out bag, injure, lets cat out of bag, frame-up, de-solates, unbosomings, un-attire, stooled, bespeak, ex foliating, smacked with, up-holds, tele phoning, arrayals, de-lineated, charging with, concretizing, array, got out system, re-citations, hot story, dis-order, unbended, give out, un-cloaking, un-fold, inveighed against, Weltered, go in to details, dis cards, ventriloquizes, sub-dues, in sinuates, de-stroys, shaking out, de activate, am at the bottom of, tare off, de crying, pipelines, let go, blow whistle, de-fended, Concaving, grand standing, came out closet, re-moving, did honors, dis played, de creased, de-cry, wast bottom of, shakes down, put on the map, dis bands, reflect, de-claims, neglect, de-frauds, charge with, un shutting, un locked, lets it hang out, ostends, sprang on, went over with a fine-tooth comb, re duce, in-tone, runs on, fly specked, turning upside down, dis closes, un closes, bringing home, leaved no stone unturned, un winding, dis-plays, de-solating, dis-robed, un-fasten, puts into words, un shrouds, catalogging, strong arm, de-falcate, inter-change, lining up, flash about, express, didst honors, break the news, un-creases, de creases, staking out, re-marked, re counts, leaving open, wert near, inter face, un burying, putting cards table, denudate, call forth, out-stretches, in corporate, drops a hint, leave no stone unturned, get on soapbox, laid bare, sows seeds, un-bended, dropt note, adumbrations, un folded, associate with, commenting on, puts appearance, offensive, lay bare, keep in touch, de claims, pro scribe, revelation, dis arraying, un covers, dis mantles, un drest, pre-sents, do honors, get on a soapbox, un bend, made a scene, break down, Emblematized, untwist, figures out, rooted out, in-graining, communes with, de falcated, beat drum for, circumstantiates, ex plicating, flash, sticks up, evoked, flapped one's tongue, putting on the map, go quest of, doped out, de scribes, re-capitulates, un-bosomed, demonstrate, de-ciphers, un-masks, let out, give low down, dis mounts, give introduction, ex ample, de tail, fly specking, manifestation, tumbling in to, are at bottom of, de squamate, look high low, de-bunking, setting apart, be-reaves, de-laminates, burgles, takes from, un-bury, inter-acting, dis-arranged, dis mounting, un-dress, ballyhooed, busts in, out-stretch, conceal, shows face, inveighing against, in tend, gives low-down, makes noise, in tones, strongarm, re-presentations, in cite, told all, Re-search, digs down, getting out of system, be gun, roots out, gapped, ex-corticate, un-shrouded, shelling, took pieces, getting on horn, counter-signed, un-maskings, Ferreted, personizing, advertise, smoked out, pipeline, were at bottom of, am the bottom of, fanning it, drop note, de tailing, Defalcating, de-mobilizing, un bosom, go over with a finetooth comb, subscribes to, sunbathing, un button, fore-telling, un block, sowing seeds, talked leg off, un shroud, get out of, gives rise to, separate, dis-patches, drops a line, talked one leg off, recognize, rifle through, digs out, coughs up, re capitulates, de noted, derives pleasure, un did, hitting up on, dis organizes, out-spreads, bravuras, exclude, art sign of, kept in touch, dis-orders, dis-arrays, in-cite, sow the seeds, lays open, dis qualified, un-did, make the scene, put across, denudating, uncloses, letting fall, stooling, ex press, rolled out, looking high and low, makes vulnerable, Ratted, give low-down, in spect, de-nude, dis-playing, slicing thin, dis qualify, put an act, were visible, make scene, show tell, re counted, plundered, breaking down, un locks, draws a picture, gotten horn, un bosomed, defenselessnesses, up holding, deescalate, dimed, communique, sweats details, de-notes, go in, de-scribed, fans it, show face, re-cognized, denounce, de-liveries, arrayal, keeps in touch, un clothed, de-solate, dis-closures, dis-closed, gets the horn, making scene, letting slip, in quires, deescalates, in-quire, un-coiled, ratting on, bringing out into the open, opens view, dropt a hint, dis-closing, dis robing, Slivered, up-roots, be reaved, stretched out, Copped, goes over with finetooth comb, in corporates, de-presses, un-button, casts about, Disarraying, Parleying, confess, grubbed up, scooping out, give the low down, dredged up, start the ball rolling, setting in motion, re veals, be-tray, unstops, un twisting, fore-told, get through, draw a picture, giving the lowdown, un blocks, re search, be at the bottom of, reels out, un-lock, hard sold, sweating details, pressed agent, de-fending, unshrouding, opens up, spreads out, un-bolt, makes a pitch, giving low down, un-latched, hollows out, comments on, with-held, tells all, dis covering, embody, stiffed, Ventriloquizing, un-folded, endanger, gat down brass tacks, out-spreading, un-loading, re-hearse, letted hang out, keep touch, wises to, slipped out of, threw wide, un rigged, uncorked, wising up to, tip one's hand, tumbled in to, in-tending, put appearance, brings out into open, letted cat out of bag, went public, dis-play, dis-array, swimming in, correspondings, de-fends, dis-mantling, made a pitch, coming out the closet, outspreads, un-ravels, writes, wave around, in validate, pro claims, making plain, rifles through, ringing up, tearing off, brake news, dropt a note, puts muscle on, re-porting, brings out in to the open, wast in touch, un-buttoned, dropped hint, in-criminating, display, dis arrayed, get on the horn, pro spects, uncurls, pro-moting, taking to pieces, making available, smells around, be spoke, come on strong, dis card, de scribe, wert bottom of, eye-openers, associating with, slipt out of, smelled around, dropt hint, passing on, bereave, art near, pre-paring, gat horn, pre pared, grandstand plays, un wrap, lets cat out the bag, dropping note, letting hair down, bathe, dis-interred, un curl, un-wrap, in-capacitating, kicking off, de-escalated, dis-closings, flaps ones tongue, dis-possess, sub dues, taking it off, spill beans, parades wares, see light, in-tended, re porting, disinter, keeping touch, spreading around, establishes contact, are the bottom of, un-curls, inter-facing, were in touch, susceptivenesses, de mobilizing, pro-duces, with hold, gets out system, un attiring, shingling, de spoils, ex corticated, uncoiled, were close to, lets hair down, un seal, Trenched, get out system, in-validate, dis-bands, eyeopener, be stow, put aside, is close to, reifies, gotten out system, de activating, Subjected, brake the news, gets soapbox, ex-pressing, puts in harm's way, shaking down, slipped off, ex foliate, doing honors, shingles, burgle, expo, looks like, arm-twists, search high low, paraded wares, derive pleasure, shows one face, setting shop, lowdown, dis-covering, Shingled, starting ball rolling, be-spake, take comfort, talked one's leg off, un-bolted, sunbathed, art visible, came out of the closet, re-cited, ex-positions, unveilings, presses agent, is at the bottom of, pro-bed, shake down, leave open, de-ciphering, re counting, un does, argue, gat soapbox, drew a picture, dis-played, propound, nosed out, arm-twist, be-reft, digging up, ex-pound, broke in to, giving a call, getting soapbox, lay out, be touch, excorticated, fess, make clear, letting hang out, be-token, make pitch, take from, out-stretching, un shrouded, breaks into, in-toned, de notes, busting in, ex tends, dis-qualifying, letting be known, comes out the closet, flap tongue, tele-phoned, skinnies, be speaking, inter changes, comment on, un-attired, with-holds, chasing after, bringing forth, enunciate, owns up, un curls, art at bottom of, marks down, spring on, de-rived, pro-scribed, un-bolts, gat a soapbox, blew in, de-classifying, un-locks, de-solated, de tails, chases after, going in quest of, dug down, de-laminated, rings up, opening view, surrender, dis-assembled, un-clothing, de-activated, Unrig, dis porting, be speak, un veils, fine-tooth-combed, in-formations, de fended, ostended, dis-inherit, in validates, pro-fesses, am sign of, ex torts, got out of, de-noting, un-barred, reeled out, de-clare, de-predate, dis inherit, ex acting, divests oneself, dost the honors, puts arm on, goes into details, wast shown, giveaway, searched high low, un-corks, un-loads, made known, ex plicated, looking over, is the bottom of, hang something on, gat on horn, uncurling, stumbled on, cop plea, meet with, soliloquizes, showing one's face, wast sign of, dope out, putting in appearance, de presses, goes public, un cloaks, intro-duces, un-veil, inter-act, be shown, de ciphers, let cat out of bag, re mark, were shown, hung something on, dis-organizing, unearth, fires up, un-doing, talking one's leg off, looks over, re-capitulate, in-spects, dis robes, warms oneself, hitting upon, unattired, rifled through, gat things rolling, put arm on, dis-arranging, stretches out, goes quest of, shave, flapping ones tongue, de fend, putting on map, de-pict, hunt for, letted it hang out, points to, endorse, takes to task, un covering, ex plaining, intro duce, un-crease, made available, open view, in criminating, dis-robing, unbend, parade wares, tipping one's hand, Defalcated, Emblaze, dis course, fore tell, got soapbox for, bring home, opening to view, knocking down, end-anger, getting down to brass tacks, lose, de solates, frameups, run on, de-squamate, tell all, de frauds, hotdogging, tips hand, talks in to, breaks down, be-stows, sweat details, in-toning, illume, rang in, Soliloquizing, un-bars, grub up, in-criminates, unarm, ex plicates, takes to pieces, re move, reject, de laminated, un fasten, de-spoil, un-ravelling, came on strong, uncloak, outspread, marched review, intro duces, convey, revealings, in-forms, in-dict, de populate, de-crying, resulted in, struts stuff, are at the bottom of, re-lax, realize, gives the low down, give the low-down, ex-press, drop line, gave voice to, un close, de escalate, ex-cavate, stumbling on, dis-inherits, pro-spects, are visible, marching in review, come apart, de rives, un-rolling, bring out in to open, beating about, smokes out, flaunt, dis assemble, asservated, rolls out, de escalated, gives a ring, fink on, in quire, leads to, strutted stuff, gives the low-down, strut stuff, slipt off, de-claim, puts cards table, up roots, de-activating, Translatings, be tray, talkings, dis-qualify, un bosoming, uncloaks, associates with, un bending, soft selling, Hoed, bravure, dropped a hint, de mobilized, ex tort, laying bare, showing and tell, arm twisting, pro vide, a scenes, making publics, see, un dressing, grand-stands, art touch, dis organizing, digging out, in stances, hypostatized, interfaced, un rig, ex-acted, commented on, de populating, fissured, re-cites, puts across, un earthed, un-cover, illuminate, shouts out, avow, up-rooted, swims in, tumble in to, dis-ordered, un clothes, uncurl, adumbration, under mining, went quest of, un-twisted, pro fesses, opens out, out-stretched, dis-covered, toasted oneself, get out of system, are bottom of, in spects, showing one face, Sunning, un coils, be reft, threw weight around, dis-mounted, dig down, finked on, de stroy, toast oneself, lets hang out, un-wrapping, de-riving, got down to brass tacks, give the lowdown, de-populated, sweated details, springing on, slip out of, un-buttoning, putting map, stakes out, pro-vided, bringing out in to the open, inter-courses, is sign of, untwists, un-tied, de-mobilizes, lets all hang out, uncloaked, figured out, harm, skive, was shown, un packs, inter-acted, dis banded, dredging up, rats on, in sinuating, re-plying, lets cat out bag, un bent, dis mounted, de-stroy, tumbling into, de-falcated, searching high heaven, fanning out, un-dresses, sound off, flapped tongue, delaminated, put harms way, subscribed to, un-blocking, lets slip, sounding off, de-militarize, flay, un-shut, dis membered, bodied forth, re marks, unbosom, dopes out, leave alone, the latests, beat about, sets apart, coming apart, associated with, ex posing, is visible, re velation, pro positioning, un load, desquamates, in flames, pre-tensions, got things rolling, meets with, marked down, un ravelled, art bottom of, fly specks, invade, strike as, dis-closes, dis-cards, the latest, Allegorized, pass word, pro-claims, de-escalating, de-spoils, un-furling, dis-banding, making noise, in scribe, deals in, were at the bottom of, unattiring, dis-assembling, came apart, let all hang out, de spoil, lets it all hang out, smacks with, blow by blow, dis-semination, un fastened, spreads it around, ex foliated, dis arranges, latests, look over, de-corticated, letted it be known, depopulated, doth honors, fail, un clad, un earths, ex corticate, in tone, counter signed, testifying to, show one's face, sub-due, un-covering, fore shadowings, unarms, ex tend, de noting, brake in to, give an introduction, un-barring, in-criminate, disrobe, tipping off, in flamed, pro scribes, re-turns, letted fall, in-corporates, ex tract, putting in harm's way, makes public, ex-plicated, disregard, inter communication, re duces, telling on, re solves, be-speaks, promulgate, inter-face, breaks the news, uncorks, un furled, brought view, made bare, irradiate, open, ex tended, leaves no stone unturned, Unshroud, defenselessness, re-probated, un crease, be-tokens, attest, re cites, dropt line, dropping a hint, Periling, de-stroying, dis arrays, in validated, were a sign of, hunts for, de militarized, ex-tracts, un creased, breaking into, Barbering, opened to view, talk leg off, getting out of, with-drew, pro-positions, getting things rolling, puts cards on table, ex cavate, bust in, quarrying, am close to, prevail up on, let it all hang out, coughed up, makes known, sets forth, ostending, come out closet, re-velations, leaved open, concede, goes over with fine tooth comb, dis-course, armtwisting, un furling, dropped a line, owning ups, re moving, let be known, sunbathes, ex planation, un attire, tip ones hand, re-proves, be reaving, un shrouding, gives low down, puts on view, pro-positioned, cast about, de-populate, throws wide, break in to, un-twist, rinded, reified, shoot off mouth, gotten on soapbox, pre paring, Winked, quote chapter and verse, searched high heaven, de pressing, certify, saw the light, getting through, sees the light, limelighted, de-classifies, demilitarizes, look for, dis inherited, puts the arm on, spreading it around, sunbathe, being close to, un pack, bringing out into open, de classified, blowing in, de populated, owned up, shouting out, warming oneself, de militarizing, declare, up rooting, looked over, laying opens, showing face, re-marking, skives, all-owing, slice thin, hoes, gat the horn, tipping ones hand, quotes chapter and verse, an act, left open, are in touch, draws picture, armtwisted, un-fastens, noses out, break ice, make known, have confidence of, disclose, tele-phone, came out the closet, took to pieces, dis possessing, up-held, elicit, ex-pose, taking to task, got on soapbox, wert sign of, un-bosoms, de creasing, was sign of, in tends, are close to, am a sign of, tele phoned, pro position, un-masking, undress, turning inside out, owning up, in-duces, un ravels, re-counting, showcase, take it off, asservate, un-rigs, re-velation, all owed, ex-tended, giving evidence, gives call, besiege, de rive, bringing to view, quoting chapter and verse, brings out into the open, dis-entangled, sets in motion, un-bends, make evident, letting it be known, show, dis entangling, re presentation, notifyings, is touch, ringed up, talks one leg off, in sinuate, Ferrets, dis-arming, being the bottom of, end angers, got on soapbox for, took to task, un veilings, open to view, throwing wide, un-loaded, inter-faced, un-attiring, de tailed, strip, giving introduction, un-tying, lead to, un-buried, pass the word, un corked, gave the low-down, un bars, dis patch, de-creasing, raise curtain, unshrouded, ex pounded, giving an introduction, gotten out of system, de-laminate, ex-torts, interfacing, worthlesses, hurt, making vulnerable, un-attires, gives introduction, gat on the horn, manifest, danger, un-curling, Subjecting, talks ones leg off, showing ones face, putting into words, out spread, firing up, re-veals, quoting chapter verse, ex-foliate, broke down, un-buttons, forks out, hypostatizes, march review, made liable, be near, un rigs, ex-pounded, thinks up, reach out, letting cat out of bag, desquamating, fly speck, tele phone, gat soapbox for, un coiling, uncreased, called forth, Quarried, unburied, exemplify, dis semination, re citation, de-populates, ex posed, dropping a note, ex-foliating, letting it hang out, up-root, puts in to words, dis armed, eighty six, think up, setting up shop, un sealed, coming out of closet, showcasing, kickoffing, un-clothed, re-leased, dis-courses, re-lease, tip off, comes out of the closet, give call, blow in, gotten things rolling, Individuating, un wrapped, looks high and low, gun for, in-flame, slipping off, hadst confidence of, un-creased, put act, re-searched, un stop, brought home, was near, re turns, betray, went over with finetooth comb, EXPOS, soft sold, de-clares, communication, armtwists, un shuts, made noise, soliloquize, open out, un-drest, puts forward, fore-shadowing, sub due, Reprobated, doeth honors, counter-signs, gotten out of, un wrapping, de escalating, slips off, toasts oneself, talks into, be the bottom of, drop a note, dis interred, excorticates, pass on, brought forth, ex tending, re cognizes, un-bar, wert touch, kick off, incarnates, with-hold, de-tails, prattling, points up, set up shop, dis order, concretizes, deprive, un-arms, Circumstantiated, wised to, break into, pro duce, rang up, ring in, arm twisted, strikes as, dis band, be-trays, despoil, un-packs, un veiled, unbosoms, un-armed, concaves, ex-plaining, re-capitulated, calling forth, de-mobilize, un-stop, register, digs up, Husked, knocked down, goes over with a fine tooth comb, does the honors, turn inside out, looking high low, dis-qualified, Ventriloquize, un masks, seeing light, hit up on, in duce, DIMES, de falcate, put muscle on, fore shadowing, in formations, reaching out, un stopped, search high and low, up held, re citations, de press, shouted out, dis-robe, ex-plicate, end-angers, de-scribing, de picts, re vile, worthlessing, lay open, quotes chapter verse, casting about, ringing in, dis playing, dis banding, re-marks, un bolt, flashed about, de corticate, dig, comes out closet, breaks news, unveiled, inter courses, be-reave, tellings, flashes about, concretize, re lax, were bottom of, un veiling, set upon, dis arming, hits on, un-closes, un-arming, ring up, up-holding, un coil, un-does, root, re cognize, denunciates, burgled, did the honors, get soapbox for, excoriate, knocks down, un-coils, dis-seminations, un-bolting, forget, unlatches, unburying, going over with fine-tooth comb, be-stowing, tenders, coming out closet, dis-entangles, sowed the seeds, un-rigged, made scene, be tokening, breaking the news, letted out, Planing, giving ring, sticked up, dis-mounting, un corking, un closed, un-stopped, de-spoiled, wast visible, give voice to, pro moting, gave the lowdown, with drawing, getting horn, dealing in, Re-present, dis-mantle, excavate, de-fraud, divest oneself, dis arrange, offense, scrape, doest the honors, burgling, unmask, strutting stuff, interact, divulgences, detail, whipping out, inter-communication, tumbled into, sticking up, de corticated, de laminating, un-close, de cried, un attires, wast a sign of, un-cloaks, put the map, re-solved, worthlessed, uncoils, putting on view, re cording, de bunk, haddest confidence of, be visible, put cards on table, dis coursed, un dress, made clear, un packing, Unshut, spreads around, intimate, up root, pre tensions, dis orders, went in quest of, see the light, blow by blows, putting forward, demilitarize, in-forming, marches review, Bravura, de-tailing, in-flames, toasting oneself, makes liable, un-veiled, excorticating, taking pieces, gotten through, allegorize, putting across, un-wound, pointing to, shoot mouth, fore tells, re presents, sets motion, going over with a finetooth comb, de lineated, un-ravel, in tending, un-closed, catted, keeps touch, letting cat out the bag, de activates, un corks, reel out, flap one tongue, fan out, put on view, desquamate, whipt out, finking on, in quiring, saw light, makes plain, making a pitch, dis-covers, bodies forth, doing the honors, looks for, got the horn, turns upside down, abandon, flapped one tongue, dis-arranges, re minding, laid open, went in to details, giving call, de-fend, grubbing up, uncovering, de predated, de-activate, dis-coursing, come out of the closet, un-veils, re-duce, highlighting, unburies, be-reaving, pro scribed, be-stow, took comfort, re probating, delaminates, uncoil, are a sign of, de cries, un-dressed, un fold, tele phones, fine tooth combed, pro claiming, uncorking, dropping hint, un bended, pro bed, be token, come out the closet, un seals, dis mantled, go into details, dis closure, drop a hint, un rigging, ex-ample, talking in to, were sign of, grand stand, expose, look high and low, un masked, un-curl, blurt out, smelled out, in-validated, be-gun, draw picture, dis closings, turned upside down, slipping out of, de-claimed, wast at the bottom of, de militarizes, puts map, un mask, slices thin, gotten soapbox for, setting forth, talk into, ex-plicating, re-moves, Palavering, catching on, susceptiveness, Hoeing, parted out, ex-pounding, wert in touch, unclothe, make public, Emblematize, un-buries, un loads, Incarnated, in criminates, de stroyed, left no stone unturned, un ravelling, de-activates, pro scribing, be sign of, take to task, coming on strong, asservating, un-latching, let hang out, de-laminating, giving a ring, uncoiling, are sign of, un lock, quested, art a sign of, de laminates, unshutted, pro fess, takes comfort, dis qualifying, un arms, rinding, unarming, deescalating, pre-pared, dis-placing, epiphanies, uncrease, dredges up, drop hint, up hold, hotdogs, re late, delaminating, Worded, stiffs, set in motion, dis-porting, unwrap, foreshadowings, re-cording, wast near, go over with a fine-tooth comb, earful, divulge, beats about, ex pounding, illustrate, establish contact, un-dressing, look, in toning, un raveled, up braided, out stretching, un-coverings, rooting out, find out, ex-tending, am at bottom of, un sealing, passing the word, in-scribes, outspreading, parading wares, assentings, re cognizing, un twists, circulate, commune with, de-bunks, be-speak, hit on, take task, rob, Periled, made public, raise, tumbles in to, inter-changes, go over with fine-tooth comb, develop, break news, bodied, un-corking, dis-mantles, tips one hand, re-probates, re presented, Reprobating, divulgement, un-rigging, tips off, disarm, fine-tooth-comb, out stretch, hast confidence of, de classifies, drew picture, un dresses, un-locked, torn off, un curling, Circumstantiating, in graining, smells out, un creasing, un blocking, flapping tongue, limelighting, in capacitated, unveil, unearthings, ex pounds, laying open, descriptioning, de-stroyed, talked ones leg off, showing tell, goes over with a finetooth comb, un buttoned, pro positions, de-tailed, de mobilizes, defalcates, tells on, dis-coursed, delaminate, wert the bottom of, breaking news, un-earths, tipped one hand, own up, Grand-stand, ex-tract, gotten on soapbox for, un masking, Tendering, dis entangle, got on a soapbox, un cork, fans out, with draw, re-proving, made pitch, end anger, dis-members, searched high and low, re capitulate, denunciated, denudated, un earth, looking like, nosing out, got down brass tacks, pops off, highlighted, get on horn, in-quiring, fall upon, in-grained, un clothing, un loaded, re turning, Spaded, in-duce, unstopped, gat on soapbox, pro claim, under-mining, gets things rolling, arm twist, catch on, un folds, go over with finetooth comb, talks one's leg off, got soapbox, was the bottom of, getting out system, with-drawing, Unlatch, bring to view, spreading out, smelt around, de escalates, starting the ball rolling, Disporting, tipped off, dis assembling, frame-ups, de-rives, ex plain, making liable, put into words, un wraps, dis-possesses, wising to, make available, questing, re cognized, was touch, hollow out, give rise to, de classify, un-folding, ex act, showboat, being visible, ex planations, ransack, put in harm way, letting cat out bag, inter-communications, came strong, unrigs, get things rolling, show ones face, letted cat out bag, drops note, all-owed, inter change, made evident, lays bare, gotten down brass tacks, be spake, ascertain, unclosing, reached out, letted be known, bankrupts, mention, re-prove, un-shrouding, shelled, evince, un stopping, admit, dime, starts ball rolling, re leases, be-spoke, fanned out, roll out, depopulate, with draws, let it hang out, blows in, emblematizes, Unclosed, de fends, stumbles on, be stowing, ex plains, unshrouds, dis arms, spread it around, circularizes, divulgements, went into details, tipping hand, unbolt, in-scribe, testified to, wert at bottom of, Re-presentation, impart, turns inside out, un fastens, chased after, get a soapbox, in toned, fore-shadowings, inter facing, learn, ex-act, in tended, bodying forth, dis array, a scene, un ravel, talking ones leg off, skived, Re-mark, poke in to, un packed, is near, drawing picture, stick up, swim in, gunned for, dis entangled, dis-cover, de-militarizing, opened out, ex acts, arm-twisted, be stows, takes pleasure, trans mission, bring view, un-rig, exposure, un-veiling, searches high low, skin, dis inheriting, unshuts, un buries, agree, hoe, interacting, gave low-down, shoots off mouth, brought out into the open, de-livery, de fending, dis placed, bring out into the open, un-earthing, ex-corticated, comes out of closet, gotten the horn, be ginning, open up, up-braiding, was at bottom of, de liveries, took it off, fore-tell, de pict, un-shuts, getting on soapbox for, talked in to, hangs something on, gotten a soapbox, dis courses, coming out of the closet, met with, makes bare, gat on soapbox for, telling all, un-closing, in forms, marked off, putting view, putting arm on, mark, Ferreting, talk in to, un-bent, with holding, re aching, denude, un-bosom, Bodying, un-blocks, un-coiling, make bare, pare, in capacitate, un-twisting, quote chapter verse, de bunking, is a sign of, un rolled, giving voice to, importing, bringing out in to open, re-counted, put map, dis covers, re ached, spieled, de spoiled, re lease, bring forth, ex pose, with-drawn, wised up to, un coverings, un-clad, dis covered, tipped one's hand, doeth the honors, rat on, nose out, ex pressed, up rooted, with-draw, ex-position, dis places, under-mined, ex-plicates, was visible, un-bending, making clear, un-curled, pro vides, brings home, Planed, dis-arrayed, hit upon, inter faces, whip out, un maskings, go public, un-rolled, ex-tort, am touch, un-raveling, establishing contact, dis closing, bushwhack, un-ravelled, caught on, deriving pleasure, letting it all hang out, re marking, dis-places, being a sign of, showed tell, opening up, take pieces, breaking in to, dis arranged, scoops out, was in touch, ex-pounds, divest, inter-acts, dis-organize, went over with fine-tooth comb, makes clear, un veil, re velations, in-capacitated, allegorizes, declassify, ex plicate, ratting, frame ups, de-predates, wises up to, setting out, stuck up, gave the low down, Slotted, chafe, dis mantle, puts the map, Imaged, getting on soapbox, re ported, be reave, digged up, unmaskings, Unattire, body forth, tumble into, re proved, taking pleasure, un rolling, un-wraps, in-grain, grandstand play, busted in, are shown, de-militarizes, puts on the map, slips out of, art in touch, un-shroud, grand-standing, re marked, un stops, get horn, untwisted, tip hand, tear off, re present, catalogged, de-escalate, counter sign, decorticate, dis cover, un loading, frameup, dis-arraying, unshutting, dis-close, let it be known, give, were touch, pre pares, wast touch, rifling through, ex plained, in duces, inveighs against, render, up-braids, in-validates, up-hold, search, making public, present, had confidence of, let slip, gets horn, ignore, heisted, be a sign of, stiffing, were the bottom of, divested oneself, dropped line, dis arranging, un-winds, re capitulated, exhume, dis-arrange, ex-hume, led to, go in quest of, stretching out, makes scene, dis mount, un raveling, broke news, in-grains, un-stops, panoply, talking one leg off, unbent, wert shown, dredge up, allow, armtwist, lightning bolt, un-covers, got a soapbox, bask, Unbosomed, un-veilings, fore told, giveaways, slip off, pro-fess, re-ached, in-tones, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, communing with, shook down, passed word, digged down, all owing, dis-band, hits upon, quoted chapter and verse, Depopulating, brought out in to the open, wast at bottom of, de-corticate, in quired, pro spect, re-turned, up-braided, de crease, drop a line, tele-phoning, brings to view, re-duces, wert close to, was at the bottom of, un-load, smelling out, de-cries, tele-phones, up braids, makes pitch, de-claiming, up braid, shook out, Excorticate, un shut, starts the ball rolling, marking off, ex-plain, going quest of, un barring, de-cried, grubs up, pro vided, bare, un-cork, pro-vides, taking from, un-raveled, dis closed, with drawn, re prove, gapping, in criminate, Bankrupting, dis-place, ex-planations, un-twists, reveal, dropping line, passes on, dis seminations, fore-tells, asservates, make liable, un-bend, put on act, winking, make plain, depopulates, unbolts, dis carding, reaches out, gives an introduction, put cards table, un locking, circumstantiate, brandish, pro-scribe, sub jugate, beleaguer, ostentatiousness, fissuring, gave introduction, tumbles into, brings forth, publish, re cord, diming, illumine, inter acted, dis-patch, in-capacitate, de predating, smell around, re-minds, hard selling, inter acts, bring pass, un bolted, Barbered, pounce, bring light, cause.